20Tyga Is Over $1 Million Dollars In Debt


We all know Tyga is a hot mess. He has been in and out of relationships that could literally make or break him, including his relationship with Kylie Jenner. However, when Tyga split up with Kylie Jenner he split up with her money too. What was he thinking? Not to

mention his former relationship with Blac Chyna landed him with child support he can’t afford.

TheRichest predicted in October of 2017 that Tyga would be broke by 2018. This was no joke. Tyga has had his Ferrari repossessed so many times that he got sued for not making the payments. According to People, Tyga owed more than $280,000 for unpaid jewelry. He was even slapped with a six-figure bill for vacating the premises of his former apartment from 2016. Tyga’s woes don’t stop there. He was taken to court for refusing to pay his rent on a separate Hollywood home. He still owes over $890,000 to the government for back taxes. Even though he is in massive debts it has not stopped him from living larger than he’s worth. He still spends excessively showing off his luxurious life that could be over soon if he doesn’t learn how to manage his money.

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