25 Celeb Parents Who Bought Their Kids Gifts Worth More Than Our Life Savings

We’re pretty sure we can safely say that most parents try to do the best they can for their kids. For most of us, that means a birthday party with pizza and cake, and maybe some cool presents now and then. When you’re a rich, famous celebrity, the ante goes up accordingly.

For kids born in the lap of luxury, it’s nothing to get diamond earrings before you can even say the word “diamond” or a high-performance supercar for your sweet 16 that’s sure to result in a few speeding tickets at the very least. Ponies, diamond-encrusted baubles — there’s seemingly no limit to how much money some celebs are willing to spend on the heirs to their fortune.

Some of the pampering goes on long before any kid would be old enough to appreciate it or even know what was going on. Do babies know the difference between 600-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets and the kind the rest of us sleep on? We think not. Here’s a look at 25 celebrity parents and their spoiled kids.

25 Luxury Treehouse For The Beckham Kids

Ah...to be born a Beckham. The marriage of David and Victoria Beckham may have had its ups and downs, but no one can ever fault the couple for being stingy when it comes to their kids. On Brooklyn Beckham’s 16th birthday, he got a signature pair of Yeezy sneakers sent directly by Yeezy – a.k.a. Kanye West – himself. Brooklyn has since left home for a modeling career,

but siblings Romeo, Cruz, and Harper are enjoying a luxe treehouse in the English countryside. It’s made of Scandinavian redwood and said to be worth about $50K.

In late 2017 through 2018, the couple has been on a home renovation spending spree on their $8.5 million estate in the Cotswolds, England. It has included a cute treehouse for the kids on the property with a thatched roof by architect Michael Ergatoudis. The treehouse got into trouble with local authorities and was built before planning permissions were received, but was eventually allowed to stand.

24 Suri Cruise Dresses Better Than Us

There’s that old cliché about the kids of divorced parents being showered with gifts. It may just be true in the case of Suri Cruise, who is surely queen of the Hollywood Gen-Y set. According to reports, when she turned 7 in 2013, Tom Cruise shelled out $7 million for a private jet to bring her from NYC to where he was in Paris to celebrate. She’s often seen getting high-end spa treatments alongside Katie Holmes. Little Suri is known as a fashion plate and is often pictured wearing designer outfits costing thousands of dollars.

Her designer wardrobe is said to be worth nearly $3 million, along with a shoe collection valued at nearly $300,000,

a handbag collection that includes an $1,800 Dolce & Gabbana, and an $800 mini-me copy of one of her mom’s designer bags.

23 Blue Ivy Carter Got A Diamond-Encrusted Barbie

We all know that the first birthday party is more for the parents than the confused budding toddler, who generally freaks out on the cake and remembers nothing of the experience by the time they’re preteens.

We’re just saying that the $200,000 Jay-Z and Beyonce dropped on Blue Ivy Carter’s first birthday party was probably more for adult enjoyment than childhood memories. They spent $95,000 on roses and $30,000 on gifts for partygoers.

That and the $80,000 custom-made, diamond-encrusted Barbie doll that must be very hard to play with. Wouldn’t the diamonds get caught on the costumes? By the time she was two, Blue Ivy was sporting a custom leather jacket with "Miss Blue Carter" in studs on the back, and sneakers that matched her dad’s Air Jordans. As a kid, she already owns a hot pink mini Cadillac and a mini blue Ferrari — we can just imagine the kind of ride she’ll get on her 16th birthday.

22 Justin Combs Loves His Cars And Bling

Born in 1993 to Sean John Combs, a.k.a. Puff Daddy, a.k.a. P. Diddy, and Misa Hylton Brim, Justin Dior Combs has been showered with luxury since birth. With a net worth estimated at about $820 million and annual earnings of $130 million, Sean John Combs is often called the richest rapper and routinely tops the Forbes list. Most of his money comes from business ventures, but the source doesn’t matter when it comes to spoiling his son, Justin Dior Combs. When Justin turned 16, Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, Lil' Kim, and boxer Floyd Mayweather went to his birthday party.

Papa Combs shelled out $360K for a Maybach limousine. Supposedly, it was a gift meant to impress future dates.

That’s thinking about the boy’s future! Justin also showed off a cache of heavy gold chains he got from his dad as a Christmas gift. For his 17th, he got another Maybach and $10K spending money.

21 Kendall Jenner Had A Range Rover Birthday

We can only imagine what it’s like growing up in the middle of the Kardashian clan, and to be fair, Kendall Jenner spent her teens in the spotlight of her family's reality TV show, so maybe it's a little harsh to judge her. All the same, we’ll note she was labeled spoiled and ungrateful by media insiders early on.

Let’s not forget that Kris Jenner gifted her with a $90K Range Rover on her 16th birthday in 2011.

Back in 2013, she complained about all the hardships involved in living inside a reality TV show,and was quickly blasted for her attitude on social media.

20 Baby Chanel Rocks Louboutin Shoes

At just over 2 years old, Chanel Nicole, daughter of Coco and Ice-T, is already a fashion icon with a busy Instagram account. Little Chanel has an appropriately fashionable name for a baby who is pictured in everything from Louboutin designer shoes to princess gowns to bikinis that match her mom's in shot after shot.

When she was 1, she caused a controversy when she was pictured wearing pink ballerina heels.

Her social media feeds are full of fashionable shots and poses, although it has to be said that Chanel is often napping in the earlier pics. Nowadays, she's plugging things like nail salons and mani-pedis for kids, with her mom often showing up in the images. Well, now that the reality show is over, the couple’s gotta make a buck somehow.

19 Monroe And Moroccan Cannon Are Pampered With Diamond Diaper Pins

Twins Monroe and Moroccan Cannon were born to parents Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon in 2011. The spoiling part apparently began even before they were born. The twins slept in cribs worth about $20K each, and their first birthday party was a black-tie affair in Paris, no less. Baby Moroccan sported diamond earrings, and both twins wore diapers held together with diamond-encrusted diaper pins.

It was rumored that Mariah was responding to the diamond-encrusted baby accessories trend launched by the likes of Beyonce and Jay-Z.

The Cannon twins have been wearing designer duds since birth and when the fam goes shopping for toys, they leave with garbage bags full. For the kids’ 2nd birthday, the couple decided to celebrate by also renewing their vows — and shut down Disneyland for an evening for the celebration.

18 Max And Emme Muñiz Were Lucky Enough To Get Diamonds And Shetland Ponies

Jenny might have come from the block, but she’s made sure that her kids are more at home in silver-spoon territory. Singer, actress, and all-around diva, Jennifer Lopez and then-hubby Marc Anthony became the parents of twins Maximilian and Emme in 2008. The twins were ushered into the luxury lifestyle immediately.

Within a few weeks of their birth, Jen had hired a dedicated masseuse and even a color therapist for the tots.

They both also got a diamond-encrusted rattle and a Shetland pony. They slept on 600-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets and had a wing of the mansion all to themselves. At age 4, Emme went to a fashion show with her mom wearing a Chanel brooch and handbag worth about $2,400.

17 North West Has Diamond Earrings And A Personal Chef

Parents Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are, collectively and individually, notorious for the conspicuous consumption they feed us all on social media on a daily basis. When it comes to celebrity daughter North West, the high-end spoiling is no surprise.

As a baby, she had her own body guards, a personal chef, and wore diamond earrings worth a cool $50K.

That all happened before she turned 2 years of age. And, just to make you hate the rich and famous lifestyle even more, once you’re in the billionaire’s club, you don’t even have to buy it all yourself. Other rich and famous people gift you with expensive swag, like the Stella McCartney baby-sized originals the designer herself sent to the West household as a gift. North has a toy Lamborghini, no doubt, preparing her for the real thing once she’s legal. For Christmas 2014, she got a dollhouse worth $55K.

16 Louis Bullock Is Toddler Art Collector

When Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock adopted son Louis, she wasn’t fooling around. She — or rather, the nanny — schlepped around the diapers in a monogrammed Louis Vuitton diaper bag worth about $1,000.

He became an art collector at the tender age of 1 when Sandra’s agents Kevin Huvane and Bryan Lourd gifted him with an Andy Warhol print entitled “Peaches” valued at $14K.

Once again, the rich give the rich incredible presents that the rest of us can only dream about. Unlike many stars, Sandra likes to keep her family life private, so there are no social media feeds full of enviable bling and swag, but with the bits we do see, we can be sure Louis and sis Laila are living the good life.

15 Zachary John-Furnish Sleeps In A Nursery Bigger Than Our Home

Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John, son of Elton John and David Furnish, has been called the “most spoiled kid on the planet.” As we know, he has plenty of competition on this list, but

he may be the only toddler with his own $2 million apartment connected to his dads' house in Los Angeles. It was called his private nursery and covered more square footage than most middle-class family homes.

As a tot, he was carted around in a high-end Bugaboo stroller worth a couple of thousands. There’s brother Elijah around these days, too, to give Zachary a run for his money on the most-spoiled title. The boys have their own staff with nannies and security.

14 Valentina Pinault Is A Real-Estate Queen

Valentina Paloma Pinault is the daughter of actress Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault, who is the CEO of Kering S.A., an international company based in Paris. Kering owns luxury brands like Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, and Brioni, along with sporting brands Puma and Volcom. In other words, little Valentina was destined to be a fashionista from birth.

She also enjoys vacations in St. Barts in the Caribbean, walks red-carpet affairs with her mom, and when she grows up, she'll have her own estate in Los Angeles currently worth about $12 million.

Papa Pinault has set up the estate to be held in trust and is paying it off to the tune of $50K per month.

13 Kingston Rossdale Demands Gucci

Kingston Rossdale no doubt owes his hipster look and cool hairstyle to musician parents Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani. Gwen has her own fashion label, L.A.M.B., which keeps him in fashionable threads. For his 4th birthday, Gwen and Gavin dropped about $15K on a celebrity-studded rockstar themed party (no surprise there) that included a huge bouncy castle, cotton candy machines, and roaming superheroes. After the party, Gavin was spotted having a temper tantrum. How could you top that for the fifth birthday? We can only guess. In an interview in December 2017, Gwen revealed that Kingston, at age 11, was asking for Gucci and other designer labels for Christmas, and complained that all three sons with ex-husband Gavin were spoiled. Wonder why?

12 The Fashionable Jolie-Pitt Clan 

With 6 kids and two jet-setting careers, it’s easy to see how spending in the Jolie-Pitt clan could get out of hand. At least, while it lasted. For little Zahara’s 7th birthday, Angelina Jolie was reported to have bought her a whole new wardrobe, and then dropped another $20K on a princess-themed party. No hand-me-downs in this family.

On a trip to Paris, Brad spent about $15K on clothes for Zahara and Shiloh.

Rumor has it that the household is chaotic and that Maddox, Pax, Shiloh, Zahara, Vivienne, and Knox Jolie-Pitt live with no rules. Along with the luxury wardrobes, Jolie told a magazine interview when first son Maddox was 7, she had already bought him daggers. He is said to be obsessed with weapons, a passion his parents support.

11 Max Liron Bratman’s Surreal Nursery

Max Liron Bratman is the son of hitmaker Christina Aguilera and former husband Jordan Bratman. When he was born, the well-heeled singer and her hubby went on a spending spree for the nursery that reportedly ran up to about $30,000.

The 600-square-foot nursery was said to be inspired by surrealist artist Salvador Dali and included props from Aguilera's "Back to Basics" tour in a childhood fantasy design.

There were a few different themes, including Pokemon characters and Paddington Bear, and an overall blue-color scheme. In the center is a circular, customized crib in blue and white with hand embroidered bedding that cost over $1,200. So obsessed was Christina said to be with treating her baby to nothing but the best that when Jordan came home with toys from Babies "R" Us, she threw them all out and insisted he shop only at expensive boutiques.

10 Lourdes Ciccone Leon Enjoys Her Velvet Chairs And Spa Days

The Material Girl lavishes her daughter with luxuries. Anyone surprised? The rumor mill has it that Madonna makes her kids book appointments to spend time with her, but when it comes to material possessions, the Ciccone kids seem to do pretty well.

When Lourdes Leon, her daughter with Carlos Leon, was a toddler, Madonna had Italian designer Patty Shelabarger make a limited-edition velvet chair for her, with a miniature version for Lourdes.

The cost? About $5K each. Their mom gave Lourdes her old stage clothes, a collection now said to be worth about $100K on its own. On Lourdes’ 11th birthday, Madonna gave her a 6-hour day at the spa. That turned into weekly high-end spa visits for manicures and facials as she grew up.

9 Penelope, Mason, And Reign Disick Get A Christmas Extravaganza

Penelope, Mason, and Reign Disick are the three children born to Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian during their tumultuous relationship. While the parents had their ups and downs, though, the kids seem to have done all right. During the holidays, each of the siblings has their own personal Christmas tree — likely because there are too many gifts for just one. In 2015, Kourtney shared a pic on social media of a living room with the floor covered in presents. Among them, a Hello Kitty mini Mercedes, and a drum set. There are the birthday parties where each balloon costs about $100. Kourtney and Scott may not have the kind of cash that sis Kim and Kanye do as a couple, but we’re not worried about these three. Ever.

8 Lamaisah Khan Enjoyed Her Stadium Birthday Bash

Lamaisah Khan is the daughter of British professional boxer Amir Iqbal Khan and American wife Faryal Makhdoom. Amir is the former unified light-welterweight world champion and Olympian, and Faryal is a model. They’re celebs in the UK, and while they may not pull down reality TV money, Faryal does come from a wealthy family and grew up in Staten Island, along with Amir’s winnings and business deals. There's enough, in other words, to make sure daughter Lamaisah Khan grows up in style. On her second birthday, the couple threw a party for 250 guests, taking over an entire sports stadium for the celeb-studded affair. The Disney-themed extravaganza took Faryal about three months to plan and was said to cost about $140K.

7 Sophia Abraham Is A Jacuzzi Kid

Farrah Abraham, star of 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom OG , is giving daughter Sophia the luxe life her mother was missing in her youth. The single mom (Sophia’s father Derek Underwood died in a car accident at the age of 18,) seems determined to spoil her — in spite of the blow-back she often gets on social media. For Christmas 2016, she posted pics of Sophia with her brand new miniature horse. And that wasn't all. She got a pink golf cart, a jacuzzi, and a brand new MacBook.

On her 8th birthday, Sophia's horse, Starburst, was treated to horse hair coloring, glitter, and wraps at a red-carpet party with a princess theme,

and all the little girls got spa treatments. Talk about raising a diva.

6 Maxwell Drew Johnson Is The Baby Fashionista

Maxwell Drew Johnson, the daughter of Jessica Simpson and former NFL star Eric Johnson, had a closet full of designer clothes even before she was born. The expectant mom went on TV to boast that her daughter-to-be already had “garment bags of designer clothes.” She also confessed that one of her biggest fears was that the girl would take after her athletic dad, so Jess wouldn’t be able to bond with her over shoe shopping. Maxwell was born in a $4K per day birthing suite at Cedars Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles that included manicure/pedicure stations and meals that were served with linen tablecloths.

5 Reginae Carter’s Super Sweet 16

Lil Wayne and Antonia (Toya) Carter were just teens when daughter Reginae was born. These days, at age 19, Reginae stars in Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta, and has begun a career in music in her own right. Her mom and dad may not have been together, but Lil Wayne and his cash seem to have stepped in when required.

In 2015, she celebrated her 16th birthday on MTV's series My Super Sweet 16. Nicki Minaj and Rae Sremmurd performed at her extravagant birthday party. Lil Wayne splurged and gifted her with two sports cars, a BMW and a Ferrari.

Reginae has gotten a reputation for being a spoiled brat on Growing Up Hip-Hop, a charge she denies. In fact, she and Toya were threatening to quit the show if they didn’t stop portraying her as such.

4 Kai Rooney’s Personal Golf Course

Wayne Mark Rooney is a British footballer who plays for Everton in the Premier League. He and wife Colleen have been together since high school, and both of them come from blue-collar backgrounds. They’ve been together through thick and thin, although it came in reverse order for this couple. Now that they’ve got cash to burn, (he makes about $200K per week,) they’ve naturally turned to spoiling their kids.

When oldest son Kai turned 6 years old in 2015, they bought him his very own golf course.

The course was set up in their backyard, which gives you an idea how big that is, measuring about 100 square feet. It took four days to install and cost about 10K.

3 Sophia Ecclestone Loves Her Zebras, Puppies, And Ponies

Tamara Ecclestone, model, socialite, and TV personality, was the product of a privileged upbringing. She's the daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, who was the CEO of the Formula One Group, and at one time starred in her own reality TV show, Tamara Ecclestone: Billion $$$ Girl. Nowadays, she and her husband Jay Rutland live in a $65 million home in London's Kensington Palace Gardens, and she stars in Tamara's World. Her daughter, Sophia, was born in 2014, and she seems to do anything to please her. That included creating a pumpkin patch on their property for Halloween one year, and turned their indoor swimming pool into a play area with a huge jungle gym and ball pit. For her first birthday, Tamara threw Sophie a barnyard themed party that included hundreds of pink balloons, along with zebras, sheep, puppies, and ponies. The extravagant bash was said to cost just under $1 million.

2 James, Marion, And Tabitha Broderick Had A Careful Childhood

Sarah Jessica Parker and husband Matthew Broderick have three kids, including oldest son James and twins Marion and Tabitha. Now, Sarah grew up in poverty and has said that she’s determined not to spoil her kids. But that doesn’t mean they’re growing up without any luxurious gifts. But, instead of ponies and lavish birthday parties, SJP has a set of very strict and often bizarre demands she makes of her household staff on behalf of the kids, according to revelations by a former staffer. For example,

the kids must be provided with a very small container of petroleum jelly with an equally small spoon to scrape it out. The spoon has to be washed by hand and dried using a paper towel.

James likes specific brands of face and body wash that must be continually replenished for him. The staff, however, is not allowed to buy anything in bulk, and so they are required to check the levels of those products daily, and only buy new one when the old containers are fully run out.

1 Stella, Hattie, Liam, Finn And Beau McDermott Got Their Own Winter Wonderland

Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott have five kids, Stella Doreen, Hattie Margaret, Liam Aaron, Finn Davey, and Beau Dean. Tori, as we all know, grew up rich as the daughter of TV mogul Aaron Spelling.

When she and her brother were little, her dad hired a snow machine to deliver about $2 million worth of fake snow to their Los Angeles home so the siblings could experience their very own winter wonderland.

In 2009, Tori and hubby Dean recreated the scenario for their own kids, although the price tag was probably less than $2 million. The couple has had their share of financial troubles over the years, although Tori's mom is said to be generous with her checks.

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