20 Things Alec Baldwin Doesn't Share About His Daughter Ireland

Every once in a while, we get a glimmer of a future star, a rare insight into what might just be one of the biggest stars of the years to come. And today, one girl fits that description better than any other... And her name is Ireland Baldwin. If you haven't heard of her, chances are you've still heard of her last name, and yes, she one of those Baldwins. Her father is legendary actor Alec Baldwin. But her famous family members don't just stop there – her mother is also another big name in the industry, Kim Basinger.

But this article isn't about her mother or her father, it's about Ireland. Because when you really look into what kind of a woman she is, there's a lot to talk about. She shows off an incredible, alluring personality every chance she gets, and it's no wonder that so many people are talking about her. Of course, her inner beauty is matched by her outer beauty. With the height and figure befitting her supermodel career, she's taking on the fashion industry and the acting world. And you know what? She just might rise to the very top... But before we get ahead of ourselves, here are some facts about Ireland Baldwin that might surprise many...

20 Her Father Once Called Her By A Rude Name


While Ireland Baldwin is carving her own path in the entertainment business, she arguably wouldn't have been under the spotlight as much if it weren't for her father, famous actor Alec Baldwin. But as numerous sources reported, their relationship wasn't always cheery. Alec Baldwin once left a rather angry message on her daughter's answering machine, which got leaked to the press.

The Daily Mail quoted actor Alec Baldwin as saying: "I don't give a [darn] that you're 12 years old, or 11 years old, or that you're a child, or that your mother is a thoughtless pain in the [behind] who doesn't care about what you do as far as I'm concerned. Once again I have made an [idiot] of myself trying to get to a phone. You have humiliated me for the last time with this phone."

The actor later said that the incident caused a "permanent break" in the relationship with his daughter.

19 She's A Model


It's pretty obvious that Ireland Baldwin is quite attractive, and it should come as no surprise that she's enjoying an amazing career as a model. She also stands at an impressive six foot two, making her perfect for the fashion industry in general. She has a passion for fashion, and she's now linked with some of the top names in the industry.

In an interview with Genlux, Ireland talked a little about her modeling career, saying, "At 16 I signed to IMG models. It was fun in the beginning, being able to travel… though it was also frustrating to see my friends excel in school and go on to the collegiate level of sports. I was envious of that, but I was traveling and meeting phenomenal people."

18 She's Also Dabbled In Acting


But Ireland isn't just satisfied with modeling. Nowadays, she's been dabbling more and more with acting, and she's been having some great success. She seems like she's in a great position to succeed, what with the guidance of her father and her naturally good looks.

Back in 2015, she was quoted by E! News as saying, "I have a few things coming up that I can't really discuss at the moment yet, but that's why I'm going to New York," Ireland spilled. "I've been focusing on acting lately, and that's why I've stepped out of the modeling spotlight to be in film school. I just switched actually—I'm looking into New York Film Academy right now."

17 Her IG Gets People Talking

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If any of our readers are familiar with Ireland Baldwin's Instagram page, then they already know what we're talking about here. Some of her photos are very alluring indeed, and although this might be somewhat surprising for the older generations, most of us know that this is pretty normal these days, especially for a model like Ireland.

There are countless images posted from her photo shoots, as well as Instagram photos taken from Ireland's own personal journey, and each one tells a story.

Ireland is clearly very comfortable in her own skin. But one does have to wonder how her father feels about all this...

16 She Used To Really Care About What Trolls Were Saying


When you put yourself out there to the extent that Ireland has, one has to expect some criticism. And Ireland has received her fair share. But while she used to get down about it, she's now learned to totally ignore the "trolls."

Today quoted Ireland as saying: “I saw what people were saying about me, that of course I was modeling because I was so-and-so’s daughter. ‘She’s fat, she’s disgusting.’ I would get so down on myself." She continued, “Today, I am going to stop reading these comments and stop caring. I stopped altogether looking at articles and paparazzi photos. I used to be crazy about my double chin, or the bad angle of my butt. I’m not even going to look anymore. I owe it to myself.”

15 Kim Basinger Says Her Divorce Was Hard On Ireland


Kim Basinger has also spoken out about how her divorce with Alec Baldwin has affected Ireland's life, and she's under no illusions about how harmful it has been for Ireland throughout the years.

E! News quoted Kim Basinger, Ireland's mother, as saying: "Divorce is hard on a kid, no matter how you cut it," the actress said. "And ours was very public and nasty. So I brought up Ireland in a very unconventional way. I just wanted her to be free. If she wanted to have her friends over and write over the walls with pen, that was fine. I wanted her childhood to be full of love and light and animals and friends."

14 She Once Posed For PETA


Ireland is anything but timid, and that's plain to see when you look at some of her past photoshoots. But one shoot that really stands out was when she posed for the animal rights group PETA, under their famous slogan.

PETA quoted the young beauty as saying: “I saw the images from when my mom shot this campaign, so it was something that I had aspired to do. Since I was a little girl, I wanted to do something for PETA. This is something my mother has fought her entire life and has advocated for and something that I have tried to as well.”

13 She Is Related To One Of The Passengers Of The Mayflower


Ireland Baldwin definitely comes from an interesting family, and this can be said for both her mother and her father's sides. Alec Baldwin is of course part of a famous acting family that includes many of his brothers and relatives. Kim Basinger is also an actress and former model, and she is equally famous.

But one of the most astonishing things about Ireland's Wikipedia page is that according to the entry, she is actually related to a passenger of the famous Mayflower ship that brought some of the first settlers to the "New World" of America. She is apparently related to a guy called John Howland.

12 She Once Made Fun Of Taylor Swift's Dance Moves


You can find a lot of wacky videos and images when you scroll through Ireland's Instagram page. Sometimes she's messing around, sometimes she's with her friends, and sometimes she's just looking beautiful. But as Stylecaster pointed out, one of Ireland's most talked about Instagram videos caused chuckles that seemed to come at the expense of another celeb.

She posted a video where she danced in her living room along to the sound track of "Delicate" by Taylor Swift, and Ireland seemed to making fun of Swift's dance moves that appeared in the music video. But you know what they say: imitation is the best form of flattery.

11 She Said She "Couldn't Breath" When She Met Johnny Depp And James Franco


Throughout her life, Ireland must have had the opportunity to meet some of the biggest celebrities in the world. Her mother and her father must have been rubbing elbows with Hollywood's best and brightest since her very birth, and she must have had the opportunity to be introduced to all of these stars from a very young age.

But even though she might be used to it, that doesn't mean she doesn't freak out. Ireland Baldwin was quoted by Teen Vogue as saying: "'I've learned to treat celebrities as equals and just kind of meet them and admire their work, but I definitely could not breathe when I met Johnny Depp and James Franco."

10 She's Spoken Out About Battling Depression


And even though Ireland is a celebrity, that doesn't mean she doesn't struggle with the same things as the rest of us. She has actually spoken out about her battle with depression, and many have praised her for it.

She was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying, "My heart is extremely heavy today. I had a serious panic attack thinking about it all but then I reasoned with my racing mind. I know you’ve seen plenty of posts like this one... but I have this to say from the bottom of my heart. '[Taking her own life] is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Not only are you leaving your loved ones in unspeakable pain and grief, but you are ending your life when you could have reached out and gotten the help you needed to pull you out of the darkness. I have been at the lowest low in my life and I have thought about what it would be like to end it all."

9 She Was Once The Center Of A Custody Battle


Of course, her parents are no longer together, and that means that she had to go through some difficult times as a child. During the divorce, she not only had to deal with her parents splitting up, but she also had to deal with a fierce custody battle as her parents fought over her.

Speaking to Genlux, she revealed: "My parents split up when I was 7 or 8. I was living in New York and my mom moved me back to LA. My dad stayed in New York. My parents had a long custody battle over me. It was a bloody divorce. I don’t believe any child should have to speak to lawyers and deal with that. That took up a big chunk of my life. I was being dragged and torn in different directions. The entire situation took away my identity, and I did whatever would make whomever happy in the moment."

8 She Admits She's Disorganized


There's a lot to like when it comes to Ireland. Even though she has an enviable body and figure, as well as a stunning face, it's those little imperfections that are sometimes most endearing. And to her credit, Ireland is totally honest and open about these imperfections, telling the world how disorganized she really is.

Speaking to Genlux, Ireland Baldwin revealed: "I’m the most disorganized organized person. I’m a mess. I’m so impatient. I get impatient and manic about things. I’m a perfectionist, so I’d like to be more mellow. I’m critical and judgmental about my own things, but not about other people."

7 She Describes Her Personal Style As "Lazy"


A girl like Ireland is completely immersed in the world of fashion, so what is her personal style like? You might expect her to be incredibly well dressed, putting hours and hours of thought into each outfit. But while she looks great, Ireland revealed that she doesn't really put too much effort into her style.

Speaking to Genlux, Ireland Baldwin revealed: "I’m so wishy-washy about fashion. I’m all visual. When I see an outfit or collection, I can really appreciate the manufacturing and art and science behind making clothes, but in terms of my own dressing, I’m lazy. Truth be told, I’m a lazy California girl who’s in yoga pants or beach bikini."

6 She Says She Doesn't Have A "Type"


Someone like Ireland is obviously going to be the object of desire for more than a few people out there, and we're sure that this young model has had her fair share of suitors. So what does she look for in a guy? Well, as she once revealed, she actually doesn't have a "type," and she's not looking for any one thing in particular.

Also in the interview with Genlux, Ireland Baldwin admitted: "I don’t have a type. I’m into every type of guy. I have no limitations. Today’s model is so good looking. I want to ride on his back into the sunset."

5 She Just Started An Awesome Blog


Ireland isn't just a pretty face. She's definitely one of those people who is constantly working on something, whether that be acting, modeling, or something completely different.

One of her biggest projects right now is actually a blog, which she says is also a brand.

In another portion of her interview with Genlux, Ireland Baldwin revealed: "I just started a new brand called Babes of Anarchy. It’s more of a blog—a creative space for people to share. I was anorexic and had bulimia for five or six years of my life, so I knew there was the need for a positive place for girls to go to tell their stories.

4 She Says Her Diet Is Not "Complicated"


If you look at some of Ireland's Instagram pictures, it's clear to see that she is essentially flawless. You can really see why she's so successful in the modeling business, but one has to wonder – what does she eat to stay in such great shape? Well, she actually talked about this, and she revealed that it's nothing too complicated. In fact, she's pretty easygoing when it comes to what she eats.

Also in her interview with Genlux, Ireland admitted: "It’s just about being in a healthy mind frame. It’s not complicated. It’s what works for you. Yeah, I want to eat burgers and pizza every day."

3 She Has A Tattoo Dedicated To Her Boyfriend


Another detail you might spot if you scroll through her Instagram page is that she has a fair few tattoos. That's definitely the style these days, and we're not surprised that such a trendy girl has her fair share of ink dotted around her arms and body.

But one particular tattoo might just grab your attention, and that's a message that reads, "I Love Noah Bear."

As Body Art Guru revealed, that's a reference to her boyfriend, Noah Schweizer. One would assume that if she got a tattoo for her boyfriend, then it's pretty serious. And this might seem like a downer to some of our male readers who were hoping she was single!

2 Alec Baldwin Once Joked About Why He Called His Daughter Ireland


Ireland is undoubtedly a very beautiful name, and a very unique one. But we all know that Hollywood superstars are famous for giving their children unique names. Just think of Kanye's child, North West, or Beyonce's Blue Ivy. In comparison, Ireland is a pretty innocuous name. But we're still getting the feeling that there might be some story behind this name, and Alec Baldwin has actually addressed this – kind of.

As Joe once reported, Alec Baldwin was once asked on Twitter why he called his daughter Ireland, to which he replied (jokingly), "Because she's beautiful but can't manage her finances."

1 Her Workout Style Is Very Specific


We've talked before about Ireland's diet – and it's clear that she doesn't worry too much about it. So then one would assume that her workout regime must be extremely intense, right? As it turns out, Ireland's exercise routines are just as relaxed as her diet, and her lifestyle as a whole!

E! News quoted Ireland as saying about her workout style, "I hate violence, I hate hitting things, so I never got down with kickboxing. I'm a dancer, so I'm a barre class girl. I love like Physique 57 and Cardio Barre; that does more for me. My friends and most models swear by kickboxing, and I just look at them like, you're crazy!"

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