20 Reasons Why Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Have No Money

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are one of the most powerful couples in show business today. In case you don't know them, Sophie plays Sansa on HBO's hit series Game of Thrones and Joe is the vocalist in the band DNCE. Though Joe was known as the middle child and playboy of the family in his Jonas Brothers days, he recently decided to settle down with Sophie and proposed. The two had a whirlwind romance, dating for just a year before deciding to tie the knot. The pair spend lots of time apart with their vigorous schedules. While each member of this power couple has money in their own right, together they are super rich. But I worry that won't last long. Their expensive tastes in parties, clothing, jewelry, homes, and vacations could easily drain their bank accounts faster than they can add money back in. And with wild, young personalities, it seems like cash probably just falls out of their pockets. Even though the couple could be described as "filthy rich" now, I forsee this duo going broke before their 1st wedding anniversary. Want to know why? Keep reading for my top 20 reasons that Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are headed to the poor house.

20 Her Huge Engagement Ring

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When you love someone and want to spend your life with them, it makes sense that you spend a lot on their engagement ring. But Joe Jonas went above and beyond when choosing the perfect ring for Sophie. Though exact specifications of the ring the 28 year old singer bought are not certain, experts estimate it to be worth between $15,000 and $30,000. Its main feature is a gorgeous pear-cut diamond and has smaller stones on the band, totally around 3 total carats in weight. That's quite a sparkler! If Joe is willing to buy such an expensive ring for a woman he's only been dating for a year, imagine what other treats he will spoil her with as their love grows. Too much more diamond jewelry and he will have to start taking out loans!

19 Their Private Island Vacation

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In honor of her 22nd birthday, Joe recently treated Sophie to a luxurious retreat to the Maldives. The two spent time on a private island at a crazy expensive resort ($45,000 per night, in fact!) called Coco Prive. Aside from the regular resort amenities like a pool, gym, and bar, this one included a private chef, personal massage therapist, and staff to cater to their needs 24/7. If this is the kind of expense they are willing to pay for a 22nd birthday, imagine when they turn 30! Or think of the wedding (more on that below)! While the pair feels financially invincible now, taking frequent trips at a similar cost will cause their funds to dwindle in no time. Who needs a 13,000 square foot island to themselves anyway?

18 Their Shopping Habits

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While Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are one of the most private couples in show business, the paparazzi does sometimes catch them out and about together. While they are sometimes just walking in the park or enjoying a smoothie, most of their public outings together are to go shopping. The pair has been seen on shopping dates in Paris, Venice Beach, and New York City. And of course they are hitting up designer stores, not just the regular old mall! That doesn't seem like a very cost-efficient or romantic date to me! You walk around, spend money, and probably don't talk to each other that much because you are too busy finding new stuff for yourself. These two should try less expensive dates like picnics or walking their dog so they don't go broke.

17 Their Jet-Setting Lifestyle

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It seems that every time Joe and Sophie are spotted together, it is in a different city around the world. While Sophie does come to visit Joe in Los Angeles sometimes, they often jet off to some dream location to spend quality time with each other. According to their Instagram accounts and where they have been seen in public, the pair have spent time in LA, Paris, Miami, the Maldives, New York City, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, and more. And that's all in a year! They love fancy resorts, swanky beaches, and being treated like a king and queen while on their trips. Of course they work hard as entertainers, but this lifestyle just isn't sustainable for anyone. They should cut down on their travel or at least find some less expensive resorts.

16 Their Expensive NYC Apartment

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Ok, so this one hasn't happened yet, but it is definitely an expense that is close on the horizon. Sophie and Joe apparently were apartment hunting in New York City recently, specifically in Greenwich Village. The bohemian chic neighborhood is perfect for the young couple and the homes they browsed are insane. One specific potential condo offers breathtaking views of the city, plus walk-in closets, multiple wet bars, over 2,000 square feet of space, and a huge 1,000 square foot master bedroom. That's bigger than my entire apartment! The pair reportedly plan to spend between 5 and 6 million dollars on their new home together, which is absolutely insane. I know NYC real estate is crazy expensive, but who can just drop that much money on an apartment? Let's hope they keep it to one house only, or they'll be poor!

15 Game of Thrones Is Ending Soon

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After eight crazy seasons, HBO's super hit series Game of Thrones will be ending. The final season will not air until 2019, so Sophie, who plays Sansa on the show, will at least get a paycheck for the series until then. But what will she do after that? She has a few more acting credits to her name, but finding work after most of your resume is fantasy and sci fi projects must be difficult. Luckily Sophie is young and could still branch out into other genres. If she can't find another source of consistent work, she will have to rely on Joe's money from his bands. With music tastes fluctuating so quickly these days, I can't see that being a good idea, either. Maybe they should start shopping at Wal-Mart now!

14 DNCE Isn't That Popular

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Sorry to any DNCE fans out there, but I'm just calling it like I see it. The band is not currently on tour and put out their one and only album over a year ago. Sure they had an earworm with "Cake By The Ocean" a few years ago, but I couldn't name another song they have ever done. I feel like most of the band's fans are comprised of former Jonas Brothers fangirls who have latched onto Joe Jonas in an unhealthy way. I honestly didn't even know he was in this band! Unless Joe and his DNCE band mates can manage to hurry up and record another album with another hit, I predict his finances will start going down in a hurry. Especially with all the crazy spending he's been doing!

13 Their Wedding Will Be Huge

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Even though Sophie claims they are not actively planning their wedding yet, you know that this duo will have the biggest party of the year when they tie the knot. How do I know? Take a look at their insane engagement part in New York City. Last November, the couple rented out NYC restaurant Mamo to host a bash for a few dozen family and friends, including the other Jonas Brothers and their partners, Joe's DNCE band mates, and model Ashley Graham. Guests enjoyed a luxury dinner of Italian and French food, followed by a night of dancing complete with a DJ and photo booth. If this is what they do just to celebrate their engagement, I can't even guess what stops they will pull out for their wedding day.

12 They Adopted A Dog

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Everyone who has ever had a pet knows they can be a handful. They need constant attention, toys, food, a comfy bed, vet bills, and so much more. So when Joe and Sophie adopted a dog together, that was just another thing to suck money out of their bank accounts. The puppy, a husky named Porky Basquiat, is a Siberian husky, which to get a pure bred probably cost a lot outright. Then, because they are wealthy, you know the pair will spoil their dog with the best puppy accessories money can buy. Plus once you get one dog, who can say no to another? Their dog will likely be the cause of a lot of small purchases that seem insignificant at first but add up to a huge expense.

11 Their Long-Distance Relationship

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I don't know if you have ever been in a long-distance relationship, but I have. And one thing I can tell you for sure, aside from how lonely it can be sometimes, is how expensive it is. You basically have 2 choices when you live apart from your significant other. You can save your money and never see them or splurge to go visit them and spend time together. And if you really like them, you will obviously do the latter! Because Joe lives mainly in Los Angeles and Sophie lives in the UK, plus they both travel a lot for work, they don't get to see each other much. This results in tons of expensive travel to hang out. While this makes the relationship more fun, they should move in together before they go broke from travel expenses!

10 They Got Engaged Fast

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Joe waited just one short year to ask for Sophie's hand in marriage. I guess there is nothing wrong with that. When you know, you know, especially when you have dated around as much as Joe has. But I can't help but feel that this quick engagement reflects on Joe's overall decision making skills. Does this mean that he is often impulsive and reckless? It could! If that is true, that sort of lifestyle that burns hot and fast also means empty pockets before you know it. Impulsive people don't think about consequences of their actions, including financial ones, and just do whatever they want to when they think of it. As a result, this behavior could mean lots of money for the couple one day and an empty bank account the next!

9 They're Young And Rich

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I know this sounds contradictory, but hear me out. Young, rich people are literally the worst at managing their money. Especially if they came from lower or middle class families where they had to worry about budgeting and didn't always get everything they wanted. When you start making tons of cash you can blow on whatever you please, you can go kind of wild, especially if you are young enough to still enjoy partying. At 28 and 22, Joe and Sophie are definitely still into dancing, concerts, and drinking on their nights out. While it is all fun and games to pay for whatever you could desire, that kind of spending is the fastest way to be poor before you know it. Hopefully these two get some financial advice from someone older before they go completely broke!

8 Their Wild Nights Out

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Even though they don't get to spend much time together, Joe and Sophie have attended their share of crazy parties since they first started dating. They have gone to fashion shows, weddings, star-studded birthday parties, their own lavish engagement party, and other nights out on the town both with friends and as a couple. While many parties like this include lots of VIP perks, there are still tons of expenses that come with attending celebrity events. New outfits, transportation, lodging in that city, and gifts can all rack up a big bill at the end of the night. While both Joe and Sophie have a lot of cash to burn now, they might consider taking some time off from going to fancy events around the world. Their money won't last forever!

7 Their Lavish Dates

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When you are a celebrity, cheap dates are a no-no. Bowling or a drive-in movie? Forget it! Like the young, wild, and free celebrities that they are, Joe and Sophie always enjoy the finer things in life when they go out on a date together. They dine at the finest restaurants, dance at the nicest clubs, and shop at the fanciest designer stores. But more than that, they travel to far-off locations and attend sold-out concerts at the drop of a hat. Who else could afford to do that? While it is nice to treat your significant other when you don't get to see them very often, making every date an expensive occasion will surely be financial ruin for this couple. Maybe they should try a dinner date at TGI Friday's next time!

6 Joe Is A Player

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Ok, I'm not saying I think Joe will cheat on Sophie, but let's be real. This guy has had quite the reputation since way back in his Jonas Brothers days. He has publicly dated tons of women including Taylor Swift, Demi Levato, Camilla Belle, and Ashley Greene before Sophie came into his life. If he does have a girlfriend on the side, chances are he will spoil her too, which will mean double the expenses. We see how much stuff he buys for Sophie, so imagine how crazy twice that amount of luxury goods would cost! Even if he doesn't have a side chick, Joe just seems like the kind of guy who buys random girls drinks at the bar. He should stick to spoiling one lady and save himself some dough.

5 Sophie's Net Worth Isn't That High

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Okay, okay. I know. Sophie Turner is worth $5 million and that is more money than I could ever hope to have. But hear me out. In terms of how rich a lot of celebrities are these days, that isn't very much. Especially if she plans to keep buying homes and going on expensive trips! Once Game of Thrones ends, she will of course get some royalties from it, but the per episode paycheck she received will now be gone. No more steady stream of income for her! That is why Sophie needs to start hustling now to find more work after the show is over. As I mentioned before, she surely can't plan to rely on Joe's income. The entertainment business is fickle so they could be popular one day and broke the next.

4 Their Expensive Hobbies

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Most of us spend our free time reading, exercising, or spending time with our families and friends. All relatively cheap activities really. But Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas like to relax in ways that are a bit more extra. They are always going on expensive shopping trips even though they probably already own everything they have ever wanted and more. As the photo above proves, they also spare no expense when they're together. On their Miami trip they rented a boat and smoked expensive cigars, two hobbies that are definitely not in the normal everyday person's price range. Having fun hobbies like boating and shopping is a key perk of being a star, but these two should watch out. Their budget won't allow for so much luxury sooner or later!

3 Joe Is Always On The Road

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As anyone who has ever taken a road trip knows, life on the road can get pricey fast. Because Joe is a musician, that means a lot of his time is spent on tour or doing press or media appearances to promote his band's work. Constant traveling means tons of extra expenses like lodging, the tour bus, meals out, drinks to celebrate a great show, room service, and picking up random things you forgot to pack when you left. Doing this for months on end really adds up! It is also really easy to not notice or care how much money you are spending when you are away from home. You need all of these things to survive, so you take what you can get around you. Maybe he should start staying at Motel 6!

2 Their Designer Clothes

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Both Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are known for their amazing fashion sense. From their grungy chic casual outfits to designer active wear to their stunning tuxedos and gowns at red carpet events, this pair often makes the best dressed list. However, as we know, looking that amazing doesn't come cheap. For instance, the jacket that Sophie is wearing in the photo above cost her 800 pounds or about $1,000 US dollars! For one (honestly kind of weird) coat! If she is willing to spend that much on one piece of an everyday outfit, imagine how much the couple's fancy event clothes cost! I think this duo had better start lowering their standards for clothing brands. Otherwise, their bank accounts will soon be more on a budget level of Gap than Gucci.

1 Joe's LA Mansion

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A few years ago, Joe invested in a huge mansion outside of Los Angeles that cost him $3.7 million. What?! The home has a modern farmhouse vibe and is located in the quiet community of Sherman Oaks. The giant 5,600 square foot house includes such amenities as a guest house, pool, marble kitchen, walk-in closet, and soaking tub. So you know the payments on this place can't be cheap! Not to mention that after he sold his former home (for $2.8 million), he rented another house for $40,000 a month until the farmhouse was officially his. Paying so much for a home that you rarely even live in because you are always traveling sounds like a bad financial idea. Good luck paying off both this home and that NYC apartment, Joe!

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