Best Apps To Use To Achieve Your 2019 Fitness Goals

Let the New Year fitness goal journey begin! For many people one of their main goals of 2019 is fitness. Whether that is losing weight, getting in shape, bulking up or building lean muscle, it is always a challenging goal to keep.

Thankfully, in today's world of technology, there is a slew of apps that can help you achieve your fitness goal, according to Self.com. There is a whole online community at your fingertips that will ensure you do your everything possible to make your fitness resolution stick. Now, since there are several choices, it can be difficult to determine what best fits your personal needs. To help you out, we have found the best apps to use in 2019 to achieve your fitness goals.

First up is Fitbit Coach. The app takes your daily activity and data from your Fitbit to recommend exercises specifically for your needs. There is also fitness feedback based on your account. Plus, it is full of fabulous workout videos with specific directions and helpful tips. The app runs $40 for the year.


Peloton Digital allows you the benefits of Peloton, without having to invest in the bike or the treadmill. The app gives you access to their live-streamed classes that include their boot camps. Now, if the bike or treadmill is your thing, then this app is perfect because you can access their courses for those machines and use it at your gym. It is kind of a steep price for the app at $20 per month.

Trainiac is an excellent app that customizes a workout program for you, as well as gives you a personal trainer. The app is excellent because it is not one size fits all. Real accredited trainers not only adjust each workout to suit your individual needs and style, but they are also available via text, video messages or audio calls. The personal trainers are there not only to help with creating the workouts but also for the encouragement. It is a great app, but it does not come cheap. The price tag is $50 a month.

Bvddy is an app where people can meet other people to play sports. Yes, it is the Tinder or Bumble for sports people. Just like a dating app, a profile is created, and if someone is interested in playing sports with you, then they will swipe right, and you can do the same. There is also the options of joining sports groups, creating your own group and join various events. One of the best parts of this app, it is entirely free!

Today uses a different approach to keep its customers' fitness motivated. The app uses the don't break the chain method. What that means is that the app creates a streak calendar, where you designate on the calendar workout days and rest days. When a task for the day is complete, there is a green box added, creating a nice visual for accomplishments. The boxes help keep people motivated not to break their workout schedule streak. Plus, it is free, so why not check out this unique app?

Yoga lovers are going to want to check out Alo Moves. The app has thousands of guided yoga practices taught by some of the top names in yoga, including Dylan Werner, Ashley Galvin, Caley Alyssa, and Mackenzie Miller. Along with the yoga classes, there is also a skills section that helps you hone specific yoga moves. The app will cost you $20 a month.

8fit is a fantastic app to help with both fitness and nutrition goals. It features no equipment works that range from 15-20 and workout your entire body. Along with fabulous exercises, the app also gives guidance on nutrition, meal planning, and other tools that encourage healthy eating. The app has you set your current level and goals, which is great since those change throughout the year. It is priced right too at $60 for the year.

Last, but by no means least, is Aaptiv, which gained traction in 2018. The app has over 2,500 different workouts, with new ones added each week. There are a variety of activities that include cycling, yoga, strength training, stretching, elliptical exercises. Aaptiv is exceptional for runners who are training for a marathon, no matter how long or short, there programs that It helps with the training. The app can be yours for only $15 a month.

Those are a few of the fantastic apps that can help you meet your fitness goals for 2019. If you have a favorite app that we did not mention, be sure to share it with us.


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