Avicii Documentary Shows DJ Struggling To Keep Eyes Open Months Before Death

After the sudden death of Avicii earlier this month, his family released a statement which seemed to state the "Wake Me Up" hitmaker took his own life. Now, a clip has resurfaced of the star, real name Tim Berling, looking dazed in his documentary. Avicii: True Stories was released six months ago and gave fans a deeper look into the 28-year-old DJ's decision to retire from touring.

The clip shows the musician in a less than fit state, exhausted and battling to keep healthy while trying to stick to the schedule of an in-demand DJ. Wearing a black hat and an army-style jacket, Bergling struggles to keep awake as he's asked if he's able to commit to 30-minute phone interviews with the press to assure the public he is OK after recent health issues. He mutters, "Yeah, sure," as his eyes droop. He goes on to explain that he thought his decision to stop performing and touring would be met with widespread support and understanding. Instead, he found resistance.



My documentary just got released not long ago… Levan Tsikurishvili, who’s the director of the documentary, has followed me for the past four years I think, four or five years. He’s had so much material from both in the studio, from behind the scenes on concerts, during good and bad times. I’m really excited. I’m also a bit nervous because it is kind of gritty sometimes. It’s very personal. There’s a lot of ups and downs. It’s going to be interesting to see what people say. https://aviciitruestories.com/

Posted by Avicii on Friday, November 10, 2017

"When I decided to stop, I expected something completely different. I expected support...I did not expect that people would try to pressure me into doing more gigs. They have seen how ill I have felt by doing it, but I had a lot of push-back when I wanted to stop doing gigs," he said. The documentary shows clips of Bergling in the hospital as he talks to doctors about how to maintain his health moving forward. A self-professed introvert, he struggled with the pressures of his industry, confessing he loved the music but couldn't keep up with the lifestyle which lead him to alcohol and drug abuse. In an interview with GQ in 2013, he explained that drinking started out as a confidence boost and turned into a problem.

"I was so nervous. I got into a habit because you rely on that encouragement and self-confidence you get from alcohol, and then you get dependent on it," Bergling said at the time, going on to say he would start with Bloody Mary's and move on to wine.

The star was found dead in his hotel room on April 20, 2018, while he was vacationing with friends in Oman.


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