20 Royal Perks Meghan Markle Will Enjoy After Getting Hitched

On May 19, 2018, Meghan Markle will marry Prince Harry in a wedding that comes after what many call a whirlwind romance. Meghan, now 36, was first introduced to Harry on a blind date in 2016, and they’ve been an item ever since.

Meghan wasn't really living the most glamorous life back in Toronto, but she definitely was enjoying some perks being an actress on Suits. And now that she's marrying a prince, Meghan will surely benefit the from the luxuries that come from being royal. She'll have around-the-clock staff that will be at her beck and call. No need to wake up early to head to the salon, she'll have someone on staff catering to her beauty needs. Meghan just jumped from being a B-list actress to being royalty, and that kind of fame and power doesn't go away unless her marriage falls apart, and even then. Meghan has won over our hearts and if there's going to be one lady get to enjoy all the perks of being a royal, then we're glad it's Meghan. And while she is a philanthropist, that doesn't mean she can't spoil herself a little being a duchess and all. So here are 20 perks Meghan Markle will surely enjoy after hitched.

20 She Needs A Serious Security Team

A security team is an obvious necessity for Meghan in the world we live in. Experts feel that the threat to her life and well-being will be increased after the wedding, and that she could become the target of terrorists or other threats. As a point of reference, security for Wills and Kate’s wedding cost $33 million, which included snipers on the roof and undercover cops in the crowd, along with months of planning and research. If she has to put up with a heavy security detail all the time as a matter of course, maybe Meghan can ask for something special to make it a little more...fun. Like a team of ninjas. Or a Marvel superhero team — or Batman and Nightwing and Wonder Woman. Or the Dora Milaje! Yeah, that would be cool.

19 An In-Palace Yoga Studio

From back in the days when she starred in Suits and lived in Toronto, Canada, celeb watchers have noticed that Meghan spends a lot of time at her favorite yoga studios. When she moved to the city, although the show was filmed in Toronto, it did not air on any Canadian networks. To meet people and stay fit at the same time, she told the Toronto Star in an interview that she spent two years going to yoga studio “Moksha downtown and trolling for girlfriends.” Meghan’s mom Dora Ragland teaches yoga in Los Angeles, and Meghan’s apparently a fan of hot yoga in particular. We think she should ask Harry to build a hot yoga studio in the palace, complete with her yogi of choice on call.

18 Upscale Cookware For When She Has Time To Cook

Meghan won’t be making a lot of her own meals, we figure. Between traveling, royal and public functions, and dinners with mom-in-law, it’s not like she’ll be slaving over a hot stove — or waiting impatiently beside her microwave, realistically speaking — every night after work like the rest of us. But, on her now defunct lifestyle website The Tig, she describes herself as “a pretty good cook” and in interviews, has said she’s a foodie. After she posted about her fave dishes on her blog, there were rumors that she had made a roast chicken the evening that Harry proposed. If cooking is going to be her hobby, she should have the finest of frying pans and other cookware to play with.

17 A Donation To Her Fave Charities

Meghan accompanied Prince Harry to the Invictus Games, a charity event, in Toronto in September 2017 at one of their first official royal appearances together. Both of them save some of their time for charitable efforts, and in fact, in lieu of wedding presents from the public, the two have asked people to gift a list of charities that includes the Children's HIV Association, Crisis, an organization that works with homeless people in the UK, and Surfers Against Sewage. Since it’s important to both of them, we think Meghan might ask Harry to make a special donation to one of her favorite charities in her name. Maybe a group that saves homeless dogs for the dog-loving Meghan?

16 Massive Amounts Of Organic Treats For Her Pooch

We got the feels when we heard that Meghan had to leave one of her beloved pooches back in her former home in Canada. Celeb watchers and Meghan’s own Toronto friends told the media that the Suits star treated her two pooches like her babies. Her two dogs were rescue dogs. Bogart, who is a mix of Labrador and Shepherd, was older and it was felt that he wouldn’t be in good enough condition to make the big trip. She left him with local friends in Toronto. Guy, the lucky beagle, made the cut, and crossed the Atlantic with Meghan. He now makes him home in Nottingham Cottage, where we imagine he has his own retainers and lives a life that is better than ours, including eating only organic food. We feel sure that Meghan would want Harry to pony up to pamper Guy just a little extra for the wedding so he doesn’t feel left out.

15 A Top Secret Getaway Spot

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are known to love escaping the spotlight with quick getaway vacations. On weekends, they’ve often visited an estate in Gloucestershire owned by Prince Charles, Harry’s dad. They’ve also visited the popular Cotswolds area of the UK. The engaged royal couple have also been seen enjoying the Soho Farmhouse, an exclusive hotel and members' club in rural Oxfordshire. Just recently, New Idea, an Australian publication, reported that the pair had bought a beach house in Malibu, California, where they plan on spending about four months of the year. All those places are known, however, and their privacy will be more and more compromised. What about getting Meghan her own private little island somewhere in the Caribbean? Somewhere literally off the map?

14 An In-Palace Stylist

It’s fun to go out for facials and manicures, but Meghan’s hair needs may change several times a day. What’s a girl to do when it might be tea with the Queen at four, and then a charity gala at eight? An in-palace hair stylist, of course. It would have to be someone expert in the ways of creating a flawless look for our American princess, because let’s face it, she will be under scrutiny 24/7. Apparently, Meghan’s been sampling the finest of London’s salons, based on recommendations from her new BFF Victoria Beckham. The former Posh Spice and current fashion designer reportedly gave her a list of her faves to try out.

13 An Unlimited Clothing Allowance

That’s not so much to ask for, is it? For the Duchess of Sussex? We don’t think so, and we’re sure that millions would agree. Since she’s moved to London, Meghan has been known to frequent the upscale shopping district around King’s Road and Sloane Square. It’s also known to be the favorite of both Kate and Pippa Middleton. Coincidence? We think not. Meghan’s been seen shopping on her own, as well as in the company of Harry’s Harry’s secretary, Heather Wong, and project manager, Clara Madden. We know there’s a lot of protocol to follow in her upcoming royal role, so she may need their advice on what to wear for certain occasions. It’s complicated being rich and royal.

12 Fresh Flowers Galore 

Prince Harry is a pretty smart dude. On August 4, 2017, Meghan’s birthday, among the other gifts, Harry made sure to get his fiancée her favorite flowers — peonies. She’s also shown off frequent deliveries of the flowers to her apartment on social media. The big, bright blooms are upbeat and instantly brighten a room. It’s not hard to see why they are her favorites. As a married man, he’ll want to keep all her days bright, we’re hoping, so a nice vase or two they he can keep full on a regular basis would be very appropriate. Now, by “nice vase,” we’re not talking about something you’d pick up at your local department store. We’re talking the kind of thing you can’t even find at your local department store — like an antique cut crystal Waterford vase worth a couple of grand. Or an authentic Ming dynasty vase for a cool $10,000 or so — that kind of vase.

11 Travelling In Style 

Meghan Markle is known to love the jet set lifestyle of frequent travel, so a stylish set of luggage is a no-brainer. You and I might be able to afford what we’d call a good set of suitcases, but for royals, we’d assume that the sky is the limit. How about a Gucci for $50,000 or so? Or may we suggest the Michael Clarke Louis Vuitton Luxury Trunk, retailing at about $170,000? We hear it’s got a lot of pockets inside and the lining is really nice. A duchess can’t be seen traveling all over the world with discount suitcases, can she? It’s a public image thing.

10 Mama Loves Her Fine Dining

Meghan Markle’s now defunct lifestyle website, The Tig, was named after a wine, and she explained the significance on her site. “Tignanello is a full-bodied red wine that I tried about seven years ago,” she said. “In wine circles, it is nicknamed ‘Tig.’ It was my first moment of getting it — I finally understood what people meant by the body, structure, finish, legs of wine. The TIG is my nickname for me getting it. Not just wine, but everything.” Made with a blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc grapes, Tignanello is aged in barriques for about 12 months and for about another year in the bottle. It’s not your typical grocery store wine, in other words. Harry can’t get her everything, but he can spring for a case of her favorite vino at about $100 a bottle, can’t he?

9 The Best Travel Tech For The Duchess

As the traveling royal-to-be, our Meghan needs to stay connected to social media and the rest of the world no matter how far she roams, from Namibia to The Seychelles. That’s why we think some cutting age travel tech should be on the gift list. We'd suggest something like the B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A2m, a powerful Bluetooth speaker made by a Danish company. It's a mere $400. We’d also suggest a moleskin writing set for the woman whose bio made sure to mention her love of old fashioned pen and paper writing. A classy set can be had for about $200. Or how about Spectacles, the Snapchat friendly sunglasses that can record video? For just over $100, Harry could buy them for the whole wedding party.

8 Upscale Mani And Pedi

Ever since the big move to London and preparations for the Royal Wedding, celeb watchers in the British capital have been observing Meghan’s new lifestyle. She’s been spotted as a regular at many of London’s best spas for everything from eyebrow shaping to facials and manicures. We think she’d love for Harry to set up a prepaid account so she can pamper herself at her fave spas anytime she feels like it. According to a report in AOL news, her favorites have included Sarah Chapman and her Skinesis clinics. Sarah’s hands are said to be insured to the tune of $1 million, and treatments start at about $500.

7 A Secret Getaway Car To Avoid The Paparazzi

For now, royal watchers in the UK report that Meghan – sometimes with Harry, sometimes on her own – likes to meet up with friends for dinner often. And, she likes to keep it low key and under the radar. That may not be possible after the wedding that will be watched by millions worldwide. We think that Meghan might ask for a vehicle and driver to spirit her away and keep the photogs guessing – something unobtrusive like a dark Sedan with tinted windows. There could be a secret entrance to the garage, so it would look like she was going to the pharmacy, only to slip into a secret entrance where the car and drive await to take her to her fave London hotspot. At least, that’s what we would ask for.

6 A Running Account At Whole Foods

There’s a Whole Foods right across the street from Kensington Palace, Meghan’s new digs, and the future Duchess of Sussex has often been observed popping over to shop. If the Royals don’t do extravagant gifts, then maybe something practical would do — something like a running account at the store where she can get her organic food fix anytime she needs it. Meghan’s known for her healthy eating habits, and it’s the kind of gift a thoughtful husband to be might think of. After all, he’s probably partaking in the goods too.

5 Classic Jewelry For A Classy Duchess

Other than the necessarily blinged out engagement ring she got from Prince Harry, Meghan’s taste in jewelry tends to the classic and simple. When you become a duchess, though, the words classic and simple mean something a little different than they do to ordinary non-royal mortals. He’s already given her a delicate gold necklace with his initials on it. For a wedding gift, Harry should get Meghan the ultimate in classic jewelry pieces — a diamond pendant necklace. Now, being one of the more socially conscious royals, and seeing as how Meghan already has a connection to Canada, we think he’d want to get something like a certified Canadian-mined blood-free diamond, each one laser inscribed with its own ID number. A 1-carat pendant set in gold will set him back about $5,000.

4 The Coolest Dinner Party For All Her Friends

Meghan’s already had her London spa-themed wedding shower with her buds. She’s also known to slip away from the palace to go out to dinner with friends anytime she can. If Meghan doesn’t like the idea of a material goodies from hubby — and let’s face it, she’s looking at a lifetime of material goodies anyway — then why not opt for a spectacular post-wedding dinner party for all her BFFs from both continents? He could hire one of her fave London chefs to cater, order up plenty of her beloved red, red, wine, and let the good times flow.

3 A Home Spa For When She Doesn’t Feel Like Going Out

As an actress, Meghan already knows the value of putting your best face forward in the public eye. The British tabloids are often even more vicious than the North American variety, and a glowing complexion, perfect hair, and appropriate wardrobe are the very minimum that will be expected of her every public appearance. She’s already made her love of high end spas clear, but for those days when her schedule’s too full to make it out, we suggest a full range of upscale spa products on hand at Kensington Palace. We're talking stuff like BABOR SeaCreation The Cream at about $500 for 50ml, or an Evian bath. An Evian bath uses about 265 gallons of pure Evian water that comes from springs in the French Alps. It's said to be the most expensive bath in the world at around $12,000.

2 A Fancy Calligraphy Set For The Lady Who Loves To Write By Hand

The bio on Meghan’s The Tig lifestyle website used to read, “I’m an actress, a writer, the Editor-in-Chief of my lifestyle brand The Tig, a pretty good cook, and a firm believer in handwritten notes.” When it comes to the handwritten notes part, she wasn’t kidding. Apparently, Meghan really does love the act of handwriting. As she told Good Housekeeping back in 2016,

“I think handwritten notes are a lost art form.”

In fact, calligraphy was one of her fave side gigs back in the days when she had to work for a living. Meghan got jobs like dong the handwritten invitations to Robin Thicke and Paula Patton's ill-fated wedding, and celebrity holiday notes for Dolce & Gabbana.

1 she's obsessed with her vitamix 

A blender? For a Duchess? We have it on good authority that Meghan never travels without one. She told Esquire magazine in an interview that she tool her Vitamix blender with her wherever she went.

“When I had my car brought out [to Canada], I shipped my Vitamix in the backseat. It was one of the things where I was like I cannot travel without my Vitamix.

It's like a commercial at this point. But I use it every day for pestos or shakes.” We’re sure she already has one, but Harry could get her one in every color — one for each car, one in each suitcase, one in each of their homes and vacation spots.

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