Your Mattress Is Probably To Blame For Back Pain

Many of us suffer from back pain and are at a loss for what's causing it. The reality is that in most instances, our mattress is probably to blame.

Back pain is a burden that far too many of us have to deal with from day to day. It's one of the most frustrating pains that we have to encounter in life because it is hard to get rid of and even harder to pinpoint exactly what it is that has caused it. Is it how we slept? Something we did wrong at the gym? Or maybe something so insignificant that we don't even remember doing it.


Back to that first potential reason, how we sleep. We all sleep in different positions whether it be on our back, front, or side. Men's Health has some key tips for where to place a pillow if you sleep in any of those positions to help ease back pain. Those who sleep on their backs should place a pillow under their knees, if you're on your front then pop it under your hips, and between your knees if you sleep on your side.

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Ultimately though, your bad back is likely caused by your mattress. A study by the National Sleep Foundation discovered that 75% of people attribute a good night's sleep to having a good mattress, but what exactly is a good mattress? Apparently, a medium-firm mattress is key to helping with lower back pain, and soft ones made of foam should really be avoided.

It isn't a case of one size fits all though. If you're suffering from back pain then it is likely different from the issues that someone else is having problems with, so having the exact same mattress may not fix both problems. There are a lot of options out there though. If you're willing to fork out the cash, there is even a mattress that records how you sleep, for how long, and how efficiently you slept. It's called the NordicTrack Smart Mattress and it costs $3350. We did warn you that it wouldn't come cheap.

There are other less expensive options, of course, and perhaps you don't want your mattress tracking every single thing you do while you sleep at night. Casper has won awards for its mattresses and can be bought for around $995, and PerformaSleep's mattresses are slightly cheaper again and include a special CopperCool gel. There are good mattresses out there and even though they might be expensive, your back will thank you for the financial sacrifice.


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