20 Reasons Why Emily Ratajkowski Is Out Of Her Husband’s League

In case you're super out of the loop like me, let me introduce you to Emily Ratajkowski, known by her fans as EmRata. This stunning 26 year old was born in London but mostly raised in California. She's a model and actress who got her big break performing in Robin Thicke's controversial "Blurred Lines" music video in 2013. She has also appeared in other music videos, a number of fashion campaigns and on screen in "Gone Girl" and Netflix's "Easy." Emily is one of the most gorgeous young celebrities out there and her fame is only increasing. So when she randomly announced her marriage on her Instagram story in February 2018, the internet was shook. Just weeks after they were first spotted together, Emily wed her new husband Sebastian Bear-McClard at New York's City Hall. But who is this guy? That's what the world is trying to figure out. Who could possibly have wooed one of the hottest "it girls" in the biz? Little is known about Sebastian except that he also works in the film business, but fans are dying to know more about this weird, mysterious dude. Read on for 20 reasons why Emily Ratajkowski is way out of her new husband's league!

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20 She's A More Successful Actor

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Though Sebastian Bear-McClard is known as an actor and producer, he hardly has any acting credits to his name. According to his IMDB page, he has only appeared in 3 films, none of which are famous and the last one being over a decade ago. On the other hand, his new wife Emily Ratajkowski has appeared in a number of well-known films, TV shows, and music videos. You may remember seeing her in the children's show "iCarly," the acclaimed thriller "Gone Girl," and the Netflix original series "Easy." Emily has at least 3 movies coming out in 2018 alone, so her success as an actress is only growing. Her hubby's, however, seems to have stagnated in 2006. Watch out, Emily, he might be a gold digger!

19 She's Better Looking Than Him

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I'm not trying to be shady, but this one is just an objective fact. Emily Ratajkowski is an absolutely stunning young woman, which is part of why she is so successful as an actress and model. She is literally paid to look beautiful! She has what society considers a perfect figure. She is tall, curvy in the right places and slim in the right places, and has just the right amount of tan to her skin. She's out of most guys' leagues to be honest! Her new husband, though, looks average at best. His scruffy facial hair looks unkempt because he has lighter hair. His lips are weirdly big and he has no eyebrows, which is honestly creepy. It looks like he never styles his hair and doesn't know how to smile. He hit the jackpot!

18 He Has A Crass Sense Of Humor

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Take one look at Sebastian's Instagram account and you'll see what I mean. He is constantly posting crass memes, photos with odd captions, or pictures of him doing things that are just plain weird. Though nobody seems to know how old this guy is, he's definitely an adult which means he's a little too old to act like this now. It's fine if you want to make those kinds of jokes and comments when you're hanging out with your buddies, but don't post them on social media if you're out of high school. And especially if you're in the public eye! This dude seems weird and immature.

17 He Doesn't Mention Her On Instagram

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I know, I know. You really shouldn't judge someone by what they put on their social media pages. But how else can we discover what celebrities are really like? While Emily has multiple snaps of her new beau on her Instagram and announced their marriage on her story, Sebastian has one single photo of the two of them. It is from their City Hall wedding with the caption "At the function." With just one photo and such a blasé caption, he doesn't sound super committed or excited to be married to one of the world's beautiful ladies! Emily's Instagram has many pictures and videos from the big day as well as a more recent photo captioned "Posing for my husband like." She seems more into this relationship than him when he should feel grateful to be with her.

16 She's An Advocate

via: Daily Mail

Emily is known for using her platform to speak up for causes she believes in. In 2016, she spoke at a Bernie Sanders rally in New Hampshire to show her support for the campaign. Her bigger goal, though, was to counter Gloria Steinem's claim that young women were getting involved in the Sanders campaign as a way to meet men. Ratajkowski considers herself a feminist and spoke out saying that not supporting her fellow woman Hillary Clinton didn't make her a "bad feminist." She also frequently shares her beliefs that you can be a feminist and still embrace your femininity, which she shows through her many revealing photo shoots. The model has also recorded a short film and PSAs for Planned Parenthood, as well as raised funds for the organization because of its role in women's health. What has Sebastian ever done to help others?

15 He Has Weird Friends

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Just look at any project that Sebastian has worked on and you'll see the kind of company he keeps. And honestly, they're kind of weird people. This guy likes to hang out with Hollywood has-beens, people who once were a hot commodity but have sort of fizzled out. He frequently works and hangs out with the Safdie brothers, Robert Pattinson, and Jonah Hill to name a few. The weirdest member of his entourage, though is his BFF Josh Otrovsky, also known as The Fat Jewish. Otrovsky is known on the internet for his meme accounts with millions of followers, as well as his odd tattoos and signature hairdo that looks like The Whos from Dr. Seuss. While Emily is chilling with other A-listers, her man is hanging with losers. Next!

14 She's An Actual Model

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Every guy wants a wife who looks like a model. But Sebastian got one who actually is a model! Emily has had tons of success modeling clothes, lingerie, and swimwear both in print and on the runway. It was actually her nude cover of the erotic magazine "treats!" that led to her being cast in the "Blurred Lines" music video, her breakout performance. Since then, Emily has appeared in two "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit issues. She has walked the runway at New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, and Milan Fashion Week for brands like Miu Miu, Bottega Veneta, and Marc Jacobs. Emily is also the spokesmodel for big names in fashion including DKNY, The Frye Company, and DL1961. When you're that beautiful, it makes sense that people want to photograph you!

13 She Works With Bigger Show Biz Names

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As mentioned above, Sebastian focuses more on indie projects in his career. As a result, he mostly works with up-and-coming actors and has-beens. On the other hand, Emily is constantly surrounded by A-list celebrities for her work. Her breakout performance in the "Blurred Lines" had her dancing alongside singer Robin Thicke, himself famous as the son of the late actor Alan Thicke. The same year, she appeared in Maroon 5's "Love Somebody" music video. In her film and TV roles, the actress has appeared alongside famous names like Ben Affleck, Neil Patrick Harris, Zac Efron, Adrian Grenier, and Jeremy Piven. Her upcoming movies feature stars like Aaron Paul, Amy Schumer, and Michelle Williams. While she's headed for acting awards, her husband seems to be stuck with the lesser-known folks of show biz.

12 They Didn't Date For Long

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On February 23, 2018, Sebastian and Emily tied the knot in a small civil ceremony surrounded by friends. That's all fine except the pair hadn't been dating for very long at all. In fact, the first time they were spotted in public together was just 9 days earlier, on Valentine's Day. They apparently engaged in some PDA and went to dinner at Los Angeles' La Poubelle restaurant. Sources say that the couple knew each other for years beforehand, but that's still really fast to get married. What makes their courtship especially bizarre is that Emily had allegedly just moved out of her ex-boyfriend's apartment mere weeks before being seen out with Sebastian. Perhaps it's because Sebastian knew Emily was out of his league that he wifed her up so quickly?

11 Other Men Want Her

Via: Celebzz

Tons of men and women have fallen in love with Emily Ratajkowski. She's talented, outspoken, and downright beautiful. She could probably have anyone she wanted. That's why her new husband Sebastian should feel lucky to have her. He's very average all around, in looks and success, while she is rich, gorgeous, and works super hard. Maybe what they have is true love but if not, he should watch his back in case any other guy comes along and tries to sweep Emily off her feet. Other guys definitely want to be with her, so I wouldn't be surprised if a few offered her a date or flirted with her at Hollywood events. That's just what happened when you date (or marry) out of your league.

10 She's A Triple Threat

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One thing that sets show business people apart from the rest is when they have more than one talent. While you can definitely make a name for yourself as just a singer or just an actress, you'll get a lot more work if you can do it all. Emily is a great example of this. She apparently became obsessed with the theatre as a kid, which led her down her current career path. While she mostly acts, Emily has appeared as a dancer in a few music videos. She's also co-starred in a musical opposite Zac Efron called "We Are Your Friends" which proved she has singing and more dancing chops, too! If you count modeling separately, she's a quadruple threat! There's nothing this girl can't do, while her husband has very few credits to his name.

9 She's British

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Though she was raised in Encinitas, California, which is near San Diego, Emily was born in London, England. Both of her parents are American, but if you're born in the UK, you're British in my book. She didn't spend much time there because her parents moved her back to the US at age 5, her most formative years were spent amongst British people. In general, they are more classy, well-spoken, and put-together than most Americans. There is no doubt that these attitudes and behaviors were ingrained in Emily's mind at a young age. Any man would be fortunate to have a lady like this. Sebastian is especially lucky as a crass American to be married to a woman with British values and multi-cultural good looks.

8 She's Crazy Rich

via: Instagram

When you're an "it girl" the money comes rolling in. Emily has about a million sources of income right now so you know her bank account is crazy full. Between acting and modeling, this girl is always working and bringing home the bacon for her new hubby. Meanwhile, he's kicking back and working on a few indie projects here and there. He's definitely not poor, but not nearly as wealthy as Emily surely is. Take one look at her Instagram feed and you'll see just how much money she really has. Luxurious beach vacations, homes with breathtaking views and floor to ceiling windows, expensive fashion, she can afford it all and loves to show off her wealth. Sebastian isn't as rich as her and isn't as good looking as her, so he'd better watch out!

7 She's Won Awards For Her Looks

Via: MCE

Due to her stunning looks, Emily Ratajkowski has often been given awards and named to lists for her beauty. Most notably, she was added to Maxim's annual Hot 100 list two years in a row. AskMen.com ranked her as one of the most desirable women twice, where she ranked number 3 in 2014 and number 14 in 2016. FHM, a men's lifestyle magazine that now solely operates online, named her number 4 in their list of 100 hottest women in 2014. In addition to being considered beautiful, Emily has also received acclaim for her fashion sense. She has been featured on 2 major Best Dressed lists: "Vogue" Italia's 2015 list and "Harper's Bazaar's" 2016 list for New York Fashion Week. Emily's beauty is appreciated by both women and men, so we hope her hubby realizes that!

6 She Is A Feminist

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Like many young women in Hollywood, Emily Ratajkowski considers herself a feminist. In fact, she was even seen wearing a funny "Feminist AF" t-shirt, as pictured above. As an advocate for true women's empowerment, she often speaks out against older feminists who believe that feminists can't be pretty. She preaches that knowing your feminine power as a woman and using it to your advantage (like making tons of cash as a model in men's magazines) helps women rise above men's objectification. When Gloria Steinem denounced young female Bernie Sanders supporters in 2016, saying they only supported the campaign to find boyfriends, Emily defended herself and other supporters at a rally in New Hampshire. This girl clearly knows her worth, and all I can say is I hope her new husband does, too.

5 She Believes In Personal Expression

Via: Daily Mirror

In 2016, Emily described her stance on female empowerment on Lena Dunham's newsletter "Lenny Letter." She believes that women shouldn't have to censor themselves and should be free to embrace their femininity. While some critics believe that you can't have it both ways, while others agree that one should not be limited when it comes to feeling empowered. The model even claims that her beauty has been the cause of her losing out on jobs in the past. Emily even publicly defended Kim Kardashian's controversial naked Instagram selfie in 2016, saying that women should have the right to express themselves and show their bodies off in whatever ways they choose. Confident, good-looking, and open-minded? Her new husband Sebastian has hit the jackpot with her!

4 She's Had Other Serious Relationships

Via: Healthy Celeb

Since she rose to fame, Emily Ratakjowski has dated a number of famous boyfriends. In 2014, she broke up with Andrew Dryden, a menswear buyer and creative director. Months later, she began dating Jeff Magid, a musician. The two stayed together for several years and even lived together when they weren't working on location somewhere. Though the couple stayed mostly out of the spotlight, they were reported to be estranged in early 2018 and Emily was seen moving out of his home in February. It was just weeks later that she married Sebastian at City Hall. I don't know about you, but that sounds like the definition of a rebound relationship. Sebastian should be prepared to get divorced as fast as he got married if Emily's ex comes around asking for her back.

3 He Seems Like A Man-Child

via: W Magazine

Though he's an adult, Sebastian looks and acts like a man-child. He dresses in wacky prints and colors and dresses too casually for many special events. He also wears sunglasses almost all the time, which is one of my pet peeves. It makes you look like you think you're better than everyone else and like you're too good to have an honest conversation with people and show them your eyes. His meme-filled Instagram account and crass sense of humor are way too immature for a man of his age and especially for a married guy. Sebastian also seems way too close with his best friend known commonly as The Fat Jewish. Once you're married you're definitely allowed to still hang out with friends but you don't need to be up in their business 24/7.

2 She's A Fashion Designer

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Emily Ratakjowski wears many hats. We already knew she was a model, actress, dancer, singer, and advocate, but did you know she is also a fashion designer? The bronzed beauty collaborated with French fashion house The Kooples in 2017 on a line of bags. The company loved her so much after she modeled their Fall 2017 collection that they created a collection with her input called Emily by The Kooples. It included leather bags in 6 colors, including a carryall named The Emily. This Jane of All Trades has also created her own swimwear line called Inamorata. Its initial release included 3 one-pieces and 3 bikini separates. Emily is constantly hustling and finding new ways to use her talent and pull, while her new hubby kind of seems to be just floating along.

1 No One Has Heard Of Him

via: Just Jared

Not to be rude, but this is just so true. I mean, you can Google Emily's new hubby's name and most of what comes up are articles titled "Who Is Sebastian Bear-McClard?" Even his IMDB and Wikipedia pages are sparse, with basically just his film credits and little information about his personal life. I couldn't even find out what year he was born! Most of the news that comes up about him is that he's married to Emily. I'm not saying that all celebrities should date other stars on an equal fame level as them. That's not for everyone. But Emily has surely caught the eye of more famous suitors that could offer her so much more. Sebastian is a nobody and Emily is having her moment in the spotlight, so they might not last.

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