20 Things Kim K Spends Her Millions On That Fans Wouldn't Expect

Well, look at you, little miss "found fame." Kim Kardashian is so famous, people will click on her name for absolutely no reason. Maybe you did just now. As the rest of Hollywood crawls at her feet, Kim K is earning more per minute than most of us make in a lifetime. Keeping Up With The Kardashians may have launched this woman's career, but she's built one of her own and it's an EMPIRE.

Kim K is one of the highest-paid stars the world has ever seen. $500,000 is what she can rake in for a single sponsored Instagram post. Only Kim can casually tweet that she'd "transferring $53 million" into her and husband, Kanye West's, joint account. But what does Kim spend her millions on? You'd be surprised...

$45.5 million is what Forbes reported Kim raking in over 2017. Sell-out beauty lines, Kimojis, books, and appearances have made this reality star rich beyond belief. Kim lives in the lap of luxury, but her spending sprees aren't what you think they might be. From charcoal to string cheese, Pottery Barn to McDonald's, we've done our research. Kim's credit card bills are quite possibly the weirdest in Hollywood. Here are 20 random things Kim K spends her (multi) millions on.


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Most celebs assert their status with a firm Louis Vuitton entourage— purses, suitcases, belts, or maybe clothes— not Kim. There isn't much evidence to suggest that Kim ever goes near a trash can, although, her social media has suggested otherwise.

Kim received backlash in 2018 for showing side-by-side trash cans bearing the Louis Vuitton designer logo. Fans were quick to hit back suggesting that Kim has "no concept of reality."

Kim never confirmed that the trash cans were hers. Still, when you take to your own social media and post something that looks like property, whose can it be? Keep reading for more surprising (and sometimes very expensive) items Kim seems to think are worth the money...


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Well, it's not lemonade without a bit of charcoal, right? Kim lives in hot and sunny California. While her $20 million mansion is fully air-conditioned, we can't blame her for wanting to grab an ice-cold beverage. What she's choosing to drink is a little more questionable, though.

Kim is really into charcoal lemonade. "I swear, when I drink it, I feel cleansed and energized throughout the day," she told Glamour. Charcoal reportedly detoxes the body, and some nutritionists swear by it. Kim could be sipping smoothies by the pool, but what does she choose? Charcoal.

Kim is really into her health which is great, especially since she's a mom of three. We see her sipping iced tea from Starbucks on-screen or out and about, but this really is an odd choice.

18 $260 ON ICE TONGS

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DON'T YOU DARE SIP THAT CHARCOAL DRINK WITHOUT ICE! Apparently, the gift that keeps on giving, ice tongs, is the second item on Kim's bizarre spending list. In 2011, Kim married NBA player, Kris Humphries in a lavish wedding. Of course, it came with a registry gift list.

The $260 ice tongs came to match a $635 Baccart ice bucket, plus, a set of 20 napkins worth $3,000. Kim tries to portray a down-to-earth personality on TV. You can get ice tongs at Walmart for $25. Reality check, much?

Kim's tongs may have lasted, but her marriage didn't. She and Kris divorced, and Kim married Kanye in 2014. Still, with TMZ reporting that a $1 BILLION divorce is in the works, will Kim need to keep shopping?


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Okay, this one is just ridiculous— $750,000 is what some celebs spend on their actual home— not the toilet they put in it. Everyone likes a bit of home decor. You might decorate a fireplace or just a kitchen shelf, but not for Kim...

$750,000 is what The Daily Mail reported Kim spending on gold-plated toilet seats for her Bel Air mansion. Kim is said to have purchased four. Talk about sitting on your throne. Or is it just flushing money away?

Kim and Kanye spent so long renovating their palace of a home, they actually took four years to move into it. Meanwhile, "momager," Kris, had to play hostess to Kim, the kids, plus, Kanye and his "interesting personality."


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You might see Kim brunching out with her brood at ocean-side restaurants in Malibu. But for every sushi stop, there's a Happy Meal balancing it out. Kim is a huge McDonald's fan, and she even leaves her mansion late at night for ice-cream.

Kim's Instagram often sees her sneaking out to McDonald's in the dark for an ice-cream cone. While her regular diet is super-strict, Kim has a soft spot for fast food. Just last month, Kim was spotted at the McDonald's drive-thru with a very pregnant Khloe.

Kim might hide in oversized jackets on her late-night McDonald's haunts, but there's no hiding that this girl loves fast food. Kim can afford $1000 meals, but she'll dine out on the cheap like the rest of us.


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North West is one of the most famous preschoolers in Hollywood. Little Northie may still be finding her feet, but she's stepping into one luxurious world. Who does she have to thank? Her rich and famous mommy.

Kim spent $50,000 on a designer Hermès purse "for North to paint," according to The Daily Mail. Kim was photographed holding the purse, which had her daughter's colorful paint splashed all over it.

Kim revealed in a separate interview that she uses a similar bag for "diapers and string cheese." Back on planet earth, we use a hand-me-down bag from our own mom. At a push, we might be able to afford a new one for $100.


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What is it with Kim and keeping things cold? Alongside her ice tongs and weird lemonade, Kim has dropped $1 million on a very specific part of her kitchen. Cool beverages for Kim aren't worth drinking unless they're kept in luxury, and boy, is this luxurious.

Kim's kitchen has a crystal, Swarovski-encrusted fridge worth a staggering $1 million, according to The Independent. The jewel-adorned fridge freezer comes alongside other top-of-the-range appliances. But does Kim ever cook?

KUWTK shows us a lot of Kim lounging around on her oversized couches while FaceTiming with her assistant. Presumably, the fridge comes in handy for when she's so exhausted, she needs a beverage (with charcoal).


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Kim might want a crystal-encrusted fridge for herself, but she's not stupid. Kim knows that having young kids and precious possessions don't mix, although, she did gift little North that designer purse just to paint.

Kim likes to share her favorite items via her gift lists. She even has one for kids. A $500 toy kitchen from Pottery Barn was one of her top-recommended gift items for kids. Her actual purchases are $50,000 purses.

Kim might spoil her kids rotten, but you'd be surprised at her charitable side. After seeing homeless people camped out in tents on the streets of LA, Kim went to the local food bank to see how she could help out. That said...


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Kim may have released an entire book of selfies called "Selfish," but she knows how to be generous. Yes, to others. Kim mostly spends her (questionably) hard-earned cash on herself. However, in 2012, she dropped some serious dough on Kanye.

To celebrate Kanye's 35th birthday, Kim bought her husband a $750,000 Lamborghini Aventador. What were Kanye's lyrics, again? "Harder, better, faster, stronger..."

People reported that the Lamborghini was an addition to the couple's existing fleet of vehicles: a $400,000 Rolls Royce, a $325,000 Ferrari, plus, all the custom trimmings.


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If you're going to own a 3.5-acre estate worth $20 million, you might as well live in it— not for Kim. Despite purchasing the Bel Air estate in 2014, Kim and Kanye took a whopping four years to actually move in. They re-decorated every inch of the property with lavish marbles and fountain pools, but they only moved in this year.

Kim and Kanye's Bel Air mansion is worth $20 million, according to TMZ. Complete with vineyards, two spas, fountains, and a rose garden, it's the ultimate luxury. Kim only moved into it this year, though.

Unfortunately, that's not the only thing Kim buys and barely uses...


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It's a hard life, right? Owning so many vehicles doesn't even give poor, Kim, a chance to ride around in them, especially when you factor in how much she flies (in a private jet). Her little sister, Kylie, may "feel bad because we never take out the Lambo," as she mentioned on an episode of Life of Kylie, but Kim is doing the same thing.

Kim purchased a $325,000 Ferrari according to People. Although, we hardly ever see her in it. She's definitely digging her Rolls Royce Phantom, but is the Ferrari feeling lonely because it didn't get Platinum Motorsport custom treatment?

Actually, we don't even see Kim driving that much at all. She's chauffered to events a lot. If anyone's doing the driving in the Kardashian family, it's Khloe!


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Most of us go grocery shopping when we can. If that means between work or picking up the kids, so be it. More often than not, we also pick the grocery store that's cheapest. Food is pricey. Expenses are less of an issue for Kim K, though.

In 2017, following her harrowing Paris robbery, Kim was feeling vulnerable. She told The Ellen Show that she felt vulnerable. "I just miss the grocery store, like filling up your house, she said." The pressure of fame made her rent an entire store out, according to The Daily Mail.

"I just want to go to Ralph's with my kid in the cart and go through every aisle, she said. She continued to say she didn't want to seem "bratty," but that shopping with regular people was just too much for her.


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Finally, something that we can relate to. Most of us stock our kitchens with whatever we can find (or whatever we can afford). We definitely don't eat at five-star restaurants every night of the week— if we're lucky, we can afford some good take-out.

"String cheese is one of my all-time fave snacks," Kim told People. "I love to eat it with sliced turkey." Kim might dine at Nobu, but some of those millions are going towards regular food.

The Kardashians all have different views on food. Super-healthy, Kourtney, leads a gluten-free, dairy-free lifestyle. Khloe is all about fitness. Amazingly, Kendall is the one who is on the "anti-model diet," according to Khloe. And now you know where to find the string cheese.


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What do you buy the man who has everything? If you've already gifted him a $750,000 Lamborghini, you buy him Monopoly. This purchase only set Kim back $20, but she thought it was a great birthday gift for Kanye. According to The Daily Mail, Kim bought a version called "Ms. Monopoly," which allows the player to name their own properties.

Kim spent $20 on a custom Monopoly game for Kanye's birthday back in 2014. "Happy birthday to my husband and best friend in the entire world!" she wrote on her Instagram. It's reported Kim added some customized touches to make the gift special.

For all the crazy expensive purchases Kim makes, she can buy something perfectly ordinary. That said, this is coming from the woman who walked down the aisle in a $1.5 million wedding dress.


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Kim will never truly be royalty. That's saved for the likes of Kate Middleton, Prince William (and soon-to-be-royal, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry). Kim is nevertheless Hollywood royalty. What's good for the real royals is good in Kim's books.

Kim spent precisely $923,000 on beds for her love nest with Kanye. The Savoir Royal State beds are made of virgin lambswool, Mongolian horsehair, and star-lashed springs. One was even made for the Queen of England.

The Daily Mail reported that only 60 of these beds have ever been made. Kim had her eye on them for a while, ever since she heard that the Queen had one made in honor of her Diamond Jubilee.


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"I need a vacay from my vacay" is a phrase you've probably heard from the Kardashians. Despite their super luxurious lifestyles, these ladies do work hard at running their empires. Of course, that merits a luxurious getaway to Mexico or the Caribbean.

Kim is known for jetting off to exotic beach locations. Just this month, she posted a series of private beach Instagram snaps. Since Kim earned $10 million in one day from her fragrance launch, it's not surprising she can afford $1 million vacations.

The Mirror reported that the 2017 launch of Kim's new fragrance range netted her a staggering $10 million in just one day. Kim takes breaks on private islands. Meanwhile, we're stuck working the late shift, although, we do get to see snaps of her mouth-watering pineapple chunks on the beach.


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Kim gets to travel the world. In 2018, she went to Japan and you'd need to be living under a rock to not know about her lavish wedding in Italy. TMZ reported that the event came with a $12 million price tag. Steep. A little less pricey (and a lot more tasty) are the deep-fried pastries Kim makes a beeline for whenever she's in New Orleans.

Kim shared an Instagram shot of the deep-fried choux pastry she ate when visiting New Orleans. The pastries are a local speciality, and Kim captioned the image: "New Orleans nights."

Kim's diet is generally balanced, but she does treat herself. Of course, you already know about her sneaky late-night trips to McDonald's.


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Cravings are a natural part of pregnancy. Some women crave cornflakes with orange juice, while others can eat entire jars of pickles. For Mila Kunis, it was sauerkraut. Kate Middleton couldn't get enough cupcakes when she was expecting, according to Glamour.

Kim laid down the law during her 2015 pregnancy, when she revealed she was "craving Lay's Barbecue chips." Kim wrote that she couldn't stop snacking on them. Looks like affordable cravings actually run in the family...

A bag of chips won't set you back a huge amount. To be fair, Kim isn't the only Kardashian who went pretty regular with her pregnancy cravings. Sister, Kourtney, had a craving for New York bagels and Khloe couldn't get enough spaghetti.


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When you're insanely rich, you can afford insane things. For Kanye's 40th birthday, Vogue reported that Kim rented an entire private island in the Caribbean for them to celebrate. Pristine beaches and a marina feature on the 600-acre island, and the whole place is invite-only, to begin with.

After renting an entire private island for Kanye's birthday, rumors surfaced that Kim was buying her own private island. "A $5 million private island in Australia with a theme park for daughter, North" is what The Mirror reported Kim would buy.

But where does Kim actually go? To Mexico. Given that she already owns cars she barely drives and that her home sat empty for four years, just what is going on inside Kim's head?


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Most of us would dream of having a penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park in New York City. The $30 million pad she and Kanye stay in while they're in the Big Apple is just part of Kim's healthy property portfolio. But do they really stay in it?

$30 million is what The Sun reported as the price of Kim and Kanye's temporary NYC Air BnB. The five-bedroom Tribeca pad has 7 terraces and skyline views. Kim and Kanye only stayed one night.

Kim is often in NYC for Fashion Week and appearances. Despite having access to the luxe complex, Kim prefers to stay in hotels. "I'm really obsessed with the Gansevoort Hotel in NYC!" she tweeted. Of course, Kim only stays in top-tier suites.

If you're sitting there dreaming what you would buy if you'd earned $10 million in one day, leave us a comment and tell us what! Kim K gets a ton of press she wants, but the world needs to see what she's really spending. Hit share and get the word out to your friends.

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