20 Reasons Why Hollywood Isn't Embracing Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson has a lot to prove to the world of Hollywood, to showcase whether or not she really does have the dedication to really blossom in the industry, because from an outsider’s perspective it doesn’t really look as if she even wants to have this sort of fame by any means. Who knows what’s really going on in her head, but we do want to take a look at why she might not have the Hollywood sparkle like other stars. We’ll be exploring why Hollywood isn’t exactly interested in Dakota Johnson anymore, because at this point, we really don’t understand why she isn’t further along in her career with all of the hard work she’s put in.

There have been a lot of individuals in the media who put down Dakota Johnson, but we believe she has so much to offer if she would just push forward and grow as an individual. Dakota Johnson has some talent to offer and it really shows in her latest movie, but she could do so much more than that.

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20 People Brand Her As Something She’s Not

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One thing that Dakota Johnson has continuously mentioned when talking to the press is the topic of how hard being a celebrity really is. She often speaks out about how hard her life is ever since more fame was brought into it. This has made people very frustrated since there are some who really want to be in her position.

While some of her fans understand where she’s coming from, it’s very irritating to see someone in such a high position of power where they can basically do anything they want and she just brushes it off as if she doesn’t even care or want to be famous in the first place. Who knows if she really wants to be famous or not! Ever since she entered the big screen, she’s been growing her fame more and more each day, even though she’s only been in a few movies.

But recently her fame has grown because she was the star of a very big movie franchise, before then many people weren’t that familiar with her name since most of her older movies weren’t as big of a deal in many individuals opinions. Maybe she’ll have a more positive attitude as time goes on!

19 So Many Rumors About Her


Probably because she complains about being famous, Dakota Johnson constantly has her words taken by the media and turned into something similar to clickbait. It’s one of the main reasons we imagine she’d rather not even be in the media as a celeb. There have been many experiences where Dakota Johnson has been admired by fans, but the media always turns on her and makes her seem like the same character in her latest movie.

According to E News, this was one of the recent interactions she had, "I recently was in a Starbucks getting some coffee, as you do, and a kid came up. He was probably like 14 or 15, and he was like, 'Hey, can I get a picture with you?' I was like, 'Yeah, yeah. Of course,'" Johnson, 27, recalled. As they were taking a selfie together, the teen confessed, "I actually don't know who you are, but my mom is over there. She's freaking out." She was shocked that this interaction didn’t spur just another clickbait title! Maybe the more she speaks out, the more people will understand her and treat her better and with more respect as time goes on. If only people could act with respect before having to be told.

18 People Twisting Her Words

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In a recent comment to E News, Dakota Johnson said this about individuals and the media taking what she says out of context, “It's a disaster, it is truly, categorically impossible for me to get it right [even] when I'm not wildly taken out of context." If only people could actually listen to what individuals have to say, regardless of whether or not they’re famous or just another regular person. Just because you’ll get more money out of a clickbait title, that doesn’t mean you should go out there into the world and throw someone under the bus because you don't know who they are and you have no respect for them.

The media will always act like the media, that’s just common sense, but the fact that pretty much everything that Dakota Johnson says ends up twisted in some way, it probably is the biggest explanation as to why she shies away from the media, fans, and social scene altogether. She’s probably just scared of what people think and how they might plan to use it against her as she moves forward with her growing career.

This is probably also the reason why people aren’t as interested in her, since she simply stays away from the public for the reasons we mentioned above.

17 She Spends So Much Time In The Gym

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In a recent article earlier this year from The Talko, it’s mentioned that Dakota Johnson didn’t actually use a body double, “No one should be shocked that Dakota Johnson didn’t use a body double for most of the Fifty Shades trilogy and why should she? She was a model for heaven sakes. Most Hollywood actresses have certain clauses in their contracts that prevent them from showing too much skin in a movie, but not Dakota.”

Which is actually quite amazing since she has worked so hard at the gym to keep her body in decent shape for this film! If you spend so much time at the gym and never enough time building up your celebrity status or network, people are simply going to stop talking about you and what you’re up to. We’re not saying we agree with this, but we sure hope we never hear Dakota Johnson complaining about how people don’t talk to her, especially since she made the choice to occupy her time the way she does.

That’s no one else’s fault except her own! Maybe if she took some time to find some balance in her life she would be able to spend time in the gym while also connecting with her fans, the people who made her who she is today in a sense.

16 She Doesn’t Crave Fame

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Dakota Johnson has never been the type of individual who wants more and more fame, which might be because she was raised in a family that was already famous. Maybe she realizes that fame isn’t everything there is to life. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t love fame the way some celebrities do. But that could also be why people aren’t exactly interested in Dakota Johnson in the same way as the Kardashians.

Dakota Johnson doesn’t constantly try to set new trends and she doesn’t go out of her way to continuously push the envelope in the way most celebrities try to. Even though it might seem like she doesn’t care about fame, which can really turn it away from you even more, we believe she is just so used to being famous, especially since she grew up in a famous family. 

We're not convinced though, as it really does look as if she doesn't really care about fame, which can actually cause more harm than you might think. Maybe people just aren’t used to seeing celebrities who have this huge platform of fame, yet they just don’t want to have anything to do with it from the outside perspective. That could perhaps be the reasoning behind why she doesn’t stay relevant.

15 She Is Not Into Social Media

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It’s no secret that sometimes celebrities just aren’t that interested in social media. Social media is a fantastic way to connect with your audience but because it’s also a way where people can send anyone as much hate as they want, it can also turn some celebs off to the idea of connecting with individuals on social media.

Part of us understands why it could be stressful to keep up with social media, but it would be nice to see how Dakota Johnson connects with her fans most of all. Social media is a huge asset to have, especially these days when everyone is constantly trying to grow their career. But like we said before, Dakota Johnson just doesn’t seem like the kind of person to even really care about how famous she is. Maybe that’s why she seems so distant from the reality of the entertainment industry.

Hopefully as she gets older she’ll become more interested in social media, we have to know more about her life, and with active social media she’ll actually be able to share these details about herself that we had no idea about in any way. Let’s hope she makes the change soon and quickly, we want to know more!

14 A Disconnect With Fans

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Because Dakota Johnson doesn’t embrace the idea of social media, it can be a bit difficult to feel that sense of unique connection to her as a fan. She just seems a bit absent. Maybe as her confidence and fame grows she could actually start using her platform as an important voice in the community, but until then she’ll be going about her life without any stress from those time consuming apps.

Like we just mentioned above, Dakota Johnson doesn’t like being involved with social media, which we totally understand. Social media is a place where people can say whatever they like, without ever caring about how you feel or how their words may even affect you.

Maybe it’s because she’s lacking a sort of confidence, you really need to have that sort of thick skin, especially when there are people out there that just want to bring you down in whatever way possible.

That kind of strong disconnect between a celebrity and a group of fans that constantly offer love and support, can really turn away people who originally liked your work in the first place. Hopefully she learns that she really needs to update how she handles her social life and her fans.

13 She Cares About What People Think

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According to BoomsBeat, Dakota Johnson is actually quite intimidated by her families success and having famous parents, "It's not necessarily annoying. I've come to understand the allure of that to other people, how it seems so interesting and different. But for me it's just my family, it's the way I grew up and it's my mom and my dad. It doesn't really bother me because I get it, but sometimes it's kind of a drag to talk about."

It’s so important that people learn to just not care what others think, if you constantly put yourself out there but are afraid of what it means, you’re just going to constantly be brought back down and it’s going to hurt. It’s amazing just how real her awkward characters are on the screen to her real life personality. She constantly goes out of her way to make an impact but she’s reserved and shy all at the same time.

It doesn’t really make a lot of sense and it isn’t that exciting which could be one of the biggest reasons as to why Dakota Johnson isn’t exactly the most memorable celeb in the game.

12 Pressure From Her Family

Via: Tumblr.com

Tippi Hedren was Dakota Johnson’s grandmother and she was a serious influence in the film industry. This kind of pressure from the past is seriously daunting to take on in any way. But Dakota Johnson has also mentioned that there is no way her family would even be allowed to watch her latest movies because of how inappropriate they are.

According to Mirror, “There is a moment - there is a little surprise moment especially for my mom in this movie. I can't share it! I don't want to spoil it, but she won't ever see it. Maybe she'll see this one specific little clip.” We don’t blame her for wanting to impress her family, but also being way too embarrassed to show off her latest movies with all the very personal and exposing scenes. There’s no way any sane person would let their parents watch their work in a movie like Fifty Shades Of Grey!

11 She Had To Beg For The Role

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According to Useless Daily, “Dakota really wanted to play Fifty Shades’ Anastasia Steele, begging her manager to help her get the role. She auditioned for it by reading [a] monologue from Ingmar Bergman’s Persona, which tells the [...] adventures of Nurse Alma on the beach with another woman and two young boys.” She probably wanted this role so badly because of how hard she’s worked for her body and she wanted to show it off. She’s spent so much time in the gym, it was the perfect role for her, especially since she doesn’t mind showing off her body whatsoever.

Like Dakota Johnson has said many times before, she doesn’t even care about what people have to say about her body, she flaunts it and she does what she wants. Even though she had to basically convince her manager to help her get the role, she came out of nowhere and swooped in to take it. Surprisingly though, this role actually suits her quite well and she was able to really showcase her acting skills when working on the film in the series. Hopefully she will be able to continue to do so moving forward as she works on more movies!

10 Her Past Movies Were A Flop

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Her past films were never as big as some of the big hit movies she’s been starring in recently, which could be a big reason as to why she hasn’t been able to keep those headlines with her name in them. She constantly fades in and out of the entertainment news, simply because she doesn’t keep it interesting enough with outlandish actions, she just acts like herself and that’s not what the people want whatsoever.

Even though many people have convinced the public that the connection between Dakota Johnson and her co-stars were quite horrible because of her bad attitude, it’s completely false according to Johnson. Apparently in a recent publication from ET Online, “ In all seriousness, Johnson says she gets along quite well with her handsome co-star. 'Jamie and I worked so incredibly closely for so long. There were no inhibitions, and it was very honest, very trusting,'" she says. "But I mean, what a gamble! What if he had turned out to be a total meanie?" We really hope that she’s telling the truth and she’s not as bratty as they say she is, because if that’s the case, that might be the reason her past movies were a total flop!

9 Her Relationship Status

Via: Tumblr.com

Even though Dakota Johnson isn’t with her ex anymore, he was still happy for her when she got the role in the latest movie she’s working on. According to Useless Daily, “Nobody knew that she auditioned for the role of Anastasia Steele except for her (now ex-) boyfriend, Jordan Masterson. Dakota cried with happiness when she got the part.”

Dakota Johnson is very particular with her relationships, she’s even made comments about the fact that she never dates, she only has long term relationships with individuals. While some are longer than others, when you constantly stay with someone in Hollywood, it’s just one more thing that people can’t make comments on or even gossip about. When people don't gossip about something, it makes it a bit more challenging to entertain! Which might be a big reason as to why Hollywood isn’t as interested in her anymore.

When celebrities in the spotlight constantly date on and off with people, there is so much to talk about and gossip about, it makes it interesting even if the tabloids aren’t being negative. This also keeps people relevant as well, but when people like Dakota Johnson stay with someone, there’s nothing to talk about!

8 Constant Drama Everywhere

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People continue to try and push Dakota Johnson out of her comfort zone because she’s never been the type that will start drama out of nothing. She simply loves her career and wants to continue to grow at her own pace as an individual, outside and within her career. People have even made rumors that her and her co-star hate each other!

According to The Things, “It was reported that Dakota Johnson and her co-star Jamie Dornan did not get along. The press made us believe that these two hated each others guts, but in actual fact, they get along well. Despite what the press say, they are friends. They’re on good terms. And if you saw her acceptance speech when she won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress, thanking him and saying she couldn’t have done it without him, you would know that there is anything but hatred and bitterness between these two.”

What is with people constantly forcing drama that doesn’t even make sense or have any sort of proof? People just want to create as much drama around individuals they don’t even know so they can make something off of it like a profit! No thank you, that’s pretty awful!

7 She Has No Sense Of Regret

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Even though most people would be afraid to be involved in the intense movies in the Fifty Shades Of Grey series, Dakota has no shame whatsoever which could also be a downfall. According to Useless Daily, “I don’t have any problem doing anything… the secret is, I have no shame.” It takes some serious guts to star in the exposing roles she’s played in the last few years, good for her. But not everyone is as positive about her success in these very intense roles she’s been working on.

Many people spread their negativity and awful mindset constantly trying to bring down Dakota Johnson. While it hasn’t worked completely, it has worked to at least get people to stop talking about her. While this might be something she wants, since she always tries to stay out of the spotlight, in the long term it can be quite negative for her and her career.

Maybe she can make up for all this negativity surrounding her career by continuing to work hard and push herself to make a difference in the industry. Who knows what will really happen with her and her career, but we have some serious faith that she will turn around all the negativity that seems to follow her around everywhere she goes!

6 She’s Embarrassed About The Film She Did

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According to Independent, in a recent article Dakota Johnson had this to say, “There are some crazy things in there, like certain chairs for certain positions,” she said. “One of them was this tiny little leather chair that looks like that thing when you go to the gynaecologist and put your feet up. I never saw the Red Room until the scene where you see me see it for the first time in the movie.” To say the least she was a bit embarrassed about all the scenes she had to do, and even though she loves the movie, it was a bit intense.

We’re not that surprised that she’s embarrassed about her recent films, they expose her in many ways that would normally make people quite uncomfortable. While she did have her mother’s support in every way, even though she didn’t want her mother to watch the film when it gets to certain parts, it’s nice to know that she does have a strong support group that helps her manage her career and the lifestyle she wants to live. But when you aren’t super confident about certain pieces of work that you do, it shows. This can often make fans question whether or not you love what you do in the first place.

5 Her Long Term Relationship Preferences

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One thing that many people might not expect from Dakota Johnson, and many might even believe that this just ends up making her even more boring, is the fact that she only likes to date for the long term. It’s what makes her more comfortable and it’s something that she chooses to do. According to Useless Daily, “She has in the past confessed that she prefers long-term relationships. Back in 2010 her boyfriend was Noah Gersh, a musician in a band called HoneyChild, before starting a long term relationship with Masterson. As of July 2014 she’s been dating Welsh Drowners-frontman Matthew Hitt.”

Although the love interests seem slim for her right now, probably because of how often she works, it is interesting to see how she has very picky relationship preferences, even though she’s worked on some of her recent movies that seem to have a more free spirited attitude.

It’s nice to see a celebrity out there who likes to have a sort of standard for their relationship choices, whatever that may be. While she’s not with her ex to this day, the fact that they tried to make it work for the both of them and she values long term relationships, it’s surprising that she hasn’t found the one just yet!

4 What She Believes In

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Dakota Johnson has labeled herself as a feminist over the years and it’s something that’s very important to her. But when a celebrity embraces a specific way of life, it can be quite hard for them to please everyone when people know about this kind of information.

People and even fans start to judge, even when she’s not a bad person overall. But that doesn’t matter, because the moment you put yourself out there as a feminist, that’s what you’ll be known as. While certain beliefs are positive and do so much to help certain people, it can also encourage other fans to stop supporting you because they disagree with something you said. This is why many people never really go there to announce what they believe in and how they live their lives.

While you might want a celebrity you love to voice their opinion on personal beliefs, it’s smart to just not go there. Which is exactly what Dakota Johnson did not do, and why she should probably keep to herself next time since she has continuously become less relevant. Maybe if she kept her opinions to herself she would still be at the level she was at before.

3 Her Difficult Past

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Dakota Johnson had a rather bad past around 2007. She dealt with a lot of bad influences in her lifestyle. But the fact remains that she’s been able to move forward without that negativity in her life and she’s been able to really turn her life around for the better overall.

It’s a hard move to make when so many people are constantly watching you to see if you’ll fall back into old and bad habits, it can almost make you want to. But Dakota Johnson has stayed away from the drama, which might also be a reason as to why people are not as interested in her as they used to be. Everyone has a past they aren’t fond of to some degree. Everyone simply has to get through certain things in their lives so they can move on and reach for their dreams in every way they possibly can. Her sticky past doesn’t mean she’s anything like who she used to be, now, right?

Well, that’s one thing the media loves to constantly bring up, they love to taunt her about her mistakes and her past life, but they never acknowledge the work she’s doing now and how positive she is as a person. It’s only about the negative, which is why she probably prefers not to be in the spotlight.

2 She’s Super Casual All The Time

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Like we mentioned all the way through this article, Dakota Johnson isn’t the type of celebrity who goes out of her way to create attention and trends. Like we also mentioned above, she has said herself that she has no shame. While she might not be super confident, she has shown that she is willing to just not care what people think as long as she can be herself and do what she wants.

One of the elements surrounding her is the fact that she is a bit casual at all times, she never really spices up her wardrobe or how she acts. She just wants to be comfortable and herself. While that’s perfectly fine, it does make you wonder if that’s just another reason why the media doesn’t hang around her constantly. She’s even been a tomboy before!

According to The Things, “She may play the innocent and naive Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades movies, but growing up Johnson was anything but naive. She grew up in Colorado at her dad’s house, where she learned to build a fire, ride a horse, ride motorbikes, and even shoot a gun. And this was all before she was just 10 years old!”

1 Her Activism Work

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Overall, Dakota Johnson is a huge activist, which is something most people don’t want to hear about all the time when they’re fans of a celebrity, even though that sounds pretty awful. But because she speaks out about her opinions, it’s important to realize that that should increase how popular and famous she is, instead of putting her down because of it. We need more celebrities to step up and express their opinions about topics that are greatly important to them, it would be fantastic!

Dakota Johnson uses her fame how she wants to, while she might not be the most popular celeb, she does influence a lot of people and she knows exactly what she wants in the world. She’s realized that fame isn’t just about how much drama you can cause, it also matters if you’re a good hearted individual who wants to change the world to make it a better place.

While we might not know exactly why Dakota Johnson never really seems to be that relevant in the industry, we do know that she will end up going quite far in the world even if some negative individuals have their doubts about her. We cannot wait to see what she does next!

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