20 Reasons Why Nikki Reed Chose To Leave Hollywood Behind

The life of Hollywood is admired by literally millions of people but they don't all know the hard work that goes into it and why some people might actually be leaving the scene of it entirely. The Hollywood life is not for everyone and it takes a certain person to be able to hack it out for as long as they truly want to. There's always drama, a lack of privacy and rumors that are going to float around about someone but at what cost does this give them, does it just come with the job or does it just ruin the fun parts of the job for some people?

This article is intended to provide some insight as to why Nikki Reed might have decided to move on from the entire Hollywood scene and lifestyle for a nice quiet one that makes her happy on the inside. We're just trying to inform people of some possible reasons as to why the star had left the world of Hollywood behind for a different type of life that most people would kill to trade with her. It's an experience like no other for most people and a lot of people seem to wonder why such a unique person decided to run back towards a life that's incredibly different from what she would have been used to. We wonder, are some of these reasons why she left that bad in the world of entertainment and why aren't more people leaving the industry if that was the case?

20 There's a lot of drama

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If there is one place that has a lot of drama, it's Hollywood. There are always some juicy stories about someone being unfaithful to another person going on a bender of some sort. It's kind of a pit, that never stops getting deeper. There are even entire websites dedicated to some celebrities and their many shortcomings. The drama machine that is Hollywood cannot and will not end. It can't end because people always love gossip. The world is basically like high school but with older people. It won't end because once again, people love to gossip, it's like air to some people.

For Nikki Reed, the drama was probably too much. She still experiences it right now in her life but it is nowhere near the amount she was seeing when she was within the dark walls of Hollywood. Her life before fame and after certainly would have a significantly lower amount of stress than during the Hollywood lifestyle that she was living. The drama cannot be avoided and this is something that many people, especially the stars that we love, dislike about Hollywood. No one wants headaches all the time, especially for just walking down the street. The drama was something that she may not have been the biggest fan of during her time in Hollywood.

19 She needed more privacy

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Privacy, we all love it. Most of us have it unless you're being watched by some government agent in a black van that's got wifi labeled FBI surveillance van seven. Privacy is something that most people consider important and that's okay. It's important to them because they enjoy being able to separate their social life and home life. Not everyone wants to see their friends from work outside their home, it's kind of weird. Others value their privacy because they feel that it's important to keep themselves sane, this is often the case with very popular people, like celebrities and politicians.

Nikki Reed is a celebrity, she always will be known for her heaps of work in the industry and deep down she likely knows that. That said, she is someone who values her privacy. The lifestyle that was being lived and is lived by most stars is that of having little privacy and being photographed or filmed pretty much everywhere. Nikki may not have liked knowing there was someone, somewhere in the world trying to track her every move. It sounds creepy to a lot of people but it happens. This is likely one of the reasons she left the Hollywood world, she might not have enjoyed having little actual time to herself, as in not being watched by someone while being alone.

18 The lifestyle can result in a lot of stress

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So, we already know that she might have disliked both the lack of privacy and a large amount of drama that comes with being a star but she could have even hated the amount of stress that comes with it. You see, you have to remain in the now when it comes to stardom. If someone doesn't, they are labeled as a washed-up star and possibly won't get cast anymore. It's a sad reality that leads to many people pulling wild stunts just to remain relevant to the masses that consume the content that they're competing to act, dance, sing, etc in.

Nikki's lifestyle could have been stressful because of the above-mentioned stuff. It's a combination of how one's going to feel with the knowledge of having to remain relevant but also giving up so many different aspects of one's life. Reed could have seen herself always worried about where a role might take her, this can lead to someone being unhappy in life since they're not in the now and paying attention to the good that has come from their profession.

17 She wasn't being cast anymore

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When a star stops being able to perform in the industry simply because they're not performing as well as they should, is an incredibly hard pill to swallow. This is usually when you would see that actor going around and doing some pretty crazy stuff. This is done to stay relevant in today's ever-changing and fast-paced world, as if they don't stay relevant, they stop getting cast and find themselves at what some would call a stalemate. It's kind of sad for many people to see since it requires a lot of effort and is mostly driven by popularity and trends. Once people stop talking about someone or something, they are instantly going to find it harder to get work in an industry that is driven by popularity.

In the case of Nikki, she did not want to become one of those people who inevitably have a breakdown and is plastered as a "what not to do," people on the internet. She was one of the few celebrities to have a moment of realization that she wasn't being cast and it may just have been the right moment to move on from what she was doing. Most people actually partake in multiple careers in their lives. This might have just been one of those careers for Nikki, she wanted to move on at some point in her career and so she did. (Source: NickiSwift)

16 Some of the films she has been in have not been so good

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Now, certainly, we cannot just take a gander at all the reasons she left Hollywood without pointing out the fact that one of those reasons would have clearly been that some movies and shows just do not do as well as others. This can be for any number of reasons and it isn't particularly the fault of Nikki. Some movies and shows just don't sit well with people, so they don't watch it, other reasons is that the marketing wasn't as good as a movie that may have had a billion dollars pumped into it.

Nikki Reed was, unfortunately, one of the people who seemed to have fallen into the world of being cast in the promising but sometimes bad movies. She tried but occasionally the films didn't do well. The sad fact is that when a movie does poorly, the audience can, sometimes associate the lack of popularity for the film with the actors. This means that it's possible some people think Nikki is just a bad entertainer because she was in a bad film. (Source: NickiSwift, IMBD)

15 Her career was better when she was younger

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Nikki was a popular individual and had started her career at a young age. Nikki is one of the few people who was able to land a cool job when they were young. The sad part about that is that with time she could have become less popular. This is normal and is actually visible with anybody or anything for that matter. Take any fad, or any actor who bursts into the limelight, they eventually fade with time. In her case, it's possible that her career was doing better when she first started out but with time, noticed that she could have started being replaced by other, younger and more popular actors. This is a reality for pretty much anybody that is in the entertainment business.

The peek of her career was however pretty good for her. She was immensely popular within the world. This allowed her to really lay the foundation of a promising career for years to come. The reality is that even she was aware that this lifestyle wasn't going to last forever. This is why she likely left the industry. She was a young star and that led to some good times but it's an inevitable reality that she would have to move on to do other things with her life as well. (Source: NickiSwift)

14 Nikki has actually been moving away from LA

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We know that she likely left because she was aware of the reality of her actually having to leave the industry eventually. So with that information in mind, we can come to the conclusion that she was slowly moving away from the industry. This is okay and isn't a bad thing. It's good to always look at other options when working in a volatile industry, especially that of show business. Her life seems to be filled with many different activities that interest her, especially in concerns of her career choice is. So, why should she limit herself to only one thing when she can do whatever interests her most. This is also why she would have moved towards doing other things rather than just sitting around and living a rinse and reuse cycle of life that can dull so very quickly for many people.

Nikki Reed is a special character in our world, she is someone who needs mental stimulation or else she would not have been able to manage her interests and would simply get frustrated and confused at the burden of too many choices. Instead, she has figured out how to create that stimulation within her mind. She does this by moving towards new careers in areas that are more stimulating for her.

13 Her lifestyle has changed a lot over time, especially eating

Everyone has their own way of living, and sometimes people change their ways, and sometimes people don't. Sometimes, for example, when people leave school, they don't often get a grip on reality, and prefer to act like they are still teenagers. The fact that lifestyle changes are important to someone's personality and overall maturity is hard for some people to adapt to. Some people just don't want to change. No one ever knows how really, as growing up is mainly trial and error by this point, but as long as you do your best, it's basically a success.

Nikki Reed has changed tremendously over time. She's allowed herself to develop into what she feels is the best way of living for herself. One of the many things she has changed over her life has been the way she eats. She might be eating better now when compared to how he was eating in high school. Her lifestyle is widely different from the average person who lives in the Hollywood world. She is living a clean life, both physically and mentally, and moving away from the bright lights and big city is likely what helped with her lifestyle change. (Source: Elle)

12 she craves bigger things

Some people in our world have so much more potential and just doing one thing limits that potential. It limits is because one job or career, in general, might bring them far, but won't actually be what the person wants to do with their lives. These people, under the assumption that they don't change their careers at some given point in time, find themselves unhappy and pouting in one way or another.

The mind of Nikki Reed is not one that can rely simply on doing one thing but rather needs to do many things to remain stable. You see, she's the type of person to find something fascinating and wants to explore every aspect of what that thing is. If she didn't do that, it's a real possibility that she could find herself being lazy and not furthering her ability to increase her skills by doing things that she loves. She's basically a proactive individual that needs to remain proactive in her lifestyle. Hollywood was only going to bring her to a certain point in her life and she needed to go further than that. This could be another reason as to why she decided that she needed to leave Hollywood and do other things.

11 acting may have gotten boring for her

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If there's an actor that has acted in as many shows and films as Nikki Reed, it's a good question to ask them if they ever felt like as though their job was actually a little dull. It's almost impossible to state that it didn't. Every show or film has a scene, or a part in the production that no one is looking forward to, for whatever reason.

Acting is just one thing that Nikki has done in her life, she did it for a fair while and has been an in several films. So the question is, has acting become dull for her in general? It's a possibility because of how long she did it for. It's often a rinse and repeat style of doing things. True, she was likely on different sets and in really cool locations doing really cool things but once again, it's the same thing on a large scale with subtle changes here and there. Within her career, she has done some pretty good things but there may have been a sense of longing for the something more. These often build up over time and in the end, they are what make people leave an industry. (Source: TVGuide)

10 she wants to be a good mother

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So, a working mother obviously does not have the same amount of time as a stay at home mom who is always with her kids. Nikki Reed was the mother that could have been working at the same time as being a mom, in an industry that gives little privacy and other aspects of one's life. This could have been the reason as to why Nikki eventually left Hollywood. She did not want to be preoccupied with stuff that didn't matter to her most, this proves that she seems to care about her child more than her job. It's also something many working parents don't seem to do since they're always working themselves to death to make sure their child has a good life.

Family life is an important aspect that cannot be ignored when someone is a mother or just a parent in general. Nikki Reed knew that she needed to be there for every part of her kid's life. Especially some of the most important years: the beginning. She wanted her kid to turn out well and she's trying to ensure that by pushing herself through the reality of not having to work when being a parent. Even if she does work while having a kid in the house, she is the type of person who would separate work and family. Overall, she wanted to be there for her family before going about and doing a lot of traveling for her shows and films within the entertainment industry. (Source: EOnline)

9 Her personal life may have had some difficult times, such as a divorce

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Divorces are hard for everyone involved. They are not fun for those watching them and even worse for those who are going through them at that specific time. Everyone goes through tough times in their life but what matters is when and how they start to deal with the issues that come from that. For example, if someone like Nikki was to get a divorce, should she stop working in the industry that might keep reminding her of said divorce?

Nikki Reed is said to have gone through a divorce, and it certainly would not help her to be around the kind of people who would remind her of that fact. It's kind of depressing and a reminder of how bad that choice was in the end. Not many people want to talk about their divorce, it's generally not the best of things to start chatting about. This is why she possibly left Hollywood, why would she want to just go around and always have that behind her mind. If she would have stayed, she could have always had that reminder in her brain, telling her that it is just another thing she failed at in life. Sometimes the voices in your head are not always pleasant.. (Source: HollywoodLife)

8 she needed time to herself

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Celebrity life tends to take a whack ton of time. You've got to keep yourself looking great, all the time and without many flaws. You have to remain connected, so you're constantly on social media just keeping up with both the latest trends but also your fans. The fans keep you relevant by engaging with you and your content. Having time to yourself is pretty important. It allows you to both remain sane and also allows you to continue with your side projects.

Nikki Reed has without a doubt moved on for this reason. Everyone on this planet likes to have time to themselves. Just a little time even helps someone enjoy their life even more than someone who has no time for themselves. Celebrities often have to work themselves half to death on set and in the recording studio. It's a part of the lifestyle that few people actually look at because they don't like hearing the reality and hard work people put into it. Nikki has put in the hard work and in the end, she preferred having time to herself, and that's perfectly okay. She needs to be who she is on the inside. If she doesn't spend time alone, with her mind and herself, then she'll likely have a breakdown. (Source: SheKnows)

7 she wanted to dress however she liked

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Fashion is pretty cool when you look into it. There is definitely some kind of science behind it, and even more than that, it is most definitely an art form. It's also interesting to see how a piece of clothing can change someone's entire look. However, there are always trends that are involved in fashion. The fashion industry is run on trends, and celebrities have a big part to play in that. They get sent designer clothes to wear outside, that way they get photographed in it, and it is publicity for the designer in question. There is a lot that goes into fashion, especially in Hollywood.

Sometimes, people take a break from keeping up with the fashion industry because it can get somewhat repetitive. Specifically the trends of clothing that come and go. No one wants to try and keep up with something that is just going to cost them a lot of money, and maybe even get them trashed on online websites. All in all, it is both tiring and expensive. Nikki has never been one to really flow to the beat of Hollywood's drum, and now that she has left, she has embraced her Boho-chic clothing style with happiness. (Source: Dailymail)

6 constantly being recognized can be tiring

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So, once again privacy is important. However, privacy doesn't really apply in a public place, but being recognized is both fun and annoying. It can be fun if you're a teacher and you see a student that you like in the store. But it can definitely get annoying when all you want is to rest, but a hundred people know your name.  While it might be cool at the start of fame, it can definitely get tiring after a while. There comes a time where people just want to buy their groceries without being noticed by everyone in the store and having photos and selfies taken with them.

For Nikki Reed, it might have gotten old pretty fast. When she was young it may have been pretty fun but when she got older, it could have without a doubt gotten really annoying. Imagine yourself, everytime you leave the house, getting seen by someone who knows you. It can get pretty boring, pretty fast. This could have also been a reason why she left the entire scene. She didn't want to keep going on with being annoyed by so many of the people she saw throughout the day, she might have loved seeing them but there comes a time when you have a schedule and need to limit the time you spend with strangers. (Source: Youtube)

5 She doesn't want to have to hear other people tell her how to live life

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This is an issue that so many people seem to find themselves burdened by. Everyone around them seems to be telling them how to live their life, raise their kids, drive, eat, walk, run, etc. This is more than the truth for anyone that works in an industry that allows them to be criticized. This includes the entertainment industry, it is an industry that thrives under criticism.

Nikki Reed has likely experience more than her fair share of this criticism. Often, by people who don't live better lives but feel the need to judge others because they're insecure about their own place in the universe. She eventually found herself just sick and tired of hearing it, which really, no one can fault her for. This could just be one of the many reasons she decided to get away from the life of Hollywood. It's not a bad move if this is actually one of the reasons why she left, it could have been why she decided to leave the life behind her. It's an act that many before her have taken and it seems that she likes the choice that she has made. (Source: HelloGiggles)

4 a better life for her child

Children are often the targets of criticisms, and by extension so are their parents. The child is generally considered to be a product of someone's ability to teach and nurture a human being that doesn't know right from wrong just yet. These children find themselves under mass amounts of pressure to not make the wrong decision. They sometimes just try and give up because the person complaining will without a doubt find something that they've done "wrong." It's frowned upon by some and loved by others.

Nikki Reed has a child. She may not have wanted her child to live in a world thinking that no matter what she did, she'll end up feeling bad because her parents will look bad for her mistakes. However, Nikki is aware that people make and learn from mistakes, so why even subject your kid to that to begin with? The child of Nikki is not going to get treated like dirt by the people around her because her mother took a different path than they did. Nikki seems to basically just want her kid to live a normal, calm and effective life that will make her proud of her offspring. (Source: ThisIsInsider)

3 she might not always have wanted to be an actress

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When you take a look at most celebrities, not all, but most, you see that they have that look in their eye. The determined look of success. That look can lead them to doing anything to continue their growth in their sector of fame. It's a look that is seen on someone who's quite ambitious most of the time and it can come off as a scary look but really isn't, it only means that the person loves what they're doing and won't give up on it for anything.

For Nikki, it's the opposite. She has the look of an ambitious person, yes, but she doesn't go around doing insane stuff to remain in the news. She is the kind of person to just let life decide for her. She seems like the individual who is willing to just go with the flow of the situation and see where it leads her, if it ends up bad, she'll fix it, if it ends up good, then she should trust the world a little more. It's a wild way to live but it's a realistic one as well. Nikki Reed doesn't mess around when it comes to working hard but she also definitely seems to know how to go with the flow and take her time with the world. Maybe that is why she had no problem leaving Hollywood, she might have felt that it was her time to move on, and that the universe wanted her to expand outside the entertainment industry. (Source: Instagram)

2 her photography

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Nikki Reed has got Instagram, like most people who are famous. However, she uploads stuff that some people who are interested in photography would upload. These people will upload photos of themselves, nature, the urban environment and more. Nikki is one of the people who tend to upload photos that are close-ups of nature, specifically, flowers. Her Instagram is literally filled with beautiful pictures that really capture the eyes of anyone viewing them. Instagram is a great place to do this because it's a huge outlet and can be used to inform anyone curious about the star's current activities.

Nikki Reed could have a little personal interest in photography, and she might have even wanted to get away from the world of Hollywood to explore this newfound passion and art. It's a move that many before her have, once again, taken but it shows that she's a free thinker who isn't in it for the cash but rather for what makes her happy all the time. Someone like her does not want to just do one thing and we already know why too. Taking time to explore something that you find interesting is pretty important because it allows one to increase their knowledge on a subject and possibly bring others into it as well or educate others who don't know too much about it. (Source: Instagram)

1 she wants her family to feel good

Let's face it. There are some brats out in Hollywood that think just because they were born into a family that has done a ton of stuff in the world of entertainment, they're better than everyone else around them. These people are sometimes called brats, snobs and more. However, one thing is for sure, they always find themselves hit with reality sooner or later. They're also kids of famous people most of the time. These kids are often like this because they have never experienced anything but the good life.

Nikki Reed as we all already know has a kid. She is a pretty down to earth human being and may not have wanted that kid to end up one of the brats of the entertainment industry. It's a move that makes a lot of sense. Some celebs do try to do that, such as Hugh Jackman, who tries to give his children as much of a normal life as possible. One of the best things to do for a child in Hollywood is try and give them the best sense of normalcy. For some celebs, taking themselves out of Hollywood altogether for the first crucial years is the best way to do that. Her move was a good one because her child will soon know that the world is more than just sunshine and rainbows, it's a world of pain and reality that can hit someone over the head pretty hard. (Source: Instagram)

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