8 Times Miley Cyrus Was A Good Role Model, And 8 Times She Clearly Was Not

Who would not know Miley Cyrus? She is one of the most famous and popular singers, songwriters, and actresses, not just in Hollywood and United States, but all over the world. Miley's voice can be heard everywhere because she earned five "number one" and eleven "top ten" albums on the US Billboard 200. With that said, her songs are being played across the globe.

However, under that fame and popularity, who is Miley Cyrus? Let us have a walk down memory lane. Did you know that she was born as Destiny Hope Cyrus? She just legally changed her name to Miley Ray Cyrus. Miley has been her nickname since she was a baby. This nickname originated from her father Billy Ray Cyrus, the '90s country singer and actor, because she smiled all the time, thus the name "Smiley Miley."

In 2006, the whole world was introduced to the sweet Miley Cyrus through her Disney Channel TV series, Hannah Montana. Just like The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens, and That's So Raven, Miley's TV series was a success because Disney TV shows like this have been big hits, with a lot of moral lessons for both kids and even parents!

When Hannah Montana waved goodbye to the small screen, Miley had a whole change of personality by cutting her hair and dressing provocatively. The whole world thought she was going crazy because of her age. However, when she got back together with Liam Hemsworth, she turned over a new leaf and began showing the world the mature Miley she had become.

With her shifts in persona throughout time, Miley gained more than just fame, she also was involved in controversy. There are people who believe that she is a good role model, but there are people who think that Miley will always portray a bad image, therefore proving that she a bad role model for her fans.

Here is the list of how Miley proved that she can actually be a good role model and how Miley also proved the exact opposite.

16 Bad: Poking Fun at Other Celebs

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"Yow, yow, yeah, I said it twice!"

Let us start the list with something that Miley is surely guilty of. Do you remember when Miley, together with her friend, the singer and dancer, Mandy Jiroux, posted a video on Youtube? If so, you may now know that sometimes, Miley stoops down and pokes fun at her fellow celebrities, especially her frenemies.

For the uninitiated, Miley and her friend, Mandy, posted a parody video imitating Selena Gomez's and Demi Lovato's video on Youtube. They poked fun at Selena showing off her Power Rangers T-shirt by laughing and also showing a T-shirt with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles printed on it. That is not all! They also laughed at Demi's part of the video wherein she was fixing a gap in her teeth.

15 Good: Advocate Of Non-Violence

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There is something you need to know about Miley— she won Peta'sBest Voice 4 Animals award! From being a sweet Hannah Montana star to transforming into a more revealing Miley, she is now an animal rights activist and a certified vegan!

After the death of her beloved pet dog in 2014, she started transforming herself into a vegan. She did this not just because she wants a healthy lifestyle, but because she knows how precious animals are. Every animal just wants to live.

Do not forget how she slams people for abusing animals — people wearing fur coats and especially, trophy hunters — on Instagram and other social media platforms. Miley Cyrus is more than just an innovative singer, songwriter, and actress, she is a hero for animals.

14 Bad: Insincere Apologies

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As mentioned above, Miley did mock Selena and Demi. Because they are all famous, Miley's actions sparked a large controversy way back then. She was even deemed to be a rude, attention-seeking celebrity. Of course, it would be helpful if Miley made up with the girls to decrease some negative feedback being thrown at her.

She was young back then and came up with an apology, stating that they were really sorry but they were just having fun. Miley also added that they were just imitating Selena and Demi with an indication that imitation is the highest form of flattery. Of course, Delena's fans were not content with this kind of apology because it was as if she just wanted to say sorry but did not totally mean it.

However, that was way back years ago and that's not the Miley we know today.

13 Good: Charities and Foundations Supported

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Throughout the years of fame and popularity, Miley also became a philanthropist. Hopefully, this can be enough to delete the insincere apologies she gave in the past. She wasted no time putting her fame to good use — charitable causes. As of this writing, Miley has donated to and proudly supports 43 charities and 31 causes.

One memorable charity she supports is called the Libby Ross Foundation, wherein she decorated a yoga bag to raise funds for the charity promoting early detection of breast cancer. Another one was her benefit concert for the City of Hope, an institution dedicated to cancer research.

Miley also supported other charities including Get Ur Good On, Red Cross, Blessing in a Backpack, Starkey Hearing Foundation, Save the Music Foundation, and Stand Up to Cancer.

12 Bad: Showed Some Insecurity

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During Miley's younger years, she committed a lot of mistakes that are not easy to forget. When she suddenly transformed into a twerking Miley Cyrus from a sweet teenage girl playing the role of Hannah Montana, the world went crazy and asked the question, "What happened to Miley?"

What was the reason for her sudden change? Did she just idolize and imitate Pink's hairstyle? No, that was not the reason. Some reports suggested that maybe Miley lost some direction in life when Liam Hemsworth left her and felt some insecurity in life.

Looking at Miley now, you can say that her transformation before was not really what she wanted. She just got insecure but now, she got Liam back and changed for the better.

11 Good: Fame Is Not Everything

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Miley Cyrus is a singer, a songwriter, an actress, a celebrity, a public figure, and a popular person. However, despite the fame and popularity she is experiencing throughout the years from the first day she acted, sang, and showed her talents to the world, she is a great teacher, stating that "fame is not everything."

Miley is right. Fame is not everything. Fame is not happiness. Everyone is working hard selling their brands and building their names to make more money and get more fame. It is a never-ending cycle that celebrities and other public figures will never stop patronizing. However, the case is different with Miley. She is sure that this fame will not make her happy and will never make her happy.

"People get more famous so that they can make their brand more famous so that they can sell more s**t, so that they can make more money. It's a never-ending cycle," she said. "Getting more money, having more hits, being the lead in the movie — those things might stimulate you, but they don't make you happy. I've experienced it all already, and I'm telling you firsthand, it doesn't." – Miley Cyrus

10 Bad: Tried Hard to Grow Up

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Let us take a step back in time once again when Miley decided to transform from her Hannah Montana wholesomeness into a more mature and daring Miley Cyrus. Her fans, especially the kids and teens looking up to her as a wholesome and sweet role model, were so disappointed with the sudden transformation she had.

Reports claimed that maybe Miley just wanted to make things fast. She wanted to grow up fast and be more mature real fast. She wanted to have an adult image or at least adult-like image. Because of this, she looked as if she was trying so hard to jumpstart her career after Hannah Montana. She grew tired being a sweet teenager and decided that she needed to grow up fast.

9 Good: Women Empowerment - Free the Nipple Campaign

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Miley Cyrus is now an adult with a mature perspective. Back in 2014, she decided to support a campaign that will not just empower women but also raise equality. She supported the Free the Nipple Campaign, as she posted a picture of her topless and showing her bare skin. Of course, many people hated her once again for this. Little did they know, Miley did this because she wanted to support the Free the Nipple Campaign.

This campaign is obviously a campaign for women. Free the Nipple is more than just a movement dedicated to standing against the censorship of women's bodies in the media. The campaign is also pushing equality, empowerment, and freedom for all.

"Being a woman, that’s everything to me. Without women, there is no life." – Miley Cyrus

8 Bad: Flaunted Herself Too Much

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Speaking of her topless post, there are other incidents that Miley flaunted her body like she was a proud goddess, but not for a cause. These events happened when she was still on her big transformation as if she lost some direction in life.

Miley had been famous for taking pictures like Kim Kardashian flaunting all of her body parts just because she felt like it. She even had a Vanity Fair photo shoot, showcasing every little angle of her body. Miley is famous and popular and a lot of people, especially young girls, are looking up to her. The way she flaunted her body years ago was a bad example for the young girls and can even send the wrong message. Instead of boosting confidence, fans may think less of their bodies.

7 Good: Doesn't Identify People With Their Sexuality

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After all of the bad publicity that Miley went through, she has one stand in her life. Miley does not judge people by which gender they choose to be romantic with. Because she believes in equality, gender will never be a problem. Everyone is equal and she just does not care about what a person is made of. She is gender-fluid and gender-neutral and people seem not to understand that.

What was Miley's revenge on the people who do not understand her? She became an open-minded person. Miley relearned that she should accept everyone's differences. Being judgmental will never yield something positive and Miley seems to be well-aware of that. In return, she does not care about people's gender and or dating preferences because everybody is equal.

"They want to judge me. People need more conventional role models, I guess. But I just don't care to be that person." – Miley Cyrus

6 Bad: Dressed Inappropriately

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Once again, Miley made a mistake in the past and that is how she dressed very badly! People love Miley, her music, and everything else about her, but there are things that Miley will always remember — her fashion statements. People did not care about the color of her dress or if she was wearing matching shoes or accessories, instead, people could not stop talking about how inappropriately she was dressed.

Do you remember how she dressed up as a host at MTV VMA's when she decided to wear a transparent, plastic dress with circles only covering some of her body parts? How about her see-through net outfits that almost cover nothing?

Luckily, Miley is not just turning a new leaf by being a philanthropist, but also by thinking straight about her fashion. She was spotted at the 2018 Oscars wearing a sophisticated and chic outfit. Well done, Miley! Liam is really good for you.

5 Good: Supporter of LGBTQ rights

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More than just being a hero for pets and animals, Miley is also the hero for the LGBTQ community! Do you remember the time when Miley declared that gender was not a factor in her love life? However, that is not just the point. She admitted this because she respects the LGBT community and threw her support to them.

While the whole LGBT community's visibility becomes less for the whole world, Miley recognizes its importance and significance. She is the voice of the trans community, as she continuously fights for the rights of every member of the LGBT community. Do you remember that she is an advocate of equality? That does not just stop in women empowerment, but also extends to supporting the LGBT community.

4 Bad: She Broke the Rules

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Back in her younger days, Miley was a stubborn young lady who just wanted to express herself but sometimes failed to see the importance of rules, regulations, and guidelines. Before being a philanthropist, Miley was a rule-breaker. Maybe her mind was clouded by her stubbornness and her liberating thoughts of her youth.

It was reported that Miley parked in a handicap parking space. This is not just illegal, but this also shows that the Miley that we had before was really not a good role model for the young ladies looking up to her. You can't just take a handicap parking space because there are people who need that parking space. This showed that Miley somehow lost some respect to other people at that time.

3 Good: Happy Hippie Foundation

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No worries, Miley fans! Miley is now on the right journey in life. While she was a happy-go-lucky type of girl before, she is now the "Happy Hippie Foundation" founder. Back in 2014, Miley felt the need to take another leap in her philanthropy path and founded the said foundation.

Happy Hippie Foundation was founded not just to be a Cyrus foundation, but a nonprofit organization dealing with the real problems of today's youth. This foundation is dedicated to empowering and helping the young people to fight injustices. Happy Hippie's expertise helps homeless youth, the LGBTQ youth, and other vulnerable populations. They invite people to rally and raise awareness about the common problems that the youth and other vulnerable populations are facing.

2 Bad: Acted Crazy (Like Really Crazy!)

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Let us admit it, Miley really acted up during her younger days, where she transformed from sweet to liberated. This transition is normal for every teenager or young people who think they can do anything. However, Miley took this behavior to the next level of crazy, even justifying that she was supposed to act crazy for her age.

However, that does not mean that she needed to cut her hair, twerk online, post provocative pictures, wear revealing clothing, and do crazy things. Miley's younger years totally proved that she was not a good role model for kids, for teens, for young ladies, or basically, anyone.

1 Good: She Lets Everyone Know that She's a Normal Human Being

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So yes, Miley did act really crazy during her younger days, but she admits that. She knows that she makes mistakes and she wanted to show to the world that perfection is not true. Everyone has flaws and that is normal. There is no such thing as a forever wholesome, perfect from head-to-toe creature here on earth.

Miley is not afraid of showing her true colors. During her younger years when she decided to bury her Hannah Montana image, she made a couple of mistakes, but she knows that and she shows that to the public. She is confident about her true personality. Like Miley, you should know that it's okay to make mistakes, but make sure you will be able to correct these mistakes, just like how Miley is now focusing on helping charities and foundations.

"The minute you stop making mistakes is the minute you stop learning." – Miley Cyrus

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