Amazon Raises Its Minimum Wage In The US To $15 Per Hour

In the face of widespread criticism, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has announced that his company's minimum wage will be upped in the US and the UK.

Quite a few worldwide corporations have been coming under fire for a number of reasons in recent years. Not protecting their customers' privacy, not doing everything they can to protect the planet, paying less tax than they should be, and also not paying their employees a fair wage.

Amazon has been the subject of a lot of criticism when it comes to that last one in particular. The massive online company naturally has offices and warehouses throughout the US and the UK. According to NBC, Amazon employees working in a company warehouse in Austin, Texas earn as little as $10 per hours. In 2017, the median Amazon wage in America was $28,500. Meanwhile, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos took home $1.7 billion.


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Thankfully, that's all about to change. Bezos announced this week that Amazon is about to raise its minimum wage across the board. All employees who work for the company will earn $15 per hour, effective from November 2018. Amazon employees who already make that amount will see a further pay increase. That means more than 250,000 employees will be earning more money The 100,000 seasonal staff employed in the coming months will also be paid at least $15 per hour.

Amazon employees in the UK are not exempt either. Staff in London will see their hourly earnings rise up to £10.50 ($13.65) per hour and the rest of the country's employees will be upped to £9.50 ($12.35). The wage change has made a couple of Amazon's main US rivals seem pretty stingy. Target doesn't plan to match Amazon's pay per hour for another two years, and Walmart's minimum wage will only be raised to $11 per hour this coming January.

When compared to Walmart and Target, this announcement makes Amazon and Bezos look pretty damn good. Not only has the online retailer made its rivals' recent announcements look foolish, but it may have forced them to change their tunes. If Amazon is paying $15 an hour starting this November, then employees from Walmart and Target may be about to look for a career change of scenery.


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