19 Vacations Farrah Abraham Can’t Afford (But Still Brags About On Instagram)

Someone who rose to prominence as the star of a “reality” TV show, Farrah Abraham isn’t exactly your typical celebrity. Given the platform she used to become a celebrity because she found out that she was going to have a child while still a teenager, initially, she appeared in the show 16 and Pregnant. From there, fans of that series were interested enough in finding out how her life progressed so she was cast in a spin-off series named Teen Mom. Currently a part of the show that is a sequel to that, Teen Mom OG, since first becoming a known entity, it seems as though she is willing to do a lot in order to remain in the spotlight. Somebody who wasn’t born into wealth and has a child to take care of, Farrah may be a TV star but her net worth is not as healthy as her lifestyle would point to. As such, it seems obvious that she shouldn’t be frittering away money on a regular basis. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of 19 vacations Farrah Abraham can’t afford but still brags about on Instagram.

In order for a trip to up for consideration for this list, it first and foremost needs to have been taken by Farrah Abraham. For our purposes, it makes absolutely no difference if she was accompanied by anyone else or went by herself as we only care about her being there. Next, it has to seem as though she went to this location in order to have a vacation which means that we didn’t look at any business trips. That said, if she ended up making an appearance or something like that while there, that is totally fine. With all of that in mind, let’s get to the list.

19 New York City: December Of 2017

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Without a doubt one of the best-known locations in the world today, New York City is the center for a great deal of business interests, pop culture, tourism, and so much more. As a result of that, there are loads of people from around the world that have walked down its streets despite never calling it their home. As such, it is never overly shocking when someone we know or are aware of find themselves there, but that isn’t the only story here. An extremely expensive place as well, especially if you are eating at, staying in, or visiting its most famous locales, it is also the type of place that is likely to take up your vacation budget for a long time. That is why we are surprised that Farrah Abraham made her way there in December of 2017 considering how many other holidays she goes on.

18 Louisville, Kentucky: March Of 2017

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An annual event that attracts people from near and far, the Kentucky Derby is a horse race that takes place on the first Saturday in May and is known for a lot of pomp and circumstance. The final and biggest part of the Kentucky Derby Festival that goes on for two weeks prior, the final day is known as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports” or a variation of that. With all of that in mind, it should surprise nobody that there are lots of celebrities that have found themselves in the audience when this explosive event takes place and admittance isn’t cheap. Someone we don’t exactly associate with the upper crust of society and we know isn’t filthy rich, this doesn’t seem like something Farrah would show up at.

17 Salt Lake City. Utah: January Of 2018

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One of the most important events on the calendar for the film industry each year, the Sundance Film Festival was created to attract filmmakers to the Utah area in 1978. Championed by former chairman Robert Redford, it became the proving ground for smaller films that might otherwise be lost to the sands of time if they didn’t find distribution after screening there. Due to that fact, the festival is attended by celebrities trying to promote smaller films they are a part of and company figures looking for their next sleeper hit. What usually doesn’t happen, however, is that “reality” stars don’t go there at the height of the festival with nothing to gain as arriving even a week later would be so much cheaper and easier.

16 Las Vegas, Nevada: July Of 2016

Another one of the most famous cities on the planet, just like the aforementioned New York City, even if you don’t care for gambling in the slightest, there are a lot of reasons to be in Las Vegas. The home of too many beloved shows to fully list here, every night, there are famous, musicians, comedians, magicians, dance troupes, and others performing for rapt audiences. Making her way there in July of 2016 for no clear-cut business reason, Farrah posted images of her getting some sun poolside for the viewing enjoyment of her fans. Another city that hosts businesses that aren’t afraid to gouge the millions of tourists that make their way there each year, this is not a place to visit if you want to have a cheap getaway.

15 Miami, Florida May Of 2016

Someone who clearly doesn’t believe in having a quiet night in with a select group of family and friends on their birthday, Farrah Abraham likes to go big on the anniversary of her birth each year. One such example of that, in May of 2016, she traveled to Miami, one of the most beautiful cities in the United States in order to have a wonderful time and celebrate her birthday. Seemingly having a grand ole time as she partied with her fellow Teen Mom star, Jenelle Evans, who has since changed her last name to Eason post-marriage, the two of them hit the nightlife. Also taking advantage of the gorgeous beaches as evidenced by a post like this one found on her Instagram account, at least that doesn’t cost anything.

14 Key West, Florida: April Of 2017

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An instance in which Farrah took the entire reason why she is famous (her daughter, Sophie) on vacation with her, sadly, that is definitely not always the case. Don’t get us wrong, though. It seems as though little Sophia leads a pretty over-the-top lifestyle most of the time, it just seems odd to regular folks like us that holidays aren’t family affairs every time. Traveling to Key West in Florida with one another, this trip from April of 2017 seems as though it was a really good time for both of them. Seen here while going for a swim in some beautiful-looking blue water, many families may have to budget for years in order to make a trip like this one.

13 Santa Monica, California: February Of 2017

An outing that Farrah took around a year ago at the time of this writing, when she went to Santa Monica in February of 2017, it seems like the paparazzi saw it as an opportunity for a photoshoot. Wearing a bikini that seems like it may have been designed to play on the fact that Valentine’s Day had recently taken place, her top was adorned by a fabric made to look like rose petals. Evidently not happy enough to enjoy just the gorgeous environment she was in, she also opted to bring a bottle of Champagne with her even though she seems to be alone. In short, she’d created a wonderful moment for herself that seemed to spare no expense in the slightest.

12 Honolulu, Hawaii: April Of 2016

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A go-to location for family vacations for many decades now, Honolulu is the largest city in the state of Hawaii as a whole. Seen as the entrance point to the island by many, it is a major hub for international business, military defense, and is famous for things like its culture, cuisine, and traditions. Visiting the island in April of 2016, this time around, she once again opted to bring her daughter, Sophia, along with her, and it seems like a fantastic choice. That said, the fact that she wore a swimwear that was as revealing as what she has on here sparked an outcry by many observers and an outspoken defense among her loyal fans. No matter how you feel about her choice of wardrobe in this moment, the fact is that she and her daughter seem to be having a lovely time together even if her means of paying for it is unclear.

11 Montego Bay, Jamaica: May Of 2017

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A part of the Saint James Parish from the north-west end of Jamaica, Montego Bay serves as the capital of the island and is pretty famous around the world. In fact, it is said to be the second city in the history of Jamaica which makes its creation a watershed moment in the history of the country. Making her way there in May of 2017, this vacation, in particular, got a lot more attention at the time than others she went on since she did not go to the island by herself. Going on a holiday with her boyfriend at the time, Simon Saran, it caused some controversy as she’d claimed to be single on national TV not long before. A romantic getaway that took place in the time around her birthday, perhaps he paid for this jaunt. But if not, this far-flung trip absolutely belongs on a list like this.

10 Cancun, Mexico: September Of 2017

One of the most beautiful places in the world in a lot of people’s opinion, Cancun in Mexico is a highly in-demand destination for anyone that loves spending time in tropical locales. Deciding to post several images of her time there on Instagram for all to see, let’s just say that her choice of outfits were far from modest in the views of just about anyone. As such, this vacation resulted in some shaming by everyday people that feel it is their business what a stranger wears, which it clearly isn’t. However, she doesn’t seem to be fazed in the slightest by any of that feedback and continues to do as she pleases no matter what any internet strangers have to say about. Oddly enough, in the height of the backlash, nobody else seemed to wonder how she could afford her hotel room or airplane ticket.

9 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: June Of 2015

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From one Mexican jaunt to another, it seems like the country might be a jinx for her as she courted controversy again but for very different reasons. Evidently spending her time on this trip attempting to get a little bit closer to the many animals present in Cabo San Lucas, she uploaded images of herself riding a horse to no outcry. However, when she went to a zoo and shared a shot of her holding up a lion cub, that was far more infuriating for the folks at PETA. This was because they suspected that the cub may have been medicated in order to keep it from being a danger to people that are far too close to a wild animal. While that isn’t her fault and she likely didn’t know, it still angered many as it was the wealthy culture she is a part of despite a seeming lack of cash that makes things like that take place.

8 Paris, France: July Of 2017

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Often called the city of love by people that have been there and those that can only hope to visit someday, Paris, France is a vacation spot that is highly in-demand from people around the world. The home of the internationally-famous Eiffel Tower and a great deal of culture, including the most visited museum on the planet in 2016, the Louvre, millions of people flock there annually. Considering how much Farrah clearly travels, it should therefore not surprise anyone that she made her way there in the year of 2017 considering she seemed to have been everywhere. Seen here on a rooftop that gave her a glorious view of the Eiffel Tower, if she is on top of a hotel, we can only imagine the fortune her room would have cost.

7 New York City: May Of 2017

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The only location to make it here twice, as we put together this list, it became clear that Farrah seems to visit the same general areas more than once when it comes to her vacations. For instance, she has visited the country of Mexico several times. However, this is the only individual city she goes to over and over where neither she nor her parents live in, as far as we know. Something that makes a lot of sense since there is so much going on in NYC, this time around, it seems as though her visit couldn’t have been all about her more. There to attend a birthday dinner in her honor at Beautique restaurant, we’re sure that business is worth the cost but we’re surprised that she felt like she could afford traveling there alone.

6 Capri, Italy: October Of 2017

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Entering a new phase of this list now that we’ve reached the top posts, it is time for us to focus on trips Farrah took that reveal how far she travels internationally. This time setting off to Capri in the county of Italy, the island in the Tyrrhenian Sea from the Gulf of Naples has to be among the lower-profile areas that we’re looking at on this list. That said, looking at how glorious it looks in a photo like this one she posted on Instagram, that seems like a miscarriage of justice since it is unbelievably exquisite-looking. Of course, this being Farrah, she still managed to piss people off for posting shots from her trip on an Instagram account she made for her daughter. The entire drama aside, however, every shot from this trip we’ve seen points to it being obscenely expensive.

5 Doha, Qatar: December Of 2017

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Alright, alright, now it seems like Farrah is going out of her way in order to anger some of her more prudent followers. A shot that was posted to her Instagram account in December of 2017, here we see her young daughter wearing comfortable clothes for their long trip to Qatar and clutching a stuffed monkey. An innocent and sweet shot that will make any parent think of their young ones and their favorite toys, this shot should have gone down smoothly. Of course, this is Farrah we’re talking about so she managed to put the attention on herself with her caption that revealed she was too drunk to post what she intended. If only she hadn’t posted that, her fans would have been able to focus on the fact that she and her daughter had taken an awesome and long trip that should have broken her bank.

4 London, England: September Of 2015

Without a doubt the most famous city in the whole of England and arguably in the entirety of The United Kingdom, London serves as the capital of its country and is highly populated. A place that many would love to see in person, upon arrival, they could make their way to landmarks like Big Ben, the London Eye, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, and more. Despite all of that, it seems that when Farrah made her way there in September of 2015, she wanted all eyes on her considering the dress she wore to have her picture taken. Also going further by wearing red high heels, not even their renowned weather could rain on her personal parade that we can’t imagine traveling so far to have.

3 Mykonos, Greece: September Of 2017

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Another instance of Farrah garnering a great deal of attention due to going on a trip with her one-time beau, Simon Saran, we’re expecting this to be an online trend. After all, anyone who has paid any attention to her life will be able to tell you that she subsists on headlines no matter if they are perceived as good or bad by the masses. Eventually squashing the rumors of a renewed romance between them that this vacation inspired, they claim they are friends that decided to make their way to Greece at the same time, possibly together. Whether this was a calculated publicity stunt, coincidence, friendly fun, or romantic retry, the fact remains that Anax Resort and Spa in Mykonos where she stayed is priced for the upper crust.

2 Ocean Park, Hong Kong: December Of 2017

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The twelfth vacation that Farrah took in 2017 that we’ve included on this list, we also want to let you know that we left off several trips she posted about on Instagram as well. Not included here as they were questionable, those other holidays may have been tied to some kind of business deal including being filmed for “reality” shows she is a part of. Clearly someone who lives like she has a bank account that is filled to the gills these days, we were most impressed that she and her daughter celebrated the holidays in Hong Kong. Making their way to an amusement park called Ocean Park, they also have many animals, including those that live on land and in the ocean. We all know how expensive any attraction like that is to spend a day at even if they are in their city, and that isn’t to say anything about traveling from the United States to Hong Kong. All we can say is wow.

1 Mar-A-Lago In Palm Beach, Florida: January Of 2018

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A vacation spot that has become increasingly more controversial after the last several years, Mar-A-Lago is a golf getaway that has been owned by Donald Trump since 1985. Now the President of the United States, he has become one of the most controversial figures in North America, if not the world, based on the things he has said and done. Beloved by millions and loathed by just as many, there are loads of people that land in the middle, but you’d never know it based on the modern political discourse. As a result of all of that, Farrah faced a passionate response from her fans when she posted this shot of herself eating there on Instagram. A resort that has a lot of members, being allowed to visit Mar-A-Lago is very costly, so seeing this “reality” star there for even a short while was surprising.

All trips bragged about on Instagram as found on her page.

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