20 Things Kylie's Daughter Will Have In Her Nursery (Kim Would Approve Of)

It has been revealed that Kim has spent $550,000 on the nursery for her third child. Will Kylie be doing the same thing?

It seems that you can’t move without stumbling over a Kardashian baby these days! With the news that Kimye have welcomed their third child, Chicago, born via a surrogate and Khloe due to give birth to her first child at the end of April, it seemed as though the older Kardashian girls had a monopoly on newborns.

They weren’t counting on youngest sister Kylie Jenner, however, who has also got in on the baby action, giving birth to daughter Stormi on 1 February 2018. The 20-year-old model had tried to keep her pregnancy with boyfriend Travis Scott a secret–most unlike those Kardashian girls–but once her bundle of joy arrived, she seemed more than happy to tell the world.

And for the Kardashians, a new baby means the chance to renovate, spending thousands of dollars on interior décor, high-end furniture, and designer outfits for their little one. It has been revealed that Kim has spent $550,000 on the nursery for her third child. Will Kylie Jenner be Keeping Up With the Kardashians when it comes to her own nursery?

Check out the list below as we imagine what kind of luxury items Kylie will have splashed out on for little Stormi.

20 A Perfectly-Modeled Nursery With Luxurious Interior Design


Before Kylie starts to fill her nursery with expensive furniture and designer clothes, she needs the room to look its absolute best. When she moved into her $2.7-million luxury Calabasas mansion back in 2015, she stole momager Kris Jenner’s favorite interior designer, Jeff Andrews, to do the remodelling of the house. His Gothic style might not suit a nursery, but you can be sure that Kylie will only allow the hottest names in interior design anywhere near her exclusive home (and baby room). Fans have only had the briefest glimpse of the Kylie nursery–the theme of which appears to be pink, pink, and more pink–but no clues yet as to who did all the styling for the youngest Kardashian.

19 A Lucite Vetro Crib Just Like Kim Did For Stormi’s Cousins


Big sister Kim Kardashian has some rather expensive taste when it comes to cribs, although she has at least been frugal when it comes to hand-me-downs, using the same Lucite Vetro crib for each of her three children. It seems that Kim is determined to get value for money out of her $4,200 investment (and why shouldn't she?). It’s a shame though, that Kim had another baby at the same time that baby sister Kylie gave birth, as she could have handed the designer cot onto her little sister. Perhaps Kylie will take a leaf out of Kim’s book and buy a Lucite Vetro crib of her own for Stormi, and possibly hold onto it for future babies?

18 A Second Designer Crib


So, Kim has tried her best to save a few dollars by using the same crib, but it seems that she just can’t stop spending and has even bought a second designer cot for baby Chicago. Given the size of Kylie’s Calabasas mansion, she might see the wisdom in investing in not one, but two, cribs (maybe even three?) just to make sure that her daughter always has somewhere (designer) to lay her head on. Reportedly, Kim’s second crib is made from dark velvet and designed by none other than Dolce Notte. Will Kylie look to her big sister for inspiration when it comes to high-end furniture for her nursery, or will she follow her own sense of style?

17 A Changing Table Made From Sustainable Wood


Back when the Kylie Jenner pregnancy was still just a rumor, a lot of fuel was added to the fire when paparazzi managed to get photos of a very specific item of furniture being delivered to her large Calabasas home—a changing table. Yes, even celebrity moms need somewhere to change their babies’ dirty diapers. We caught a glimpse of Kim’s very similar white changing table when the Keeping Up With the Kardashians cameras caught our Kim preparing for the arrival of her first child, North, although recent reports now suggest that Kylie has opted for furniture made from sustainable wood in a bid to create an eco-friendly nursery. Seems she might be doing her own thing and not copying sister Kim.

16 An Armani Or Dior Pacifier, Or Maybe A Gold Dummy Just Like Kim’s Chicago?


So, Kylie has the changing table, but there are lots of other ordinary everyday items which new moms all need to buy. Will Kylie be inspired by Kim’s outlandish spending when it comes to stocking her nursery with essentials for North, Saint and Chicago? Kim’s spending spree on new daughter Chicago reportedly includes a $90,000 solid gold dummy made by Suommo Dodo. Now, given that pacifiers end up covered in drool and more often than not, get lost somewhere in the house, you have to hope that Kylie takes a more practical approach. Perhaps she will plump for a Dior or Armani pacifier, just as trendsetting but a lot more realistic than a $90,000 doll.

15 Bedtime Style, Picked From PoshTots


Once Kylie has her designer crib, the next big decision is which bedding she is going to buy. After all, there’s no point in having a high-end crib if your precious baby ends up sleeping on Walmart sheets, right? When it comes to baby bedding, drapes, cushions, and other soft furnishings, there is only one place where celebrities shop—PoshTots. The company makes a range of cots and beds, as well as their designer bedding, which features floral patterns, bows, and lots of lace for the newborn princess in your life. There is no doubt that Kim would definitely approve if Kylie went for the top-of-the-range Tansy Gingham Baby Bedding—a snip at $2,200.

14 A Stylish Sleepsuit, Maybe A Burberry Sleepsuit?


Now, given that no Kardashian (or Jenner) baby would be seen without a designer label on his or her back, then our young Kylie will have to do some serious clothes shopping... that's if she hasn’t filled up Stormi’s walk-in closet and wardrobe already. Even sleepsuits come with designer labels these days. Perhaps Kylie will plump for a Burberry sleepsuit, inspired by her first musical outing on a single by rapper Burberry Perry, or maybe she will be motivated by her big sister Kim's more classic style and plump for a Versace sleepsuit to match the iconic sunglasses Kim seems to love so much. We wonder what sister Kourtney thinks of the designer sleepsuits...

13 Designer Footwear For Every Occasion


One of the few clues we have about Kylie’s plans for styling baby Stormi came in a brief video clip, showing the huge wardrobe in the little girl’s nursery, which is already chock full of designer clothes and shoes. It seems that Stormi will be following in the footsteps of her older Kardashian cousins when it comes to designer footwear. It appears that Stormi will have shoes for every occasion, from sneakers for casual wear to even feathered pumps for those gala dinners (how many gala dinner will she attend?). Kim is an obsessive shoe shopper for her own kids, with the tot regularly seen wearing designs by Hermes, Charlotte Olympia, and Giuseppe Zanotti.

12 A Cute Pair Of Baby Nikes


Pride of place on Stormi’s well-stocked shoe rack went to an adorable pair of baby Nikes, a gift from her mom’s best friend, Robyn Woods. These designer sneakers retail at around $100, an expensive gift when you consider how fast a baby’s feet grow! Still, at least Stormi will be a Nike trendsetter for the few months they fit her, and mom or dad are bound to buy her a brand new pair when she needs them anyway! Kim is also a big fan of Nike sneakers for her kids, and Kimye have even designed a super cute pair for their own clothing line, Kids Supply. Maybe they'll even design a style for their niece Stormi.

11 Stuffed Toys, Especially Teddy Bears


No new nursery is complete without a collection of stuffed toys. And while there are no teddy bears on view in the brief glimpse we get of Kylie’s rather minimalist nursery in her video clip, you can be sure that there will be some serious stuffed animals making their home in Calabasas. Maybe Kim has bought her new niece the same teddy bear that she has splashed out for her own new arrival. Chicago is the proud owner of a very exclusive $170,000 Louis Vuitton teddy bear made by Steiff, who have been making stuffed bears since 1880. Dressed in an adorable Louis Vuitton raincoat and hat, it has Kardashian baby written all over it. Do you think it has Jenner baby written all over it as well? Time will tell.

10 A Baby Spa For Baby To Relax


While Kylie might not feel as enamored with the idea of a Louis Vuitton bear as her big sister–Kim loves the designer so much, she even has LV-branded waster bins, after all–she might be tempted by another innovation which Kim had installed in the nursery ready for the arrival Chicago—a baby spa. That's right... a spa for babies... The spa features a special child-friendly pool, a yoga studio, and even has a live-in masseuse—ideal for getting rid of the stresses and strains of being a new mom. Was Kylie hiding away her own baby spa behind the scenes in her nursery tour video? Or maybe she was getting ready for baby Stormi's arrival in the baby spa...

9 Baby Stormi Will Wear A LOT Of Pink


Kardashian fans were only given the briefest of glimpses of Kylie’s nursery for baby Stormi, but one thing was abundantly clear from the short clip—this is one little girl who is going to wear a lot of pink. And we mean A LOT! Far from ditching the ideas of classic gender stereotypes, Kylie seems more than happy to reinforce the pretty-in-pink message for her little girl with a very pink nursery and racks full of clothes in various shades of pink. Older cousin North, Kim K’s first child, is another fan of pink clothing (or is that her mom?) and was even pictured wearing a pink fur coat worth a reported $2500 back in 2015.

8 Items From Kim’s Designer Label, Kids Supply


Sadly, for dedicated followers of fashion, Kylie’s short nursery tour didn’t give us any clues as to what designers she has been buying for her daughter to wear. Perhaps there are a few items from big sister Kim’s own designer label, Kids Supply, in the closet. After all, sisters have got to stick together! If Kylie wanted to choose outfits from more established names, Oscar de la Renta does a range of baby and kids clothes, as do Gucci and former Louis Vuitton designer, Marc Jacobs. Only the best is good enough for a Kardashian (or a Jenner) kid. After all, she will become a trendsetter one day...

7 Butterflies, Butterflies, And More Butterflies


The sight of a few artfully-placed butterflies decorating the walls of Kylie’s nursery seemed to send the internet into meltdown, with fans speculating that the new Kardashian baby was going to be called Butterfly or perhaps Mariposa, the Spanish translation. This wasn’t as far-fetched as it sounds, as Kylie and her baby daddy, Travis, both have matching butterfly tattoos. Kim was pictured in the video bringing Chicago around to visit her aunt. Perhaps Kim got some interior design inspiration from her younger sibling on this occasion? In the end, the couple chose the name Stormi, after the famous “butterfly effect” quotation.

6 A Green Mattress—Organic, To Be Precise

via Pinterest

Don’t worry, Kylie hasn’t lost all her sense of style and bought an actual green mattress for baby Stormi, but what she has done is splash out on an organic mattress for her daughter’s crib in keeping with her environment-friendly take on motherhood. Being an eco-mom is not something that Kardashian fans will have seen from Kim previously, but there is another older sister who has embraced all things organic, especially when it comes to her children—sister Kourtney Kardashian. Perhaps Kim isn’t the only trendsetter in the Kardashian family? The $400 mattress was bought from baby boutique Petit Tresor in West Hollywood.

5 Walls In The Same Shade Of Pink As Kylie’s Recently-Launched Shade Of Pink In Popular Lip Kit line – Posie K

Clearly, Kylie’s directions to her interior decorator when it came to renovating Stormi’s room was that you can never have too much pink. But, fans of Kardashian style have been busy speculating that there might be more to the particular shade of pink which Kylie has chosen for her daughter Stormi’s nursery. Given that Kylie only recently launched a new shade in her popular Lip Kit line, Posie K, what better way to promote your product than to splash the new color all over the walls of your high-profile home, right? Shameless self-promoter Kim would definitely approve of this kind of publicity stunt. We're thinking she might have even been the one to give Kylie the idea...

4 Books Such As Mary Had A Little Glam And Guess How Much I Love You


By the looks of things, Stormi isn’t going to grow up just to be a stylish young lady but also a smart one. The shelves of her nursery are lined with books, ready for numerous bedtime stories, including the very appropriately titled “Mary Had a Little Glam” by Tammi Sauer and children’s classic “Guess How Much I Love You” by Sam McBratney. Perhaps little Stormi will end up writing a novel just like her aunts Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney, or like her mom and Auntie Kendall—or at least end up better at social media interaction than her aunt Kim!

3 Baby Lotions, Shampoo, And Other Toiletries


Following on from her sustainable changing table and the organic crib mattress, it seems that Kylie has been well and truly following in sister Kourtney’s footsteps, rather than Kim’s, when it comes to buying lotions, shampoo, and other toiletries for her little Stormi. If she is determined to be an eco-friendly mom, then she may even decide to use, wash, and reuse cloth nappies rather than throwing away disposable ones and adding to landfill. Kim revealed that husband Kanye refused to change North’s nappies, so Travis better pay attention to what’s expected of the Kardashian men!

2 Perhaps A Rocking Horse Encrusted In Crystals, To Match Chicago’s Nursery?

via NYLon Living

If Kylie does want to match big sister Kim in the baby spending stakes, then she has a long way to go! There were few clues about toys for little Stormi in the sneak peek we got of her nursery, but Kim’s spending on Chicago has been well-documented, including spending $137,000 on a rocking horse encrusted with 80,000 Swarovski crystals. Unfortunately for Kylie though, even if she did want to follow Kim’s lead and buy a similar gift for her own daughter, she might have to place an advanced order, as the original was a one-of-a-kind creation handmade by specialist jewellers. Although, we're certain Kylie would not have to wait too long.

1 A Set Of Petit Tresor Wooden Bears, Made With Sustainable Wood For Her Teething


Kylie’s eco-theme for her nursery even extends as far as the teething toys she bought for Stormi for those difficult months ahead. Rather than buy any old plastic teething ring, Kylie has bought a set of Petit Tresor wooden bears made with sustainable wood from South Chile and coated in a non-toxic beeswax and cold-pressed flaxseed oil. Kourtney has obviously inspired her little sister to think of the planet when raising her little girl—something that doesn’t seem to be too much on Kim’s mind when buying fur coats for her kids. We don't know if Kim would approve of this, but we're sure Kourtney does (and maybe Khloe will follow suit?).

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