25 Reasons Why Princess Diana Will Always Outshine Kate And Meghan

Princess Diana will never be replaced or outshined by either of her daughters-in-laws. Almost 21 years after her death, we continue to gawp at the Princess of Wales because of her extraordinary beauty, charisma, and the fact that her young life ended too soon and very tragically. Diana has shifted from being a person in contemporary culture to one that exists in history. Her story will always have a place in history and the same can’t be said about Kate or Meghan (for now anyway).

Diana was more than a celebrity; she was more than a princess; she was a global presence. Princess Diana’s short lived life was filled with such compassion, devotion, and love. While she was in her 20’s, Diana was already a caring and active mother, ruler, and agent in diverse charities and humanitarian relief efforts around the world. But what makes Diana so significant is that she so publically and honestly experienced such tragedy, heartbreak, and scandal throughout her life. Diana did not have a fairytale marriage or a happily ever after life, but her realism and struggle is why she won over the hearts of millions of people around the world. As for Kate and Meghan, their time to make a significant and global impact on the world may be too soon. Or, they may never live up to the footsteps of their late mother-in-law.

Here are 25 reasons why Princess Diana will always outshine Kate and Meghan.

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25 She Was The People's Princess

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Kate and Meghan will never replace Diana as the people’s princess. It seems like the public has been looking for a Princess Diana replacement since her death, but no one will be able to ever surpass her legacy. Diana was a princess for the common people. She blurred the lines between the royals and the commoners. Diana even admitted during her infamous interview with Martin Bashir in 1995 that she never wanted to be Queen of the United Kingdom and the fifteen other Commonwealth realms. During the interview she said,

“I'd like to be a queen of people's hearts, but I don't see myself being queen of this country.”

Andrew Morton, the author of the international bestseller “Diana: Her True Story,” agrees that neither Kate nor Meghan will ever outshine Diana as the people’s princess. He believes that the media has been searching for a “golden goose” ever since Diana died, but has failed to find a replacement. In an interview with Australia’s The Morning Show, he stated that the media “thought at first it would be Kate, and to a degree it was. And now it is Meghan,” but “there is only one Diana and sadly she has passed.”

24 She Broke Boundaries


Despite Princess Diana’s extremely short-lived life, she left a lasting impact on the royal family and on the world. This princess was a rebel with many causes. Not only did she disagree with all the limiting and irrational rules and regulations of the monarchy, but she outwardly criticized and broke them. Aside from her sons Prince William and Harry, some of Diana’s greatest legacies are because she broke so many boundaries. Diana’s rebellion provoked lasting change in the monarchy. Her actions changed how the royals and the public interacted with one another.

One of the biggest boundaries Diana broke was refusing to use formality when she interacted with common people. Whenever Diana spoke to someone from the public, especially children, she would meet them at eye level. Prior to Diana, the royal family used to believe that everyone in the public had to be deferential to them. Princess Diana wanted to show the world that she was equal to them. Meghan follows in her late mother-in-law’s footsteps. Similarly, Meghan meets the public at eye-level when greeting them. Instead of breaking the exact same boundaries Diana had, both Meghan and Kate should create their own rebellious legacies.

23 She Had Royal Connections

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Unlike Kate or Meghan, who have absolutely no ties to royalty pre-marriage, Diana was actually connected to the royal family long before she was a princess. She was born as Diana Spencer in 1961, but she earned the title of “Lady” in 1975 after her father inherited the title of “Earl.” Throughout the years, the royals and the Spencer’s were connected through various members. The royals befriended members of the Spencer family, who served as courtiers to the Crown.

Princess Diana’s father, the wealthy eighth Earl Spencer, is the late Queen Mary’s godson and was the former personal aide to both King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II.

Diana’s brother Charles is Queen Elizabeth’s godson. If that wasn’t enough to confirm Diana’s well-deserved royalty, her maternal grandmother, Lady Fermoy, was a friend, confidante, and a lady in waiting to the Queen Mother. Kate and Meghan on the other hand, are commoners like the rest of us. Kate’s English “commoner” status and Meghan being an American actress of mixed raced identity stirred up Briton’s old class divide. While Diana had royal connections in her immediate family, Kate and Meghan were commoners just like the rest of us.

22 Her Life Was A Royal Soap Opera

Sites at Penn State

Princess Diana’s life went from a fairytale romance to a royal soap opera. Unfortunately, Diana did not have a fairytale ending. Like many modern day soap opera dramas, her life ended in a complete tragedy. But, Diana’s complex life and death stories are the reason why she still remains the most iconic royal of all time. Unlike any of the other members of the royal family, princess Diana’s life was followed by the world.

Before our modern emergence and obsession with social media and celebrity culture, princess Diana was the world’s most photographed woman.

Princess Diana really did live out a royal soap opera, while both Kate and Meghan only remained relevant in the public eye for a brief moment. Other than the mass exposure they got from their royal weddings, Kate and Meghan aren’t all that famous. Sure, Meghan had some public attention from her acting days, but never to the extent that Diana did for being a princess. Both Kate and Meghan quickly lost public attention after their royal weddings. It hasn’t even been a month since Meghan and Harry’s wedding and it seems like the public has already lost a lot of interest on the duo.

21 Diana's Story Had Such A sad end

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First things first, we would never wish Diana’s fate on anyone. Her life ended way too soon and way too heartbreakingly. Almost 21 years after her death, the public still wonders what life would be like if Diana were still alive. Would she be as famous as she was 25 years ago? Would Kate and Meghan outshine her? Who would Diana be married to? Would she have other kids? What would the world’s favorite princess be doing now? The world will always be wondering what Diana would be like if she were alive.

Unfortunately, Diana’s life came to a tragic end in 1997 when she passed from injuries sustained in a car accident. But, if it weren’t for Diana’s heartbreaking death, would she be as iconic as she is today? Probably not.

Along with all of her accomplishments, Diana will always be remembered as the princess that suffered such heartbreak and tragedy. From her death stemmed a ton of conspiracy theories as well. Hopefully, Kate and Meghan will never experience the same hardships and misfortune that Diana had succumb to. But, without such a horrific end, Kate and Meghan will probably never hold the same exceptional legacy that Diana has.

20 The Diana Circle


We have all heard of fandom nicknames before. Most fandoms create nicknames to distinguish themselves from other fan communities. Some of them, surely, you’re familiar with: Justin Bieber’s Beliebers, Beyoncé’s Beyhive, and Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters. Fan groups exist so that fans can feel a certain closeness with their idols. It is most common for musicians to have a significant fandom, but actors, socialities, and other celebrities have fan communities as well. Even princess Diana had a fandom named “The Diana Circle.” Her fan community is still existing even though it has been many years since she has passed.

The Diana Circle is best known publically for their widely critical reactions to Prince Charles’ wedding to Camila. They believe that Diana was the best thing to happen to the monarchy and that she will never be replaced.

They would rather see Charles abdicate than have him marry “Cowmilla,” as they call her, and watch her occupy the position formally held by their beloved princess. Diana has one of the most outstanding groups of followers. Even decades after her death, the Diana Circle is still alive and growing. From the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like Kate or Meghan will ever have a fandom as dedicated as Diana’s.

19 Her Iconic Fashion Style


Even though Princess Diana has been cast as a victim on multiple occasions because of her troubled relationship with the royal family, her fashion sense showed that she was an independent, strong-minded woman. There is no denying the fact that Kate and Meghan both have a gorgeous and elegant sense of style. In their short terms as duchesses, Kate and Meghan have already worn some of the world’s most iconic outfits. Their outfits have been copied by fans all over the globe. But, Diana’s style extended far beyond her fashion sense. While Kate and Megan tend to follow the royal family dress code, Diana didn’t mind breaking etiquette rules.

Two decades after her shocking passing, Diana still retains her style muse status. Diana’s diverse and sophisticated style shows that she was a disrupter of the normativity and an inventor in visual messaging. Diana’s cool and collected outfits were so innovative for her time that modern women are seen wearing the same styles. If Kate and Meghan want to gain more recognition for their style, they need to stop dressing in accordance with the monarchy. Diana’s outfits were iconic because they rebelled against royal norms.

18 Her Initiatives

People Magazine

The Queen and the rest of the royal family’s charity work is beyond impressive. Each member of the royal family is expected to lend their name to humanitarian work throughout their lifetimes. Currently, over 3,000 charity organizations list a member of the royal family as a patron or president. They support charities like: The British Red Cross, Cancer Research UK, and Barnado’s. Just like a lot of her other daily actions, Diana’s charity work could be seen as rebellious as well. The Princess of Wales helped break down the AIDS stigma and raise awareness of the epidemic during the HIV and AIDS movement.

In a CNN interview about her humanitarian work, Diana stated: “[The disease] does not make people dangerous to know, so you can shake their hands and give them a hug. Heaven knows they need it.”

Princess Diana was one of the first high profile people to be pictured touching people infected, which had a serious impact on changing the public's perception of the condition. Kate and Meghan are known for being heavily involved in charity work as well. The only difference is that Diana’s humanitarian work had a positive and lasting impact on both the organization and the perceptions of the public.

17 The Princess Diana Conspiracy Theory

Our world is filled with crazy conspiracy theories, which involve the government, horrific events, extraterrestrial beings, and even a couple surrounding some of our favorite celebrities. For decades (even centuries), there has been an enduring appeal of conspiracy theories. While some conspiracy theories are simply harmless thoughts, others hold dark truths. Over 20 years after Diana’s fatal crash, there are still hundreds of theories speculating exactly what happened that night.

Even though Diana’s crash was originally deemed as an accident, many people believe something more secretive happened that night. One of the most famous conspiracy theories surrounding Diana’s death is that the royal family arranged it. Till this day, there is no additional evidence that supports this theory. Another famous and widely believed theory was that Diana was pregnant with Egyptian business magnate, Mohamed al-Fayed’s child. It is believed that the royal family could not accept this reality, so they plotted the accident. Other theories include: The paparazzi made the car crash intentionally, driver Henri Paul intentionally caused the crash, and Diana’s medical care at the hospital after the crash was deliberately sabotaged. Unless Kate and Meghan become the subjects of one of the world’s biggest conspiracy theories, Princess Diana will continue to outshine them.

16 She Was An Active Mother


Kate Middleton has many different roles as the Duchess of Cambridge, but her most important role to date is being a mom to three adorable children. Kate truly is a great mom. She is active with her children and is always playful with them even when she is in public. Meghan is still child-free, so it is difficult to determine what type of mom she would be. However, familial life in the royal family has changed significantly since Diana’s time. Prior to Diana, the royal family was always stoic and serious around each other, even when interacting with their own children. We still see this passiveness with the Queen and Prince Charles.

Kate and Diana differ as mothers though. Princess Diana was unique as she disregarded all of the traditional monarchy rules when raising her children. She was the first princess to give birth outside of the palace. Prior to William, all royals were born at the Buckingham Palace. In addition to this, Diana enrolled her children in a public school, she picked and dropped them off at school herself, she let them indulge in fast food favorites like McDonald’s, and she would smuggle her boys outside of the palace so that they could experience what it was like to live a normal life.

15 Her strange Marriage To Charles


Kate and Meghan are truly living out their fairytale marriages. Kate and Prince William met back in 2001, when they were both art history students at the University of St. Andrews. In 2003, the duo started dating and the rest is history. Other than enduring one breakup together, Kate and William’s relationship truly is a fairy-tale romance. Meghan and Harry’s public relationship was a little bit more controversial because of their scandalous pasts. Despite Harry being a former troubled playboy and Meghan being an American divorcee, the couple still fell happily in love.

Poor Diana never experienced the same love and happiness that both of her daughter-in-laws had. One of the most newsworthy and controversial stories to ever leave Buckingham Palace was the heartbreaking relationship between Charles and Diana. The couple had never appeared to be in love. In photos of the pair, Diana and Charles are always photographed far apart and contact between them tends to be minimal. Apparently, the only reason Charles married the young Lady was because the love of his life, Camilla, was already married to somebody else at the time. While Kate and Meghan’s relationships will be seen as a typical fairytale (for now anyways), Diana’s relationship to Charles will always be remembered as a royal drama.

14 The Love Triangle Of The Century


Princess Diana’s 11-year, loveless marriage with Prince Charles brought the couple into the spotlight as it was filled with royal scandals. Kate and Meghan should be glad that their royal relationships are collected and scandal-free. But, their relationships will probably never reach worldly entertainment headlines like their in-law’s marriage had. Diana, Charles, and Camilla had one of the most talked-about and complex love triangles of all time. This dramatic scandal is one of the main reasons Diana is the most famous royal that ever lived.

In 1986, Prince Charles rekindled his pre-Diana romance with his ex Camilla Parker Bowles. In interviews, Diana admitted that she believed Charles and Camilla never really ended relations between them.

After feeling like a third-wheel in her marriage for long enough, Diana decided to confront Camilla at a birthday party for Camilla’s sister. In an amazing move, Diana showed up to a party uninvited to confront Camilla. Andrew Morton's controversial biography Diana: Her True Story, included the apparent dialogue between them. It goes as follows:

“The princess called Camilla's reply "very interesting": "She said to me, 'You've got everything you ever wanted. You've got all the men in the world fall in love with you and you've got two beautiful children, what more do you want?'" "So I said, 'I want my husband,'" Diana said. "I said to Camilla, 'I'm sorry I'm in the way . . . and it must be hell for both of you. But I do know what's going on. Don't treat me like an idiot.'"

13 She Lived Her Best Single Life


Even though Princess Diana deemed the birth of her children the best years of her life, it is obvious that her post-Charles year was pretty amazing too. The princess absolutely flourished after she got out of her toxic relationship with Charles. Unfortunately, Diana’s single life was very short-lived and lasted only one year. But, in that year Diana seemed the happiest she had been in a while.

Since Kate and Meghan are still happily married to their princes, we can’t really suggest what their single lives would be like. Sure, they were single before they got married, but that was prior to them becoming royals. Diana was a royal for 11-years and then still had a very public, extravagant single life after her divorces to prince Charles. The princess dressed very provocatively, often wearing revealing and tight clothing. She was once photographed in an iconic latex dress, an outfit many of us would never expect a royal to wear. Diana also acted in whichever way she desired and took vacations with friends and potential lovers. She did not consider any of the repercussions her actions might have had on the royal family. Diana truly was living her best, single, post-royal life.

12 Her Bikini Body

Diana, Kate, and Meghan all look incredible in bikinis. Each of these royal ladies has no shame in flaunting their amazing figures while on vacation. Kate and William have taken vacations together and have been photographed embracing on the beach. Kate’s lean and muscular body is beyond incredible. But, as the future wife of the King, Kate has definitely toned down her bikini outfits. It has been years since the public has seen the Duchess flaunt her gorgeous figure in a two-piece. Since Meghan is still a newbie to the royal family, there are plenty of recent bikini pictures of the duchess. Just like Kate, this royal has a banging body as well. Since she is now a royal, we shouldn’t expect to see many more swimwear pictures of Meghan.

Despite being a princess, Diana often flaunted her fit bikini body in public and while on vacation. Diana truly redefines what it means to have a mom-bod. After having two children, Diana still looked incredible with her defined abs and hourglass figure. Diana knew she looked good in a bikini and didn’t try to cover-up her body to please the royal family. We hope Kate and/or Meghan will regain the confidence Diana had to wear steamy bikinis while part of the royal family.

11 She Openly Spoke About Mental Illness

The Fix

The historical perception of the royal family is quite different than it is now. Centuries (and even decades) ago, the monarchy was placed above the public. The royal family was often looked at as subhuman figures, placed on this earth to rule the masses. Even to this day, some people still regard the royal family in this way. Diana changed public perceptions about the royal family. While sharing her own struggles with mental illness and disorders, Diana proved that even the royal family shared the same struggles many of us face. She was the first royal to publically admit to her hardships.

Even when she was the face of grace and poise in the global spotlight, Diana struggled with mental health issues. In her revealing interview to the BBC’s Martin Bashir, Diana spoke about her long struggle with eating, which began after Prince Charles commented on her weight. She said: “It started the week after we got engaged. My husband put his hand on my waistline and said something like, 'Oh, a bit chubby here, aren't we?' And that triggered off something in me.” Both Kate and Meghan have humanized the monarchy in their own ways, but Diana was pivotal in doing so.

10 Her Extravagant Wedding Dress

The Daily Beast

Fashion trends and styles are constantly changing throughout time, so it is difficult to fully compare Diana’s wedding dress to Kate and Meghan’s. All three of the women looked absolutely stunning during their wedding days and had a lot of subtle similarities between each of them. For royal weddings, nothing less than extravagant is expected. Months prior to the weddings, the public is already speculating what each bride and their bridal party will be wearing.

It is safe to say that some of the modern royal weddings were a bit underwhelming and did not live up to the public’s expectations of them.

Again, styles change over time so Meghan and Kate’s wedding dresses are totally suitable for the era of which they were married. However, based on the expectations of fans, Diana’s dress was the only gown that truly matched the extravagantness of royal weddings. When princesses are married into the royal family, the public envisions fairytale princess looks for their wedding. Diana’s 1981 ceremony dress was a puffy-sleeved taffeta gown by London-based designers David and Elizabeth Emanuel. Princess Diana’s dress exceeded all expectations at the time of her wedding and continues to awe fans decades later.

9 She Became A Princess At 19

National Geographic

While many of us were still in school at 19, working our first part-time jobs, or lounging around at our parent’s places, Diana was already a princess. If this royal engagement occurred now, some people might have deemed Diana way too young to get married, especially because Prince Charles was 13 years older than her.

Even though their marriage ended in misery (not because of age), Diana still remained one of the youngest and most accomplished people to ever walk our earth.

Age has never been a defining factor when determining someone’s readiness to rule. Kate Middleton got married when she was 29-years-old and Meghan Markle was 36-years-old when she married Harry. Both of these Duchesses has already made significant contributions to the royal family. It is significant though that at 19-years-old, Diana was already not only fit to rule, but able to handle a series of significant scandals with such poise and elegance. In her 20’s, Diana could have been studying, traveling, and partying, but instead, the princess was performing her royal duties in her own ways. She was able to raise two, young children in her 20’s and be an active participant in countless charitable organizations.

8 She Was A Former Teacher


For many of us, Diana, Kate, and Megan came into our lives after they became linked to their princes. But, each of these women lived very diverse, and pretty common (except Meghan) lives before they became royalty. As we all know, Meghan was a former actress and model before marrying Prince Harry. Before Kate came into the royal spotlight, she was an accessory buyer with British Retailer Jigsaw. It is no wonder Kate has such an incredible fashion sense. Diana’s pre-royal career life was probably the simplest and heartwarming of them all.

After attending a finishing school in Rougemont, Switzerland for one term in 1978, Diana returned to London to take on a series of low-paying jobs. It is hard to envision the royals before they were wealthy. Diana found employment as a kindergarten teacher at the Young England School and continued to work there until her engagement to Prince Charles in 1981. Diana’s love for children has been prevalent in all of her interactions both pre-marriage, during, and after her divorce. It is fitting that Diana now has a charity in her honor that recognizes all the extraordinary work young people are doing all around the world.

7 Raising Global Awareness For Landmines

Getty Images

Until Diana’s time (and honestly probably still now), no one would expect to see a princess get directly involved with such a dangerous and often attributed “manly” initiative. Diana really did redefine what it meant to be a modern-day princess when she helped raise awareness for the impact landmines have on citizens of those lands.

In addition to raising awareness, Diana herself walked through an active minefield in Angola to prove that her life was no more valuable than the citizens there. The fact that Diana put her life in danger to gain public awareness of the deadly impact of these land mines speaks heavily to her caring and compassionate character.

Diana was progressive way beyond her time. We would probably be less shocked if one of our current Duchesses, like Kate or Meghan, would take on this initiative now. In the 1990’s, traveling to Africa to participate in humanitarian efforts was still unheard of. On top of traveling to Africa, Diana got hands-on with many of the victims, especially the children, that were impacted by the landmines. Many charitable organizations nowadays don’t even interact with the community they are aiding. Diana truly went above and beyond with all of her initiatives.

6 She Touched Those With Leprosy

IBTimes UK

The fact that Diana got hands on with the public and especially with those suffering, dying, and contagious with diseases really stirred controversy within the royal palace. Prior to Diana, the royal family was known to be cold and detached from many of their charitable cases. Yes, they would donate money, organize events, and draw awareness to causes they cared about, but very few of the royal members were really hands on with their initiatives.

In the late 1980s, Princess Diana visited Sitanala Leprosy Hospital in Jakarta, Indonesia, against the orders of the officials. Up until her visit, it was believed that you can get leprosy by touching someone who is infected with it. To dispel this myth, Diana sat on the beds of patients, shook their hands, and even touched their wounds. Her hands-on approach to those affected by this illness was revolutionary. No one would ever expect a royal to put themselves in “danger” by interacting with people who were sick. Just like her initiatives, Diana was able to make huge strides in tackling the stigma surrounding both of these diseases by touching those who were directly affected by these conditions.

5 She Helped Refugees


Our world is currently filled with tons of questions and concerns surrounding refugees. A lot of people, especially powerful leaders do not believe in the current global refugee crisis. Like many of her other initiatives, Princess Diana’s interaction with refugees was again so progressive for her time.

She flew to the Nemazura feeding center in Zimbabwe to serve food to refugees there. The princess herself served food to the public. We rarely see such an impactful and powerful person take on an extremely active role in humanitarian projects.

As we are currently suffering a refugee crisis around the world, it would be beneficial to have another leading lady, like Kate or Meghan, supporting and bringing awareness to the cause. If Diana were still alive, she would probably be at the forefront at many refugee projects. Based on Diana’s charitable history, she would probably even place herself directly in war-torn countries to help the refugees who are trapped there. Kate and Meghan are definitely credited for plenty of charitable work, but neither of them have humanized themselves to the same level that Diana did when helping those in need.

4 The Media Couldn't Get Enough Of Her

Sky News

Kate and Meghan have already experienced their fair share of media exposure during their time as Duchesses. Because of her famous upbringing as an actress, Meghan handles paparazzi and media outlets collectively and with such poise. But, everyone can agree that times have changed since the 1980s, especially with media reporting. In the past few decades, endless amounts of social media platforms and news outlets have emerged – It would be more shocking if media outlets were not reporting on the royal family.

When Diana was in the spotlight, the media was not as prevalent as it is today. Nowadays, we are used to receiving all of our news about our favorite “celebrities” straight to our technological device of choice. In Diana’s time, this was not the case. So, for Diana to get all the exposure that she did in the 80’s means she was a royal star at the time. News outlets would go out of their way to photograph, write, and record Diana just so that the public could get their fix of the princess. In the end, the paparazzi at times has been blamed for Diana’s death, but this conspiracy still can’t be proven.

3 The Diana Award

Future Foundations

The Diana Award was established by the British Government as a legacy to Diana, Princess of Wales’ belief that young people have the power and potential to make significant and lasting changes to the world for the better. The mission of the organization is to inspire positive change in the future of young people. Since 1999, the award has acted as a formal way to praise and recognize young people who are going above and beyond the expected to aid their local communities. Over 45,000 young people have been recognized so far for their outstanding work.

In 2006, the award turned into an independent charity, which allowed it to become a fully-fledged youth-led movement. In 2011, the organization launched a new global Anti-Bullying Programme and a year later created a Mentoring Programme.

Everyone knows if Diana were still alive she would be at the forefront of many youth movements and would probably have started this organization herself. Since Kate and Meghan are both alive and well, they obviously do not have any legacy awards in their name. If they have a significant impact and message throughout their reigns as Duchesses, chances are they will have an award named after them as well.

2 She Had The World's Attention


The world’s obsession with royalty really did start with Princess Diana. Before Diana came into the scene in 1980, very few people outside of the UK and the Commonwealth of Nations really paid attention to the monarchy. The only reason countries like England, Australia, Canada, Barbados, Malta, India, Singapore, and many more pay attention to the monarchy is because they are under their rule. Nations outside of the Commonwealth countries, like the United States, paid little to no attention to the monarchy until Princess Diana came about.

Through all of her very public fortunes and scandalous misfortunes, Diana was seen as a breath of fresh air to millions of people. Diana humanized the royal family and gathered a ton of public attention because of her very progressive attitude towards the monarchy and towards common people. Even Queen Elizabeth was amazed at all of the attention Diana brought to the royal family. Each year, millions of people go to England to visit the Buckingham Palace. If it weren’t for all the attention Diana brought to the royal family back in the 1980’s and 90’s, this tourist number would probably be a lot lower today.

1 Diana Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened To The Monarchy

International Business Times

There is no denying the fact that Diana transformed Britain’s royal family. In life, Diana aggravated and mystified the royal family on multiple occasions. She openly defied against the very traditional rules she was expected to follow. But in death, it was Diana’s series of rebellious actions that ended up strengthening the relationship between the royals and the people. Because of Diana, the royal family has become a bit more like her – more human and warmer than ever.

Where would the monarchy be today if it weren’t for Princess Diana? Diana’s approachable, emotional and endearing style attracted the public to the monarchy.

Her public resilience of the royal rules and regulations are what ended up making the most significant changes to the monarchy’s mystique. In life and death, Diana was for the people. Her actions as princess were meant to bolster the ties between the public and the monarchy. Even though she seemed rebellious at the time, Diana’s actions were essential for the progression of the royal family and their relationship to the people. As of now, it doesn’t seem like either Kate or Meghan can ever surpass or outshine Diana’s contributions to the monarchy.

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