7 Ways Jay-Z and Bey Are Model Parents (8 Ways The Kardashians Can Learn From Them)

Being a parent is almost impossible to describe even with using as many words as you can. Parenting is without a doubt a daunting, and seemingly impossible task, but it is also very fulfilling. Raising your own children is priceless; however, parenting mixed with fame and publicity can be challenging, especially to celebrities who are followed by paparazzi at all times.

Celebrities surely can't keep their family life too private, but at least, there are a few celebrities who know how to limit the exposure of their children's lives to the public. The celebrity power couple, Jay-Z and Beyonce, understand the nature of Hollywood and the two parents protect their children from public scrutiny.

On the other hand, there are celebrities who encounter some difficulties with parenting, especially when they decide to bring the limelight to their children. Fame and popularity can be associated with the Kardashians, along with their unending controversies. The Kardashian-Jenner family often lack positive publicity in their parenting side, which is why the people often brand them as the worst parents ever.

Here are seven reasons why Jay-Z and Queen Bey are actually one of the best model parents in Hollywood and eight reasons why the Kardashians are not always "model parents."

15 Kardashians: Too Much Publicity

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Yes, Kardashians! The Kardashians are mostly famous for their negative publicities on television, newspapers, and social media. However, what people seem to be worried about is how the Kardashians expose their children to the public eye. Being a Kardashian means you need to flaunt almost everything that is happening in your life, regardless if it's positive or negative.

The Kardashians will also do everything to bring the limelight to their kids just like how Kim always post photos of North, Saint, and Chicago on her social media accounts, how Kylie drives people crazy with her mysterious baby, Stormi, and how Kourtney flaunts her parenting styles. In public, the Kardashians use their kids as accessories to the paparazzi, which is again, for publicity.

14 Jay and Bey: Blue Ivy Believes They Are Simple People

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While the Kardashians are busy spoiling their kids with popularity, the King and Queen of hip-hop want to stay simple and normal in the eyes of their children. And while the music royalty couple will never escape paparazzi and the fame that they have today, their little princess, Blue Ivy, has no idea that her parents are superstars!

Jay and Bey make sure that Blue Ivy will be shielded from their very public lifestyle as much as possible. They are proud parents but that does not mean that they need to take Blue Ivy to the public every single time. The royal couple does not spoil their daughter even though they are highly privileged. Instead, Blue Ivy just thinks that her parents are simply going to work every day.

13 Kardashians: Nannies Follow Strict Rules

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The Kardashian-Jenner family, with less emphasis on Kourtney, relies heavily on nannies, but somehow, their nannies are not given too much credit. According to some reports, working as a nanny with the Kardashians can be so tough. Rumor has it that there are many do's and don’ts inside a Kardashian home and some of the rules are just so strict, pointless, and crazy.

For instance, being a nanny will not give you the privilege to just simply walk for yourself. They will instruct you where to walk, which is maybe few meters away from the Kardashians. That is why nannies are not always caught on camera. You also need to say bye bye to your jewelry because you can’t wear any, but you do need to be fashionably dressed.

12 Jay and Bey: Blue Ivy Goes to School, Just Like Other Kids

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Just like the Kardashians, the music royalty couple and their children also have an entourage of security details, which is completely normal. You don't want fans and paparazzi to jump on and harass you. Despite this strict security detail, Queen Bey still wants her child to experience a "normal childhood."

Although it is almost impossible, Jay and Bey know how to make Blue Ivy's childhood awesome. They never thought of homeschooling Blue Ivy because they want her to study at school and have friends just like any other children. Although some parents at Blue Ivy's school are not happy with the child's security detail, Blue Ivy will remain at school and play like any other kids. The celebrity parents also love dropping and fetching their daughter at school, so Blue Ivy can have that experience as well.

11 Kardashians: They Are Absent Parents Sometimes

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As mentioned, the Kardashians rely heavily on their nannies, who are bombarded with rules and regulations. This also means that the Kardashians are absent parents. For instance, Kim and Kanye are the best examples of absent parents. While Kourtney practices attachment parenting, Kim has no attachment to her daughter at all.

There are times that she just simply walks and poses, minding herself while her daughter is left behind her unattended. While she thinks of how she looks, she forgets to look out for her kids. Every time North falls and stumbles down, there is a nanny or a Kourtney who will lift her up, but never a Kim. Kanye has no difference at all. In cameras and social media, the Kardashian mothers can be seen as the perfect loving mothers to their kids, but when the child cries, the nanny will always take over and the child can no longer be seen.

10 Jay and Bey: They Proved They Are Like Other Normal Parents

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Despite the popularity that J and Bey are indulging right now, they do not fail to prove that they are normal parents just like anybody else in this world. Just like any normal parents, they share chores and they love changing diapers.

One good example of their normal parenting was when they took Blue Ivy to the 2018 Grammy Awards. Aside from how Blue Ivy shushed her parents from clapping, their simplicity in bringing fruit juices and snacks even at the Grammy Awards because their kid needs snacks, of course, was spotted. Just like any other mom, Queen Bey was demoted into being Blue Ivy's juice holder, proving that she doesn’t need a nanny to do these small and motherly things to her child even during a prestigious award show. On the other hand, Jay Z can be seen stealing some snacks from his daughter.

9 Kardashians: Leaving the Kids When They Jet Around the World

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Even at Grammy Awards night, Beyonce took Blue Ivy to support her father. However, there is a different story for the Kardashians. They often leave their kids at home while they practically travel and jet around the world, which makes them more than just absent parents.

Nobody said that as a parent, you do not need to unwind, take a break for a little while, and enjoy a romantic getaway with your better half. A five-minute break from everything is crucial to start fresh in parenting once again. However, Kim definitely misunderstood this because when North was still a baby, she enjoyed traveling all around the globe, leaving North alone with her nanny. This parenting style was even criticized by her own sister, Kourtney, who told Life and Style magazine that doesn’t understand the principle behind leaving your kids just to jet ski all over the world.

8 Jay Z and Bey: They Make Time for Their Kids

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Jay and Bey are not like Kim and Kanye when it comes to unwinding and taking a break. Yes, they also take some couple's time, but they don't misunderstand this. In fact, they make time for their kids. Bey was even spotted a couple of times with Blue Ivy while they stroll to the park, enjoying a pure mother and daughter bonding.

Aside from the simple quality times, Jay and Bey also take their whole family on a vacation! Whenever they are in a mini-break, they make sure that they spend it wisely and, most especially, with Blue Ivy, just like their family getaway in Hawaii back in 2016. Another example is their holiday in Miami with Blue Ivy as a big sister to her siblings then-five-month-old, Rumi and Sir Carter.

7 Kardashians: Bringing Kids to Non-Kid-Friendly Events

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Kim and Kanye do not always take their kids with them during their travels and vacations, but they take them to some inappropriate events that are not a good environment for children. Reports said that the reason why Kim exposes her children to this kind of non-kid-friendly events is because she just wants to flaunt her children.

Do you remember North's tantrums during one of the most prestigious fashion shows back in 2015? Yes, Kim took North to New York Fashion Week. Take note, they were even in the front row when North threw her tantrums! Since North is being left with nannies even at luxury and vacation times, Kim should have just considered leaving North at home because the New York Fashion Week is not a place for children.

6 Jay and Bey: Saving Marriage for their Daughter

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Nobody is perfect. Even relationships that are seemingly perfect like Jay Z and Beyonce's have issues just like any other people; they had gone through some serious struggles. It was a sad moment when it was revealed that Jay Z had not been faithful to Bey, which eventually brought their marriage at the edge of getting a divorce. Bey lost the ability to trust her husband back in those days because of Jay Z’s infidelity, especially since they had a child together. In fact, it took Bey two years to heal.

What made them overcome this great challenge in their life? The answer is Blue Ivy. Instead of sinking in marital issues, they focused on parenting Blue Ivy. Because of their mutual love to their daughter, they were able to "forgive and forget" because everybody deserves second chances, especially when it comes to the betterment of their children.

5 Kardashians: Kim Views Her Pregnancy as a tough Experience

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While a lot of moms are very happy being pregnant, the infamous Kim Kardashian hates being pregnant. Yes, it is true that pregnancy comes with pain, discomfort, and everything else that will make you say that all "heck did break loose," but pregnancy also comes with happiness, chance, and hope that as a woman, you are able to fulfill your greatest task— to bear a child inside your womb. That is not the case with Kim

As per Kim, pregnancy was the worst experience of her life. Kim mentioned that whenever she's pregnant, she feels insecure because she thinks she does not look good. She feels that she is not beautiful and worse is, she feels gross. No wonder she had a surrogate mother to carry her own child. Pregnancy is beautiful.

"I don't enjoy one moment of it and I don't understand people who enjoy it. My mom and Kourtney clearly did! More power to them but I just don't relate!" – Kim Kardashian

4 Jay and Bey: Parenting is their Best Accomplishment

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All hail Queen Bey for her love of motherhood! While Kim curses pregnancy and everything that comes with it, Queen Bey loves being pregnant, which is quite obvious in her famous Instagram pregnancy photo. In addition to that, Bey just purely and sincerely knows in her heart that more than her career and wealth, being a mother is her greatest accomplishment in life.

"Out of everything I've accomplished, my proudest moment hands down was when I gave birth to my daughter, Blue," Beyoncé said.

Just like Bey, her better half is also a proud father. Unlike Kanye West, who does not spend more quality time with his children, Jay Z is always there for Blue Ivy throughout the years and now, he is also being a great daddy to his twins. In fact, he is a totally hands-on father— feeds the babies, changes the diapers, and puts them to sleep.

3 Kardashians: Inappropriate Photoshoots

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If you have it, flaunt it! However, that does not mean that you should always show too much skin on almost every photoshoot you are in just like the Kardashians, especially if you are a mother who has children looking up to you. The Kardashian-Jenner are pretty much famous because of their hourglass bodies being published on magazine covers, TV screens, and Instagram. Being beautiful is not a crime, but Kim's inappropriate photo shoots will never set a good example for her children.

Aside from the official photoshoots, Kim just won't take a break from flaunting her whole body on social media. Her children might be young for now, but once they grow up, they will start questioning their mother's disposition. They might feel ashamed or worse is that they can even follow Kim's footsteps.

2 Jay and Bey: As Parents, They Set a Good Example

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No, Queen Bey is not perfect, but at least she tries her best together with her husband to set a good example for their children. Although as an artist, she is required to wear clothes on stage that other people might already consider revealing, she does not engage herself in inappropriate photoshoots at all.

Jay Z and Beyonce promote good values and healthy relationships. While the rapper might have committed mistakes in the past, he tried his best to make up and be the best daddy to his children. Aside from their roles inside their family, they are also proud in contributing to charities including CAUSE, PlayPumps International, Grammy Foundation, Artists for Peace and Justice, and Music for Relief.

1 Kardashians: Not Perfect Role Models

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No matter how hard the Kardashians try to clean their names, they will always have a bad image. Unfortunately, they are not good role models for their kids. Let us start with Kris Jenner, the mother and the reason why the Kardashian-Jenner sisters are somehow hungry for the limelight.

And then, there is Kim and Kylie, who are hungry for fame and popularity that they will do everything just to stay in the spotlight — cosmetic enhancements and being involved in controversies. Kourtney is somehow considered as the "best" Kardashian ever because she graduated college and focuses on her children, but she failed to choose a better man. Someday, Kourtney's kids will realize that their father Scott Disick is not a model father who chose luxury, vacations, girls, and money over his wife and children.

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