24 Celebs Who Blow Their Fortune On Their Kids

Celebrities with heaps of money to spend can splurge on lavish gifts for themselves, and yes, some even go as far as spending massive amounts of money on their kids. How lucky! These fortunate kids like Suri Cruise, North West, and Blue Ivy, receive expensive gifts and toys on a regular basis, thanks to their wealthy parents. Suri Cruise is the luckiest girl in the world as Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise spoil her rotten with designer clothes and toys. Jay Z and Beyonce went overboard with Blue Ivy's nursery with a rocking horse and pram, but let's face it, with all their money, it's doable. When you're Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, you do want the best for your daughter, even if that means treating her like a princess.

There are 22 other kids, like Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Barron Trump, and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's brood who also receive grand toys for their playrooms. The toys they get range from toy cars, rocking horses, playhouses, rattles filled with diamonds, and plenty more. These kids are considered to be the wealthiest kids in the celebrity world, and it's no wonder as they get spoiled rotten on a regular basis with toys and clothes — some already own houses!

24 Blue Ivy — Daddy's Little Princess With Diamonds

Jay Z and Beyonce went all out with their firstborn, Blue Ivy, especially when it came down to her nursery. Jay Z bought a diamond-encrusted pram! She sure was a baby riding in style while out and about.

That's not all — he also got his daughter a $600,000 handcrafted rocking horse. The whole nursery ended up costing $1.3 million.

But let's be honest, when it's your first born, you want to go crazy with gifts, and you can go really insane with expensive possessions when your paycheques are ranging in the millions. As Blue Ivy got older the bling gifts continued, normal girls, get barbie dolls on the cheap, but not when you're a daughter of famous singers. On her first birthday, she received an $80 000 Barbie doll, which was custom made and filled with diamonds. I wonder if she'll even be able to play with it!

23 Suri Cruise Has An Intense Playhouse

Tom and Katie love pampering their only child together, Suri Cruise with toys, clothes and jewellery that'll make your eyes pop out of your head. Little girls love their playhouses as they can pretend they're living in a real house and that's exactly what Tom did.

He bought Suri a $24,000 playhouse and even added a garage, electricity, and running water. 

It's a Victorian-theme house with lighting and a sunroom. She has a miniature Mercedes for her parking space with a price tag of a staggering $10K, too. This little youngster even gets dressed in designer clothes with kitten heels and faux fur. Tom also loves to lavish Suri with jewellery ranging in the thousands. We're jealous as when we were growing up if we had a playhouse it was too small for us to even fit in.

22 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Spend Thousands On Their Kids

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are worth a lot, therefore, they have money to spare on themselves and of course, their little angel, North West.

Whatever she wants, she gets, including a black SUV which was $12,000. It's a toy, not the real deal.

Lucky girl! Kim outdid herself with her third child, Chicago West, by filling up the nursery with toys we would never be able to afford. These two items were on the shopping list, and they were insanely pricey: a $137,000 Swarovski-encrusted rocking horse and a $170,000 Steiff Louis Vuitton teddy bear. When she was six months old, she received a car just like daddy, a mini Lamborghini which cost thousands of dollars. Chicago is starting her life in style! If these are the types of gifts, she is getting now then the gifts she receives when older will be interesting and possibly even more valuable.

21 Prince George And Princess Charlotte's Royal Toys

When you're a royal, you deserve the best, and that's exactly what Kate Middleton and Prince William are doing for George and Charlotte.

The little prince received a $20,000 playhouse which is perfect for high-tea parties, and his sister got a $44,000 gold rattle for her christening.

Charlotte received quite a few rattles for her to pick and choose from, among them was a silver shining diamond one made by The Natural Sapphire Company, and it cost $40 000. Walt Disney items is a must have for children, and even a little princess can admire Disney with a $200K Snow White painting.It must be some artwork for that price, but it is more than 7-feet wide! She's so young and is already getting overpriced items. Imagine what she will receive when she's older.

20 The Beckham Clan With Lush Treehouses And Playhouses

Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper Beckham are blessed to have wealthy parents as they can have anything they desire and it won't come cheap.

David and Victoria Beckham spoiled their sons with a sizeable 16-foot-tall brick playhouse and adjoining play castle for $200,000.

A $50,000, 9-foot-tall, sci-fi/futuristic treehouse from the Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts collection was also included. It must be some treehouse filled with everything you can imagine, we bet! Now that Brooklyn is all grown up, his toys consist of clothes, cars and jewellery. The lucky guy was gifted with $1,500 top-notch Yeezys, and Kanye West delivered them himself. It seems to be when you're a daughter of a celebrity your toys mainly consist of designer clothing as a young Harper has been seen out and about holding a $3,000 geometric 'Yona' bag by Goyard. Even when you're young, a handbag is essential, and Victoria is training her daughter already now!

19  Extravagant Nursery Items And Shetland Ponies For J Lo's Twins

J Lo and Marc Anthony's twins, Max and Emme Muñiz, were already being spoiled before they were even born. Lopez filled up the room with 600-thread-count Egyptian cotton for the crib, and the toys consisted of a diamond rattle for when they needed some form of amusement as a baby. It was pricey, and Max and Emma played with the best on the market.

You can get ponies as toys, but J Lo did even better by spending lots of money on a Shetland pony for each twin.

She takes her kids on shopping sprees in Paris all the time, too, and the twins are often seen wearing the best clothing. Emma even owns a Chanel Purse, valued at $2,100. It's imprinted with a butterfly in front and very plain looking but its fit for a kid.

18 Elton John's Dream Toys For His Son Zachary

In 2010, Elton and his partner David Furnish welcomed their son, Zachary, into the world and as it seems for many celebrity parents, the nursery is essential and needs to hold items with high price tags that'll make you cringe.

Elton and David went overboard, to say the least by filling their son's room with toys from floor to ceiling. The cost came to an astounding $2 million.

They bought everything a baby needs, but of course, only the best kind which we could never afford. One of the toys they purchased was a Hamleys Rocking Horse valued at $2,513! Zachary's baby gifts included a dummy worth $15,000. It's not just any old plain dummy us commoners are blessed with since it's embedded with diamonds. He even has a silver yacht money bank made by Tiffany & Co. valued at $2,000. Zachary will be saving all his pennies in royalty!

17 Kourtney Kardashian's Children Ride In Style

Scott Disick loves his cars, and so does Kourtney, so naturally their vehicles will be fancy and sporty. Even their kids, Penelope, Mason, and Reign, have them, but they're tiny and can't do any damage in reality because they're for kids. They're flashy, and it seems like it cost a lot, as you can see the other cars in the background. Christmas must be unique in the Kardashian household, even for the adults. Kourtney's brood was fortunate as there was full of gifts under their Christmas tree. Among the presents was a mini Hello Kitty for Penelope to ride and join in with her brothers and their mini car collections. Kourtney also bought a mini-sized truck, a toy drum set, and wooden foosball table for her sons. All the toys added together would've ranged in the low thousands.

16 Christina Aguilera's $35,000 Baby Room For Her Son

Her son, Max Bratman, with first husband, Jordan Bratman spent his first few months living like a king in his $35,000 playroom.

Christina decked it out with some Paddington bears and Nintendo characters.

She even placed her 11-foot moon inside. Max sure wouldn't get bored quickly in his room filled with costly toys. Christina had a second child with husband, Matthew Rutler. They had a daughter, Summer Rain and this lucky toddler had two nurseries. One at home and one on The Voice set. Christina went all out with the pink-inspired nursery at home and filled it with baby gear, and pink themed furniture. Since Summer has two nurseries, it must have cost a fortune with furniture and toys, such as teddy bears and rocking horses.

15 Mariah Carey's $1 Million Baby Gear For Twins

Twins, Monroe and Moroccan Cannon, had a nursery all sorted out with clothing and toys with price tags in the thousands. If you're a Grammy award-winning singer, of course, you're going to want to go all out for your offspring by giving them the best life possible. Since their mom, Mariah is a singer,

the twins toys consisted of a $250,000 state-of-the-art Bose stereo system for all their music needs.

Monroe has gotten so used to the luxurious lifestyle, one year, she asked for diamonds for Christmas. "I said, 'This is mommy's. You know who bought this for mommy? Mommy. You know how long it took mommy to get it? A really, really long time'." Now that the twins are grown up, Moroccan is decked out with all the latest technology, iPhones and Ipads and they don't come cheap.

14 Britney Spears Spoils Her Sons With Ed Hardy Mini Cars

Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline got to ride in flamboyant motorized Ed Hardy mini cars which were customized by French fashion designer Christian Audigier.

Britney even had license plates made with their names.

The cars look so real that they could belong on the hit show Monster Trucks. It's expensive as similar ones go as high as $450. But clearly, that's peanuts to Spears. Sean and Jayden love their car toys so much that they have a wide variety in their collection, including a Cadillac. In reality, they're super pricey, so we can only imagine what its mini toy version costs. The mini one is so decked out, it even has speakers at the back, and the quality looks like it was made for a high rolling celebrity.

13 Farrah Abraham's Daughter's Stylish Gifts

Seven-year-old Sophia Laurent Abraham was spoiled rotten for Christmas with a variety of toys including a jacuzzi, a miniature horse, a pink golf cart, and a computer. The jacuzzi is really spacious, and it includes jet stream propulsion system to massage her muscles. Jacuzzi's aren't cheap, so we can take a good guess of the numbers on the price tag.  The tooth fairy (Farrah) is even kind when Sophia loses a tooth by gifting her with $600. The most we ever got was about $10. Farrah Abraham seems to have made quite a lot of money from her stint on MTV's favorite reality show, Teen Mom OG since her daughter is being indulged with pricey belongings. If only we were lucky enough to be a daughter of a reality star!

12 Bollywood Royalty Gets A Mini Cooper When She Turned One

Aaradhya Bachchan, daughter of supermodel Aishwarya Rai and Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan, was given a Mini Cooper for 25 lakhs, which amounts to $38,790 when she turned 1.

She was also given a home in Dubai worth $540 million.

Instead of wasting money on toys, this couple decided these items are more fitting for a toddler. On her fourth birthday, she received an Audi A8, and she also owns a vanity van, which cost about $250 million. That's insane, but the trailer is identical to a luxury condo. She's only 6 years old and she already owns three cars. Her birthday bashes also range in the thousands. On her sixth birthday, she wore a pink ballroom gown with florals by Manish Malhotra, which cost thousands alone. We can't even imagine what she'll get when she turns 18.

11  Vintage Cars For Diddy's Teens

Cars for teenagers are referred to as their toys as they grew out of the mini versions. When Sean "P. Diddy" Coombs’ stepson Quincy turned sweet 16,

he was gifted with two cars, a classic 1964 Lincoln Continental and a black Range Rover.

There are perks when you're a stepson to someone famous! P Diddy also gave his son, Justin Dior, a silver Maybach worth $360,000. A year later, Justin was lucky enough to receive another car. A limo worth $405K, which was even more, expensive than the last one. It was a reward for being an honours student. P Diddy likes to reward his kids when they do well or celebrate a birthday, and it must cost a fortune each year. If that's not considered spoiling your kids, we don't know what is.

10 Kylie Jenner's Snazzy Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV And Kendall's Gifts

Kylie never stopped receiving toys with high price tags. The gifts just kept pouring in until she started supporting herself, and now Stormi is getting spoiled by her family.

At the age of 15, Kris Jenner gave her a car worth $125,000.

The Jenner family loves their cars so much that it seems to be number one on the list for each family member for birthday and Christmas presents. Kris also loves to gift Kendall with exorbitant cars and last years Christmas her prayers were answered with a brand new Moke. They're about $16,000, and they're environmentally friendly as it's an entirely electric utility vehicle. These two sisters sure know how to drive in style. We're jealous and if only we could have parents like Kris!

9 Gwen Stefani Splashes Money On Her Sons For Christmas

Celebrating Christmas in 2017 was excessive in the Stefani household as she did something extra special for her son, Apollo. One of the massive presents she had hidden behind a curtain was a toddler-sized army-theme jeep perfect for a kid. Luckily, she posted the video on Instagram for us to see how ecstatic Apollo was. We would want to spend Christmas in this celebrity household. Gwen admitted to People that her oldest, Kingston, added Gucci and Goyard on their Santa list.

"My oldest wants Gucci and Goyard for Christmas. I’m like, ‘Dude, how do you even know these things?!’ ”

I'm sure it shocked Gwen, as Kingston is only 11 years old. As you all know Gucci products are costly since it is a trendy brand name and Kingston was lucky to pocket it as his Christmas present.

8 A Bling Toy For Rapper The Game's Son

When The Game's son begged for a toy car, the rapper went far in satisfying his son's desires. Instead of a hot wheels type car,

his son received a remote control car, which is identical to his father's real-life version, with diamonds added by The Game's jeweller worth $100,000.

Now that Harlem is 13, his horizons are broadened by wanting better gifts, and that's precisely what The Game did. Not only did he throw a massive 13 birthday bash at his mansion he also gave Harlem a Ray J scooter. His brother, King also received one, which is another thousand. Rappers love to go all out with their kids in gift giving and being related to a rapper sure has its perks!

7 A 2-Story Doll House And Playpen For Formula One Heiress Daughter 

Sophia Ecclestone is the luckiest baby in the world as her heiress mom, Tamara Ecclestone purchased a $10,000 house for her dolls on her first birthday. The house is a replica of Sophia's family $70 million Victorian mansion in west London. Not only does Sophia get doll houses, but she also gets whatever she asks for, as Tamara admitted on her show, Tamara's World that she finds it hard saying no to her daughter.

One of the astounding gifts was a $69,000 ball pit, which she made happen by turning her swimming pool and sauna into a fun play area for her daughter.

The playpen has a slide leading into the pit full of balls. This young lady is going to grow up with only the best!

6 Salma Hayek Goes Above And Beyond For Her 8-Year-Old

Valentina isn't a regular kid, since her father is a French businessman François-Henri Pinault with billions of dollars in his bank account. She's 8 years old and instead of having toys worth thousands her parents went an extra mile and bought a $12 million estate in Los Angeles. Valentina is still too young to enjoy her home, but she will one day. I bet Valentina wishes she received toys instead while waiting. Salma loves to lavish her daughter with expensive gifts and holidays, and she's not going to apologize for the life she leads and wants for Valentina. As Salma told Allure,

"I never understood the point of being privileged if you don't get to have the privileges."

Since her husband has billions of cash, she's able to live the lifestyle she wants with Valentina by her side.

5  Chase Mckenna Is A 12-Year-Old Who Demands Everything

The British actor, Alan Mckenna famous for his role in East Enders buys everything his tween begs. Among the things she owns are a $560 quad bike and a $2,700 pony. She even ordered a personalized iPad and technology is never low priced. Chase also loves designer clothes shopping with Gucci name tags and more. She told the media that whenever Chase wants something, she gives Alan the face and will plead until she gets it. This is how their money-giving conversations go, according to Daily Mail, "Oh, Daddy, pleeease?" And he goes: "Okay, how much do you want?" and I go: "Can I have £300?" Chase admits each time she asks the price goes higher as she has him wrapped around her finger as he always gives in.

4 Lil Wayne's Sweet 16 Gifts For His Daughter

3 Shilo Pitt's Giant Skatepark In Her Backyard And Luxe Birthday Parties

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are megastars in Hollywood, and since they have all the money in the world to spend on their children, they don't hesitate in doing so. They went all out for their tomboy daughter Shilo by having her very own skatepark built in their backyard. It must have been quite pricey for all the building materials and rails and ramps. The park is massive even bigger then the ones you find in public. It was given to her for her birthday instead of toys as Shilo skates 24/7. Angelina and Brad don't forget about their other five kids who have also received amazing things, such as Zahara's $20,000 princess birthday party. It must have been all the decor and princess presents, such as Disney princess figurines and diamond tiaras.

2 Katie Price Buys A Replica Model Of Her Car For Son

British model, author, singer and designer, Katie Price went all out for her 16-month-old son, Jett by getting a specially made electric car which matches her Bentley. Her own model was $138,000; I bet Jett's wasn't near that price but naturally still ranging in the thousands. As she says many children aren't able to say, "I got a Bentley for Christmas." The car does look flashy! Price revealed she went so crazy at Christmas time with gifts from toy stores, which we wouldn't be able to shop at that her kids got bored with them. If children have limited interest in toys, then you know how overboard Katie would've gone. It sure sounds like a lot of money was spent!

1 Barron Trump's Luxury Toy Cars Fit For The First Kid

Being a son of the president is everyone's dream, but before Trump entered the White House, he was a celebrity in the business world with even a hit reality show, The Apprentice. When you have millions, it's essential to spend some of that on your kids. Trump has spent thousands in Barron's car minicar collections, consisting of limo's, Ferraris, and Mercedes. You can get these cheaply, but we know Trump hadn't and gotten much better quality since Barron's model has his own license plate with his name. He also owns model planes and rich in fur animal life-size toys. Barron inspires to be his like dad in the business side of things by building huge empires and has an extensive Lego collection where he can develop his impressive dream buildings. I'm sure all of these items have a hefty price tag.

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