25 Celeb Kids Of Instagram Who Like Spending Their Parent's Wealth

Did you ever come across an instagram account which has completely taken you by surprise and made you curious? You google the user-name and get to know that the particular account belongs to a rich brat whose mommy and daddy have a lot of extra bucks in the account. Well, the perks of being a child of a celebrity is that you can flaunt mommy and daddy’s wealth on your social media and make people jealous of the things you own. The best part of it all is that even though you envy those people, you still tend to follow them on a regular basis. Go ahead, be jealous as some of these accounts are so lavish they will make you think twice if they are even real. Some of these children are so spoiled because of the money they have that they openly flaunt their exquisite parties on Instagram. Well, why wouldn’t they? They are born with the silver spoon with all kinds of luxuries and fame around them. Their Instagram accounts even show them acting out but I guess they do it because they have famous parents and a lot of wealth. Hold on to your seats as we have a collection of photos and details of rich kids who will have you feeling envious and surprised.

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25 Brooklyn Beckham


Brooklyn is the son of famous celebrity parents, David Beckham & Victoria Beckham. Both have a highlighted name in the media industry. With the dad being a famous football player and the mom known for running a successful business, it is clear that they are no less than multi-millionaires. Brooklyn is not an inch shy of boasting his parent’s wealth on his Instagram account. He openly flaunts his spending habits. From his love life to his tattoos, cars and luxurious lifestyle, you will find it all there. Brooklyn also seems quite a huge fan of beer. A lot of his posts show his love for Guinness as well. His bratty self is all over his Instagram. I mean, there isn’t one post on his account that shows him doing otherwise.

24 Iris Apatow


Daughter of Judd Apatow & Leslie Mann, Iris is definitely a party-girl and she is not shy of showing it on her Insta. She even made good use of her parent’s fame and starred in the Netflix’s series ‘Love’. It is absolutely interesting how these children have all the luxuries in life. From chances in movies to a flawless lifestyle; it is all there. The teenage beauty has a very active social life and she seems to be enjoying every bit of it. She also snaps pictures with her mom and dad, telling her 230 thousand followers that she is the celebrity child who is living life to its fullest by cuddling with adorable animals and partying hard with her vast social circle.

23 Kaia Gerber


If you go through Kaia’s Instagram, you might think of her as some supermodel. Kaia is the daughter of Cindy Crawford & Rande Gerber and she is no less than a star already. She has been successfully following the footsteps of her mother as she landed her solo cover on POP magazine. It is clearly evident from her Insta on how she has made fame from her parents and has also enjoyed the life of luxury. Her flawless runway pictures and amazing vacation pictures are a treat to watch. Her 3 million followers on Instagram surely know the perks of being a celebrity child. Good for you, Kaia. Keep prospering and keep making us jealous with all that your parents have.

22 Ava Phillippe


She is the daughter of Reese Witherspoon & Ryan Phillippe. Looking at her pictures one can easily tell that she is the doppelgänger of her mother. Ava’s Instagram is quite artistic and you don’t see much of the bratty things going on there. Even though she succeeds in keeping her Instagram ‘normal’ you can still see the exquisite art that flaunts her timeline. She has pictures with her mom from award shows telling us that she is not your normal neighbourhood girl. She captures her good genes with those artsy effects that tell us all that she knows her celebrity status. Good for you, Ava. At least you don’t seem that boastful like other celebrity children.

21 Connor Cruise


The 23 year old DJ is the adopted son of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. With 21.6 thousand followers, Connor is no shy of flaunting his luxurious lifestyle. His tours and love for hunting the sea creatures is quite open on his Instagram. Vacationing with beautiful girls and group of friends, Connor absolutely enjoys his life which seems to be busy while travelling and on the beach. He also snaps with famous celebrities like Justin Bieber. Well, why shouldn’t he? He has access to all the celebrities in Hollywood, all thanks to his utterly famous and successful parents. Though he does not post snaps with his parents, he still gets to enjoy their hard-earned fame.

20 Willow Smith


Daughter of Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith is no strange to fame since her parents are superstars of the industry. With 2.7 million followers, Willow is also a fan of music. She portrays her love in her Instagram account where, obviously, there are clear hints of her being born with a silver spoon. Pictures from exquisite vacations and her solo concerts are a treat to watch. Her Instagram is also loaded with artsy paintings and pictures, I am sure many of the expensive art pieces would be hanging casually on the walls of her room as well. Though most of the children of such celebrities are brats, we can see some inspirational quotations by Willow on her Instagram account. It is always refreshing to see that there are still celebrity kids who are not THAT spoiled with money in their hands.

19 Romeo James Beckham


Romeo is the son of famous celebrity parents, David Beckham & Victoria Beckham and brother of Brooklyn as well. Just like her brother, the teenager is a star already. He casually snaps pictures with his famous parents. Also, his love for football is also strong, just like his dad. The teenage flaunts pictures wearing expensive clothing brands and a style that a model would flaunt. He also seems quite a bit impressed with his own looks. Well, we all agree that the Beckham gene is definitely strong. With a strong gene and lots of money, the Beckham brothers are definitely among the celebrity brats who know how to keep people on their toes whenever they post something on their Instagram account.

18 Sofia Richie


Daughter of the famous singer Lionel Richie has a whopping 3.3 million followers and the reasons are all on her Instagram account. She was also rumored to be Justin Bieber’s girlfriend when paparazzi captured her with JB in his car. She is, without a doubt, a rich brat. Each post of her account blazes money and money. She even posts pictures of her dad, telling us all about her famous gene. Pictures of her vacations are all over her account where one keeps on wondering about the luxurious life that she is living. She also has her model-like pictures that she casually takes whenever she is travelling the world. From private jets and helicopters, Sofia is certainly a rich brat.

17 Lily-Rose Depp


She is the daughter of Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis. The 18 year old is a beauty who inherited the good looks from her model mom and her actor dad. She definitely flaunts her looks on Instagram and is not shy at all. Her semi-nude pictures gather thousands of likes as well. She also seems to have a pretty active social life with friends and, of course, money around. She flaunts it all, money, beauty and her social life. Her career in modelling also seems to be flourishing well; she endorses different famous brands like Chanel on her Instagram. Her career tells us that she not only lives her life on her parent’s money but is also earning her own. Way to go, Lily!

16 Brandon Thomas Lee


Son of Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee, the hot heart-throb is not a kid but definitely falls into this category. He has the insane hot looks of his parents. His top-notch life is all over his Instagram. He posts pictures of modelling, expensive vacations and pictures with celebrities as well. He also holds that ‘bad boy image’, well that’s what his Instagram shows. Love for guns, cigarettes and his overall style. This guy flaunts his parent’s wealth very elaborately. Parties, girls and his photo-shoots, they all say money. Well why wouldn’t he? If you have iconic parents like Pamela and Tommy, you would never let go of a moment to flaunt the lifestyle you are living.

15 Justin Dior Combs


He is the son of the famous P. Diddy. With 1.2 million followers, he is doing his best to flaunt his daddy’s wealth on his Instagram account. He snaps himself in expensive cars and does everything the other rich brats do on their Instagram. He also loves jewellery and his Instagram is proof of how he spends his daddy’s fortune on things that he likes. Fur jackets and very, I mean very, expensive items are all shown off on his account. He also posts different captions where we get to know that the belonging means almost ‘life’ to him. With 1.2 million followers you can better expect what can come from a guy who has enough money to spend for many lifetimes.

14 Rashed Saif Belhasa


With 1.2 million followers, this kid from Dubai is the son of Dubai construction billionaire Saif Ahmed Belhasa. He flaunts his wealth more than anybody else can do. He has met famous celebrities from Christiano Ronaldo, Messi, Akon, Nicki Minaj and Paris Hilton. He has these exquisite pet animals that he snaps pictures with. Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Rolls Royce are his go-to rides. People follow his Instagram account just to get wooed by his wealth. At such young age, Rashed has seen all the luxuries of life and is a little snob to show it off to the world. Before considering him just a rich brat, it should be noted that he is very successful business acumen. He has his own e-Commerce store. Well, with this much wealth and investment I am sure anybody can have ‘business acumen.’

13 Rumer Willis


Daughter of famous actress Demi Moore, Rumer Willis, is indeed a charmer. She describes herself on Instagram as an actress, a model, and an 'animal collector.' Well we guess money makes you forget that you cannot 'collect' living things. Her Instagram is full of inspirational quotes and, of course, the money she has inherited from her mother's fortune. Her pictures on the red carpet wearing exquisite gowns are absolutely beautiful. Along with the money and luxury, she has also inherited her mother's good looks. Looks like the apple didn't fall far from the tree. It is incredible how these rich brats can be actors, models and anything they want just because their parents have the leverage to introduce them in the field. Guess Rumer is lucky enough to enjoy all the luxuries in the world.

12 Lourdes Leon


Lourdes Maria Leon Ciccone is the daughter of the legendary singer, Madonna. Minus the botox and the blonde looks, Lourdes is her mother's reflection. Both their Instagram accounts scream boldness and, of course, money. Not to forget she is the co-founder of the clothing line 'Material Girl' which she started with her mother. Also, she models for perfume brands too! Her mother has been in the music industry a long time and the amount of money she has made would be incredible. This gives Lola the incentive to flaunt it all. And yes, she does. Her bold and bratty pictures of smoking and partying are all you'll see on her Instagram. She even compares her craziness with her mother's. Making collages of her mother and her are a sign to let us know that she's not your normal neighbourhood girl but she's the daughter of this famous (rich) celebrity.

11 Tiffany Trump


Ah, look who we found here! Daughter of the President and of the richest billionaire, Donald Trump. Tiffany Trump is sure like her daddy. She likes to be everywhere! Her Instagram is exactly how you would expect her social media account to be, full of herself. She snaps pictures of herself with her rich daddy and the endless wealth he has given her. From partying, vacationing to wearing some expensive clothes, her Instagram has everything a rich brat has. She sure likes to tell people who she is, since she has captured snaps of herself with almost every member of the family. With the amount of money this family has we are sure Tiffany never gets tired of showcasing her luxurious life.

10 Ava Sambora


Heather Locklear and Bon Jovi’s guitarist Richie Sambora are the parents of Ava Sambora. Just like the rest of them, she is another rich brat who took the key of her parent's fame to enter into Hollywood and working as an actor. Though her Instagram account says a lot about her, Ava really likes flaunting her parent's money. She does so by posting snaps of her bikini bod on beautiful beaches, having exquisite wine and champagne. Now that's the kind of luxurious life I want to live too. The blonde beauty also snaps a lot of pictures with her boyfriend which shows the kind of luxurious life she is living. A relationship, cool vacations, money to spend on whatever you like, she has it all. Well, good for you, Ava.

9 Sosie Bacon


She is the daughter of actors Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick. She started her career with the help of her parents. She starred in a movie of his father and then took part in another act with her mother. Well, since then she has landed quite some roles on her own as well. Her Instagram shows the love she has for acting. Not only this, her love for all the things she desired in life can be seen on her Instagram account. She is seen mostly traveling and getting into great adventures as well. Also, she has a very active social life with a lot of friends, and why wouldn't she? Almost every kid of some rich guy or a celebrity has a huge 'fan following'.

8 Rafferty Law


Jude Law’s son, Rafferty Law, has certainly inherited his dad’s good looks. He had made his way into the big screen by modelling for famous brands like 'Dolce and Gabbana' and 'DKNY'. He certainly likes to show off his good looks and 'good' money. Champagne and parties are all over his Instagram account. Along with his modelling gigs, he also flaunts his 'bad boy' image appearing as a 'macho man'. Well, too much money can make you a narcissist and Rafferty isn't to be blamed completely for it. Being Jude Law's son can make you act this way, or a more appropriate way to put it would be that being this rich can also make you act this way.

7 Frances Bean Cobain


She is the only child of Nirvana’s lead singer Kurt Cobain and actress Courtney Love. She inherited 37% of her father’s estate in 2010, making her net worth $170 million. Well, we already know her net worth and how much money she inherited from her father. Her Instagram also is a proof of her materialistic world. Her goth personality shines in almost every post online and her love for artsy pictures and food is also visible. What is to be noted is her Instagram username is also, 'space witch'. Can't judge any of her likes but her interests are surely a little spooky.

6 Zoë Kravitz


Her parents are the famous Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet. Zoë Kravitz. She is an actress, singer, and model. She has starred in different famous movies. She actively voices her opinion regarding her beliefs, like gun control and harassment. Well, apart from being vocal she is also enjoying her life to the fullest and why not? With the fortune she has in her hands it is literally impossible to lead a normal life of simplicity. She regularly snaps pictures with her mother and other celebrities, like Kanye West and Jason Mamoa. She is also the brand ambassador of Saint Laurent. Her posts about wearing beautiful gowns and modelling with her fierce strong looks are enough to tell us how life is treating her.

5 John Owen Lowe


John Owen Lowe is the son of Hollywood heartthrob, Rob Lowe, and Sheryl Berkof. Though he is enrolled in the great Stanford University, he still managed to star as a guest in different series. His Instagram is actually pretty fun! He has pictures with his girlfriend, pictures of him attending different parties and also some cheeky snaps with cute Snapchat filters too. He seems to be enjoying life to its fullest and he has reasons to do so. He has his father’s money and a lot of interests he can spend on. His scuba diving and beach vacations are definitely a treat to watch. John is truly enjoying life without any worries.

4 Gia Mantegna


She is the daughter of the superstar who starred in Baby’s Day Out and Criminal Minds, Joe Mantegna. Her mother, Arlene Vrhel, is a famous restauranteur as well. Gia is no less than a star herself after she starred in various movies. Not to forget she is a skilled singer as well. It also seems that Gia spends her father’s wealth on food mostly, well, that is what her Instagram shows. She, like every other rich brat, loves to party and is not shy in showing her love for booze as well. Her Instagram also shows her vacationing and trying different cuisines from places. Though Gia cannot be classified as a 100% brat but she sure has traces of a rich celebrity kid. Scrolling down on her Instagram account, one can guess how Gia’s priorities changed: from posting inspirational quotes to flaunting her wealth in parties and vacations was all there.

3 Hayley Hasselhoff


David Hasselhoff and Pamela Bach have a beautiful daughter named Hayley Hasselhoff. Though she tried her stint in acting at first but soon realized that her career can be well made in modelling. Her Instagram is full of her exquisite pictures. With her modelling gigs, she is always posting her pictures and selfies with perfect makeup and attire. Of course, there is an entire team of makeup artists and designers with her; all thanks to her rich parents. She also seems to enjoy her parties at the beach as well. Her dreamy vacations and her lavish lifestyle is all over her Instagram. Her recreational activities like the one on a yacht surely tell us that she is enjoying life to her fullest and is using her daddy’s wealth like every rich brat out there.

2 Jack Scott Ramsay


Jack Scott Ramsay is the son of the famous superstar Chef Gordon Ramsay. Just like his father who is famous for his swearing, the little Ramsay telecasts his father’s fame over his Instagram. Though it was reported that Gordon Ramsay said that his children will not be inheriting his fortune, this does not stop Jack from having fun from the fortune that he already has. His dad claims that their children get £50 pocket money a week but we somehow don’t buy that, the lad is surely getting more than that since his Instagram shows him living the luxury life, and obviously it must be from his dad’s money since he is not earning anything himself.

1 Ireland Baldwin


Ireland Baldwin is the daughter of famous Hollywood parents Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin. Along with having her rich parents by her side, she led a pretty successful life herself as well. She has starred in famous magazine covers like ‘Elle’, ‘Vanity Fair’ and ‘W Magazine’. She has also starred in a few movies. Her Instagram is quite lavish, with pictures of her enjoying her lifestyle. Her pictures of lavish lunches and dinners leave us in awe. I am sure her rich parents are there to support her financially and the opportunities given to her are also adding pennies in the bundle. We sure envy you, Ireland. With a career like yours and a lavish lifestyle, we are sure you are living in heaven already.

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