25 Photos From Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Wedding That We Can't Stop Gushing Over

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are the power couple that’s ruling the world right now. They’re trending everywhere, and they honestly deserve it; have you seen how they look at each other?! Their wedding took the world by storm, there was no way you could even expect how grand and extravagant it really was. It was an event of the century and we all tuned in. When the wedding took place on May 19th, millions of people were watching, but it’s easy to get distracted with how beautiful everything is.

There were so many moments that changed history that you might only be able to find them when looking at some of the pictures from that magical day. All of the pictures on this list showcase a very important moment or fact that had something to do with the growing royal family. Remember that this was a royal wedding in a modern age, things are bound to change over time, but this type of event has stayed sacred for such a long time, it’s hard to pick out the tiny details and differences that made history that day.

From the wedding dress, the flowers, to even the guests, there are so many unexpected details we don’t want to miss. So you can expect us to rewatch the whole event, it’s too fantastic to not want to see it again! Even those who didn’t tune in to the showing of the wedding will enjoy reading about all the hype and having a bit more of an understanding when it comes to this beautiful tradition.

25 Reading Traditional Vows

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Traditional wouldn't exactly be the theme of the royal wedding this time around. Many visuals may have appeared traditional to an outsider who doesn’t know all of the history or what exactly they should be looking for. The vows were not that traditional. Meghan decided to keep out the obey part of the vows, which was a huge feminist statement that does not usually make its way into the church, let alone a traditional royal wedding. But times are changing, their marriage could be the start of something very new and fresh for the country.

When discussing the fact that Meghan Markle took out the word, “obey,” Pop Sugar shared a fun fact about this very not-so-traditional tradition: “Princess Diana was the first royal bride to remove the word when she married Prince Charles in 1981, and both Meghan and Kate Middleton followed suit for their weddings. Grab some tissues, and watch Harry and Meghan exchange vows in the video above now!”

It would be quite interesting to see if this would be the new tradition that’s started because of the modern expectations of women today, being strong feminist icons, especially if they have a platform to showcase that opinion. We can’t wait to see more in the future!

24 The Big Moment We All Waited For

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The kiss they shared together after getting married isn’t typically done either. While it's not exactly unheard of, it’s usually not seen, and the royal couple tends to keep that to themselves, but that’s not the case with Meghan and Harry. This just goes to show how strong their love is— that they would be willing to show a kiss to millions of people who are tuned in and watching. Their big kiss was quite the special moment, it was a moment where they showed their love to the world, and they looked so happy doing so.

While it’s actually quite uncommon for the newlywed couple to kiss like this, it’s only happened a few times in the past, each time more magical than the next.

While many cheered on, this moment was also riddled with commentators criticizing the couple for showing that kind of affection so forwardly in front of everyone. But honestly, we should be at a point in society where if the married royals want to smooch to show their love for each other, then just do so! Who cares what people think. This picture made history, and that’s all that matters in the whole scheme of things.

23 Making A Feminist Statement

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Meghan Markle has been known to be a strong supporter of feminist rights. This has made all of the small modern touches to their wedding even more important. While it's common knowledge that when you become a part of the royal family, you can't simply flaunt your political ideas to the public or to anyone for that matter. They need to stay private so they can maintain a neutral image. So the fact that Meghan Markle is a huge humanitarian should make it interesting to see what changes she brings to the royal family.

While it’s not normal to declare a side when you become a royal, according to The Washington Post, “On her new page on the British monarchy’s official website — in pulled out quotes — the woman now known as the Duchess of Sussex says, 'I am proud to be a woman and a feminist,' referencing a line from a 2015 speech she gave at a United Nations event.”

This could mean big things for the royal family, it could mean a bigger step in the right direction for many with a more liberal voice in the house we all know and love. But we’re eager to see if this kind of attitude will actually be able to exist in this traditional bubble of the royal family.

22 Standing Alone As A Woman

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Walking down the aisle is a huge moment for anyone getting married. Usually, when having a traditional wedding, the woman's father will walk her down the aisle, but in this unique case, Meghan Markle has walked down the aisle by herself. Not only is this a huge statement to make, but it was actually a somber moment for many who were watching the important entrance of Meghan Markle.

21 A New Title For Both Bride & Groom

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Having a new title is such an important moment for all involved. The royal family continues to grow, and it's such a magical moment of unity. The royal family has such an important role in the world as we know it, so to see two individuals fall in love with each other and add to the magic that the royal family represents, it’s actually so warming and exciting for many people.

The new titles for the bride and groom are now, His Royal Highness The Duke of Sussex and Her Royal Highness The Duke Of Sussex. According to The Sun, “Harry's title is currently Prince Henry of Wales— but the Queen bestowed a new title on Harry on his wedding day, as she did with Prince William and Kate Middleton.” It’s fantastic to see Prince Harry and Meghan fill the role as royals of Sussex since this actually hasn’t been a title that’s been filled for hundreds of years, ever since 1843! So not only do these two plan on making history for the long run, they’ll be doing so much more with these titles paired with their names and reputations. We can only hope that more will come now that they have a title bestowed upon them on their wedding day.

20 Tons Of Celebrities

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Not only were millions of people watching the royal wedding from the comfort of their own homes, snuggled up on the couch and eating breakfast, but many guest appearances from celebrities made it to the wedding as well, which was just as interesting to watch as they walked into the venue. Seeing what they chose to wear, who exactly was there, and how they acted all played a big role in the entertainment factor.

It also showed just how modern they are when it comes to the special guest list. The royal wedding almost looked like it should have had a red carpet right into the venue; it was so star-studded that it looked like they were having the wedding in Hollywood.

While there’s nothing wrong with having a bit of fun and flair with your wedding and inviting some of the most well-known guests in the world, you have to wonder if this was done for attention and media publicity, or if these celebrities actually know the royal couple in some way or another. Either way, it’s interesting to see the celebrity guest list grow year after year. We wonder who will come to the next wedding in the future!

19 In Support Of The Growing Royals

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It was actually quite wonderful to see celebrities show up in support of the royal family, it was surely a fun time for many individuals, as well as a very special moment they would never forget. It was fantastic seeing individuals such as David and Victoria Beckham, Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams, and, pictured above, George and Amal Clooney. If only we could find out exactly what it was like to be a celebrity there at that type of event, even though many probably didn’t even pay attention to them compared to the main event and the huge spotlight put on the royals.

To see so many individuals show up for the royal wedding in support of their friends, it was refreshing to see that kind of community. It was also nice to see that the celebrities that did go to the wedding didn’t act as if they were the center of attention.

They acted respectfully and acted like they knew this was so much bigger than them. That’s the kind of behavior you should expect when you’re visiting and invited to a royal wedding. But like we mentioned before, the guest list seems to continuously grow over the years while these royal weddings occur, let’s hope that future guests are just as respectful.

18 Exes Were Also Invited

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Not only were celebrities invited to the wedding, but Harry’s exes were invited as well, which was actually quite the shock to many individuals. We wonder if this caused some serious drama behind closed doors, or if it was completely unknown as to why they were invited in the first place. Was it because he wanted to look like the bigger person by inviting his exes so they could simply move on with their life, or was it something else altogether? While we might never know the purpose behind this move, it was quite strange seeing Cressida Bonas and Chelsy Davy!

According to many sources, apparently Meghan was completely fine with the event being open to Harry's ex-girlfriends.

17 The History Behind Her Veil

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Meghan Markle wore a very special veil at her wedding. It was her choice as well, which was another nod towards her dominance and feminist connections. The veil was designed specifically for Meghan, it was designed by Clare Waight Keller who is a part of Givenchy, one of the most famous high fashion brands in the world. But to Meghan’s specifications, she wanted to make sure to include a flower from every place in the country, a flower to represent so much, it was a magical moment.

It signified so much for those who caught the detail, and it was overwhelmingly heartwarming. In a recent publication from NPR, “According to officials from Kensington Palace: 'Ms. Markle expressed the wish of having all 53 countries of the Commonwealth with her on her journey through the ceremony. Ms. Waight Keller designed a veil representing the distinctive flora of each Commonwealth country united in one spectacular floral composition.'" It just goes to show that Meghan Markle is a fan of detail, and, while she might be a modern woman, she likes to show a sense of love and peace wherever she goes, even if she does it with a modern twist. What’s not to love about that 16-foot veil?!

16 Keeping The Tradition Alive, Thanks To Queen Mary

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Even though there were many moments during the wedding that weren’t exactly traditional, Meghan did decide to stick to one tradition by including “something old” which happened to be the Queen Mary’s tiara, which was in a bandeau style with diamonds. It was lent to Meghan by the Queen, and it was a magical moment to see this kind of love and acceptance from the royal family, which we don’t always get to see in such a kind and natural state.

While it might have been traditional to borrow something, this was something quite big and really made her look stunning on her wedding day.

According to PopSugar, “Meghan stuck to tradition. Meghan's "something old" was Queen Mary's diamond bandeau tiara, which was lent to Meghan by Queen Elizabeth II.” This was such a nice gesture to make, especially since it also shows that the royal family is accepting of Meghan Markle even though there has been so much controversy surrounding the couple and Meghan specifically, and with the media being very unfair to her. Hopefully, as more time goes by, she’ll be more understood in the public eye. People need to give her a chance.

15 Her Very Special Bouquet

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Not only did her tiara and veil hold very special meaning, but so did her bouquet of flowers that she held with her. The flowers were beautiful and matched her crisp modern dress perfectly, but even more so because of what they represented. The flowers were chosen by Harry himself, handpicked to be exact, which is just magical, but they also featured Princess Diana’s favorite flowers which happened to be Forget-Me-Nots.

This was a very touching detail that many people might have missed, but it probably meant the world to many in the royal family. But there was also some other special meaning when it came to the bouquet that was in the hands of Meghan Markle on her wedding day. According to Town And Country Magazine, “The all-white collection of flowers features blooms that Prince Harry picked including Forget-Me-Nots which were Diana, Princess of Wales’s favorite flower, sweet peas, lily of the valley, astilbe, jasmine, and astrantia.” They also mentioned, “It also includes a sprig of myrtle, a royal tradition which dates back to the wedding of Queen Victoria's daughter, Princess Victoria. Myrtle symbolizes hope and love, making it a fitting addition to any bride's bouquet, royal or not.”

14 Her Dad Didn’t Show Up

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Just like we mentioned before, Meghan had to walk down the aisle by herself, due to her dad not coming to the wedding. It was actually powerful but also a bit sad because of the circumstances. Apparently, her dad wasn’t able to go to the wedding because he was recovering from surgery on his heart. But he did happen to make a statement that was quite emotional about the whole event. Hopefully, he’ll be able to make it to the next event in the future, so he can experience the grandeur.

According to ABC News, “Sadly, my father will not be attending our wedding,” Markle, 36, said in a statement from Kensington Palace. “I have always cared for my father and hope he can be given the space he needs to focus on his health.” While it’s very sad that he wasn’t able to make it to her wedding, it is nice to see that there is a very kind and understanding attitude about the situation as a whole. We hope that her father gets well soon, and that he’ll be able to join his daughter right there by her side sooner rather than later at the next event.

13 The Tender Moments Shared

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There was a very small moment that was extremely special that was shared between Prince Harry and Prince Charles. While Charles helped to escort Meghan up to the altar the last bit of the entrance, Harry motioned over to Charles to say “Thank you, Pa.” It was a special moment, while small to some, really showed how much he cared by thanking his family in public during the ceremony like that. While it might not be tradition, it was a cherished moment, without a doubt.

This was such a touching moment and not everyone picked up on it when they watched the ceremony from home or even in person. The person who spotted this detail must be very focused! Of course, there were some other very touching moments throughout the ceremony, but overall, this tender exchange was very nice and melted everyone’s heart as soon as it snagged all of the headlines in the papers and on blogs online. We wonder what other moments slipped by unnoticed, because you can probably bet that they’re good at communicating to each other carefully, especially since everyone is always watching. Maybe within the next few days, people will discover a new detail as well.

12 Millions Of Guests From All Over The World

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Millions upon millions watched the wedding from all over the world. Not only did thousands upon hundreds of thousands of individuals camp out to watch the wedding in real life, but the guest list included all of the people who watched from the comfort of their own homes. Apparently, over 29.2 million Americans decided to watch the wedding when it was live, which beat the record for the most-watched wedding when speaking about Kate Middleton’s wedding to Prince William.

According to the recent publication from Forbes, “The ratings company says 29 million people tuned in to the wedding across 15 different broadcast and cable networks. That represents a bit less than a tenth of all U.S. residents, though if you were following the wedding on social media, you probably figured every person in the country had a vested interest in whether Meghan wore this designer or that.”

That’s quite the feat if you really think about it. When was the last time an event like this brought in so many people? It will be interesting to see what the next royal event will bring in terms of how many people are watching. We really have doubts that they’ll be able to beat the record of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding has set!

11 His Unique Ring

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Prince Harry not only had a very unique ring but he decided to use it to break tradition which we'll explain more of below. His ring band was made out of platinum, which is not a usual choice for a royal family member. They’ve always used Welsh gold for their wedding rings, literally since the early 1920's, but now, Prince Harry wanted something different and unique, which perfectly matches the theme of their wedding anyway. It’s quite possible that many people didn’t even notice the very small difference, plus, it’s his ring anyway, so why can’t he choose what he wants to wear for the rest of his life?

While his ring choice is a personal choice, usually, there is a sense of tradition to these things, but because of his choice, the couple has been known to be one of the most modern couples in royal history. Vogue had this to say about their modern choices, “Prince Harry and Meghan are certainly doing things their way—which is, often, a modern approach. Sometimes it’s small: like choosing lemon elderflower as their wedding cake, instead of the traditional fruitcake. Sometimes it’s larger: Harry eschewing the 'stiff upper lip' mentality by opening up about his struggles with mental health, or Meghan Markle speaking out in support of the #MeToo movement.”

10 Wearing It To The Ceremony

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Not only did he decide to create a different and unique wedding band, but unlike many others, he decided to wear it to the wedding. This isn’t actually done for the ceremony in many cases, not even Prince William wore his wedding band to the wedding, it’s much more traditional to not wear it to your wedding. Apparently, they just wanted to shake all kinds of things up at this wedding, which shocked many, but also brought a much more personal touch to the situation, which might have been why people were so excited to tune in in the first place!

People seemed to be on the fence that he decided to wear it to the ceremony overall. While this doesn’t have a huge significance that would be a big problem, it’s just not very common that this takes place. This kind of subtle breaking of traditions might seem so minor to some, but after hundreds of years of traditions, to have something changed, even if it simply happens to be the act of wearing your wedding ring to your wedding, is a bit unnerving, to say the least, especially to the older generation who seem to be very opposed to change.

9 A Unique Performer

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Elton John was the special performer for the reception that happened around noon. It was a surprise to some, but quite nice to many since he’s been a friend of the family for quite some time now. He has been involved with many events that have to do with the royals, and it was nice to see him involved once again. He's always been a creative and very noble soul, he fits right in with the tradition and royal ways.

If only we could have seen what he performed and the performance itself, but because that part of the day was completely private, there was no way to see the performance! We can just go ahead and assume that it was completely wonderful. Elton John made a stop at the wedding, as per usual. According to Rolling Stone, “John then sat by the piano and performed four songs, 'Your Song,' 'Circle of Life,' 'I'm Still Standing,' and 'Tiny Dancer;' the latter song features the lyric 'L.A. lady,' a nod to Markle's acting career.” It was a performance they will probably never ever forget by any means, we would have loved to be able to see the same performance, but everything about it has been kept pretty quiet.

8 & His Connection To The Royals

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Elton John’s connection to the royals actually goes pretty far back. Not only is he a close friend of the family, but he has a close connection with Prince Harry and the whole family. He even knew Harry’s mom, Princess Diana, quite well, to the point that he actually performed at her funeral as well. He’s been a great friend to the family, and he probably always will be, and for that, he’s seriously iconic in every single way.

According to Billboard, “The singer was among 600 people invited to the marriage ceremony at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. He sported a bold pair of pink spectacles as he arrived with husband, David Furnish.” This must mean that he’s quite special since he was one of the few out of hundreds to attend. While not much has come out about his specific performance, which is quite the shame since we would love to listen along, we do know that he was a fan favorite and always puts on quite the amazing performance, especially since he’s so comfortable around the royals. It’s hard to imagine that anything he does would be wrong, after all, he’s been a close friend of the family for many years now. He’s even been able to perform at the royals various funerals. It must be considered a blessing to have been involved with their events.

7 Her Custom-Made Dress Was Beautiful

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We just need to all take a moment to appreciate her dress completely. It was beautiful and much more modern than you might have originally expected during the days leading up to the wedding. It was very fitted, showed her shoulders, and really presented a more overall timeless look. It was a dress that seemed perfect for her, especially with the flowers, tiara, and beautiful designer veil.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, “Meghan Markle chose Clare Waight Keller for Givenchy Couture to design her wedding dress— arguably one of the most elegant, minimal bridal designs in royal history. The British designer has secured this year's most sought-after fashion commission, maintaining the industry's best-kept secret.” While the dress might have been one of the most minimal dresses, it was totally stunning and we’re completely jealous to say the least.

Her dress was amazing, even though so many individuals had some problems with how fitted, simple, and designer it was. But that’s one thing Meghan Markle has probably learned— you can’t please everyone. No matter what, someone will always have a problem with what you choose, so just do it for you! Plus, we think the world is on our side when we say her dress was simply stunning.

6 A Unique Ring That Impressed The World

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Harry actually designed the ring himself, which means it’s completely custom made and not actually a family heirloom, which is quite common for traditional royal weddings. Many have said that the fact that he designed it for his future wife just shows how loving and caring they are when it comes to each other. The ring is actually yellow gold since it happens to be her favorite. The diamond that steals the show is actually all the way from Botswana because they had a camping trip there together during the beginning of their relationship, and it means quite a lot for them.

It should also be noted that many of the other smaller stones did actually belong to Princess Diana.

According to The List, “The center stone of Markle's ring comes from Botswana, a country that has special significance for the happy couple. The pair went on a camping trip there early in their courtship. Harry has made many visits to the country since he was 13 years old and is Patron of Rhino Conservation Botswana. It seems fitting that a stone from this country is the focal point of Markle's engagement ring.” Overall, the ring is a total dream!

5 A Cute Moment During The Entrance

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This specific moment went totally viral in an instant, as soon as it was shown on the TV during her entrance, it was so adorable and cute! The page boy behind Meghan Markle as she walked in did actually steal the show. With his goofy smile, your heart would just melt. He was responsible for holding her veil as she walked down the aisle, and he did an amazing job, but he also became famous in an instant because of how excited he was. How cute!

In a recent story from Business Insider, they went on to explain the moment with the page boy as such, “But a grinning page boy, who was responsible for holding Markle's veil, was the real star of the day. A picture of his pure, beaming grin as he entered the chapel has gone viral.” It’s sure to be a moment that this little boy will never ever forget. As soon as he walked within the chapel and heard all the noise and how excited people were, he couldn’t help but show that gap toothed smile. It made the whole world smile, you couldn’t even help it! He’ll always remember this moment for a very long time.

4 Waiting Patiently Together

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This was another highly shared photo, because, in the past, royal weddings have been a bit dry— to say it nicely. They're typically very slow and a bit boring, but the expressions shared between these two are simply adorable in every way. It’s not always that common to see this much happiness in such a grand event, but they literally look like kids who have a crush on each other and blush when they even think about holding hands. Don’t they look amazing there, they look as if they were perfect for each other.

Not only do they look amazing together in what they’re wearing, but they look happy together, which is the most important thing.

There have been so many official royal weddings all over the world where the two people being wed don’t even look like they love each other in the slightest. This might be one of the most dreadful things imaginable, to think of two people basically being forced to marry due to power or some other higher circumstance. It’s nice to actually see these two having fun on their wedding day and maybe not taking it as seriously as some others. They’re enjoying their time together and that is what’s really inspiring and relatable.

3 Off To The Honeymoon

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You can tell just how happy they are to finally be together for the rest of their lives. The way they look at each other is so special and unique, it really will fill your heart with joy. Their love can even be felt in this picture, which happens to be a photo you’ve probably seen all over social media already! We can’t wait to see more photos of this beautiful couple in the future!

According to the popular headings all over the news, it was very hard for the media to pinpoint exactly where the couple chose to take their honeymoon.

They’ve apparently changed it many times over the last few months. According to Elle, “The honeymoon destination has changed a few times since they started planning. If a location leaks prior to travel, it compromises their safety on the trip, and they’ll be advised by their protection team to change plans. William and Kate’s protection officers ended up doing recon on two destinations before they settled on the Seychelles for their 2011 honeymoon. I heard that just over a month before the wedding, Harry and Meghan hadn’t even booked a destination, so these plans have come together rather quickly!”

2 Overall, A Historical Moment For Us All

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Overall, this event meant so very much to many people from all over the world. Not only was it romantic and full of love, but it also brought a fresh feel to the royal family, something new and a bit more modern. We hope that will mean that more changes, even if they’re small, might happen in the future to benefit everyone who lives in the country. We want to see this moment in history mean that things will be more positive and hopeful moving forward, even if that means that things aren’t so neutral with the royal family.

Even the publication, Brides, commented on the wedding, and we can’t help but to agree, “While the royal wedding sadly may be over, the excitement surrounding Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's ceremony has yet to die down, even days later.” The wedding has probably been one of the biggest events in years, I doubt we’re going to stop dreaming about all the festivities in the meantime, at least not until the next wedding. Prince Harry has always been a favorite when it comes to the royal family and their presence in the media, which is why people are just so happy for the newly wed couple!

1 Showing Off Bare Leg

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While this wasn’t exactly from the wedding, it had people talking about it up until the wedding, so it should still be mentioned. Meghan Markle was apparently unaware of how bad it was to actually wear a bare leg without stockings on— a rule that all women must follow in the royal wedding is that they need to always wear stockings, but that didn’t apply this day when Meghan showed off her bare legs while waving to the public.

Many instances have occurred where the Queen has demanded that women abide by this rule. It means something very important to her, but at the end of the day, there have been many instances where Meghan Markle has gone out in public without any covering over her legs, let alone stockings!

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