20 Things Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Loves To Spend His Money On

There are a lot of mountains that are tough to climb in this world. One of the toughest when it comes to careers has to be the Hollywood mountain. The road to becoming one of the best-paid actors in the world is one of hard work. Sure, these guys get to enjoy the best things in life like money, partying, and seeing your face in movie posters all around the globe. Nevertheless, folks forget how much hardship goes around becoming a celebrity. We can’t really relate, but being followed around by paparazzi, having thousands of people (if not millions) following you, as well as having a crazy number of haters cannot be easy.

Dwayne Johnson is one of those people who managed to climb that mountain and is balancing himself to try and stay up there for as long as he can. According to Forbes, he was the second highest-paid actor in the world last year, earning an astounding $65 million. His net worth is also a crazy number as it is estimated to be somewhere around $220 million. Now that we know he makes copious amounts of money, we are left wondering how the hell does The Rock spend all of that cash. Well, the answer is a little bit of everything, and here are just 20 examples.

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20 The Barkbell

via nutrimuscle

Everyone knows that there is no place Dwayne Johnson would be more comfortable in than inside a gym. That is an environment this guy has been around his whole life, and it is only fair for him to want everyone in his life to be involved with the gym culture. At the same time, we think it is going a little bit overboard when you decide to give your little dog a barbell for Christmas.

They say dogs and their owners have a lot in common, but this might have been The Rock trying to push it a little bit.

That dog clearly looks like it wants nothing to do with the barbell. More than that, it seems like Johnson’s little dog, Hobbs, is the complete opposite of its owner. Just look at that face. This seems to be one of the laziest dogs in the world.

19 The Iron Paradise

Via: twitter.com

When we talk about celebrities buying massive homes and purchasing things to put inside those mansions, we are usually thinking of guys like Justin Bieber buying air hockey machines and things to help them relax. Well, when your name is Dwayne Johnson, nothing gets you more relaxed than a nice, long chest and shoulders workout. Like any other proud celebrity, this professional wrestler turned movie star has more money than he knows how to spend, and

one of the ways he found to burn through his cash is by packing his multiple homes with gyms.

Yes, the man does not need a gym membership when he has the legendary “Iron Paradise” inside his home. In case you are not familiar with it, the Iron Paradise is this behemoth of a gym The Rock has in his Miami mansion.

18 A Car For His Dad

via PopSugar

Usually, when you look at The Rock, you think that this mountain of muscle many people call a man cannot have any serious emotions aside from the anger that is usually followed by gunshots and explosions in his movies. Nevertheless, this is a family man who deeply cares about his loved ones. And unlike many people would think, it doesn’t seem like his loved ones are people who care about the money he makes if you use his social media posts as a basis. Take Christmas 2016 as an example.

That’s when Johnson bought his dad a new car

and shared a story with his followers that we bet not many people knew—on how his dad had to struggle since he was 13 years old. We’re just glad his son has the means to give him gifts like this now.

17 Doing Charity

Via: archive.is

Like many other celebrities, The Rock is someone who loves doing something good for other people. More than just regular people, this is a guy who has devoted a good deal of his time to making the lives of children who face serious illnesses a little bit better. It doesn’t matter how much you want to hate a person because of what his job entails or because you didn’t like him when he was a wrestler. You have to give anyone props when they create a foundation to help ill and at-risk kids.

In the case of Johnson, he created the Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation.

Like we hinted, the foundation supposedly has a worldwide reach and is designed to help empower the lives and self-esteem of children facing hardship. Johnson also put his own spin on the whole thing as the foundation helps children with their fitness goals as well.

16 College Football

Via: pinterest.com

For people who see him in movies and even those who were his fans during the time he was “only” a professional wrestler, it could be tough to guess what The Rock did before becoming famous in those mediums. Some people, of course, will know that this guy was a solid college football player when he was younger. Yes, he had a full scholarship to attend the University of Miami in the early 90’s. Unfortunately, an injury would derail his football career. Still, Johnson loved the University of Miami and everything it provided him, including a place to meet his future wife.

He loved it so much that he donated $1 million to the football team.

He also got a return on that since the University renamed the team’s locker room to “Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Football Locker Room.”

15 Seven Bucks Productions

Via: muscleandfitness.com

Running a business in Hollywood cannot be easy. Running it with your ex-wife has to be even harder. Now, just imagine how much money it cost Dwayne Johnson to get Seven Bucks Productions started. Yes, this must be one hefty monetary endeavor, but if we are to take into account the amount of money his productions have made since the company was founded, there is a good chance that this is one of the most profitable production companies in California.

While we don’t know what the initial investment on Seven Bucks Productions was worth, we know that a few of its projects have pulled serious dollars from the box office.

Ballers has been a success on HBO, and the 2017 Baywatch pulled in about $177.9 million in the box office alone.

14 Eating Cod

Via: espnfivethirtyeight.com

We might be a little late to report on this one because in 2016, Johnson told an interviewer that he had eventually cut cod out of his diet. Nevertheless, the amount of fish he ate before giving it the no-no a couple of years ago was nothing short of astounding. Seriously, we could not help ourselves but dedicate an entry to how much The Rock loved cod. A lot of people like eating fish, and it is natural for a person to eat several pounds of his or her favorite fish in any given year. But when you are someone the size of The Rock, the quantities of food you need to consume are beyond normal. That being said,

the rumor is that this guy used to consume more than 820 pounds of cod in a given year.

That’s a lot of money to spend on fish.

13 South Florida Home

Via: gossipextra.com

Broward County in Florida is located just north of Miami, and it is the home of almost 2 million people. Among those 2 million people,

there is one man who thought it was a good idea to spend $4.5 million to buy a mansion in the area.

And who knows? Maybe it was worth all that money. It certainly was not the first time Dwayne Johnson had purchased a house in the county as by that time, he had already sold a lot of real estate in the area. The big city in the county is Fort Lauderdale, and the $4.5 million Johnson unloaded was to be able to build a 13,700-square-foot, five-bedroom, six-car garage home just west of the city. That is a big home with a big backyard since the entire lot is supposed to have about 2.5 acres.

12 Surgery

Via: youtube.com

We are not saying Johnson is someone who spends a lot of time at the doctor deciding what kind of surgery he is going to the next. But when he was first doing his transition from professional wrestler to a famous actor, he had to give something up and go to the operating table for a rather unusual reason.

In order to become an actor, he would need to...how can we put it…get smaller. We all know how huge professional wrestlers can get since that is part of the gig. So when he made the transition, The Rock decided to have his chest reduced in order to look more “normal.” Yes, not the most usual of surgeries for men. At the same time, it seems to have worked since he is one of the most famous actors in the world now.

11 Making Jokes

via ParaEles

When you make the ridiculous amount of money Johnson makes every year, you certainly have some cash to spare and spend on making jokes to entertain other people. Actually, entertaining people is and has been his entire life since he became an adult. From wrestling to movie star, everything this guy does to earn money has something to do with entertainment.

It is only fair that he would spend at least a little bit of his personal money to entertain people who live near him and his Instagram followers. We are, of course, talking about the time that he spent an unknown amount of money to put a toilet in his squat rack. If you are someone who regularly goes to the gym, you know that the squat rack can be a punishing place. But, we didn’t know it was that bad for The Rock.

10 A Gift To His Uncle

Via: thepostgame.com

We have already established that Johnson is a person who loves his family. That love is not exclusive to his parents. It also goes as far as his uncle, apparently. After all, you have to love someone if you are going to give them a customized Ford pickup truck. But, as with everything else regarding Johnson’s life,

there is a reason for why this was such a meaningful gift when presented the truck to his uncle.

It just happens that when Johnson was starting his career as a wrestler, his uncle was already a superstar. When the young Rock struggled to make ends meet and didn’t have the cash to buy his wrestling gear, uncle Tonga came through and helped him out. Fun fact: his uncle’s wrestling name was King Haku, and he even wrestled The Undertaker in ‘92.

9 His Fragrance

Via: theyoungfolks.com

This might just be the weirdest way The Rock spends his money. Everyone knows that actors are a weird bunch when it comes to their quirks and habits. It is not strange to see actors going crazy in order to get ready for a particular role in an upcoming movie or play. They change their diets, they change to new workout routines, they learn new skills, and they do whatever they have to do in order to get the right feel for the character they are going to play.

However, have you ever heard of someone getting used to the way a character would smell? Yeah, sounds insane, right? This is something that Dwayne Johnson does whenever he is going to play a new character. He always decides which cologne his characters would wear.

8 His Suits

Via: slaylebrity.com

Whenever we get a new Instagram post from The Rock, we immediately expect to see him at the gym doing some new workout that is supposedly going to get him to become an even bigger mountain of muscle. And while we find that hard to believe, he somehow usually finds a way to get even bigger. But that is besides the point. Try to think about The Rock and then try to think about what you remember him wearing.

When he is not working out in the gym, there is a huge chance that you are going to find Dwayne Johnson wearing a suit.

This dude loves wearing suits. We are sure that part of the reason he said he’s considering running for president is that he would have an excuse to wear suits all the time.

7 His Tattoos

Via: scontent.cdninstagram.com

Another thing that The Rock has in common with other celebrities is his love for ink. It might seem like he has a lot of tattoos, but it turns out he only has three. Or better yet, he has had three tattoos done, but one of them is an evolution of another. Let’s start from the beginning. Perhaps the best-known tattoo Dwayne Johnson has is the large tribal one on his left arm. That tattoo has a fantastic story of its own. Since he is a descendant of Samoan chiefs, he was bestowed a title when he visited Samoa back in 2004.

To also honor his heritage, Johnson had the Samoan tattoo made a year before.

The other tattoo is the Brahma Bull, which was somewhat small at first, but then Johnson had it evolved into a half-sleeve tattoo.

6 His Pagani

via MPort

There are regular cars, then there are cars for rich people and cars for wealthy people, and then we have the Pagani Huayra. That is the car in which Dwayne Johnson showed up for the premiere of his HBO series, Ballers. Sure, he probably made a lot of money out of that series, but it is still ridiculous for someone to spend as much money as he would have to unload to buy a Pagani of this kind. Of course, his model of the Pagani Huayra is custom-made, so we can never know how much money he really paid for it.

But the so-called “regular” models of this car have a base price of more than $1 million.

While it is expensive, its looks are amazing, as is the speed. The Huayra has a top speed of 238 mph and can go from 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds.

5 Hotel Rooms

via YouTube

When you are a movie star, you have to travel the world in order to meet your fans or to go to different shooting spots for the movies. While there might be times when the hotel rooms and everything should count towards production budgets, there are times when actors travel on their own to get away from their hectic lives wherever they live.

Dwayne Johnson is no different since he often posts on his Instagram about several times when he goes to different cities and turns his hotel rooms into makeshift offices. A perfect example of that was when he showed his fans this “makeshift office” in New York City. And God knows how much you would have to spend in order to have a temporary “office” like this right in Central Park.

4 His Family

via E News

A lot of people hate The Rock because they think he’s cocky and arrogant. But when you start reading into this guy’s life story and how he spends a good deal of the millions and millions of dollars that he makes every year, you cannot help but feel good for him. Yes, he can be prone to doing bad things from time to time, but who doesn’t? You have to realize that this is a person who had to deal with a rough childhood despite having a loving family.

He once shared a story of how his mom cried on an airplane because she didn’t believe the life he was able to provide them now.

And you definitely can’t blame her for that when you hear him talking about how they were evicted from their home when he was 14 and stuff like that.

3 Other People

Via: tvnotas.com.mx

If you are someone looking for a job, we strongly encourage you to try to get a job working for Dwayne Johnson. We are sure that not all his employees get gifts like this,

but his loyal housekeeper was beloved enough by her boss that she got an SUV as a gift.

Before anyone tries to say anything like this was just for show and stuff like that, you have to know a little bit of the backstory between Johnson and the housekeeper, Esperanza. It is not like he just hired her and then proceeded to give her an SUV for the Instagram likes. No, this lady had been working as his housekeeper for more than 10 years by the time he got her this gift. You really cannot hate on a guy for rewarding loyalty.

2 Another Car

Via: twitter.com

If there is a theme to this list, it is that if you want an SUV, the best thing you could do is to find some sort of employment or familial ties to Dwayne Johnson. For some people, perfumes are their go-to gifts when they want to be kind to someone else. Other folks like giving out chocolates. But when you have as much money as The Rock does, you can turn something that would be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase for a person into your go-to gift when you want to make a pleasant surprise for someone.

We have already talked about him giving his dad, his uncle, and even his housekeeper a car, so there was not really much surprise when he went to Twitter to say that he had just given his cousin a new SUV.

1 Flying In Style

Via: wrestlenewz.com

There are many ways to show people that you are wealthy. There are cars, houses, boats, and everything in-between. But only people who are incredibly wealthy have the money to buy and maintain an airplane. As one of the most successful actors of his generation, Dwayne Johnson is one of those few people who have that kind of cash.

His jet is nothing less than a Gulfstream G650, a private airplane that costs somewhere around $60 million.

Most people believe that he owns that plane since he is seen traveling in it everywhere. But there are rumors that Johnson doesn’t own the plane but instead just rents it. Still, even if you are just renting a plane like that for personal use, it cannot be cheap. Owning it or renting it, this is certainly an expense that deserves the number one spot on our list.

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