Amazon Is Opening A Store In New York That Doesn't Need Cashiers

Amazon is going to be expanding their physical store that has literally no cashiers. This time it's going to be available in New York.

CNET reported that while the grand opening is not known yet, Amazon has already started hiring staff for the store. The company also mentioned they will be opening stores in  San Francisco and Chicago.

The employees that are likely being hired would be shelf stockers or security guards. Perhaps a manager to make sure everything runs well but other than that, the store is basically supposed to run itself.

The concept is rather simple. It allows you to walk in after you've scanned the Amazon Go app. From that point you just have to walk in and essentially take what you want, then Amazon will track your movements and figure out what you've bought. The last part is payment and is done automatically.


Via The Seattle Times

The store does have some aspects that can be seen as troublesome, however. Since there is less staff, specifically in the section of checkout, it means that the store is not providing jobs to people who might need them most. This is especially true for students who often get jobs as cashiers to pay for schooling. Another issue is that it is possible to accidentally steal from the store if the technology does not track everything that you've decided to buy.

As with anything, there is certainly some good and bad to this project. The good being that it is a new concept in a changing world. People currently live busy lives, and this store lets shoppers instantly get everything they want, even Amazon has an option for same day delivery. What this means is that the store has the capability to target the individuals who either don't want to communicate with others when shopping or those who just want to have a fast checkout so they can go home. Amazon Go can do well in those senses, but it needs to maintain an edge over competitors who actually do have cashiers.

All in all, this is going to be divisive. It really depends on how the service is being used, but also why it's being used in the changing world that we live in.


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