20 Reasons Why Hollywood Dropped Elisha Cuthbert Forever

Canadian actress and model, Elisha Cuthbert was predicted to be a prominent star who'd be rubbing shoulders with A-listers, like Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson. But sadly, Elisha has swiftly dropped down to the D-list, and she couldn't find the way back to the top. Born in Calgary, the Canadian actress was even dubbed "TV's Most Beautiful Woman" at the time, and that was a huge achievement for her as a young actress.

As charming as she is, Elisha Cuthbert boasted a worldwide fan base, but somehow her fans fell out of love with her too soon. The iconic role of "The Girl Next Door" was indeed her unforgettable breakthrough in the movie industry.  After all, her portrayal of the attractive girl next door still makes the guys drool. However, Elisha Cuthbert's trivial characters have somehow begun to lose their charm. Eventually, the world has completely forgotten about the sweet and charming Elisha.

Unfortunately, the female lead of House of Wax has suddenly vanished from the spotlight, and even her fans couldn't be bothered to ask why. This 35-year-old beauty might have been a famous actress a little over a decade ago, but for some reason, her career started rolling downhill. Well, it's clear that Elisha didn't have what it takes to become an A-lister- and that's a solid reason why Hollywood let her go. Keep scrolling down to find out why it is no longer infatuated with Elisha Cuthbert.


20 Elisha Failed To Impress Hollywood: Her Acting Skills Were A Sore Spot

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The Canadian actress, who used to model children's clothing, started acting when she was only 14 years old. Elisha debuted with her memorable performance in Nickelodeon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark, which she played steadily until the late 90s. Interestingly, Elisha craved a shiny acting career in Hollywood, and her TV personality wasn't going to make that happen for her. Elisha soon started landing better roles; however, she didn't get the chance to show off her skills for much longer. In fact, her "Girl Next Door" image is still believed to be her breakthrough although the movie itself didn't exactly destroy the box office.

Even Elisha herself was quite surprised to see such mixed reviews from the fans. The Girl Next Door actress couldn't find the proper way to save her career from failing terribly, and that’s what the child star curse is all about. Even though Elisha had the potential of becoming a cherished actress one day, her films were poorly marked by the critics. Ironically, her portrayal of Danielle was hailed by all guys for reasons that are completely logical. However, the film’s plotline wasn’t much appreciated by the critics whatsoever.

19 "The Girl Next Door" Character Flopped

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There's no doubt that Elisha Cuthbert was the world's most favorite sweetheart back in the days. The Canadian actress was indeed a stunning lady who quickly and easily made us all fall hard for her. The 35-year-old star rose to recognition thanks to her image of a bombshell, and it practically turned her into the world's favorite blonde at the time. But somehow things didn't pan out for her despite the fans' predictions that she'd become a huge star one day. Maybe some of her fans are still sad or confused that Elisha doesn't appear in high-budget movies, but it's just what Hollywood has decided for her.

Well, it turns out that most guys just can't get their head around the fact that Elisha can no longer excite the movie directors and producers. A little over a decade ago, the Alberta-born actress seemed as though she was rising to the very top, but apparently, we've been wrong. Elisha Cuthbert couldn't live up to Hollywood's expectations and after a portion of highly criticized movies, and tv shows, the actress was forced to leave the spotlight.

She might have become famous quite early in her career, but Elisha Cuthbert can no longer excite the movie fans. Her consistent failures in the movie department have left a nasty stain on her reputation. Don't get us wrong, but that's quite a good reason why Hollywood keeps rejecting her.

18 Elisha Was Too Focused On Her Looks

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Generally, most actresses find it pretty challenging to shake off the image of a child star and make the leap to Hollywood as a promising adult star.

Elisha Cuthbert had a pretty hard time landing more serious roles, especially after the failures she'd been through in her career. On top of all, Elisha couldn't break up with her image of a bombshell, and it practically ruined her career.

Elisha Cuthbert might have stolen the hearts of pretty much every guy back in the days, but her image of the gorgeous Danielle was her only weapon - and eventually, her fans lost interest in her. If you've seen Elisha's performance in The Girl Next Door, then you probably remember that stunning pool scene. Truth be told: Elisha has become synonymous with "perfection" since this movie, and nobody could've ever imagined that it would harm her career in such a way. Instead of becoming a high-profile actress, like Jennifer Lawrence or Scarlett Johansson, Elisha Cuthbert got stuck in her image of the attractive girl next door. Well, she might have tried to make a grand return on the big screen, but Hollywood is no longer her home. It turns out that her career has always been revolving around her looks and figure. Apparently, her approach to building her characters was the wrong one.

17 Her Character In House of Wax Wasn't Much Of A Success Either

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Ironically, Elisha's typical overexposure has made her look quite inappropriate for any high-budget film. After all, she's supposed to be acting on set without flirting with the camera. Therefore, she quickly dropped down to the D-list and there are no indications that Elisha is ever going to change that. The actress has also appeared in the ABC’s comedy Happy Endings but the tv series ended only after just three seasons. Allegedly, she wanted to focus more on her movie career but it turned out to be an incredibly poor choice for her.

And after a few more low-budget films, the 35-year-old actress has finally walked out of Hollywood and it’s probably for the best. The Girl Next Door actress might have hoped that the tv series would become a hit, but it was just another bad experience for her. Last but not least, let’s not forget that her performance there wasn’t really her brilliant one. And to make it even worse, Paris Hilton had a small role there. Ultimately, House of Wax was nominated for three Razzies, and that’s certainly a reason to be ashamed of. Apparently, House of Wax wasn't much of a success either.

16 She Struggled To Earn Praise From The Critics

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Unlike House of Wax, which received mixed reviews, Elisha Cuthbert’s appearance in Captivity was like a low-blow to her acting career. Not only did this movie fail to impress the viewers, but it received an insanely low rating. Although the movie was actually favored by her Elisha's fans, it sparked huge controversy in the movie industry which eventually resulted in a pretty poor rating. Later on, the Canadian actress starred in Goon: Last of the Enforcers (2017), which eventually won an award at the Canadian Comedy Awards. Frankly, it was such a bold move to appear in Goon’s sequel, especially given her poorly judged roles.

It even sparked speculation of a possible comeback, but by the time it hit the theaters in September 2017, any hopes of a grand return were practically squashed. Fortunately, Cuthbert has managed to find a whole new audience when she joined the cast of The Ranch (2016), where she starred alongside Ashton Kutcher. But apparently, even the great Ashton couldn’t help her land better roles anyway.

15 She Should've Been A Model, Not An Actress

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Born on November 30, 1982, Elisha Cuthbert was a charming kid that grew up in Greenfield Park, Quebec. The beautiful actress graduated from Centennial Regional High School as she also lived in Toronto for quite some time before breaking into acting. Even though she’s most famous for her role as Danielle in The Girl Next Door, Elisha has other curious movies as well. As a kid, Elisha used to model children's clothing but her dream was to become a renowned actress in Hollywood.  Later on, she made her first tv appearance in the horror-themed series for kids Are You Afraid of The Dark.

The tv series received good reviews, so Elisha became a regular on the show. But given the critical state of her acting career now, she might have made a mistake by chasing this beautiful dream of becoming an actress. Hollywood is indeed a pretty fickle world that requires lots of dedication on the job. And from the look of things, Elisha Cuthbert couldn’t live up to Hollywood’s expectations so it quickly removed her from its A-list. Oddly enough, Elisha reminds us of Megan Fox who was also “slammed” for being too obsessed with her looks on the set of Transformers. Such high-budget movies really require lots of dedication and professionalism. Indeed, these are things that neither of them can bring to the table.

14 The Quiet and Captivity Resulted In Poor Reviews

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The Canadian actress, who rose to fame thanks to The Girl Next Door, has failed at the task to return to the American limelight. Before she became an actress, Elisha Cuthbert was just another model with big dreams about the future. Perhaps her wish of a bright career could've come through if she hadn’t followed her ambition to become a promising actress in Hollywood, which didn’t happen anyway. In 2013, Maxim Magazine referred to her as “The Most Beautiful Woman On TV”, and that’s one hell of a recognition. Apparently, she didn’t chase her ambition to become a runway model, and it almost sounds like a pretty silly mistake. Elisha Cuthbert might have been quite famous a decade ago, but things have changed a lot since then.

The Dancing on the Moon actress had previously starred in Lucky Girl, which actually resulted in her first Gemini Awards. Obviously, she had done something to earn this award, but she hardly remembers what this thing is. Seriously, this lady used to be one of the hottest girls on the block 10 years ago, but somehow, the world fell out of love with her.


13 24 Fared Even Worse With Critics

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Another failure in Elisha Cuthbert’s career comes with her performance in 24. Apparently, her acting skills in 24 failed to impress her fans. According to Entertainment Weekly, Elisha’s role as Kim Bauer was indeed an unbelievably poor choice for her. As a consequence, the actress’ interest in continuing with the show has significantly evaporated.

Speaking of her public image, Elisha Cuthbert is no longer the same actress we used to know from the early 00’s. Although she’s tried to join the A-list, she failed terribly at that. Following the 3rth season of 24, the Canadian actress showed no desire or sign to appear in new future projects. Maybe, this is the best choice for her. During a recent interview with the New York Times, Elisha has finally spoken up about the low ratings of 24.

"We’ve never been in a place where we’ve all been 100-percent comfortable. Since day one, our show has overcome obstacles and battled against the odds. So we’re fighters too, we know the pressure and what that feels like. But at the same time, we’ve been sort of a success despite the final outcome."

Well, it almost sounds like Elisha may actually bring bad luck to any new production.

12 Elisha Was "Honored" With A Nomination For Worst Actress

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Following the expected cancellation of Don’t Trust The B—— In Apartment 23, the world was curious to find out about Elisha’s opinion about its low ratings. The Canadian actress sat down for a quick chat with The A.V. Club to share how she felt about the end of the project. During the conversation, Cuthbert spoke about her character’s evolution, her fears of not living up to people’s expectations and her plans for the future. The charming actress revealed that she didn’t feel that she can top Kim Bauer. However, it pushed her toward the TV comedy as a genre. But ironically, she was also "honored" with another nomination for worst actress.

On the bright sight, Elisha Cuthbert can finally enjoy her family life with Dion Phaneuf without thinking much about the tabloids. But even though she may not miss her career, it’s really sad to think that she used to be a charismatic child star. Here’s what she said after the cancellation of another tv series.

“It’s sad, especially when shows that you know and have partnered up with don’t quite make the cut. It’s not easy, but it’s part of the business. It’s sad. We’ve gotten to know them over the last two years and have done some panels with them. They’re all wonderful actors, and the creator of the show is very talented.”

11 Don’t Trust the B – In Apartment 23 Was Eventually Canceled As Well

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If there’s something we’ve learned about Elisha Cuthbert, it’s that she’s the queen of problems. Not only did her roles turn out to be pretty average, but Elisha didn’t realize that she needed to change her public image.

Hanging out with Paris Hilton is just another pretty simple reason why she can’t be taken seriously. Hollywood is in high need of reliable and gifted stars who can fully dedicate to their jobs. Frankly, we don’t see how Paris Hilton or Elisha herself could be a role model for the younger generations. Neither Elisha nor Paris is the perfect example of a hardworking person whatsoever. Besides, Elisha has already proved that she’s not really that adaptive when it comes to playing different movie roles. So, the following cancellation of Don’t Trust B – In Apartment 23 shouldn’t really come as a great shock to the fans.

“You never want to see a show go down, especially when they’ve been at it and they’ve become this sort of family and then all is lost. That could have easily been us, but we lived to see another day, which is fantastic—and believe me, we’re all very grateful for that. “

10 Elisha Was Just Too Flirtatious With The Camera

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Well, there's no doubt that Elisha Cuthbert just loves flirting with the camera. It's not that we totally hate her approach to creating her characters, but is it the best alternative? Well, if we try to think of other actresses, who're equally beautiful and attractive, the first name that springs to mind is Megan Fox. You've probably heard that Megan Fox had some issues with the top movie directors.

Allegedly, she has acted totally unprofessional when she compared one of the top movie directors to Hitler. Unlike her, Elisha Cuthbert hasn't really thrown shade at anyone, but she, too, couldn't remain an A-lister. Both of them may look fabulous, but Hollywood certainly needs more than just a gorgeous face. The beautiful Elisha was indeed one of the most charming actresses in the early 00's, but she couldn't make the transition to the A-list. Besides, there are lots of aspiring actresses who can replace Megan and Elisha without any problem. Apparently, this is exactly what has happened to both of them. It may not be easy to remain in the public's good graces, but it's still worth the effort.

9 She Believes That The TV Industry Is Quite A Bizarre Place

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According to Elisha Cuthbert, the tv viewers are no longer the same, and that could be a problem for lots of stars. The TV fans don’t want to watch single episodes of a series; they love it in "big chunks", she says. During another quick interview, Elisha shared her viewpoint about how the tv audience has changed.

It’s interesting where TV is now. Something has to change, there’s got to be some sort of shift. It’s similar to what music went through, where there was this weird, bizarre fighting against old vs. new—a transitional thing where we went from buying CDs to purchasing everything online.”

The charming actress believes that it’s almost impossible to predict whether a new film or a tv series would arouse people’s curiosity. She also went on to explain that the tv platform is a pretty bizarre market that’s often quite unpredictable.

“We don’t know how to gauge who’s watching what and when. With the Internet we’re so accessible to all these shows, people are not watching the same way they used to.”

Elisha also revealed that even if they have a strong following, it doesn’t always reflect in the ratings, and that’s kind of depressing.

8 "One Big Happy" Tanked At The Box Office: It Was A Challenge For Her

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Another tv project that didn’t perform that well at the box office was the tv series, One Big Happy. While Elisha Cuthbert might have had a wonderful time on the set of the movie, her performance didn’t sit that well with the audience. Frankly, her efforts to bring out the best in her character didn't bear any fruit at all. Unfortunately, this tv project turned out to be just as fruitless in the rewards department. Elisha’s portrayal of her character simply didn’t resonate with the audience. Eventually, the show was canceled only after a few episodes. Sadly, One Big Happy didn’t have a happy ending whatsoever. The show was branded as a “Three’s Company Rip-off” and was openly hated from the get-go.

The lovely actress admitted that the most challenging part for her was to build a character that’s really different from her nature. "There are so many layers to it, personally and professionally. Trying to understand where this character fits in with the group was another challenge."

7 Elisha Couldn't Fit In With The Hollywood Scene

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While being in love can get you on cloud nine, it can also make your head quite dizzy. The charming actress spent the last couple of years edging away from Hollywood and its glamor. Also, her relationship with the Calgary Flames hockey defenseman, Dion Phaneuf, could explain why Elisha decided that she doesn’t need Hollywood anymore. The actress still remembers the so-called “hype and glory” of being a young star in Hollywood.

“For a long time I was naïve about who I was surrounded by," she recalls. "I got caught up in the L.A. scene."  Although she loved partying with her pal, Paris Hilton, she did know that it wasn’t really what she wanted out of life. She was rather the type of person who’d love to go out to dinner without being followed by a parade of photographers. As a Hollywood starlet, Elisha often ended up in celeb circles even though she didn’t really feel comfortable in such a shiny environment.

"Not that they were bad people, but I just felt like I couldn't ask any of them to drive me to the airport."

6 Her Ex Was A Toxic Experience For Her

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Before Elisha met her dream guy, Dion Phaneuf, she was in a pretty unhealthy relationship with the former Dallas Stars center, Sean Avery. In fact, her romance with him had a few pretty dark stages when her ex-boyfriend publicly referred to her as “sloppy”. It was not only an ugly way to treat your girl like this but eventually, it also resulted in his suspension. His inappropriate comment got him in serious trouble with the National Hockey League.

"I think the way the NHL handled it was impressive, and I was thankful," Elisha says. "He was just another person who was in my life under false pretenses. He wanted the attention of dating an actress. But I don't regret my past relationships. It's more like, 'Why was I not thinking right?' I always want to please everybody; a lot of entertainers are like that. The trick is knowing when you're compromising [too much]."

While such shameful stories don’t really put celebs in a good spot, it’s at least another experience that’s already in her past. Thankfully, she was lucky enough to meet Mr. Right, Dion Phaneuf.

"It's the first real, healthy relationship of my life," she says. "I think you learn something from every relationship. But I've spent too much time with people who weren't worth spending that much time with."

5 Elisha Admits She Tried Different Approaches To Her Character In Happy Endings

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Well, Elisha might have tried to bring some enthusiasm to her character in Happy Endings, but she hardly ever made it happen. Building a goofy character may sound like the easiest thing in the world, but it’s actually a double-edged sword. Elisha shared that she did enjoy playing the role of Alex but it may not have been the same for the audience. The charming actress has always been overwhelmed with the idea of playing serious characters. However, she hardly ever got the chance to say goodbye to her public image of a bombshell. The Canadian actress has also shared that her portrayal of Alex had to be different this time. Besides, Elisha believed that such a creative approach to her character would help her break her image of the goofy blonde.

”It’s very easy to get into a place where it’s like, “Let’s just write her dumb constantly.” But I felt like that was almost too easy. I felt if I approached her as not a ditz, but as someone who is just genuinely enthusiastic about everything she does—whether it be eating or going to conventions or her pets—she goes full force every time. It was a nice contrast with a lot of the characters on the show, who are very sarcastic and quick-witted and cynical."

4 Elisha Is Doing Pretty Well Far Away From Hollywood


The beautiful Elisha Cuthbert was indeed our favorite girl next door. But somehow, this lady couldn’t fully understand what Hollywood was all about.

Despite her natural beauty, Elisha, 35, is apparently no longer the desired name in Hollywood. She may be pretty amazing, funny, and sweet, but Hollywood wants a great set of skills as well.

Well, she may not be an A-list star, but Elisha doesn't look like she's cried her eyes out because of it. The charming actress and her hubby tied the knot in 2013, so she doesn't even look like she misses her acting career that much. Although her fans haven't gotten the chance to see her in many huge franchises, Elisha looks happy and satisfied with her life.

For a fancy night out together, Cuthbert looked incredibly stylish in her white tuxedo dress; she finished off the look with a cool yellow-stared clutch and a pair of suede maroon stilettos. Indeed, The Girl Next Door actress may not boast a shiny career anymore, but at least her wardrobe choices are always on point. While she was turning heads in this fabulous dress, Elisha's hubby looked fresh and nice in his pair of jeans with a tear at the knee.

3 She Said She Tried To Be "The Funny One" On Set

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Elisha Cuthbert may a fantastic girlfriend, but this lady has proved that she's hardly the best actress on set. Of course, her role as the girl next door is a pretty unforgettable moment for all guys, but somehow she hasn't evolved as an actress since the late 90's. As charming as she is, Elisha admits that she's tried to be amusing, funny and easy-going on set. However, she, too, had challenging moments when her comedy or character doesn't perform well at the box office. Unfortunately for her, her part in 24 was a sore spot for the fans. They weren't even sad to see her go after season 3. Apparently, the actress couldn't find a way to arouse the curiosity of her fans.

"I thought we were going to do the "24" movie but it looks like we're sort of on hold right now," she says. "That doesn't mean it's not going to happen, it's just having things all come together to have it work." Originally, Elisha's character wasn't her worst but somehow it failed to impress the movie critics. Maybe, she really failed to get her message across and that's why the project flopped in the end.

"That was a moment where I was on the edge, and I thought that if I mess up, they will cut it and won’t use it. I mean, there were some funny things about it but I just had to find a way to make this translate through the character.”

2 She's Never Felt 100 % Comfortable In Films Anyway

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Since House of Wax and The Quiet, Elisha Cuthbert has somehow developed a minor penchant for thrillers and horror movies. Thankfully, she did land a part in Captivity, however, it wasn't much of a success either. As you can guess, the movie tanked at the box office and was “honored” with three nominations for Razzies. This is hardly the worst part of the story though. Elisha Cuthbert also received a nomination for Worst Actress. Elisha Cuthbert once shared that she’s never really been in a place where she feels 100 % comfortable in projects. When it comes to her shows, Elisha reveals that she’s overcome lots of obstacles in her career and that’s what has made her a real fighter.

“We’ve never been in a place where we’ve all been 100-percent comfortable. So we’re like fighters too, we know the pressure and what that feels like. But at the same time, we’ve been sort of a success as well. We haven’t gotten to be big-headed about it, where you get those crazy weird ratings. [Laughs.] But at the same time, there’s so much to celebrate. “

Of course, there’s always something to be grateful for and there’s no doubt about that. However, Elisha just can't deny the fact that most of her projects turn out to be pretty unsuccessful.

“We go into the TCAs and everyone is so supportive and we feel like rock stars, and then sometimes the numbers come out and they don’t always reflect that in the reviews.”

1 She Was Paris Hilton's Party Girl


Well, Paris Hilton may be a nice gal, but she’s hardly known for her hardworking personality. After all, she’s probably the most spoiled heiress on the planet with a current net worth of millions of dollars. It’s said that success comes when you surround yourself with inspirational people.

Actually, Paris Hilton and Elisha share more similarities than differences. In a shocking revelation, it became clear that Elisha and Paris love partying until the wee hours of the night. So, this kind of life has definitely taken a toll on her otherwise not-so-stable career anyway. In the wake of Elisha’s increasing stardom, which was about 10 years ago, she became one of Paris’ favorite party girl, which really might’ve affected Cuthbert’s career. Following an interview with a media outlet, Elisha opened up about her acting career as she specifically talked about the cancellation of her contract with 24. Well, she still managed to land some roles here and there after 24 but her efforts weren’t much of a success anyway.

Apparently, the actress wanted to star in high-budget movies, but she ended up jobless and without her unique reputation of a bombshell.


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