20 Reasons Why Nick Jonas Is Lucky To Date Demi Moore (Even If She's 30 Years Older)

After a recent break up with her husband, Ashton Kutcher, just a few years back, Demi Moore isn’t waiting anymore and has hit it off with Hollywood star, Nick Jonas. This connection between the two might seem a bit strange, but when you really think about it, Demi Moore has always related more to the younger generation after her. She’s such a lively individual full of fun and personality, she needs someone who can simply keep up with her. While it’s also very unexpected because of Nick Jonas embracing LGBT and coming out, of course, that can always change, that doesn't necessarily mean he was lying by any means.

But nonetheless, this specific couple is shocking in the least because it’s something that literally no one could have guessed. There was no warning signs or hints that these two would fall in love and be together under the spotlight of Hollywood. And, of course, even though age is just a number for many people, you can’t help but cringe just a little knowing that this is the youngest she’s ever dated, more than half her age. While Demi Moore happens to be 55 years old, Nick Jonas is only 25. But maybe it all just happened because Nick Jonas has also had quite the experiences with older women during his career as well, so it wouldn’t be anything new for him at the end of the day. Even though they’re both very unlikely, if you really think about it they actually have quite a bit in common.

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20 She Knows How To Deal With Younger Guys

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Demi Moore has had experience, she’s dated many other younger guys and she relates to the youthful energy it seems. There’s nothing wrong with dating a younger guy when you’re a woman, even though people seem to be so amazed that a famous young guy would ever want to go out with an older woman, which is completely absurd and rude in every way possible! Nick Jonas is beyond lucky to have this opportunity to date Demi Moore.

This is apparently what happened between Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, according to Now To Love: “Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher settled their divorce, two years after they separated, with Demi reportedly receiving a 'very generous' payout from her husband of eight years."

Whether or not she’s scared to move on to marriage because of this issue she had with Kutcher, she at least has gotten herself together enough to have the confidence to pursue her relationship with Nick Jonas, that’s an amazing feat that really does show just how important her desires are compared to her fame. She couldn’t care less about what people think. Not to mention good or bad, she has experience with the younger generation.

19 She’s A Confident Woman

Being a confident woman in Hollywood today, especially when you’re dating someone and everyone wants to know as much as possible, it can be hard, to say the least. Demi Moore is thriving in a culture where it’s meant to constantly bring you down as much as possible, but somehow, she still is as glamorous as ever and nothing could shake her confidence, not even mean headlines directed towards her because of her choice in men.

Confidence when growing up in stardom and fame can be hard. It has probably been an issue for Demi Moore, and it has been an issue for her children as they grow up in fame as well.

Even though they’ve always seemed very thankful and grateful for what they have and the platforms they continue to grow, it must be said as early as possible that Demi Moore is a confident woman that hasn’t been pushed down successfully by other jealous and hateful individuals. She’s been one of the strongest women in Hollywood that deserves a bit of praise every now and again because of what she’s been able to accomplish throughout her career. Nick Jonas should be pretty happy about the date he currently has, that’s for sure.

18 She Is Not Afraid To Hold Back


Demi Moore has been around for quite some time now, she’s been around so long that she doesn’t put up with anything from anyone. People listen to her because of her experience and that’s something Nick Jonas will soon realize. Demi Moore has never been the kind of person to filter what she says, she’s very in your face from what we’ve seen in Hollywood, but it all comes from a good place at the end of the day.

Now To Love also said this about the relationship between Nick Jonas and Demi herself, “The source also spilled the couple has been holding their secret rendezvous at a friend's downtown LA apartment because Demi wants to keep the relationship hush-hush.”

While Demi might be afraid of what might happen if things don’t work out since she just had a divorce, she still isn’t so afraid that she holds back from what she really wants. She wants to date and have fun, and she seems to have settled with Nick Jonas right now because they simply complement each other so well. It might not be a perfect match according to some people, but for most, it’s a relationship that people are excited about and cheering on from the sidelines.

17 She Doesn't Care That He Is Younger Than Her Daughter

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While it isn’t a huge deal, Demi Moore’s daughter, Rumer Willis, is actually even older than Nick Jonas! People have been making some pretty rude headlines about this comparison, comparing mother and daughter, which is completely crazy. We will not be indulging in that kind of rude behavior, but we will say that it says a lot about Demi Moore that Nick Jonas liked her so much that he wanted to date her when she’s so much older. That says a lot about her personality and how youthful she must really be!

According to Evelyn Lim, Demi Moore’s split with Kutcher was Moore’s third divorce, which must make it very hard to really embrace the fun that’s involved with this new relationship.

Hopefully, both Moore and Jonas can work together to really find out what works for them and their relationship together. We really doubt they’re using each other for fame; they’re both so well known even without dating each other, which has led us to believe they’re together because they actually do like each other. Nick Jonas might be a few years younger than Moore’s daughter, but that hasn’t stopped them and probably never will by any means.

16 She’s A Caring Partner

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Being jealous doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. Being jealous can often mean that you care as long as you control it so it doesn’t overwhelm your partner. There doesn't have to be anything wrong with being jealous because, at the end of the day, you can’t help but just care about your partner and want the best for them. Of course, some people take this to the extreme, but most of the time, Demi Moore has always shown that she simply loves her partners, not that she wants to hide them from the world or something crazy.

15 She’s Humble

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Demi Moore, while in the spotlight, has always had a sense of realness to her. No matter what she does, she’s always seemed honest and caring not only about her fans, but her family, and the individual she’s dating. She doesn’t flaunt her fame all over the place, she’s just herself and it’s a really fantastic example of how others should probably act in the spotlight as well. She isn’t fighting to grab all the headlines, she’s simply herself, and it’s gotten her so far in today’s world. Her fans are understanding of her simply because she hasn’t tried to trick them.

Being humble isn’t typically something you regularly see in Hollywood culture, but Demi Moore has proven time and time again that she doesn’t like to show off what she has.

She just loves to enjoy life and that’s a pretty fresh perspective to have when right in the middle of fame and headlines. That’s something Nick Jonas needs to be thankful for especially since he seems to have been caught up in all the fame, while we don’t want to assume, it sometimes feels like maybe it’s gone to his head a bit. Hopefully, he’s matured a bit more and that’s no longer what it looks like, but either way, they could easily balance each other out in a healthy way if it all works out for the best.

14 She Has A Ton Of Life Experience

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In the entertainment industry, Demi Moore has had a ton of experience. Not only does she probably have some of the biggest connections that would benefit Nick Jonas, but she’s a connection herself! While she’s always been a humble individual, there’s no question about her fame and how she’s grown her empire as well. While she might not be trending every day, she is living her life how she wants to, she would never apologize for that. Demi Moore has even been noted as one of the most inspiring individuals as well, not only because of her humanitarian work but because of how she’s been able to change how people think when it comes to older women in the industry.

Just because you’re an older woman in the spotlight, doesn’t mean you need to try and hide, you can still be yourself and have fun! According to Hello Magazine, “I'm certainly not the first person to be in a relationship with a younger man, but somehow I was plucked out as a bit of a poster girl." She’s been put on a pedestal because of what she’s chosen to do with her life and dating life, while it can be tiring to hear of all the time, it still is important.

13 Not Only In The industry

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She also has tons of experience with dating as well, which is always a plus in some regard because it almost guarantees that the relationship will be much more open because you’ve already figured out what works and what doesn’t for you. This is probably the case with Demi Moore because of her past relationship history. That’s one of the many things she’s mastered, the art of flawlessly dating and making it look glam every step of the way.

Her work as an actress and even a songwriter has really made her presence known in the industry. It’s allowed her to connect with so many people, which is just another reason why both she and Nick Jonas are probably so perfect for each other in a lot of ways. Even in this Nicki Swift video, it’s mentioned how she’s been able to overcome so much, and that’s probably why there’s so much respect for where she is now. While she might not be in the spotlight of Hollywood like she used to be, she has been a presence that no one wants to be negative towards, at least most of the time. Maybe we’ll hear more from Demi Moore in the future as well.

12 But With Boy Toys Too!

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But most of all, she’s had experience with other younger individuals as well, such as Ashton Kutcher, who played a big role in her life for a while. There’s no shame in dating younger people when you’re in your 50's, it’s just important to be on the same page and to be with someone for more than just how they look, which seems to have always been the motivation behind Demi Moore. Maybe that’s why so many people like her so much— because she’s just being true to herself. The gossip guru site we all know and love, Perez Hilton, also published a piece talking about Demi Moore and how she seems to only date younger guys. He had this to say:

“Demi Moore hooking up with Nick Jonas may be a hot rumor at the moment — but the fact Demi likes the younger guys is public record!”

We can’t help but agree, it seems common knowledge to know that all Demi Moore is interested in is younger more youthful guys. While the age does vary sometimes, in almost every relationship, they’ve been younger than her. At least not all of them have been younger than her daughter though, that’s a plus!

11 He Has Plenty Of Experience As Well

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But Demi Moore doesn’t need to worry either, he has some serious experience as well, especially with older women. Nick Jonas has dated many older women in the industry as well, it seems to be his thing. So hopefully, this will be refreshing and a great thing for them both so they can simply flourish together. It’s regularly mentioned that not only does Demi Moore have a ton of experience, Nick is also actively looking for women with experience. 

According to Meaww, “While their hookup may seem like an odd match, Nick has previously dated women who are older to him. Nick was earlier linked with Kate Hudson, who was 37-years-old at that time. The couple had been reportedly dating for a couple of months and were spotted spending Valentine's Day together.” So they’re both pretty much on an even playing field, they both have had plenty of dating experience, maybe that would mean that they’re getting closer to settling down in the future, we can only hope! There might even be some amazing influence from Nick Jonas as well for Demi Moore. Maybe she will start to use social media more to post cute selfies of them together and how they spend their time with each other.

10 She Has Wonderful Children

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The fact that Demi Moore has wonderful children is always beautiful and amazing, but it allows her to really live her life the best she can now. It’s her time now, she wants to go on with her life and start dating again, and that’s inspiring. It just shows that you can never be too old to start something new. She’s just starting her life again and she wants to embrace it. Demi Moore has had a very up and down family, she’s been divorced three times, but nonetheless, they’ve all been pretty functional, more so than some families out there, especially because everyone is watching. While she only had children with Bruce Willis, she has dated many other people and married others before her recent connection with Nick Jonas.

Honestly, Nick Jonas is probably very intimidated when it comes to her baggage, but he’s not so innocent himself either. Even information about her past has been hard to come by but Body Height Weight had this to say, “Her family was unstable so she had to quickly become responsible for herself and this led her to an appearance on the cover of an adult magazine.” At least her family has grown in a positive way.

9 They Don’t Always Like The Spotlight

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Both Nick Jonas and Demi Moore seem to be the type of individuals who like to have their private life as well, but the fact that they’re honest about it and don’t try to play it up when they’re in the spotlight, really says something about each of their personalities. It’s almost refreshing if you really just take a second to look at other examples in Hollywood currently, which is full of people just wanting to be as famous as possible. Both Nick Jonas and Demi Moore have been constantly in the spotlight in the past, it’s been something that has greatly played a role in their fame and even their lifestyle.

But out of most celebrities in the industry, they strike us as the kind of individuals who would be happy just going about their day to day to-do list and living the best life they possibly can. Whether or not that’s actually true, it comes off that way for all of Hollywood, which honestly sets a great example for those who are getting back into the dating scene today. You don’t always have to put yourself out there on purpose to get attention, sometimes, it will just come to you when you least expect it.

8 She Has Nothing To Do With Her Ex Husband

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Demi Moore isn’t the kind of individual to be messy, she likes to move on with her life and put herself first, which some people might have a problem with. However, she does it because she knows she doesn’t deserve any less, which there isn’t a problem with whatsoever. For someone, especially a woman, to have the confidence to just move on and enjoy her life, is inspiring for all women, especially those who have just left a relationship. She’s been able to create a fresh start for herself and it’s simply amazing.

One of the big headlines of them actually being in the same place together was for Guy Oseary’s renewal of wedding vows party. According to The Sun, “Demi Moore looked happy and relaxed outside the venue for Guy Oseary's wedding vows in Rio yesterday." It must have been a bit awkward for Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore to be in the same place at once, while also trying to have a good time, but they’re both mature so it didn’t turn into anything unpleasant even though press seemed to have wanted that. At least they’re both the bigger person even in a situation like this event that occurred.

7 She Always Put Her Family First

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Demi Moore is such a family person, she’s a proud mother, and she is constantly involved in her children’s lives, which is also amazing since she’s been able to balance everything so well, most people wouldn’t even know. Demi Moore has also always encouraged her children to do what they want and to be creative and innovative within the industry – which for example, Rumer Willis, her daughter, has done with ease. Rumer Willis is a serious triple threat with the amazing singing, dancing, and acting! That just goes to show how well Demi Moore played a part in how she raised them.

Maybe it’s all paid off. Did you know that the reason Demi Moore and Nick Jonas actually started dating was because of Moore’s daughter Rumer Willis? According to Meaww, “The report claims that Rumer knows very well that her mother is interested in younger guys and knowing that Nick is single and has experience with older women, she thought he would be a perfect match for her mother.” Talk about a family that sticks together, it even sounds like Moore has raised her daughter to be open minded, kind, and accepting as well! Not to mention their whole family must be confident 24/7.

6 She Is Confident In Her Roots

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If one thing's for sure, Demi Moore has never wavered from who she wants to be. She has always been confident and always appears to know exactly what she wants in the world around her. Being confident in her roots has always been something that probably encouraged her to really grow within herself as she’s gotten older. While of course, everyone has their bad days where they don’t feel as confident, Demi Moore without fail always picks herself up and flaunts everything she wants to without the worry of what other people could possibly think.

With Hollywood trying to bring her down, a recent statement from Anushays Point reads as this: “With the deluge of bad press Demi has recently gotten, it is easy to forget who this woman used to be, and I am sure somewhere deep inside, still is” We completely agree, it finally feels like we’re seeing her confidence grow again like it once was. We finally feel like we’re seeing the more confident and happy Demi Moore now that she has found love again. We hope this relationship lasts and that both Nick Jonas and Demi Moore will be able to find what they’re looking for.

5 She Isn’t Afraid To Flaunt Her Flaws

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Having the confidence to accept your flaws and live life however you see fit is something many women are inspired by when it comes to Demi Moore. She’s always been herself, she hasn’t let Hollywood take over her life and make all the choices for her so she doesn’t have to think. She’s one of the most relatable individuals in the industry according to many fans that have supported her for years. If we had to learn one thing from Demi Moore, it would be the fact that you just shouldn’t care what people think about you, you should always be able to work towards that goal of having confidence in your body and acceptance even in those flaws you don’t like all the time.

You don’t always need to find someone to be happy, but you also shouldn’t feel guilty about dating someone even when you’re older either. As long as you’re both adults and you’re happy together, live your life the best you possibly can and be carefree!

No matter what headlines or gossip that might be said about either Nick Jonas or Demi Moore, at least they have each other and they can just laugh it off together while they go on about their life.

4 Or Her Age!

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Demi Moore is 55 years old, and the only reason we’re sharing that is because she’s not afraid to admit it whatsoever. She talks openly about her age and if anything, she’s proud to be where she is with her family, her style, confidence, and of course, her experiences. Where would she be today if she wasn't herself all the time? Who would she be if she just pretended to never be middle aged?

Nick Jonas is lucky to have someone who is so confident in herself and isn’t afraid to be anything other than who she is.

She’s not even trying to hide the fact that she is an older woman. According to Meaww, “Demi Moore has her taste in men and it seems to be guys who are younger to her.” She has a certain taste in men and it doesn’t bother her if people know. Who cares if he’s so much younger than her? They’re both adults at the end of the day and they like each other enough to give it a try when it comes to a relationship. We agree, there should not be any shame in two adults who love each other, or even adults who want to hook up.

3 She Respects Honesty

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Of course, everyone expects honesty, but it can be hard to reach that point in a relationship with someone, especially someone you recently started dating. But Nick Jonas is going to be very lucky because she always seems to be the type of person who will just tell you like it is, she’s not going to play games, she’s going to be herself, which is rare in many relationships, especially in the industry.

She’s been in so many different relationships, she most likely knows exactly what she wants and she knows that she doesn’t want to waste time.

According to Vanity Fair, “Everything revolves around that fact. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She had a strong conception of her role that wasn’t up for discussion. She’s a very focused woman.” We can totally see why Demi Moore would be described in this way, she’s always been a very determined and inspiring example for women of all ages. She’s beautiful and has brains. She’s a woman who stays focused on what she wants and she doesn’t stop until she gets it. Maybe that could even be applied to her dating life as well in the last few years.

2 As Well As Always Being Straight Forward

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There’s nothing wrong with being straight forward and Demi Moore really is! She’s always been completely honest and open about how she feels, what she wants to do, and who she is dating. She’s an example of someone who’s in the spotlight but acts just like any one of us. She just doesn’t care or want to change herself because people happen to be watching her every single move to see if she messes up. Talk about some intense pressure!

Demi Moore has had a personality in the celebrity spotlight that can almost be intimidating because of how confident she comes off. Whether or not she is actually that confident might be hard to figure out, but at least, from what we do see, it’s quite impressive.

The fact that she’s been able to have generally successful relationships at her age, despite literally all of Hollywood trying to throw her under the bus in the process, is impressive. Maybe her fans have helped support her to where she is now, or maybe it's just because she's always been straightforward and honest about who she is as a person, even when people are being so hateful towards her. Hopefully, she continues to act as this example for women even into the future no matter who she dates.

1 She’s Unapologetic

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Not caring what people think about you, as long as you aren’t doing something wrong, is one of the best freedoms people can experience. No matter what you do in life, people will probably find something to complain about. But when you simply no longer care what people have to say about you, you can’t help but almost feel relieved because it’s a moment where you can just be yourself without any worry about what people think. If only more people could follow Demi Moore’s footsteps and embrace that part of themselves on a daily basis like she seems to do.

She’s so truthful, that for example, in a recent post from the blog Evelyn Lim, Demi Moore had this to say: “What scares me is that I’m going to ultimately find out that at the end of my life that I’m really not lovable, that I’m not worthy of being loved. That there’s something fundamentally wrong with me… and that I wasn’t wanted in the first place.”

She isn’t afraid to be vulnerable, and with someone at her age, it’s quite impressive she’s able to not care what people have to say about her actions or thoughts. She continues to prove everyone wrong and exceed expectations.

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