20 Surprising Pics Of A-List Celebs Using The Subway Like Normies

Celebs have no business getting mad at fans for taking pictures of them. By choosing the celebrity lifestyle, they are also paid to expose their private lives, and if fans want to take a picture of them on the subway, it comes with the territory.

Some of these celebs caught riding the subway actually look quite peeved at their picture being taken, but are they unjustified? Sentiments around this question run very high as people are usually intensely for or against a celebrity being allowed to have a private life.

Seeing all of these celebs taking the subway and trying to look as inconspicuous as possible is pretty funny. In nearly every picture, the celeb in question looks like they could pass off as just another passenger, but as the pictures prove, they couldn't be more wrong.

Just like us, celebrities are totally normal people, and they like to hop on the subway to save time. But unlike us, they just have a bit more money in the bank and could afford a daily cab or limo ride if they were so keen on it!

Surprisingly, all the celebs on this list would much rather take the subway either in New York City or in London as many of them have actually been caught by "unsuspecting" fans numerous times. Some celebs, like Naomi Watts, have even hilariously flipped the tables on these not-so-stealthy ninjas by taking pictures of them and tweeting about it.

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20 No Room To Bend His Knee

Via: Twitter

Not like he could bend the knee in those tight jeans! This picture of Kit Harington has actually also been turned into a viral meme with the caption: "on my way to [slay] Ramsay."

It actually wasn't the first, nor the last, time that the hunky, Game of Thrones star has ever been spotted riding the subway. There are quite a few pics of him on the web, either standing nonchalantly or reading a book. Sadly, he was never spotted with a GoT script for the final season. In one pic, he looks to be particularly engrossed in his conversation with his fiancee, Rose Leslie, who played Ygritte, but again, no word if he was mentioning any spoilers. She had a smile on her face though, so it was positive if it was.

He's no stranger to meddling with us common folk though and it's exactly that kind of attitude that landed him his infamous Jon Snow role. Speaking to Vanity Fair, he recalled how having a black eye helped him get cast: "I went into the McDonald’s with this girl I was sort of dating at the time, and it was late at night, and there was no seats. I asked this guy and the girl he was with if we could sit on the same table, and they said yes."

When things turned sour, he figured that he'd better throw the first punch or more specifically, as he said: "Otherwise I'd look like a wimp."

"I think that man who punched me in the face may have helped me get the job, so thank you," he added.

19 Blue, Green & Now Gold

Via: Pinterest

There is one thing that Zoe Saldana once did that she will undoubtedly never do again now that all eyes are on her whenever she steps out in public.

She once admitted, to SiriusXM's "Sway in the Morning," a very kinky little fact about some of the places that she has done the deed. "The craziest place [...] I am a part of the Mile High Club. Okay, this is ghetto, but hey, I’m from Queens, whatever. There is a train from Coney Island all the way back into the city, and in between two train cars. It was super ghetto," she said.

Another reason why she'll be abstaining in the future? "I'm a lady now."

Actually, she is an amazing lady. She even received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame recently. As reported by Syfy, James Cameron said in a speed: "Zoe pretty much owns outer space. I may be the king of the world, but she's the queen of the universe. Somehow, she managed to star in not one, not two, but three massively successful movie franchises: Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Avatar."

Very fittingly, Chris Pratt had also posted on Instagram: "She’s been blue! She’s been green! Now she’s all gold baby!!!"

18 Missing His Buddy Wilson

Via: Daily Mail

He's undeniably an amazing actor, but even he admitted that some of his roles were a little out there. He recently told The Guardian: "I've made a lot of movies that didn't make sense - or money."

He also added: "I think it ends up being the need for connectedness. Not just humankind, but also the human condition. Again and again, we’re searching for that person who’s a magic key for us, makes us feel connected, secure, part of something bigger than ourselves. Without it, the world ain’t any fun.”

So is that why he was caught taking the subway? With a net worth of $350 million, according to Bankrate, and being one of the World's Highest Actors in 2017, according to Forbes, the one thing that he doesn't need to be spending a couple of bucks on is a subway ticket.

Then again, maybe it makes sense for him. As Good Housekeeping pointed out, one of his most famous movie lines is from the 1984 movie, Splash: "I don't ask for much. I don't ask to be rich, and I don't ask to be famous, and I don't ask to play center field for the New York Yankees. I just want to get married and have a wife, and a house, and I want to have a kid, and I want to go see him be a tooth in the school play!"

17 Jake Gyllenhaal, Is That You?

Via: Twitter

That's actually just Jake Gyllenhaal. The fact that he rides the subway regularly actually gets tweeted about— a lot. Just recently, @badlxve tweeted on April 30th: "saw jake gyllenhaal getting off the subway in nyc. we made really awkward eye contact and he gave me a quick small smile and that was it."

How ordinarily amazing is that? But he has in fact been trying to ride the NYC subway incognito for quite a few years now. Back in 2014, fans were particularly shook and kept tweeting about seeing him. Twitter user @sydn3yx3 had tweeted: "saw jake gyllenhaal getting off the subway in nyc. we made really awkward eye contact and he gave me a quick small smile and that was it."

Meanwhile, Twitter user, @Fourth_Letter, tweeted: "Is Jake Gylenhall washed up or just filming something in NY, i saw him in Canal st. train station looking mad scruffy with fear pack 4s on."

It's hard to pinpoint what exactly he was doing in each of the subway pics taken of him, but one thing is clear: all he's trying to do is get from point A to B in the most introverted way possible. Pictures of people sleeping next to Jake Gyllenhaal on the subway is also a huge thing on the web.

16 But They're Not All Antisocial

Via: Just Jared

He could have waived. Well, it's good enough that he actually smiled for the camera, I guess! What's even more interesting is that it doesn't look like these two pictures were taken at different times. If you look closely at what he's wearing and even the kids next to him, it looks like after a fan to his right realized who he was, he happily smiled for the pic. But when another fan busted out their phone to act as a de facto paparazzi, that's when his smile started turning slightly sour.

In both pics, he's wearing the same black polo, very dark sunglasses, and is holding the same white grocery bag.

Speaking of kids, both those kids sitting next to him are his. The eldest son, Oscar, is turning 18 this year, while his daughter, Ava, is turning 13. He told People that after his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, struggled with infertility, he remembered telling her: "I remember saying to her, ‘We were always going to adopt — let’s just adopt now.’”

He also added: "Our motivation behind adopting was, ‘Where is the need?’ And we just knew from talking with people in that space, when we were looking around, that the biggest need is in mixed-race kids."

15 A Shaky Habit

Via: People

As impromptu as these photos look, they were both staged, with the one on the right being significantly more deliberate. A couple of years ago, Drew Barrymore was spotted applying nail polish while riding the New York City subway. As Glamour pointed out: "Is this a beauty faux pas? Debatable. New Yorkers definitely get irked/disgusted/violently angry when people undertake certain personal grooming tasks while on mass transit. The main culprit: nail clipping. Yes, there are people who actually clip their nails on buses and subways, and it makes everyone around them want to vomit."

We couldn't agree more with them, but we would also like to argue that applying nail polish isn't debatable at all. It's downright rude. Nail polish has a very strong smell that many actually can't stand being around! It isn't like inconspicuously applying some mascara, eyeliner, or lipstick at all.

Not too surprisingly, when Glamour reached out to her about it, they were able to find out that the nail polish in question was from her own brand Flower.

In 2017, she did it again, but this time was significantly more overt about it being a marketing stunt. As the Daily Mail pointed out, she had no reason to be adding mascara when she already had a "full face of makeup."

14 A Quick Mommy Nap

Via: Popsugar

Unlike Drew, Katie Holmes takes advantage of her time on the subway to take a quick nap like the rest of us. If Metro is correct, then this sighting of her occurred around October 2017, but there are actually lots more pictures of her taking the subway. What's curious is the fact that she started to freely take the subway following her mega divorce from Tom Cruise. Despite having been massively swept under the rug, it's not exactly a secret that there was something incredibly off about their marriage and especially, the way she "escaped" one day.

It's also not the first time that she is caught sleeping in the subway. At least in this pic, she is comfortably leaning her head against the wall, but in another pic, where she is snapped sitting next to her daughter, Suri, she appears to be sleeping while sitting up. Then again, when talking about juggling acting and directing, she pointed out to Women's Health: "And when you’re a mom — we’re used to doing 25 things at once."

She also told People: "My child is the most important person to me, and her upbringing is paramount to my work right now."

13 Still Thinking About That Wedding

Via: Bustle

On the surface, it looks like Game of Thrones,' Richard Madden, who portrayed Robb Stark, just looks to be having an off day. It's totally normal and happens to the best of us, especially when riding the crowded London tube.

Believe it or not, he was actually slammed when this picture went viral. As the Daily Mail reported, The Men Taking Up Too Much Space On The Train website dragged him through the mud for, you guessed it, sitting as spread open as he is, forcing the passenger next to him to sit uncomfortably.

In particular, the website wrote that the same thing should happen to him that Ramsay did to Theon in GoT (sausage, hint hint), adding "Maybe it would free up some of the space his [man part] is desperately trying to take up."

That is downright savage, but also right on the money. No matter how bad of a day you're having, there is no excuse for being inconsiderate towards other passengers, especially when the chances of you being photographed are as high as they are for him.

Another blogger wrote: "Oh man, Robb Stark is a subway leg-spreader?! Maybe the Red Wedding was justified after all…"

12 2 For 1 Bonus

Via: US Magazine

Spotting two celebrities trying to inconspicuously ride the subway together is a rare feat. Even more surprising, is that it wasn't Lohan's first-time either, but interestingly, both times that she was caught riding a subway, she was with Samantha Ronson (the DJ that Kristen Stewart famously dated afterwards as well). Now that they aren't together anymore, she hasn't been seen stepping foot into another subway cart, whether in NYC or London.

As IntoMore.com points out, Lohan has definitely been on a mission to erase the fact that she dated Ronson from her little black book. When Wendy Williams recently asked her if she "considers herself to be [...] fluid", she was quick to shut that down, saying: "No. I like men."

"I was living in LA. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but not, I'm not dating right now," she also continued.

Back in 2018, when news first broke of her relationship with Ronson, she had actually told Harper's Bazaar: "I don’t want to classify myself. First of all, you never know what’s going to happen—tomorrow, in a month, a year from now, five years from now.”

Oh my, how times have changed! A decade later, new friends, new surroundings and new accent.

11 When Mary-Kate Takes Her Car Back

Via: Pinterest

Unlike her famous twin sisters, the "other Olsen sister" isn't afraid to take public transit like the rest of us. She is often spotted out and about, although, she could freely go wherever she wanted just a couple of years prior, she definitely can't anymore, now that her star has soared to new heights with Avengers, especially the newest Infinity War installment.

She might look a little peeved to be getting photographed, but could it be because her famous sisters took back their Range Rover? Although the trio of Olsen sisters never confirmed it, Nylon pointed out that Elizabeth received Mary-Kate's Range Rover after she moved to New York City. No stranger to living in her sisters' shadow, Elizabeth has actually had to pave her own way.

She told The Guardian: "I decided that as long as I felt confident and worked hard for it, instead of having it handed to me, no one could take that away from me. I don't have any insecurity about it. I never got any job because of my sisters. I could have pulled a few strings through them, but I never needed to."

Her hard work has definitely paid off, as the spotlight is now unwaveringly on her.

10 Unexpected BFF's In The Subway

Via: Pinterest

That's probably not what Clay Aiken was telling Tyra Bank, but he may have been! Ever since becoming a dad, Clay has pretty much been living on the down low, occasionally making headlines. Most recently, he apologized for defending the POTUS in a scalding tweet.

As scandalous as that statement may have, it definitely wasn't as shocking as when he announced nearly at the same time that not only is he gay, but that he would also be becoming a dad. Well, perhaps it wasn't all that shocking, given that fans had their suspicions from the start, but still, coming out is never easy, especially in adulthood. At the time, he had confided to People that coming out: "was the first decision [he] made as a father."

"I cannot raise a child to lie or to hide things. I wasn’t raised that way, and I’m not going to raise a child to do that,” he also added.

His child, Parker, was actually conceived via in vitro fertilization with Aiken's best friend and music producer, Jaymes Foster. By the time of his fifth birthday, Radar Online reported that Aiken and Foster had been arguing over custody, but no one knows about how they ended up resolving their issues, if they did at all.

9 Just Look At Those Heels

Via: NY Daily News

Surprise, surprise, Sarah Jessica Parker is actually very similar to Carrie Bradshaw, the character she famously played on SATC. She told Harper's Bazaar: "I love the city. I love everything it has to offer. I think that my children are so lucky to be raised here. I love the subway, I love hailing a cab, I love traffic and people and all of the possibilities. I believe in all of that still."

True to her words, she has indeed been spotted a number of times riding the NYC subway— each time in some amazing-looking heels! She once told Vulture: "It’s the only way I travel, with my MetroCard. [...] “It’s my favorite part of the subway, is reading...I can’t imagine another means."

Lately, her name has been in the media for an entirely different reason though. Forget the subway and forget fashion, she is actually at war with her former SATC co-star, Kim Cattrall. The claws have definitely come out in the last couple of months and fans couldn't be more devastated. She recently confessed her disappointment about Cattrall leaving SATC to Andy Cohen: "[I'm] just heartbroken. [...] It's sad, but I always think that what ties us together is this singular experience. It was a professional experience, but it became personal, because it was years and years of our lives, so I hope that that sort of eclipses anything that's been recently spoken. That many years spent doing something so special that people had a connection with it is such a privilege."

8 Empty Inside Without His Phone

Via: Getty Images

Spider-Man failed— no one was supposed to know his real identity! Actually, not really, since Andrew Garfield isn't actually Spider-Man anymore. Seeing Tom Holland knock it out of the park in a small appearance in Captain American: Civil War, followed by his own Spider-Man movie, and even more grandiosely in Avengers: Infinity War, likely stings Garfield to no end.

When The Guardian asked if he "deliberately [self-sabotaged]" his position on Spider-Man in order to get himself kicked out, Garfield actually replied with a laugh: "No, I don't think so."

"What I’ll proudly say is that I didn’t compromise who I was, I was only ever myself. And that might have been difficult for some people," he added.

According to Independent.co.uk, the Spider-Man drama erupted after Garfield didn't show up to an event to promote The Amazing Spider-Man 3. An e-mail was subsequently sent out that read: "Here we are about one hour away from our Gala event and Andrew decides he doesn't want to attend. He has a rather scruffy beard and he just wants to be left alone."

If it's true that all he wanted was to be alone, then he definitely got what he wanted, although he does have the movie, Under The Silver Lake, premiering in June 2018.

7 Contemplating His Next Prank

Via: Pinterest

Famous for his pranks, Neil Patrick Harris meddles with regular people on the subway for completely different reasons. You should only be worried if he approaches you with a seemingly broken arm, asking you a bunch of crazy questions (just look up the stunt he pulled at Target while Ellen Degeneres told him what to do and say).

When the NY Times asked him about the kinds of activities he enjoys doing with his kids in New York, Neil Patrick Harris answered: "A subway ride is an adventure, observing people on the streets is fun, the theater is fantastic, and we love the parks, especially the lesser-known ones."

He is without kids in this pic though, he did also say: "Given that I have two young children, I try to travel as little as possible for work."

With the infamous New York traffic, it looks like he definitely opts to hop on the subway real quick instead of hailing a cab. It probably also helps to work with your kids on set, which is exactly what he is now also doing. As People reported, he has "turned Season 2 of A Series of Unfortunate Events into a family affair by having his 7-year-old twins, Gideon Scott and Harper Grace, appear on the show."

6 Just Sittin' Here Tweetin'

Via: Twitter

Trying to keep a low profile when you're one of the biggest stars or a major HBO TV show is kind of next to impossible. Game of Thrones star, Peter Dinklage (who plays Tyrion for those who have been living under a rock), was spotted riding the subway in New York City.

The Daily Mail's description of him was right on the money: "With the recent vacancy of the Lord Commander's position, the man who plays Tyrion Lannister almost looked like he was on his way to apply for a job at The Wall, garbed completely in black: black boots, black jeans, black body-warmer, black hoodie, with its black hood pulled up over his black beanie."

If that wasn't funny enough, Peter Dinklage tweeted that picture of himself riding the subway, saying: "Peter Dinklage riding the subway in New York City with his scooter today." Ha! Just like his character, Tyrion, he definitely has a great sense of humor.

Most recently, fans finally got to find out his role in Avengers: Infinity War. We won't spoil it for those who have yet to see the epic movie of the year, but let's just say that while some loved his role, others were less than impressed— personally, I loved it!

5 Hey Look, We've Been Spotted

Via: Pinterest

It wasn't even the first time that the couple was spotted on the subway together. In a different pic taken of the two of them waiting for the subway in seemingly the same location as where they are in this pic, they actually acted quite silly, with Justin appearing to lick Jesse's face. According to Just Jared, they also shared a kiss. Reportedly, this happened after "checking out NYC's Broadway scene," with Jesse tweeting at the time: "I lost my mind for 'Catch Me If You Can'. So. Much. Fun!"

But the couple does appear to know how to spend time away from each other too. After spotting Jesse alone on the subway one time, a fan subsequently tweeted: "throwback to the time I saw Jesse Tyler Ferguson on the subway and tried to sneak a pic and he looked SO mad."

Naturally, Jesse noticed the tweeted and replied: "To be honest I look less mad than the guy to my left. I see everything."

4 Slightly Overdressed


It would actually be kind of disappointing if Mariah didn't pull publicity stunts such as this one. According to People, she said: "I figured since I’m underdressed, we might as well take the subway."

She even tried to say that she is "outdoorsy," but something tells us that it's not quite true. Responding to whether she would go glamping, she said: "You know, it would really have to be pretty glam for me to want to do it, and there d have to be a reason in somebody who really wanted me to go there to do that and have that experience."

Glamping is supposed to be glam, but probably not as glammed up as she would want it to be still! She looks to be in good shape in that picture of her on the subway, but according to Celebsnow.co.uk, it has actually been rumored that Mariah Carey had a gastric sleeve in 2017 and has already lost 25 pounds. According to Revelist, a source said: "She always fluctuates and it makes her upset. She lives in denial about it; she has the tags cut out of clothes, so she can be blissfully unaware of her size."

3 Pass Or Fail?

Via: Alamy & Twitter

Just like Game of Thrones' Richard Madden, Matthew Broderick also drew sharp criticism for the way he sits on the subway. No word on if he still does it, but some were quick to tweet about it, mainly @amNewYork, who wrote: "Give Ferris Bueller a pass! Matthew Broderick #manspreading on the subway?"

Terrible! But at least it doesn't look like it was all that crowded that day—unless he was just taking up too much room for another passenger to sit next to him? It's kind of nice to see both Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker not being afraid to take the subway, although, they have only been spotted riding together about one time with their son in tow.

Over 20 years later and the couple is surprisingly still toughing it out! When asked about the secret to their marriage, Matthew told Huffington Post: "Communicating."

"Don't go to bed mad," he also added.

Sound advice, though a little hard to achieve most times! Another reason behind their iron-clad bond? Back in 2014, he told Meredith Vieira: “We really are friends beyond everything else and we talk a lot. She’s really funny, she makes me laugh.”

2 A Quick Sip

Via: People

Yep, Mayim Mialik is doing exactly what it looks like she is doing, but actually don't be so quick to judge. After this picture of her went absolutely viral and people criticized her left, ride, and center, Mayim told InTouch that the criticism "made [her] cry."

"People laughed and sneered but it wasn’t wrong," she said in reference to her choosing to nurse her son until he was 4 years old. "Just because you do something your way doesn’t mean you can judge people who don’t. If I [...] and you don’t, it’s OK. I don’t think I’m a better mom and my kids aren’t necessarily better off than yours," she also added.

Just like Alicia Silverstone, Mayim has long been vocal about her belief in attachment parents and she even penned an article on Kveller.com. She later also wrote a book, serving as a guide to attachment parenting, which makes us wonder if her little stunt on the subway was nothing but a marketing ploy for her book. Just like Drew Barrymore, who tried to promote her make-up line on the subway, we wouldn't put it past Mayim to try to do the same! After all, negative attention is some of the best for sales sometimes.

1 Appearances Are Deceiving

Via: People

While she may not seem like she is all that phased by someone taking a picture of her on the subway, there is more to her look than meets the eye. Although it took two years for the internet to catch on, fans eventually realized that Naomi Watts isn't the biggest fan of people taking pictures of her while she is just trying to mind her own business.

As People pointed out: "Twitter lit up [last year] after users discovered the actress’ comeback after a fan not-so-stealthily snapped a picture of Watts riding the subway in New York City."

That's right, Naomi actually flipped the tables on her "unsuspecting" paparazzi, taking a picture of her and tweeting about it, saying: "Think you're pretty sneaky? #gotyou."

She got her indeed! There is also something to be said about how the fan could have tried to be a little stealthier about her picture-taking.

At least the fan also had a sense of humor about it as she re-tweeted Naomi's picture as well, saying: "Busted." Hilarious! Looks like Naomi is definitely ready to start her own version of Cole Sprouse's, Camera Duels, where she can post all the pictures of people trying to get a picture of her just as he does.

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