7 Celebs Who Bank Off Their Kids (And 8 Who Won’t Leave Them A Dime)

Children should always be nurtured and protected. While some children go through extensive schooling to prepare for their future careers, other talented children are discovered at an early age and are already making their own money. These children are obviously born to be stars. However, their parents are the ones who are enjoying the fruits of their labors. While some parents save their children's earnings, other parents use their children to make money or to be a part of their fame.

On the other hand, there are prominent names in the Hollywood industry who are making money for their children's future. Normally, parents will set up trust funds for their children. However, there are celebrities who just won't leave their wealth to their broods. These celebrities have their own reasons, which are sometimes reasonable and sometimes not. Whatever their reasons are, their children will not be showered with wealth once they are gone because they just simply don't want to. Some celebrities leave their entire wealth to charities because they believe that their children can create their own wealth.

Here, we compiled a list of seven celebrities who are using their children to make money (in short, they are somehow benefitting from their children) and eight celebrities who don't believe in passing their money to the next generations, and therefore, won't leave their wealth to their children.

15 George Lucas Won't Leave His Wealth to Kids

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Every Star Wars fanatic knows who George Lucas is. For the uninitiated, George Lucas is one of best American filmmakers of all time because he is the creator of Star Wars franchise, a series of films that inspired a large percentage of sci-fi stories, movies, and TV shows. Aside from this, Lucas is also the creator of Indiana Jones. According to Forbes, this great man is now worth $5 billion, thanks to his creative mind.

However, he already made up his mind that he will leave no wealth to his children—Amanda, Jett, Everest Hobson, and Katie. When George Lucas sold the Star Wars franchise to Disney for $4.5 billion in 2012, he pledged to donate his wealth to fund the education of the future generations. He believes that education is the “key to survival of the human race;" thus, he is giving his wealth just for this purpose. He said that most of his life was dedicated to filmmaking and building his company, and now it’s time to give back and be involved in philanthropic activities.

14 Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Benefit From Their Kids

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Do you remember the show 19 Kids and Counting? If so, you might also remember Michelle Duggar, her husband Jim Bob, and their 19 children.

Yes, she is a mother of 19 children and the world was so curious about their family so TLC gave them a reality show back in 2008. Since then, the Duggar parents have been  exposing their children in front of cameras for their reality show. Unfortunately, their reality show was canceled because of their eldest son Josh's unsuitability. However, that did not stop the Duggar couple from using their children to earn money because their reality show has spin-offs featuring her oldest sons and daughters.

13 Philip Seymour Hoffman Didn't Leave His Wealth To his Children

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Who would forget Philip Seymour Hoffman? For the Hunger Games fans, you already know that Hoffman played the role of Plutarch Heavensbee, the Head Gamemaker. During the filming of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 in 2014, Hoffman passed away after overdosing on illegal substances.

Hoffman, as an American actor, director, and producer, had an estimated net worth of $35 million, as per Forbes. However, he did not leave his wealth to his children — Tallulah, Willa, and Cooper Alexander — but he left his estate to his longtime girlfriend, the mother of her kids because according to NY Post, Hoffman does not want his kids to be called "trust fund kids". To make it more interesting Hoffman does not believe in marriage as well, thus, he did not legalize his relationship with Mimi O’Donnell to the law and the church.

12 Kate Gosselin Benefits From Her Many Children

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Just like Michelle Duggar, Kate Gosselin was known for having too many children. However, she only has eight children, which is literally not even half of Duggar's number of children. Gosselin's case was special because she gave birth to sextuplets and twins. During the early 2000's, people loved large families with a large number of children and Kate Gosselin is a mother-of-eight, which is considered as an abnormal number of children.

Because of that, Kate Gosselin appeared in reality shows back then until TLC also gave them a contract to have their own show, Jon and Kate Plus 8. This show ran for TLC for years, giving Gosselin the chance to earn money using her children. She loved the fame, money, and the drama. That is why she even has ongoing reality shows Kate Plus 8 and Twist of Kate.

11 Gordon Ramsay Won't Leave His Wealth to Kids

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The British celebrity chef and restaurateur, Gordon Ramsay, is very famous for serving the best dishes in the UK and the US. He also has his TV shows, Master Chef, Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, Hotel Hell, The F Word, to name a few. He owns 33 restaurants worldwide that had been awarded a total of 16 Michelin stars. As a famous celebrity chef and TV personality, Gordon is now worth $159 million and he won’t be sharing this with his kids. He said that leaving this money to them will just ruin his children.

Ramsay is a father of four— Matilda, Megan Jane, Holly Ana, Jack Scott— who are appearing on camera especially Matilda, better known as Tilly. No matter how much he loves his children, Ramsay, as agreed with his author wife, Tana Ramsay, that they will not leave their wealth to their kids because he does not want to spoil them. On a brighter side, the Ramsay couple agreed to leave 25 percent deposit on a flat for their children.

10 Susan Duff Benefits From Hilary Duff's Fame and Money

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Do you remember Susan Duff? She is the mother of the once very famous Disney star, Hilary Duff. If you are a Disney lover, you know that Hilary Duff played the role of Lizzie McGuire and that was once one of the most watched Disney TV shows. Hilary Duff was a very in-demand star back then and was still a teenager, however, her mother Susan used her not just to make money but also to be famous.

Susan Duff gained fame and popularity alongside her daughter, Hilary Duff. This gave her the chance to be seen worldwide on screen and on red carpets because she is the manager of her own daughter from the filming of Lizzie McGuire through the actress’ multiple movies including Cinderella until her Younger TV series.

9 Nigella Lawson Won't Leave Her Wealth to Kids

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Gordon Ramsay is not the only celebrity chef who thinks that leaving his hard-earned wealth to his children will spoil them. In fact, the British celebrity chef, author, and broadcaster, Nigella Lawson, will never leave any penny to her children— Cosima Thomasina Diamond and Bruno Paul Diamond— with her late husband, John Diamond, because she also does not want her children to be spoiled and "lazy to earn money."

Lawson has an estimated net worth of $15 million to $25 million. She is determined to leave nothing for her children out of her millions because she does not want Cosima and Bruno to feel financially secured and later be contented with what they have. Lawson believes that "money ruins people" and inheritance will only drive people to be lazy.

8 Dina Lohan Benefits From Lindsay Lohan's Career

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Lindsay Lohan has a very bright future in her teenage years, but unfortunately, she fell off the wagon a long time ago and there is no news of whether she will be back or not. Let us have a walk down the memory lane and remember LiLo's brightest moments since she was a kid. LiLo was a natural talent when she was young, which is why her first big movie, The Parent Trap, was a big success! So, her mother Dina Lohan used her to earn money.

Since then, Dina Lohan already acted as her daughter's chaperone and manager, while she was in control of her then-underage daughter's income. Over the course of time, she grew hungry of fame and popularity. There were also times when Lindsay’s finances were a mess and she had money missing from her account. Fingers were instantly pointed out to her mother Dina as she is the one handling her money.

7 Simon Cowell Won't Leave His Wealth to Kids

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Simon Cowell is more than just a judge on American Idol and other popular talent-based shows, Cowell is a producer and a prominent name in the TV industry in the US, and the UK. Because of his popularity and fame as a celebrity, Cowell is one of the wealthiest celebrities in the world with a net worth of $453 million, as per reports.

Cowell has a son with his partner, Lauren Silverman, who’s named Eric Cowell. No matter how much Cowell loves his son, he mentioned in an interview that he will not be leaving his kid with a big inheritance because he just don't believe in passing wealth to the next generations. Instead, Cowell is determined to leave his fortune to charity.

6 Jessica Alba Benefits From Her Daughters

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Everyone knows Jessica Alba, the Nancy Callahan of Sin City. Aside from being an A-list Hollywood actress, Alba was also known in using her own daughters for gaining money. Since she is an actress and one of the founders of Honest Company selling household products, she needed to market herself. To do that, she needed her daughters.

How did she do that? Despite having her company on the rocks for claiming their all-natural ingredients, she is constantly publicizing her daughters Honor and Haven Warren to market the brand. She took her children to interviews causing them to be exposed to cameras. Don't forget how she used Instagram in flaunting her children and how she staged paparazzi photos. Most importantly, she even sold Honor's baby photos to OK! Magazine for $1.5 million back in 2008.

5 Sir Elton John Won't Leave His Wealth to Kids

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Sir Elton John is a true blooded musician who has been in the industry for five decades. Throughout the years, he sold over 300 million records and considered as the fourth best-selling music artist worldwide of all time! He redefined music just like how Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson redefined music during their times.

Sir Elton John has an estimated net worth of $450 million, while his husband David Furnish, a filmmaker, has an estimated net worth of $50 million. Combined, they are one of the richest celebrity couples. However, despite their wealth, they both agreed that they will not leave their vast wealth to their children, Elijah and Zachary, because they don't want them to ruin their lives. However, rest assured that Sir Elton John will leave his boys in a very sound financial state.

4 Kim Kardashian Benefits From Her Children

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You know Kim Kardashian and you know that she wants the world to keep up with her. However, the honest truth is that she is the one keeping up with fame and popularity as seen with all of her efforts to maintain her status quo. Unlike other celebrities, Kim K started her fame from a reality show with Paris Hilton. However, although she and Hilton were bffs, she was almost like her personal assistant of the heiress. In order to never go back to being just Hilton's PA, she will do everything to stay on the limelight and that includes using her children North West, Saint West, and Chicago West.

To stay relevant, she posted her children baby photos to at least calm down the issues that they are facing. While Beyonce's motherhood came very natural, Kim Kardashian forced the public that she is a good mother. North, as the eldest kid going to school, is always attacked by swarms of paparazzi. She is even brought to non-kid-friendly events just to expose her to the public.

3 Sting Won't Leave His Wealth to Kids

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Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, better known as Sting, is an English musician, singer, and songwriter. Millennials nowadays may not be able to recognize Sting, but he is the singer of Englishman in New York and Shape of my Heart. Just like how Sting is blessed with his career, he is also blessed with five children — Joe, Eliot Paulina, Jake, Mickey, Fuchsia, and Giacomo— who now found their own careers in music, acting, and modelling.

Because of his accomplishments in the music industry, Sting has an estimated net worth of around $300 million as per Time's report. Despite the wealth that Sting has, he proudly announced in 2014 that his children will not inherit his fortune. It is not because he does not care about his children, but it is because his children need to work and earn their own money, which was respected by his children.

2 Kris Jenner Benefits From Her Kid's Fame and Money

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Like mother, like daughter! If Kim Kardashian is on the list, it is not a shocker that her mother Kris Jenner is also on the list too. Kris Jenner became so famous because of her daughters and her marriage to Robert Kardashian. Because she is a socialite, she placed her entire family on television.

She later became Kim's manager and managed her other daughters in order to earn money and fame. Kris Jenner is the reason why the Kardashian-Jenner sisters will never think of shunning from the limelight. There have been a lot of times when Kris supported and encouraged her daughters to do some things most mothers won’t do to their kids. Like when she let Kim posed for a famous men’s magazine, sold Kim’s sensitive tape, and allowed Kylie Jenner’s underage cosmetic transformation.

1 Jackie Chan Won't Leave His Wealth to Kids

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Jackie Chan is the real action star of Hollywood and China who hates hiring a stunt double to do all of his risky acts. Instead, he does the stunts by himself. Chan is somehow one of the foundations of movies about martial arts. Because of his accomplishments, Jackie Chan's estimated net worth is $395 million.

Despite his vast fortune, Chan made sure that he will not leave all of his wealth to his son, Jaycee Chan, because he believes that his son can make his own money. However, that does not mean that he will not leave anything to his son. He pledged to give most of his wealth to charities he supported. Aside from being a superstar, Chan is a philanthropist, founder of his own charity that supports education and disaster relief and a UNICEF Goodwill ambassador.

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