20 Reoccurring Monthly Expenses That Floyd Mayweather Spends On

There’s a reason why boxer Floyd Mayweather is nicknamed “Money.” For one, he rakes in extraordinary fees for his boxing matches, winning world titles in five different weight classes and retiring with an astonishing record of 50 wins to 0 losses, beating a record set by the great Rocky Marciano.

However, Mayweather also spends money at an extraordinary speed and is known for his extravagant lifestyle and his social media photos with piles of hundred dollar bills. It’s no wonder that in 2017, Mayweather was enticed back into the ring for the most expensive boxing match ever—fighting Irish UFC athlete, Conor McGregor, in Las Vegas. Mayweather won the fight, taking home a $100 million prize, but that was only part of his take-home pay for ten rounds of action. Both fighters would also have received a portion of the pay-per-view fees—the fight was bought by 4.3 million people in the U.S., generating over $600 million.

And yet, Mayweather seems to be burning through his money like nobody’s business, and there are even some who predict that the ultimate spendthrift could end up burning through his entire fortune. The regular expenses on this list might go some way to explaining how…

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20 Private Jet Maintenance (Including $250,000/Year On Fuel For Each Jet)

Via thesun.co.uk

As many of us know by now, one of Mayweather’s prized possessions is his private jet. Actually, make that his two private jets. The fighter bought the first one years ago but splashed out another $30 million on a second Gulfstream III just last year in 2017, so that his entourage could also travel in style. He apparently refuses to fly with them and previously had to pay expensive monthly bills to fly them around the world on chartered jets. Private jets aren’t just expensive to buy. They are also very expensive to run, with Mayweather spending a reported $250,000 a year on each jet for fuel and maintenance.

19 His $200 Million Yacht’s Monthly Fuel, Maintenance, Crew And Bubbly

Via tastemade.com

Mayweather recently splashed on yet another of the ultimate status symbols for the obnoxiously rich and famous—a luxury yacht. According to the tabloid press, the boxer spent $200 million on the mega yacht and was pictured enjoying life at sea with a bevy of beauties sailing offshore the exclusive resort of Los Cabos in Mexico. Yachts are another expensive habit, with monthly fuel, maintenance, mooring, and crew costs adding up to thousands of dollars—never mind keeping it stocked with the best champagne and finest food for your ocean-going parties with female fight fans…

18 Meals At Musashi Japanese Steakhouse, Costing $12,000 Weekly

Via youtube.com

According to his own social media account, Mayweather is a big fan of Japanese food and regularly eats out or orders takeaway from his favorite Las Vegas restaurant, Musashi Japanese Steakhouse. Given that he is accompanied by his entourage wherever he goes, it might not surprise you to learn that he can often spend thousands of dollars a time, once you add the obligatory bottles of champagne and liqueurs to the (already expensive) bill. In fact, it has been reported that Mayweather spends $12,000 per week at the Vegas restaurant, adding up to an impressive $576,000 per year.

17 Costly Monthly Insurance Bills

Via architecturaldigest.com

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a man who likes to buy a lot of stuff—from jewelry and watches to million-dollar sports cars and multi-million-dollar homes all over the country. All this stuff takes a lot of additional cash to protect through monthly insurance bills. Given the amount of cash the fighter has dropped on possessions in recent years, I can’t even imagine how much he has to pay for his insurance—think about how much your premiums went up last time and multiply it by the kind of cash Mayweather Jr. is spending on the regular, and you come up with a pretty eye-watering sum.

16 Insurance Premiums For His Sports Cars Collection

via nine finance

Real estate isn’t Mayweather’s only spending obsession. He also loves buying jewelry, expensive watches, and even designer handbags! Sports cars are his real passion, however, including Ferraris, Bugattis, a Rolls Royce Phantom, and two LaFerrari hypercars, one red and one white. He even bought a Bentley gold cart for his kids to drive around the grounds of his mansions. Sports cars are far from cheap to run. Aside from massive insurance premiums for a car collection of this size and scale, such vehicles are not exactly known for being efficient. And if Mayweather is actually driving them around town and not just appreciating them for their style, then his gas bill must be monstrous too!

15 Utility Bills For His High-End (Multi-Million-Dollar) Mansions

via Hilton & Hyland

Mayweather is notorious for his investments in the real estate market, owning several properties in Las Vegas, including the interestingly-named Big Boy Mansion, a villa in Los Angeles, and more properties in Miami Beach. While he may have income from some of these properties, renting them out to tenants or ultra rich holidaymakers, there are also lots of expenses associated with being the owner of a large real estate portfolio. Mortgage payments alone on multi-million-dollar mansions will be eye-wateringly high, let alone utility bills—especially when all the properties come with all mod cons.

14 Full-Time Barber, Despite Being Bald ($12,000/Month)

via Sporting News

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that Mayweather is bald, although whether this is a style choice or because he is follicaly-challenged is unclear! For a bald guy, he spends an immense amount on hair stylists. He actually employs a full-time barber, paying him a generous salary of a reported $12,000 per month for the privilege of shaving his very important head. Perhaps he simply can’t be bothered shaving every morning or perhaps his fear of dirt keeps him out of even the classiest salon. But either way, it’s an incredible amount to spend on a service which is available on most street corners (it's even something he could likely do himself).

13 Huge Hotel Bills In The Best Suites

Via benlowy.com

While Mayweather may spend most of his time jetting between his mansions on the East and West coasts and chilling out in restaurants and clubs in Las Vegas, when he visits other cities across the U.S. or around the globe, he insists on only staying in the very best suites in the very best hotels (are you surprised?). Given the demands on his time–even as a retired fighter, there is still money to be made from sponsorship and personal appearances–he must be spending a small fortune every month on various hotel bills. Only the very best will do for Mayweather and his entourage when they’re on their travels.

12 Best Tickets Available For Big Sporting Events (Over $80,000 For One Event)

Via washingtontimes.com

Mayweather is a big sports fan (obviously), and he once even expressed an interest in buying the LA Clippers basketball team. He loves nothing more than to attend big sporting events, and when he does, he and his entourage simply have to have the best tickets available, just like everything else in his life. The boxer even hired a concierge service, White Glove Entertainment, to secure tickets for the Game 7 of the 2013 NBA Finals Series between the Heat and the Spurs, after deciding on the spur of the moment that he had to be there. Four court-side tickets for the prestigious sold-out event set him back a reported $80,000.

11 He Spoils His Friends And Family ($605,000 On Ringside Seats For His Closest Pals)

Via espn.com

It does seem to pay to be a member of Mayweather’s entourage—as long as you can keep up with his partying lifestyle, you can enjoy flights in private jets, stays in luxury hotels, and tickets to the best events in town. He is said to splash out huge amounts of money on various tickets for his own fights, so as many friends and family as possible can attend the events. It kind of sounds like Floyd buys support; nothing like making sure the whole crowd is on your side though, right? For example, for his 2013 fight with Canelo Alvarez, Mayweather spent a reported $605,000 on ringside seats for his closest pals.

10 Millions On Betting (Including A Rumored $13 Million Bet)


Mayweather’s love of sports also extends to gambling on those sports, and the fighter has tabled some extraordinarily large bets in his time, including a rumored $13 million bet on the Broncos to win the Super Bowl in 2014. They were beaten by the Seattle Seahawks in the final. There have even been stories about Mayweather betting on his own fights, backing himself naturally. The story goes that he tried to place a bet at the M Resort casino in Las Vegas that he would win his fight against Conor McGregor before 9.5 rounds, but after some dispute among the staff about the legitimacy of such a wager, he left empty-handed.

9 Tax Bills ($26 Million In Just One Year)

Via courant.com

One monthly expense which Mayweather was accused of not paying was his tax bill. In fact, some people suggested that the only reason that the McGregor fight happened was so the boxer would have enough money to pay Uncle Sam. Mayweather was quick to put these rumors to bed, posting images of the checks he used to pay his tax bill in 2015 on social media. Astonishingly, he paid $26 million in tax in just one year, hardly the actions of someone struggling to pay their way! It also gives us an eye-opening insight into the kind of money earned by top boxers like Mayweather.

8 Designer Wrist Watches (A New One Ever Month)

via Forbes

When it comes to clothes and looking good, Mayweather seems to feel that there is no limit to how much he should spend. His particular weakness appears to be for watches, and given the size and scale of his personal watch collection (and the number he gives away as gifts to his kids and former girlfriends), he must buy at least one new watch every month. He posted an image of just a small part of his collection on Instagram once, a case containing $6.4 million worth of Audermar Piguets, Rolexes and Piagets, and boasting that this selection was just one case of many!

7 Crystal Dining Sets And Diamond-Encrusted Cutlery

Via manchestereveningnews.co.uk

What do you buy the multi-millionaire who has everything? How about crystal dining sets and diamond-encrusted cutlery? Well, that’s certainly what Mayweather buys for his own houses, eating meals from fine crystal bowls with sterling silver cutlery, personalized with his own initials picked out in diamonds. Presumably such fine tableware isn’t suitable for the dishwasher, and it will be pretty expensive to replace if anything gets smashed! According to an ex-employee, Mayweather even takes his diamond cutlery when he goes out to eat at restaurants, as he is worried about catching germs from “shared” knives and forks.

6 Personal Grooming, Including Mani-Pedis And Teeth Whitening

Via independent.co.uk

Mayweather’s spending on his image doesn’t stop at exclusive watches and designer threads. He also likes to spend an enormous amount of cash every month on personal grooming, as well as a great deal of time. Mayweather could spend up to two hours a day on his ablutions, including shaving his whole torso to make sure he is hair-free. The fighter also has regular mani-pedis and was once pictured having pedicure from a tank of fish, as well as undergoing regular chemical peels to stay looking young and teeth whitening procedures to make sure his smile is as dazzling as possible.

5 Girls, Girls, Girls

via Daily Mail

The celebrated boxer has had some tempestuous relationships in his time, but he clearly still enjoys the company of women. He insists that at least three women travel with his entourage at all times, and many of the women he keeps close are former dancers which he met while they were working at clubs in Las Vegas. Mayweather will often turn up at clubs, see a girl that he likes, and have her take the rest of the night off so that she can join him and his friends. He loves these types of clubs so much he has even opened his own, called Girl Collection, in Las Vegas (we can't say we're surprised).

4 DAILY Sanitation Of His Extensive Fleet Of Sports Cars

Via mirror.co.uk

As well as taking his own cutlery to restaurants, Mayweather also spends a lot of cash to make sure his home and all his possessions are as clean as possible to minimize his exposure to germs and disease. He employs an army of cleaning staff at each of his mansions and even has a full-time employee whose only job is to make sure that his extensive fleet of sports cars are sanitized daily. If he thinks that a car hasn’t been cleaned that day, then he simply won’t even consider driving it. Only someone with Mayweather’s bank balance can afford to be such a clean freak!

3 Expensive Sneakers, Which Are Worn Only Once And Disposed

Via mirror.co.uk

Mayweather is a huge fan of designer footwear, with an extensive collection of Christian Louboutin shoes. However, when it comes to sneakers, he insists on wearing each pair only once before throwing them out or giving them away to friends and family. In fact, one former assistant has told about how they were shopping for sneakers and he bought an exact copy of the shoes he was wearing, only to change them in the shop and hand over the old pair (only worn for a few hours) to her for disposal. His homes are packed full with boxes of brand new sneakers, just ready for their 12 hours on the feet of Floyd Mayweather.

2 Lavish Gifts For His Family

via PinsDaddy

Don't be fooled; Mayweather doesn’t just buy lavish gifts for himself. No. He was always very generous to his ex-fiancée, Shantel Jackson (until accusing her of theft after they split, of course), and he makes sure that his four children (by two different women) are well looked after, both in terms of lavish gifts and regular child maintenance payments to make sure that his kids can enjoy the good life too. Mayweather also seems to enjoy spending time with his daughters Jirah and Iyanna and his sons Koraun and Zion, so maybe he isn’t such a bad father figure after all.

1 Underwear Which, Like His Sneakers, Are Disposed After Single Use

Via watchpro.com

If the idea of disposable sneakers seems astounding, then the news that Floyd Mayweather also only wears his underwear once before throwing it away will blow your mind. Despite his army of servants employed to keep his house clean, Mayweather doesn’t seem to feel it necessary to have his smalls laundered, preferring instead to wear a brand new pair of boxers every single day. Even when it comes to his most expensive clothes, Mayweather will often only wear items two or three times maximum, before consigning it to his walk-in wardrobe or giving it away to someone in his entourage.

Wouldn't you just love to be a part of Floyd Mayweather's entourage?

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