25 Reasons Why Fans Love Eiza Gonzalez

Remember the name of Eiza Gonzalez. Something tells us she is going to be very big in the next few years, and she's showing all the signs of incredible talent and immense future success. Some are calling her the next Salma Hayek, and that's definitely praise that she thoroughly deserves. The Mexican actress has been in some huge projects so far, and she has her eyes on even bigger things in the future. But when you really get down to it and examine this woman closely, there's so much more than meets the eye.

And what you see when you look closely at Eiza is that she's really an amazing woman. There have been so many instances where she's said and done incredible things that speak volumes about her amazing personality. Knowing this, it's no wonder why she's dated some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. She really is an incredible person. As some of you might know, that lucky guy is now Josh Duhamel, but that's really only scratching the surface of her amazing story... Get ready to learn all there is to know about the next big name in the film industry, Eiza Gonzalez. Remember the name.

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25 She's Dating Josh Duhamel

via: people.com

Right now, everyone is talking about Eiza Gonzalez. Why? Because just recently, she's been linked with none other than Josh Duhamel, and the internet is going crazy over this new couple. According to Perez Hilton, the two have actually been dating for a while, but have only just decided to go public with their relationship.

Josh Duhamel is of course Fergie's ex, and this relationship was one of the biggest in the celebrity spotlight. There is a pretty sizable age gap here, as Eiza Gonzalez is 28, whereas Josh Duhamel is actually 45. According to sources quoted by Perez Hilton, the two are very happy together.

24 She's Going To Be In A New Superhero Movie

via: variety.com

We all know that Eiza Gonzalez has been in some amazing films so far in her career, and now she's just starting to break out as a real A-lister. In the past, she's been involved in movies such as Baby Driver, and also shows like From Dusk Till Dawn. Her next film will be a pretty interesting movie based on a comic book series, called Bloodshot, as Variety reports.

The film will involve several other prominent actors, and it revolves around an interesting story. The superhero in this film is a mortally wounded soldier brought back to life with advanced nanotechnology, as he fights evil and tries to save the world.

23 She Dated Liam Hemsworth

via: youtube.com

While the talk of the town is now about Eiza Gonzalez's relationship with Josh Duhamel, she's been in this situation before. Not too long ago, she was linked with none other than Liam Hemsworth. Although she never really confirmed or denied the relationship rumors, they were photographed together in pretty romantic situations, as E! News reports.

The article also points out the fact that Liam Hemsworth was heavily linked to Miley Cyrus at this point in his life, making this whole incident even more controversial. While this relationship definitely made the news, it seems that both celebs have now moved on to different people.

22 She Once Went To A Party With Cristiano Ronaldo

via: espectaculos.televisa.com

Liam Hemsworth and Josh Duhamel are two mega celebrities that this young starlet has been linked to, but that's those aren't the only guys she's been involved with. According to many sources, including the Daily Mail, she once partied with none other than soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. The 33-year-old Portuguese international is perhaps the biggest name she's been linked to, and he is now representing his country at the World Cup in Russia.

According to the Daily Mail article, Eiza Gonzalez and Cristiano Ronaldo hung out together and partied at a nightclub in Hollywood back in the summer of 2016. It seems that this was pretty much a one off thing, though, and they haven't been linked with each other again since.

21 She Was Amazing In Baby Driver

via: collider.com

We touched on this before, but one of Eiza Gonzalez's biggest roles so far as an actor has been in the critically acclaimed film, Baby Driver. This movie was praised for its use of music, intense action and car chase scenes, and thrilling story. Eiza played a bank robber in the movie, and she really brought so much personality and flair to the project.

Speaking about her role in the film, Eiza Gonzalez was quoted by Collider as saying: "It’s been such a pleasure for me because I’ve gotten to learn from so many great actors. I got to work with Kevin and John and Jamie, and Jon Bernthal as well. They’re all people I admire and grew up looking up to, so it’s been exciting."

20 She's Also A Singer

via: pinterest.com

Like many actresses today, Eiza Gonzalez brings a lot more to the table than just her acting talents and her stunning good looks. Eiza is definitely a double threat, meaning she can sing as well as act, although she hasn't really had a chance to express those talents the global audience. She has released a couple of Spanish albums, but she might try her hand at being a pop star in the near future.

One notable moment came when she sang the famous song "Despacito" during an interview, and many people reacted to how good of a singer she seemed to be, according to Just Jared.

19 She Also Dated Calvin Harris


Yet another notable male celebrity Eiza Gonzalez has been linked to in the past has been Calvin Harris, the famous DJ and electronic music producer. Many of you have probably heard of him and enjoyed his music, but some might not know that he was once strongly linked to Eiza Gonzalez.

Like Liam Hemsworth, the relationship was never officially confirmed or denied by either party, but articles from E! News and many others back in 2016 seemed to suggest that there was definitely something going on between these two. For reference, this was just after Calvin Harris had split from Taylor Swift.

18 She Feels Most Beautiful When She Skips Makeup


One thing is clear when you look at Eiza Gonzalez – she is incredibly beautiful. It never hurts to be physically attractive when you're an actress, and that's probably helped her a lot in her career. But according to the actress herself, she doesn't try to fake anything, and prefers to go all natural when it comes to cosmetics and makeup.

Pop Sugar asked Eiza Gonzalez when she felt the most beautiful, to which she answered, "When I'm au naturel. I feel beautiful when my skin is healthy and glowy and I can walk around makeup-free, because I take care of my skin."

17 Her IG Is Incredible


If you really want to get a sense of Eiza Gonzalez's physical beauty, just check out her Instagram page. This social media account is filled with all kinds of jaw-dropping pictures of the young star, and it definitely shows you just how beautiful she can be when she wants to be. It's probably one of the best instagram feeds out there in terms of female actresses, and she really shows off her personality in these photos as well as her attractiveness.

These days, most actresses must be very active on social media – after all, it's pretty much free advertising, and you need to try to get your name out there as much as possible in an industry like that.

16 She Was Once Told That She Was Only Going To Succeed Because She Was Pretty


However, even with her incredible beauty, Eiza Gonzalez has had her fair share of difficulties. She started her acting career in Mexico, and when she moved over to the states, she found it a little tough to adjust. She remembers one particular audition where a casting director told her something mean...

Eiza Gonzalez was quoted by Interview Magazine as saying: "I was given four scenes, and I thought I was meant to choose one, because that’s how it is in Mexico. But the casting director stopped everything. She was pretty mean. She said, 'You’re probably going to work just because you’re pretty.' I was like, 'What does that even mean?'”

15 She Cried When She Landed The Role In Baby Driver


The role of Baby Driver has proven to be huge for Eiza's career, and she had to work very hard to land this role. Have you ever wondered what it's like for an actor to get a call from their agent, telling them they've booked a role? Eiza's reaction was quite powerful...

She was asked what she did when she got the role in Baby Driver, and she admitted to Remezcla: "I cried profusely. I was very excited. I had gone to about four auditions already and I was waiting for their call. They were still making their choice. After getting a chance to work with Edgar, I found out that he is very specific. I was walking to a coffee shop and I got the call from my whole [management] team. They told me, and I could not believe it. I called my mom and we cried and screamed."

14 Passion And Love Are Important To Her In A Relationship


As you can tell from some of the entries in this article, Eiza Gonzalez is no stranger to romance. She's dated some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, and she's probably learned a lot about love during her relationships. But what exactly is Eiza Gonzalez looking for in a man? What does she hope to get out of a relationship? She once answered that question.

Remezcla also quoted her as saying, "We’re always looking for that person who will give us everything [...] definitely passion and love. Don’t we all look for that in our lives subconsciously?"

13 She Did Her Own Stunts In Baby Driver


One thing you might not know about Baby Driver is that most of the time, the actors did all of their own stunts. Or at least that's what Eiza Gonzalez says about her experience on the film...

In another part of that interview with Remezcla, Eiza Gonzalez admitted: "We would barely use our body doubles. Edgar really wanted to have that feeling of us in the car, and with good reason. After watching the film, I finally understood why. As an audience, you can see the actors flying across in a car and that just makes it more real. It was like Disney for adults. I love adrenaline. I really enjoy that part of the job. As an actor, we don’t get to do that on a daily basis."

12 She Loves Being A Latina


A huge part of Eiza Gonzalez's identity is her Mexican and Latin heritage. She doesn't shy away from it, and she fully embraces it with pride. If you go to her Instagram page, you will see tons of pictures of her in traditional Mexican clothing, talking about her homeland in the captions.

In an interview with People, Eiza Gonzalez was asked what she loved about being Mexican, to which she replied, "Everything. I love being Latina. I love our values, the way we’re so in touch with others, our dark humor, how fun we are, how relaxed we are. I love how hard working, independent, and ambitious we are. They educate us woman to be such hard workers."

11 She Has Some Words Of Advice For Young Girls

via: celebmafia.com

Nowadays, Eiza Gonzalez is becoming such a huge celebrity that she is starting to embrace being a role model, especially for young girls. Young women, especially those in the Latin community, probably look up to people like Eiza Gonzalez, and she has some wise words of wisdom for those who are listening:

In that same interview with People, Eiza Gonzalez stated: "I like to tell little girls that not everyday is going to be your best day, and that you won’t look pretty every day either, and that that’s OK. But it is important to take care of yourself. Along with drinking a lot of water, exercise because it keeps your stamina and endorphin levels high and it gives you a lot of energy.

10 She Loves Motivating Other Women

via: marieclaire.com

But she doesn't just have advice for young girls. She also speaks out to adult women who are listening to her, and she has some amazing words of wisdom for women. She admits that she loves motivating them and being a positive influence on their lives. In particular, she'd like to see them loving themselves more often, and doing the same onto others.

In another part of that interview with People, Eiza Gonzalez stated: "As a woman, it’s so important to take care of yourself. Sometimes we’re too hard on ourselves. I love motivating other women to love each other and themselves."

9 She Speaks Many Languages

via: instagram.com

One can never underestimate the difficulty of learning a new language, and it's incredible what Eiza Gonzalez has achieved, given the fact that English is not her first language. She's taken up the challenge with great enthusiasm, and she's really excelled with making the jump from Spanish to English film.

But she reportedly speaks more than just English and Spanish. In an interview with Interview Magazine, she was quoted as saying: "I speak Italian and a little bit of French. I moved to Trento, Italy, when I was around 10 to learn Italian. I have family there. I’m trying to restart my French. And then I want to get into Mandarin."

8 She Admits That She Used To Have Issues With Her Health 

via: instagram.com

As flawless as she might look, Eiza Gonzalez admits that she is far from perfect. Like many women in the entertainment industry, she has had troubles with her diet and started to eat without control to deal with stress.

Latin Times once quoted Eiza Gonzalez as saying, "Every process between the ages of 15 and 20 was very hard for me because I used to eat compulsively. It took me a long time to decipher that it was all happening because I was depressed after my dad [passed]. And it was very hard for me but I changed my eating habits and began eating healthier and I began taking care of myself in all areas."

7 She Struggled A Lot With Her Father's Passing

via: hawtcelebs.com

She actually had so much stress at such a young age because of her father's passing, something she often talks about. It's something that really affected her early on in life, and she's spoken out about it many times...

She was again quoted by Latin Times as saying: "It took me 5 years to get out of depression and accept my loss, and even though I had to go onstage and share happiness, I was just realizing what I was feeling at 15 [...] Dealing with loss at that age is not simple (any kind of loss) but know that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and we are our biggest motor. Everything that you want to do can be done with perseverance and dedication."

6 She Takes Vitamins And Minerals Very Seriously

via: instagram.com

In the entertainment industry, you have to take your health very seriously. Although skincare and products are important, you're never going to look your best if you don't have a healthy lifestyle. And according to Eiza, this is one of her strong suits.

She was once quoted by W Magazine as saying, "This is my forte. I’m obsessed with health. I get a blood test every six months to narrow down what could be causing fatigue, exhaustion, dark thoughts and obviously eventually how to be in my top shape. Blood doesn’t lie. From vitamins that I’m lacking to natural foods, it’s an educated guide to connect my physical internal and external look."

5 She Loves Working Out

via: fashionbombdaily.com

Of course, living clean and eating lots of vitamins isn't the only thing you need to worry about if you want to look your best. You also need to work out, and Eiza Gonzalez knows this all too well...

Eiza Gonzalez was again quoted by W Magazine as saying: "Julian Bah, my trainer, is what people would call a beast. I discovered and understood my key when I met him. He helps me elevate my testosterone levels with exercise and caters exactly to what my body needs. He’s my nutritionist/guru of body. Also, I love outside activities. Rock climbing and surfing are two of my favorite things in life."

4 She Actually Wears Men's Cologne

via: instagram.com

Now, we've never gotten close enough to Eiza Gonzalez to actually smell her, but apparently she also takes her fragrances very seriously. There is one scent that she loves more than any other, and what she chooses to put on her body might actually surprise you... Eiza Gonzalez was again quoted by W Magazine when she revealed: "This is my secret (not anymore). I wear men’s cologne. You can never go wrong. Women love it and men like it."

That's right, she actually prefers to wear men's cologne instead of traditional women's perfume. Is she the only woman who does this? Or is this actually a trend that is starting to spread? Either way, Eiza Gonzalez is definitely doing something pretty unique.

3 She Once Starred Alongside Justin Timberlake In A Music Video

via: instagram.com

While Eiza Gonzalez's career is definitely on the upswing, she's still not quite at the level as some of the other more well known Hollywood A-listers. While that's all bound to change soon, she has to do what she can to stay relevant (and bring in some cash) in the meantime. And one way in which many actors do this is to star in smaller projects such as music videos.

And what better music video to star in than Justin Timberlake's, right? That's exactly what she did with JT's, "Supplies" video, and she made quite an interesting appearance. According to E! Newsshe even kissed the famous pop star in the video!

2 She Was Told To Change Her Look For From Dusk Till Dawn

via: pinterest.com

Another project that featured Eiza Gonzalez was the reboot of From Dusk Till Dawn. The Mexican actress played the iconic role of the vampire queen once played by the legendary Salma Hayek, and she got lots of attention for doing so. But to get the right "curves" for the role, she was told to gain some weight.

Eiza Gonzalez was quoted by Cosmopolitan as saying: "So now it's really awesome for me to go and do a job where I had to gain weight. So, it's In–N-Out everyday: Milkshakes, desserts — I'm loving it. And the cool thing is that Robert likes to really embrace the real woman's curves. So when I talked about gaining weight, I was like "Okay, so you want me to go to the gym and gain muscle," and he's like, "No I want you to look timeless, like no one can tell what moment in life you're going through. I don't want you to look like a 2014 woman who's super ripped. I need real curves."

1 She Is Inspired By Salma Hayek

via: esmas.com

We touched on the fact that Eiza Gonzalez played the role that Salma Hayek once played in the movie version of From Dusk Till Dawn, and this was a major moment for Eiza. This was due to the fact that Salma Hayek is a huge source of inspiration for Eiza Gonzalez, and she's someone that the young actress really looks up to.

Eiza Gonzalez was quoted by Hola! as saying that she was inspired by Salma Hayek, and sung her praises, saying, "Salma did an incredible job in Beatriz at Dinner. I’m glad she got the opportunity to portray something different because she is a talented actress," adding, "She is the ultimate."

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