Why Buying Your Next Handheld Vacuum Should Be About So Much More Than Money

Technology is getting smaller, better, and more advanced as we head deeper into the 21st century, and that applies to vacuum cleaners just as much as anything else.

Technology is getting harder and harder to keep up with in the present day. Take mobile phones, for instance. It almost feels like by the time we get a brand new iPhone home from the store and out of the box, there is already a newer model on the market. At the very least this brand new piece of kit will likely need a software update before we have even used it.

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Personally, we long for a return to the days when appliances were built to last. That's why we have put together this article all about the humble vacuum cleaner. The handheld variety, to be exact. As with many things, when it comes to vacuum cleaners, we buy the cheapest model we can get away with. They all do the same thing, right? Well no, they don't.

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That cheapest model possible we bought? It had given up the ghost within six months of purchase. Plus, it often felt like it was spitting the dirt back out rather than sucking it up when it did "work" anyway, making it a pretty pointless piece of kit. There are a number of elements you should really be weighing up when you buy yourself a handheld vacuum. Price is definitely one of them, but should not be the be-all, end-all.

Every house is different, which is why they are so many different types of handheld vacuum. Big house? You should be looking specifically at cordless cleaners, unless you enjoy constantly switching the plug from socket to socket and carting a load of wires around the house with you. Lots of tight spaces you need to get into with it? There are vacuums created with that very scenario in mind.

Whether you've got a lot of pet hair to clean up, or if you need a vacuum that is more suited to tackling stairs should be taken into account to. As we said, the cost is one thing, but it definitely isn't everything. It really will be worth your time, money, and sanity to shop around next time you're in the market for a handheld vacuum cleaner. Trust us on that one.

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