Apple Finally Makes Bagel Emoji Delicious, Adds Cream Cheese

Apple will add cream cheese to its new bagel emoji following perhaps the strangest backlash the company has ever received.

Whether you personally see it as evolving or devolving, the way in which we communicate with one another has been changing constantly and rapidly. Despite the humble phone being invented so that people could actually talk to each other, receiving a call on your device nowadays is almost a thing of the past. Let's be honest, we barely use words in typed form on our phones anymore, let alone spoken form.

We might be exaggerating a little, but what we're getting at is the evolution of the emoji. Apple keeps adding more and more to our iPhones to the point where we can basically use them to describe or emote anything we desire. The trouble is, one of Apple's newest emoji additions via its latest updated sparked some very unexpected outrage.


Alongside new emojis such as a kangaroo and a freezing cold blue face, Apple introduced a bagel emoji as a part of its iOS 12.1 beta update. It's that animated bagel which has caused the aforementioned outrage. Some iPhone users seem to be downright offended at the o-shaped bread not having cream cheese on it. So much so that when November's 12.1 update rolls out, the new emoji will now have its desired topping according to USA Today.

Apple product owners took to Twitter upon first seeing the plain emoji, many of them using the hashtag #SadBagel. Cream cheese company Philadelphia even got in on the fun and really added fuel to the flames. Philly's account tweeted a poll asking if Apple's bagel needs to be topped with cream cheese. A massive 82% of the more than 13,000 people who responded were in agreement.

So Apple has caved to public pressure and within the next month, its bagel emoji will be smothered in cream cheese. However, for some people, nothing is ever enough. Now some users have taken to social media and claim that a cream cheese bagel is not complete without lox. Don't push your luck iPhone users. Just take the win and enjoy your virtual cream cheese bagels.


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