This Intense 30 Minute Workout Is Perfect For Beginners

Working out is pretty important. Many do it all the time just to stay in shape and make sure that they remain healthy. It's no far-fetched idea that doctors almost always recommend that someone works out to do pretty much anything. So, what is the best routine for a beginner?

According to Popsugar, the only real thing you're going to need for this is a set of dumbbells and you should be fine.

The first workout, however, will not include weights, instead consisting of ten push-ups on the knees, mountain climbing for thirty seconds, fifteen reps of squats, and alternating reverse lunges, thirty total but be sure to do fifteen on each leg.

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Mountain climbers are these exercises that will have you starting in a push-up position. Then you will be moving your left leg up towards your chest, then do the same with your right leg. You'll also want to do this in a fast motion or else it's not much of a workout.

The mountain climbers work several muscles and will make you feel the burn the next day. It will work the biceps, triceps, deltoids and the chest. There are also many more muscles that are being worked, but these are by far the most notable after a day of pumping them through mountain climbers.

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To do squats you're going to need to make sure that your chest is both out and high. Then you're going to need to place your feet shoulder-width apart and extend your hands straight out in front of you to help keep your balance. Next, you'll try to sit down on an imaginary chair, this is the hardest part of the exercise. Make sure to lower your thighs so that they're parallel to the floor as possible.

Squats are super popular at the moment. They work your glutes, hamstrings, and quads. They also make a certain part of you look really good.

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Reverse lunges kind of look like you're crouching on the ground but you're really not. You're starting position will be with your hands at your sides or on your hips and your eyes looking forward. The feet should also be shoulder-width apart. Next, take a step back and lower your body and descend until the lowered leg's knee almost touches the ground. You need to stay in formation with your feet and should pay close attention to your posture. This exercise is also done in a slow motion. The exercise would need to be done by going up and down while doing the above-mentioned movements.

The reverse lunges work the buttocks and thighs. They also work the exact same areas if done forward so that's good news. However, when weights are added to that workout, it also helps your forearms a little bit.

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The plank is easily done because you start in the push-up position. Then you'll need to lower your arms until half of both of your arms are on the ground. From there, you should squeeze your legs but be sure not to lock them in this process. Hold this position for as long as possible and you have officially done a plank.

This will likely work in your favor the most since it will be utilizing the core conditioning which is pretty important, the glutes, and your hamstrings.

Now, for the next part of the exercise, you should probably use the dumbbells. It is going to be the exact same thing we detailed above, but it will be harder since you're going to be dealing with more weight. Just keep in mind that there needs to be a burning feeling for the gain at the end of the day.

The third portion of this beginner exercise will also require the dumbells. Here you will do 15 squats with overhead shoulder presses. Then do your alternating reverse lunge but with some bicep curling. After that, it's back to the now-familiar push-ups, but be sure to only go on your knees when you're done. Once again do your mountain climbers. The times are all going to be the same and the reps unless otherwise written.


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The last part of this workout is going to be pretty hard. Particularly because you will be doing thirty seconds of the plank three times but split them up in parts of this workout. It will be the best and worse thirty seconds ever experienced. Do 10 reps of sit-ups three times and add five reps each time. Be sure to also split this area up.

These exercises are best done in one shot with little breaks in between. It must be noted that you should always stay well hydrated and not go far beyond your limits. Exercise is very important but so are you, that is why you cannot overdo your workouts.

This workout is best started in phases for someone who is not in any shape what so ever. That means that if you're just getting into shape, you could just do this like once a week on one portion of it and slowly move forward while doing it more often.


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