20 Luxury Things Post Malone Spent Money On After His Album Dropped

Post Malone has seen great success since he started making music a few years ago. After the release of his platinum hit White Iverson, it was all uphill for Post Malone. Soon after seeing success in White Iverson, he would move on to make his first album called Stoney. In that album he would present the world with fifteen plus songs. The album saw major success, with two of the songs going platinum, not including White Iverson.

Since the success of Stoney, Post Malone has teased his new album Beerbongs and Bentleys by releasing a hit single called Rockstar. The song quickly rose to success, becoming number one in the world on Apple Music. With all this success we know that Post has his bank account filled to the brim.

Post Malone has already shown the world that he’s a big spender, but with the undoubted success of his new album what exactly will he buy? It’s projected that Post’s album should do just as well as his other album and singles. He is taking time to perfect it so it should be the best he’s had yet. As we wait eagerly, we’re also eager to find out what he’ll spend his millions on.

20 Custom Cars For Days

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One of Post Malone’s first priorities was getting his dream cars. In an interview Post said: “I’m always in a constant battle with who is cooler, me or my dad.” Apparently his dad is a huge car enthusiast and has a few gems of his own. Since Post’s music video for White Iverson, it was obvious Post loves cars.

He decided to customize a Lincoln Continental to really step up his car game. He has also remodeled an old SUV to into the Post-mobile, or as he likes to call it the “Texas whip”. Thanks to the trespassing of Jake Paul, we also know that Post Malone owns a few Rolls Royce as well.

19 Post's Gun Obsession

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Despite much backlash Post continues to flaunt his gun obsession. Guns have become a dangerous topic to talk about in light of tragic events in the past few years. This hasn’t stopped Post as he continues to dabble in guns for fun. Post attends many shooting ranges and gun shops to get all the latest high caliber automatic weapons. In an Instagram post (no pun intended) we can see Post posing with two mini Uzis.

He recently came into some controversy after posting a video of himself driving through Las Vegas in a SUV armed with a machine gun on top of it. He has since apologized and said he had no intentions of upsetting anyone. We can imagine Post’s arsenal will only grow larger as his wallet grows larger.

18 More Killer Music Videos

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Post Malone has always made killer music videos and his latest is no exception. The music video for his hit song Rockstar was directed by Emil Nava who has also done music videos for Ed Sheeran and Calvin Harris. His direction for the music video took a direct inspiration from the popular cult classic Kill Bill. This was Post’s idea and it came out perfect, if not a little bloody. We’re not in the wrong for saying we’re excited for Post’s new album, but more importantly what kind of visuals will go along with it. Hopefully he continues in the direction of the Rockstar music video and goes for a more original hip hop music video. This won’t be cheap of course, especially if he continues to work with Emil Nava who is busy with so many other celebrities.

17 Foreign Taste In Clothing

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If he’s not singing about whipping in foreign cars, he’s swagged out in foreign clothes. We don’t think anyone would argue that Posts fashion choices are a little out there. He has an obsession with dressing completely original in foreign clothes. One second he’s wearing short shorts while the next he’s wearing a fur coat.

Post loves to spend his money on clothes and has been seen leaving stores cashing in at over ten thousand dollars per visit. Post Malone could look good in anything because he’s worn just about everything. Some of his favorites and what people know him by are a red flannel, an all white suit, and he even rocked a Stone Cold Steve Austin jacket at the BET Awards.

16 Giving Back To His Fans

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Unlike many celebrities, Post Malone notices his fan’s support and tries to pay them back. In an attempt to do this Post bought Popeyes biscuits racking up a bill of over eight grand for fans at his Coachella party. There were over ten thousand biscuits present and every one ate that day. Post knows how to be a great host and we’re wondering if this type of generosity will continue into the future.

Post Malone is sure to throw more parties, meaning the need for more Popeye’s biscuits. Maybe not another ten grand but still… Post’s total bill just goes to show how much money he has and how much he’s willing to spend on food. At least he has good taste in biscuits!

15 Happy Birthday From Post

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Post Malone is good friends with hip hop star Rich Chigga and he wanted to do something nice for Rich after he surprised Post with a Mariachi band on his birthday. Post one upped Rich and hired an entire gospel to sing at Rich’s birthday. He even presented him with a huge cake, making it one of the best birthday's Rich has ever had.

So what other crazy ideas for celebrations does Post have in his head? Surely they will cost a pretty penny because the gospel itself cost at least a grand if not more. He has many more friends now and more and more to celebrate so why not go all out? If he has the money to hire a gospel now, imagine what he’s capable of after his new album goes platinum!

14 Sending Gifts Back Home

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Post is very close with his dad. He’s taken inspiration from him ever since he was a kid. In high school Post would dress up in a suit and tie because he wanted to be just like his dad. After seeing so much success he wanted to send some of that back home. We’re sure he has bought his mom a new house and bought his dad a car, but Post also went out of his way to buy his dad a brand new pair of Air Jordan 12 Retros.

Post is sure to have other ideas for future birthdays to hook his dad up. It’s worth noting while there, Post also bought himself two rare pairs of shoes, the Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 Highs, and Air Jordan 11 Retros. The total bill that was racked up reached over 1700 dollars. Most of the money coming from the Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 Highs.

13 His Own Personal Beerbong Manager

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Post Malone’s house is amazing, but what’s on the inside is way better. His crib has so much to do that he’s even hired an official beer bong manager. We know it sounds ridiculous but it’s real. His friend makes a thousand a day to manage Post’s beer bongs. Or that is what Post said in a house tour. We’re not sure if he was joking or not but we do know that he could afford something as ridiculous as that.

Post’s house seems like the ultimate party house and a place where he and all his friends can kick back and relax. The house also apparently has a pool in the backyard which he rarely uses. He’s invited many of his friends to his house for fun like Ethan and Hila from H3H3. In a video by them we got to see the inside of Post’s wardrobe and it was huge!

12 Post Goes Medieval

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Post Malone’s Twitter profile picture for a long time was of him holding a real medieval sword. He’s also seen sporting a crown that matches the sword. We’re not sure if Post is a huge Game of Thrones fan or just likes big sharp objects. We do know that Post is really into guns and it seems he shares similar tastes in the sharp weapons category.

Of course Post would never use this for actual harm but it would be neat to have around the house just in case. Post’s obsession with swords can be seen in his music video for Rockstar in which he mimicked the movie Kill Bill and sword fought assassins in that style. The music video was mature and featured Post even finishing off the last guy with a slice from a katana. At least he got to live out his medieval fantasy.

11 Post Malone's Insane Guitar Collection

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Post Malone is no stranger to hopping outside of the hip hop genre. Several songs on his album Stoney featured songs that would fall under the country or blues category. He has a special place in his heart for the acoustic guitar. So much so that he owns upwards of a dozen guitars, all of which he keeps in a room in his house specifically for guitars.

On an episode of Shop Talk, Post visits a guitar store in New York City to check out some of their guitars. As he is testing some he sees a guitar behind glass that costs one hundred thousand. The owner says that Post will be able to afford it one day but that wasn’t the day. Perhaps after the new album Post can take in enough to finally pick it up. Fret not (no pun intended) Post did walk away with something: a Louis Vuitton guitar that Bruno Mars was interested in.

10 The Golden Grill

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Along with Post’s weird fashion choices, he’s also known for his golden grill. He’s not always wearing it but it’s definitely part of his on stage aesthetic. In an interview, Post Malone talked about how he always wanted to get a gold grill and decided to order a kit off the internet. He would send imprints of his teeth back to the place but it turned out to be cheaply done so he gave up until he moved out to LA. There he had them professionally done which ended up costing him a few thousand dollars.

He wears it during music videos and certain performances. It’s part of what makes Austin Post Post Malone. That along with his strange hairstyles, foreign clothes, and everything else. It seems like in almost every interview or picture of Post he has a huge smile on his face which is sometimes also golden.

9 Jewelry Fit For A King

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Like many stars in the hip hop genre, Post Malone loves his jewelry. In hip hop jewelry is a symbol of how much someone earns and the more jewelry you have the more popular you are. In an interview with GQ, Post stated that he can’t leave home without his gold watch. He stated even if he isn’t wearing it, it’s helpful when he enters a higher class store to show the people there he has the money. He even stated that without the watch he looks like a hobo.

Post also rocks a piece of jewelry that would be unexpected for him. He wears a necklace with two Hello Kitty pendants tied to it. He states that the necklace helps him to pick up girls. He also can be seen rocking a lot of gold necklaces. He owns three in varying sizes and can usually be seen rocking all three at once.

8 Ink For Days

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Yet another thing Post Malone is known for is the amount of tattoos he has. In an interview with GQ, Post explained that many of his tattoos have meaning but a lot are also spur of the moment impulse buys. He explains seeing many designs on the internet and immediately wanting tattoos of them. He also explained that it wasn’t until he met Justin Bieber that he wanted to get tattoos. Post asked Bieber if getting tattoos hurt and when Bieber said no that was all Post needed to get tatted out.

Post’s first tattoo he got was of a Playboy bunny logo. It’s a little faded and Post blames that on Justin Bieber. He says that during a basketball game the tattoo was still healing and Justin landed on Post’s arm messing the tattoo up. On Post’s knuckles he has tattooed all of his favorite artists that have passed away. He also has a huge Johnny Cash tattoo on his arm!

7 Merch Game Stronger Than Jake Paul

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Post Malone stays on top of his merchandise line. With the release of Stoney we saw several pieces of merchandise hit the Post Malone Store. He went with the style of Hunt Club, which was one of the themes of the album Stoney. The merchandise featured different colors but the most prominent being the orange that came from the album cover. Since then he has released Rockstar merchandise which also has the same colors and aesthetic as the album cover for that.

Who knows what type of merchandise we could be looking at when his new album drops. He will possibly continue in the same direction as the Rockstar merchandise. Post also goes above and beyond releasing tour merchandise . During his tour for his album Stoney, Post Malone released new merchandise to his store and available for purchase during the tour.

6 Post And His Beer

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Post Malone’s staple is his obsession with beer. His favorite beer is Bud Light and he even has a Bud Light fridge in his house which he has restocked every week. There aren't many scenarios you can find with Post without his beer. He has been seeking a sponsorship from Bud Light for some time but nothing has come of that yet.

Perhaps with the release of his new album Post can get a larger reach and obtain that sponsorship so he can stop spending so much money on Bud Light. If it’s not Bud Light in his hand, then it’s a cigarette. Many people have begun to worry about Post’s health but he doesn’t seem to be worrying just yet. He’s still young after all.

5 Touring The World

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Post Malone loves to travel. Before his Stoney tour Post travelled all across Europe seeing all the sights. During his Stoney tour he went all across the USA and was travelling constantly. With the release of Beerbongs and Bentleys approaching we can also expect another tour to follow in its footsteps. Touring is expensive not only because of travel costs but renting venues and so forth. We know Post Malone has the money and he makes it back in ticket and merchandise sales, but it’s still a lot of money. With that said, we wouldn’t be surprised if Post takes more luxury trips to other countries in his free time. After he releases Beerbongs and Bentleys we’re sure he will have a lot of time on his hands, and what better way to spend that than travelling the world.

4 Building His Dream PC

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Post Malone is a huge gamer. He has recently started to live stream himself playing video games like Players Unknown: Battlegrounds and Call of Duty WWII. In order to do this he had to purchase a high end PC to run and stream these games. He’s not stopping there however. He has recently reached out to JayzTwoCents, a YouTuber who custom builds PCs. Jay is notable for building Terry Crews’ computer. This computer is being custom built to represent Post’s new album. In a video released recently, Jay has come up with awesome designs to represent the artwork behind Beerbongs and Bentleys. A notable feature they want to implement is the grill of a Bentley on the front of Post’s computer. They’re not stopping there because they’ve enlisted the help of someone else to make sure the computer has somewhere nice to stay. Post Malone will have one awesome computer and one awesome place to play it.

3 Ghost Malone

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Post is huge into the paranormal. After expressing his interests in the paranormal on a segment of the H3H3 podcast, Post has gone on a few ghost hunts. He even invited Ethan and Hila from H3H3 along for a ghost hunt. He has since even been featured in an episode of the famous ghost hunting show Ghost Adventures. Post’s passions for the paranormal have taken him to places he never thought possible but he isn’t done just yet.

Post has explained his interests in obtaining the proper ghost hunting equipment so he can conduct his own investigations. This type of equipment doesn’t come cheap because its all used for a very specific and niche thing: hunting ghosts. Surely Post will make enough off his new album to afford this equipment and we wouldn’t be surprised if he started hunting ghosts almost immediately.

2 Bringing A Band Together

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Post Malone has expressed in the past how his heart doesn’t live with hip hop. He grew up listening to a wide variety of different music. He also used to be in a few heavy metal bands before he was Post Malone. The reason he is doing hip hop is because that is what stuck for him. He’s already started to venture out to different genres like the song Feeling Whitney on his album Stoney.

In a few different interviews, Post has expressed his want to bring a band together for a metal or rock group. His passions also lay in other music genres like country in which he also wishes to bring an actual band together for. While we don’t think Post Malone himself is going anywhere, we could see him change the direction of his music in the future.

1 Chasing His Passions In Life

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Just like any newly made superstar, Post Malone is going to chase his passions. We’ve already hit on a few of his passions in this list but there are so many more. His passion for music will always be first and foremost. However, his passion for things like ghost hunting and travelling will always be something he’s known for.

We’re sure that we’re not done seeing Post Malone just in the music spotlight. We could see him continue to drive his passions for gaming through his Twitch channel. He could even find a way to start making videos on YouTube, something he’s expressed interest in before. Whatever the case we know that Post Malone will have the right amount of funds to chase any ambition he has in life.

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