25 Foods From Around The World That Are Actually Made With Gold

Certain people will always value style over substance, and those who wish to express this feeling need a whole lot of money to do so. Luckily for some of them, it’s the drive to spend money like it wasn’t an object that often inspires people to generate large amounts of it, in turn leading to the lifestyles of excess they always dreamed of living. Others are simply born with the proverbial silver spoon in their mouths, knowing the joy of an endless bank account their entire lives.

Either way, once this sort of status is achieved, it seems like people will literally spend their fortunes on absolutely anything. Even objects that are technically unnecessary can feel extremely valuable if they prove the person using the product is a member of high society. For this reason, the ultra elite of the world have apparently taken to straight up eating leaves of gold for fun.

Actually, it’s not just the rich who are doing it, as some golden treats come shockingly cheap considering the main ingredient. There’s still no nutritional value or strong taste to the substance, making it an entirely decorative part of the meal. To learn how and where people can try them (if they’re still being produced, that is), keep reading to learn about 25 unique foods that are actually made with real gold.

25 Pizza Hut Made It Gold For The Super Bowl

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Not to be outdone by some of the more high-end examples on this list, even a simple chain like Pizza Hut can get in on the golden food trend. Granted, their one special edition literal “Golden Garlic Knots Pizza” wasn’t for sale, but rather the prize to a contest coinciding with Super Bowl L, aka the big game’s “Golden Anniversary.” All they did to make the pie was sprinkle $100 worth of 24-karat gold flakes on the regular garlic knots pizza, which regularly costs $12.99.

24 Gold Chicken Wings For Only $4.50

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Cheap, inexpensive, and typically served in loud sports bars, chicken wings are the last food most people would expect to see covered in gold. Believe it or not, New York City restaurant The Ainsworth proved this assumption wrong with these gold wings, which ultimately come down to about $4.50 each. If the 10 for $45 or 20 for $90 deals don’t feel extravagant enough, there’s also an option to order 50 — plus a bottle of Jay-Z’s personal brand of champagne, bringing the total up to $1,000.

23 Serving Chocolate, Rainbow, and 24-Karat Gold Sprinkles, All For $10

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When Tap Gelato in Garden Grove, California claims customers can put any topping they can think of on their ice cream cones, they go big or go home. In addition to the regular accoutrements like hot fudge, caramel, and sprinkles, people can also add flakes of gold to their dairy treat. Best of all, each topping comes at the exact same price, which only adds $2 to the original $8 cost of the cone. Obviously, the amount of gold sprinkled on each cone is relatively small.

22 A $20 Cappuccino Fit For Royalty

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Good news for anyone worried that morning cup of coffee doesn’t quite have the right kick to it — Emirates Palace Hotel’s Le Café has a new ingredient that might do the trick. Okay, so the gold is pretty much just decorative, but the ego boost someone could feel when drinking it is the same as with any other golden product on this list. Consumers also get a bonus piece of dark chocolate to complement the drink, but the fact it isn’t wrapped in gold might mean some of them won’t even notice.

21 $40 Bacon Strips Found Exclusively At The Baconery

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Given how some bacon fans talk about the strips of meat the love, it almost feels like the product is already worth its weight in gold. Taking this idea to the literal conclusion, New York City restaurant Baconery has found a way to make that possible, sprinkling 23-karat gold on strips for $40 each. As if that weren’t extravagant enough, the sizzling strips are also covered with chocolate, making this an over-the-top treat for breakfast or dessert. Of course, to some bacon enthusiasts, the extravagance could just get in the way.

20 Both Gold and Diamonds Sparkle On This $100 Lasagna

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Lasagna isn’t typically considered haute cuisine, but the right ingredients can turn a normal meal into something worth hundreds. Portofino located in Las Vegas’s famous Mirage Hotel & Casino proved this with their diamond and 23-karat gold encrusted offering, and those gemstones aren’t even the main reason for the price. The dish is also garnished with “foiefredo sauce,” a mixture of expensive foie gras and alfredo sauce. On their own, both of these add-ons would be extravagant, and bringing them together makes an excess fitting for Vegas.

19 Luxury and Pastries Combine With $100 Gold Macaroons

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For the most part, products on this list are painstaking creations of chefs looking to spice up their restaurants. Sometimes, though, more general fashion brands will try adding golden confectionary treats to their repertoire to keep things stylish in more ways than one. That’s what the fashion line Marni did when teaming up with the patisserie Laudrée in 2009, designing chewy chocolate macaroons adorned with gold leaves. The $100 snack came in equally ornate boxes designed by brand owner Consuelo Castiglioni, and were also covered in gold.

18 Simplicity Starts The Party Alongside Gigantic Gold Covered Ham

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At once making a massive statement and keeping things pretty simple, the Heart restaurant and nightclub in Ibiza, Spain offers one of the largest items on this list. Clearly, the size of this ham, or jamón as it’s known in the country’s native language, leads to a pretty hefty price tag. Naturally, the wrapper is worth even more. For this reason, customers can choose from a variety of different sizes that best suit their hunger and desire for gold. If that doesn’t do the trick, the club also offers oysters served out of a bathtub.

17 $100 Golden Ube Cristal Donuts Have People Feeling Social

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Who said donuts can’t be classy several times over? The Manila Social Club in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn certainly understands how to make a confectionary look high end, adorning their signature donut with a variety of expensive toppings. In addition to the dusted 24-karat gold that places it on this list, these unique snacks also contain Ube mousse and icing made with Cristal champagne. Given the care required to make these donuts, they’re only available once per week, and in highly limited quantities.

16 $250 For A Gallon of Popcorn Kicks Off Movie Night With Style

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Unfortunately, it would appear that not even Hollywood premieres offer any sort of golden snacks at the concession stand as of yet. However, audiences in theaters that allow outside foods might be in luck thanks to Berco’s Popcorn in Chicago. To complement the usual cavalcade of flavors popcorn companies offer, Berco’s also has their trademark Billion Dollar Popcorn, coated with edible gold flakes. No, it doesn’t actually cost nine figures, but in fact it goes for as little as $5 for a single kernel — or more practically, $250 for a gallon.

15 Holidays and High Fashion Means $250 Gold Macaroons

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Marni isn’t the only high-end fashion brand getting in on the golden food trend. In fact, when Bergdorf Goodman decided to join in on the fun, they went to the same French patisserie in Ladurée to craft their own type of golden macaroons. Unlike the Marni promotion, Bergdorf Goodman’s efforts took an intentional holiday feel, knowing the fancy treats would best serve as gifts. With that in mind, the gold leaf covered chocolates could also be ordered in the form of an ornate “pyramid” that included a big gold centerpiece.

14 $280 Sushi Made Just For The High Rollers

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Few towns in America can better cater towards the interests of a “high roller” than Las Vegas. When tourists are done with the casinos, they might keep the feeling going at Sushi Roku, where they can order a unique dish appropriately titled the “High Roller.” This raw fish creation includes Wagyu beef, sea urchin, caviar, lobster, and the requisite gold flakes, all of which combine to create a $280 price tag. As if that weren’t decadent enough, customers are also suggested to wash it down with a nice sake.

13 Truly Extravagant $300 Burgers With Quail Eggs

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Most restaurants are content with simply offering one (or zero) gold infused foodstuffs. Clearly, Serendipity 3 in New York City isn’t “most restaurants,” as their three separate placements on this list are about to prove. First up is the appropriately named “Le Burger Extravagant,” which in fairness only actually contains gold on a technicality. The meal itself involves Wagyu beef, a fried quail egg, and Kaluga caviar flown in from China. However, the piece de resistance is the solid gold toothpick adorned with diamonds that gets poked through the bun.

12 $390 for 50 Grams of Yellow Gold Tea

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Anyone reading this list looking for something golden to drink who happens to possess the classic aversion to over caffeinated cappuccinos, there’s still an answer. Even more expensive than gold coffee is gold tea, at least when brewed by Singapore’s TWG Tea Company. Harvested on a remote mountain once per year, the leaves of this beverage are cut with solid gold scissors then painted with 24-karat flakes, as if that origin story didn’t already justify the price. Then again, it’s easier to simply look inside the glass and get the message.

11 $660 For Seafood Pizza Served By A Butler

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Not to be outdone by America’s Pizza Hut, the UK chain Pizza GoGo has also created a gold-flavored pie. Unlike the Hut’s version, this unique seafood pizza is actually available for purchase at the cool price of £500 for a large, or roughly $660 USD. On top of the gold, costumers will also be treated to prawns, Beluga caviar, lobster, and red carpet delivery service that includes a butler handing them their meal. Despite the already hefty price, it’s still £2 extra for anyone who wants stuffed crust.

10 Bow Down To This $1,000 Royal Ice Cream

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In many respects, the food on this list looks like it was tailor made for kings and queens rather than any average consumer with a few thousand dollars to spare. Acknowledging this reality, the Pavilion restaurant located in Chicago’s Langham Hotel offers a unique frozen treat called “The Victoria.” The 70% chocolate ice cream is covered with both a 24-karat gold leaf and additional specks of 24-karat gold dust, and the presentation is even fancier. On top of the ornate crystal bowl it comes in, consumers also got Dom Perignon to quench their thirst.

9 Nothing Says “Opulence” Like A $1,000 Sundae

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On the subject of extremely expensive ice cream, it’s back to New York City’s famous Serendipity 3 for a dessert that compliments La Burger Extravagant. The only catch is that patrons will need to order it 2 full days in advance to ensure all the necessary ingredients will be available. Called the “Golden Opulence Sundae,” the dish includes two types of exotic chocolate wrapped in gold leafs, plus almonds that were also coated in the substance. There’s also some caviar in the mix, and it’s all served in a $300 goblet.

8 $1,000 Bagels? Only In New York

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Anyone to eat breakfast in New York has surely heard about the city’s famous bagels. Those who haven’t had the honor don’t need to worry — most of them aren’t $1,000, except for the ones sold at The Westin New York at Times Square. On top of some high-end Alba white truffle cream cheese and jelly, the bagels are flaked with gold leaves. Because of the effort required to make them, these golden breakfasts are only offered on rare occasions, and must be ordered a full day in advance when they are.

7 Prices Rise Like A “Golden Phoenix” With These $1,007 Cupcakes

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Every penny counts, which is why $1,000 just wasn’t a high enough number to sell what may be the most expensive cupcakes in the world. Sold at Bloomsbury’s Café in Dubai, these 23-karat “Golden Phoenix” confections are apparently a big hit with tourists. In the United Arab Emirates’ biggest city, pleasing tourists can mean everything to a business, as foreigners often outnumber permanent residents by a wide margin. Of course, it’s not like people with year round access to gold cupcakes like them any less — there’s just the question of how many they could afford.

6 A Very Special Wispa Gold Worth $1,275

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Since they were created in the 1980s, Cadbury’s Wispa chocolate bars have cost roughly the same thing as anything else one could find in the candy aisle. They were also pretty popular, which is why online fans revolted when the product was discontinued in 2003. Several years later, Cadbury proved they were listening by bringing Wispa’s back for good. To celebrate the occasion, they also created a one time only gold covered special edition of the snack, which was immediately placed on display in a jewelry store.

5 $1,978 Sushi Made By The Karat Chef

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Vegas isn’t the only place for “high rollers.” Apparently, the Philippines have an even more expensive style of raw fish, created by Angelito Araneta, Jr., also known as the Karat Chef. On top of 24-karat gold leaves adorning the product, this sushi also comes with .20-karat African diamonds, making for some of the most blinged out fish a person could imagine. Rather than just a symbol of wealth, the chef claims his unique creation is mostly used to celebrate weddings — or to immediately impress a new partner on a first date.

4 Gold Is The Least Expensive Ingredient On This $2,000 Pizza

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Okay, so even a pizza chain can piece together a golden pie under the right circumstances. They aren’t going to go quite as all out as a New York City pizzeria, though, explaining how South Street Seaport’s Industry Kitchen produces a meal with a significantly higher price tag. Once again, it’s not the gold leaves that levied the highest costs, as each slice also contains foie gras and Ossetra caviar. In order to gather these high price ingredients, customers need to order their pizza a whole 48 hours in advance.

3 This $25,000 Taco Is Just The Start Of A Massive Bill

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While some people might debate over whether they prefer Chipotle or Taco Bell, others take a decidedly different approach by eating the most expensive tacos in the world. Served at Frida’s restaurant at Grand Velas in Los Cabos, this dish contains langoustine, Kobe beef, Almas Beluga caviar, and black truffle brie cheese, all wrapped in a gold flake-infused tortilla. This is just the beginning, as it’s recommended customers enjoy their pricey wrap with an even more expensive bottle of Ley .925 Ultra Premium Anejo tequila, which can cost up to six figures.

2 $25,000 “Haute” Chocolate Is The Most Expensive Dessert Available To The Public

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Time for one last trip to Serendipity 3 restaurant in New York City for the most decedent of all their golden treats. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it’s actually the most expensive dessert available to the public. Called “Frrrozen Haute Chocolate,” the pastry includes five grams of 24-karat gold mixed in with the ice cream, topped off with even more gold sprinkles just for fun. It also gets served in a goblet on a crown made of gold and diamonds, along with an equally shimmering spoon.

1 $29,000 Birthday Cake That Was Truly One Of A Kind

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Despite what Guinness once reported, there’s actually a cake worth even more money than Serendipity 3’s Frrrozen Haute Chocolate. The catch is that only one has ever been sold, making it a significantly rarer experience to behold. In 2011, a man named Carl Weininger bought a confectionary treat commissioned by the Lindeth Howe Hotel in Windermere, Cumbria. Surprisingly, Weininger wasn’t a rare cake collector or even a huge chocolate fan; he just wanted a cake that would help him celebrate his 60th birthday in style.

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