25 Things Floyd Mayweather Likes To Spend His Millions On

Are you familiar with boxing? Similarly to basketball, boxing tournaments, matches, and championships are being aired worldwide. Boxing is a popular combat sport, dating back to Ancient Greece in 688 B.C. The sport features each participant's strength, agility, techniques, and most importantly, discipline.

More than just a good combat sport, boxing is also a line of business. Boxers are not just compensated with fame, popularity, and a championship belt, but also with money and vast wealth. During the golden days, Mike Tyson was the star for being a rich boxer with a large net worth who spent his fortune on some fancy things. But today, there is a new richest boxer in the world.

According to some credible sources and as of this writing, Floyd Mayweather is now the richest boxer in the world, with a net worth of $400 million, followed by George Foreman and Manny Pacquiao. More than just being the richest boxer, Mayweather is also rumored to be the highest-paid fighter. He can make $80 million to $150 million for just one fight.

Aside from his "great reputation" in the boxing industry, Mayweather is also quite known for spending tons of money on fancy and lavish things. Houses, mansions, cars, and things for his children are normal for him to buy. However, Mayweather seems to have developed a bad habit of buying elegant, yet ridiculous things, and wasting his money on lavish purchases that he really does not need.

Do you want to know what ridiculous and totally nonsense things Mayweather has invested his money in? Continue reading below to discover 25 of the most outrageous things he has purchased throughout the years!

25 Fact Check: Mayweather Gambles!

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Just like any other millionaires and rich men in the world, Mayweather has vices and that includes his love for cards and chips. Yes, you read that right! Mayweather has, indeed, a well-known gambling habit that sometimes, he can't control. Just a reminder, Mayweather is not hiding this gambling habit because he even flaunts it on Instagram and other social media platforms.

In fact, he even posts and brags about the big wins he's earned with his favorite hobby— gambling. Although he only flaunts his wins, there is no way he could hide that he is spending big chunks of money on gambling. He is even known for playing $100,000 hands of blackjack. He undoubtedly spends a big chunk of change to gamble.

24 In Addition, He Bet On Johnny Manziel

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Speaking of gambling, betting is also one of Mayweather's favorite things to do. No, he is not betting on horse racing. In fact, he bets on his fellow athletes and that includes his 2013 bet on Johnny Manziel when he was still playing as Texas A&M's quarterback.

College athletes don't really get compensated for their games, so Mayweather decided to make money out of college athletes. He bet a whopping $20,000 on Manziel when Texas A&M played agaSouthernthern Methodist. It was a good thing that Mayweather won this bet.

That is not all! In fact, Mayweather also planned to place a bet of $30,000 again on Manziel for their next game against Arkansas. In addition, he also placed bets on basketball teams such as the Miami Heat.

23 Presidential Suites For A Presidential…Boxer?

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No, Mayweather is not the president of anything, but he loves to stay in presidential suites wherever he goes! For the record, aside from his international boxing fights, he is quite the travel enthusiast, as he loves to jet all over the world. When he travels, he wants everything to be luxurious and lavish.

Mayweather's taste for the finer things in life led him to ask for the best accommodation in town— the presidential suite! In one of his Instagram posts, he was enjoying his breakfast in Hawaii in a presidential suite with an ocean-view balcony and two hotel staff just standing there, ready for any of Mayweather's requests.

Presidential suites cost thousands of dollars and that is only for one night! Mayweather just can't stop spending his time in a presidential suite.

22 Make It Rain Money, Baby!

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Watch out for Mayweather, Las Vegas! No, we are not talking about his boxing fights, we are talking about how he parties! There is only one thing that can describe how much Mayweather enjoys nightlife and partying— he's making it rain money, baby!

It is kind of usual for rich men, bathing in popularity, to throw away money at the bar for drinks, party, and of course, girls. This is exactly how Mayweather parties, not just in Las Vegas, but also in other parts of the country, while overseas, he takes partying to whole new next level.

Mayweather's other alias is "Money," which he kind of justifies when he parties. In fact, it was reported that Mayweather made $50,000 worth of cash and bills rain all over a nightclub in Atlanta.

21 Super, Super Yacht!

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People get it! Rich people need yachts for some reasons that we don't understand. Millionaires, billionaires, wealthy men, and whatever you want to call these rich people of society, have an eye for yachts because it is a symbol of luxury and lavishness.

Mayweather is no exception. In fact, he did not even choose a regular yacht, and instead, purchased a superyacht! He purchased a $2 million superyacht that could easily help him win over any girl he fancies. In fact, he was just spotted partying on his yacht with five beautiful ladies.

Mayweather is known for showing off his fortune. Yes, it is confirmed that he owns a yacht. However, we truly don't know if he only owns one yacht, because there are rumors that he purchased few other yachts, especially the $2.2 million Bugatti yacht.

20 Fur Coats! Roar!

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Mayweather is in with the fur! He is also fashionably attracted to fur coats and he does not really care about what animal activists would say. Alright, for the record, PETA did make it clear that animal fur coats are products of animal abuse, but still, there are no laws yet that says fur coat collection is illegal. So, Mayweather is saved by the bell.

Fret not, because people all over the world love animals. However, there are some people who still buy fur coats because it is fashionable! A fur coat or two could be forgivable, but since we are talking about Mayweather, his fur collection is quite massive!

Mayweather even said that he does not care about PETA and their approach because he will still keep wearing his chinchilla and mink coats.

19 His Watch Collection

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You might feel envious of Mayweather's exquisite watch collection. Mayweather's goal is to really flaunt his collection of 24 watches, which is worth a staggering $6.4 million. Yes, millionaires and businessmen do have watch collections, but this is just too much.

The collection of eight Audermar Piguets, eight Rolexes, three Frank Mullers, two Aximums, one Hublot Big Bang King, one Rainbow Tourbillion, and Piaget Galaxy has been posted to his Instagram account. Why does Mayweather keep a massive collection of watches? Well, he simply wants to have different choices.

It is also quite obvious that Mayweather has an eye for diamonds and sparkling gems because even his watches are blinged-out with diamonds and other precious stones.

18 Sparkling Jewelry

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What can you say about Mayweather? He loves boxing and he loves bling! Who would have thought that Mayweather has a heart of a woman when it comes to jewelry? To make it clear, he focuses on bling and diamonds, not just ordinary jewelry.

Mayweather has an entire jewelry collection full of shining, shimmering, and splendid jewelry including necklaces, rings, bracelets— you name it! More than watches, he fancies other types of accessories, which requires him to spend millions on his jewelry collection.

On top of that, Mayweather loves his children. In fact, he even decided to buy $250,000 worth of jewelry and the likes for his dearest daughter. He is unstoppable when it comes to jewelry, but is this excessive buying really necessary?

17 Trunk Closet? Mayweather Says Gucci!

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Did you say you want a portable trunk closet? Well, sorry for you, but Mayweather has already got that covered. Included on this list is his crazy purchase of a Gucci trunk closet with an unimaginable price tag.

Portable trunk closets are great for celebrities, considering their busy schedules, which require shooting, filming, and even modeling. As for Mayweather, trunk closets could be a smart buy since he has some fights overseas and he also loves traveling.

Buying portable trunk closets is normal, but Mayweather's spending habits are a little over the top. He bought a Gucci trunk closet, which can cost anywhere from $35,000 all the way to $250,000. Very expensive, indeed!

16 He Loves His Own Fights!

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Mayweather developed this different kind of love towards his fights. In fact, he loves his fights so much that he purchased his own match tickets for a hefty amount of $605,000. Why would he do that? You would never guess.

To make things clearer, there are sports like boxing where athletes get complimentary seats for people related to them at no additional cost. That is why this ticket purchase is a complete brainer. Who sat in the $605,000 worth of seats during Mayweather's fight? No one truly knows.

This big purchase happened during his fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, against the boxer, Canelo Alvarez. He won the fight and earned $41.5 million, so you can say that the $605,000 purchase did not hurt his wallet.

15 Will You Marry Mayweather?

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Sorry, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian— people know how much your partners love you but your $2 million rings will never surpass Mayweather's love for his ex-fiancé, Shantel Jackson.Fans called Jackson, "Money May," and referred to her as the love of his life. Mayweather gave her a 25-carat engagement ring that is rumored to be worth $10 million!

The massive size of the diamond, perfectly cut, looked stunning on her finger and screamed that it is worth a very big fortune. So, will Jackson marry Mayweather? The answer is no, they broke up, unfortunately. In fact, in December 2017, Mayweather sued Jackson for stealing and using Mayweather's credit card. Bad move, Shantel!

14 Hermes Everywhere!

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Shantel, you were one lucky girl! No, the Hermes bags are not for Mayweather. These bags "were" supposed to be for his ex-fiancé, Jackson. Hermes is onsidered as an "it bag" for an "it girl," so it makes sense that Mayweather bought a Hermes bag for his then-fiancé. He, of course, took everything to the next level!

Jackson was once the most important girl in Mayweather's life and he spoiled her so much! Aside from the millions he spent on her engagement ring, Mayweather also invested in Hermes bags— lots and lots of Hermes bags. Ladies, brace yourselves because you're likely to faint when you find out the price tag of these bags... It was reported that Mayweather bought $1 million worth of bags!

13 Revenge? Buy Bags Back!

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You might get this all wrong, so you better read this carefully for a great laugh. When Mayweather and Jackson broke up, all of the bags went to Jackson, of course, because they were gifted to her by Mayweather. However, those bags ended up being returned to Mayweather. How did this happen? Read on!

It was reported that Jackson had some serious financial troubles. Well, that is because she has no source of income anymore. So, she decided to get back into acting, but it just didn't work. She then decided to pawn a $63,000 Birkin bag that Mayweather gave to her.

Do you want to hear the fun part? After Mayweather learned about that, he went to the pawnshop and purchased the bag (or bags) back, which he later gave to his mom.

12 Concierge Service, You Say?

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What is a concierge service? This is a service that is most-common in hotels wherein a hotel staff, mostly the receptionists, assist a guest in various tasks such as restaurant reservation, spa services, transportation, and the like.

However, concierge service is a little bit different for Mayweather. No, he did not ask for assistance from a hotel. Instead, he hired the concierge service company, White Glove Entertainment. This company was tasked to find three courtside tickets to the Miami Heat and San Antionio Spurs game.

This may look quite normal, but seriously, it's not. Mayweather asked the concierge company on the day of the game and those tickets are hard to find. He ended up spending $75,000 for the three courtside seats. That's just too much for a single game.

11 All About Cars

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Cars are a boy's most favorite toy. That is why rich men invest in cars and not just ordinary cars, but luxury and supercars. Again, just like any other millionaires in the world, Mayweather loves collecting cars. However, buying over a hundred cars in a span of 18 years is not normal.

People already get that he really loves cars. Mayweather even declared that his car collection is worth $15 million and those are just the cars he owns, excluding the cars he received as gifts.

Speaking of cars, there are reports stating that Mayweather owns the most expensive car in the world, which even Bill Gates won't invest on. Yes readers, Mayweather owns the $4.8 million Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita! Is that really necessary to buy? He already bought over a hundred cars but he still needed the most expensive one.

10 Kiddie Cars? Really?

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Mayweather is not selfish in terms of luxury cars and supercars. As mentioned above, he even gave away cars as gifts to his family and friends. As if that is not enough to be called a crazy money-spending machine, Mayweather came up with another idea — buy a car for his 14-year-old daughter!

Mayweather's love towards cars can be somehow explainable since rich men really do love collecting cars. However, he bought a car for his daughter before she was even able to legally drive. Not to mention, the car he bought for her was a $400,000 Rolls-Royce.

Why did Mayweather buy a car for his daughter when clearly, his daughter could ride in his cars? He just simply stated that he wants his daughter to "ride in style."

9 Exclusive Golf Cart

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A car for his 14-year-old daughter was not enough for Mayweather. We are done with cars, so let's touch on the carts, shall we? How much does a normal golf cart cost? According to eBay, golf carts can start at $2,500 to $5,000, but it really depends on the brand and type of golf cart.

However, since this article is all about Mayweather, he has a different price tag for golf carts. Mayweather did not purchase the cart for the purpose of riding around the course in, he bought a golf cart for his then-15-year-old son.

The ridiculous fact about this is that Mayweather bought a $20,000 Bentley golf cart. He spent all that money just for his son to play around since his son couldn't drive yet.

8 One Boxer Per Day!

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Since Mayweather is a boxer, he has a deep appreciation for other boxers. He has a fascination with boxer shorts as underwear, which is quite normal. However, there is another twist here in Mayweather's underwear-buying habits.

Mayweather must somehow think that boxer shorts are like band-aids— replaceable, disposable, and for a one-time use only. He only wears new boxer shorts once and disposes of them after use, which can be a good thing for his housekeepers doing the laundry, but somehow still weird and ridiculous.

Although some people may think that this is a hygienic thing to do, Mayweather's underwear habit costs $6,500 per year.

7 Oh, And One Pair Of Shoes Per Day, Too

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Shoes are everyone's best friends! Who would not love to have a collection of shoes, right? Having a cool collection of shoes, especially if you are a sneaker head, is totally normal. There are people who are willing to spend a whole month's salary for a pair of shoes.

However, that is not the case of Mayweather's shoe journey. Dozens of pairs of shoes are not enough for him. Since he is a public personality and the limelight is always on him, he does not want people to view him as a fashion repeater. (Yes, there is a word for a person who repeats their clothes and wardrobe.)

If celebrities don't want to repeat their dresses and suits, Mayweather does not want to repeat his shoes! Yes, just like his boxers, he only wears shoes once and he does not care how expensive the shoes are.

6 The Portable…BARBER!

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Hair problems, you say? Mayweather doesn't have that problem. Well, of course, aside from the fact that his hair is always shaved, he has this personal barber that roams around the world with him, meaning Mayweather will never experience any hair problem.

Having a personal barber is quite normal. However, Mayweather is extravagant. To make it clear, Mayweather does not just simply go to a barber shop or call his personal barber, he brings his personal barber wherever he goes— on a vacation, on a plane, on a yacht, and anywhere else.

That way, whenever he feels that there is a hair growing even just a centimeter long, his personal barber will save the day with no delays!

5 Place Of Comfort

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The bathroom is an important area in a house. This is where you start your day and also where you end your day. Mayweather understands that his bathroom is important, so he came up with a very luxurious idea.

It is no secret that Mayweather's mansion is a mansion with all of the fanciest and most lavish features. This extends to the bathroom, where Mayweather spent a huge amount of money to build a bath house-like bathroom.

A bathroom may be important, but spending big chunks of money on one seems quite ridiculous and not really worth it. A simple Jacuzzi and spacious bathroom can suffice the needs of most rich men.

4 Golden iPhone And All!

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How much is an iPhone? Do you have an iPhone? People are unexplainably crazy over iPhones, its features, and everything about these phones. For most people, buying an iPhone is an investment.

A mere iPhone can cost even a thousand dollars and still, a lot of people are buying it because it is Apple! Mayweather is also one of those people who love Apple and iPhones! In fact, he owns a custom-made iPhone 5S, made with 24KT gold!

As if an iPhone was not expensive enough, he wanted everything to be upgraded to a whole new level by having a pure gold iPhone. However, it is still not clear if he bought the phone or someone gave it to him as gift. Nevertheless, the thought of a gold iPhone is just ridiculous!

3 Born With A Diamond-Encrusted Bowl

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Do you know the saying "born with a silver spoon in his mouth?" That is not technically the case with Mayweather because he was not born with a silver in his spoon in his mouth. In fact, he is just a self-made millionaire that earned his money and wealth through the sport of boxing.

However, he does have a bowl made of crystal, which he comfortably eats his breakfast cereals from every day. There is nothing wrong with a crystal bowl and that is actually quite normal. However, his crystal bowl is a Versace crystal bowl with his diamond-encrusted initials on it. Mayweather also eats his breakfast cereals with gold silverware.

2 iPod Deserves Diamonds, Too

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Diamonds are not just in the sky or on Mayweather's Versace crystal bowl but are also used to deck out Mayweather's iPod. If you think the diamond-encrusted Versace crystal bowl is nonsense and ridiculous, wait until you found out about his diamond iPod case.

It seems that iPhones, iPads, and iPods are not expensive enough for Mayweather. Because he needs to match his iPod with his exquisite and lavish lifestyle, he decided to upgrade it to the next level. Since he loves music, his iPod, and diamonds, Mayweather bought a $50,000 iPod case.

Don't forget that he also wears the iPod hanging on his neck and it has "Mayweather" written on it. Why Mayweather? Why did you need to buy this nonsensical thing?

1 Living On Two Jet Planes

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Mayweather is a fierce and strong fighter, but he is afraid of the gravitational pull. He gets cranky in the air whenever he travels, so he bought a private plane to take him all over the world. Buying a personal and private plane is not unusual in the world of millionaires and billionaires, but since this is about Mayweather, he once again went over the top by buying a second private plane!

Mayweather is quite worried that if he and his bodyguards are squeezed in one private plane, which is definitely a large private plane, their weight would drag the plane down. What is Mayweather's bright solution? He bought another plane for his bodyguards to be worry-free.

Are all these expensive things and collections worth it? What do you think?

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