19She’s A Confident Woman

Confidence when growing up in stardom and fame can be hard. It has probably been an issue for Demi Moore, and it has been an issue for her children as they grow up in fame as well.

Being a confident woman in Hollywood today, especially when you’re dating someone and everyone wants to know as much as possible, it can be hard, to say the least. Demi Moore is thriving in a culture where it’s meant to constantly bring you down as much as possible,

but somehow, she still is as glamorous as ever and nothing could shake her confidence, not even mean headlines directed towards her because of her choice in men.

Even though they’ve always seemed very thankful and grateful for what they have and the platforms they continue to grow, it must be said as early as possible that Demi Moore is a confident woman that hasn’t been pushed down successfully by other jealous and hateful individuals. She’s been one of the strongest women in Hollywood that deserves a bit of praise every now and again because of what she’s been able to accomplish throughout her career. Nick Jonas should be pretty happy about the date he currently has, that’s for sure.

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