20 Pics Of A-List Celebs Trolling The Paparazzi After Being Caught In Public

Everyone thinks they would want to be famous, but they never think about the perils of being in the public eye. Fans want to know what you are doing, eating, wearing, and buying all day every day because they want to be just like you. This would be exhausting! Never getting a private moment to yourself is probably the worst part of fame. While some stars seem to love the attention, many others have feuds with the paparazzi. They just want to eat a meal or leave the airport in peace! Many celebs who don't want to be recognized in public simply wear a disguise or hide their faces with a big hat or sunglasses. But others, as you will see on this list, get more creative with their attempts at getting back at the paparazzi.

The most passive way to troll photographers waiting for you is to hide your face with whatever is available. A coat, your dog, a giant donut pillow . . . these celebrities have tried it all! Others, though, took a funny approach, making funny faces and doing goofy poses for the photos. Some stars have clearly just had it with being photographed every minute and decided to get more aggressive. From throwing water at the paps to showing them chewed up food to even stealing their cameras, some of the famous faces on this list just snapped! Keep reading to see 25 stars who got back at the photographers who stalked them!

20 Jim Carrey

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Back in 2008, Jim Carrey and his then partner Jenny McCarthy were enjoying a nice beach day in Malibu, California. They came to the beach looking pretty normal: Jim in a pair of shorts and Jenny in a somewhat skimpy black one piece swimsuit. However, once they saw the swarm of paparazzi trying to snap pictures of their romantic stroll along the ocean, the pair took action. The couple snuck into a beach cabana and emerged a few minutes later looking much different. Jenny was now in a flowy blue dress while Jim had donned her bathing suit! What had looked sexy on a woman now looked downright hilarious on a tall, slim man. The look was honestly reminiscent of the iconic green getup that Borat wore in the classic comedy film of the same name.

This is such a comedian's approach to being harassed by the paparazzi. Instead of yelling or becoming violent and angry toward them, Jim did what he does best and pulled a goofy stunt. He probably figured that if he was going to get photographed anyway, he might as well give them a show! It really was a win win situation because the paparazzi got a hilarious shot and Jim got some much needed exposure in the media. Both exposure of his name and of his body! The Canadian comic and the model, actress, and comedienne had been dating for three years at the time of the stunt but broke up in 2010.

19 Benedict Cumberbatch

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Benedict Cumberbatch seems like such a sweet guy. The British actor is known and loved by members of nerdy fandoms all over the world. He is best known for his work as the title character in Sherlock and now as Doctor Strange in the Marvel universe films. His career has really blown up in the past decade and as a result, the paparazzi hound him more than ever. In 2014, the actor was on a lunch outing with fellow actress Dakota Johnson and another, unknown female friend when he decided to go rogue and cover his face with a napkin. To keep it in place, he put his cap down over the top and his sunglasses on the front and he went about eating lunch as normal. The stunt was reminiscent of Jude Law's Mr. Napkin Head game on the romantic comedy film The Holiday. His friends and he burst into laughter after a few minutes of Benedict's antics.

One of the main purposes of photographers hunting down celebs is to get photos of them living their everyday lives. Well they certainly got that during this lunch outing! While this might not have been a direct attempt at getting the paparazzi to go away, it definitely gave them fewer good photos to use! The actor has also been known to hold signs in front of his face that beg the paparazzi to go focus on something that is really important in the world rather than where he is going for lunch.

18 Ryan Gosling

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As you can imagine, not being able to go literally anywhere without dozens of photographers following you would get exhausting really fast. Sometimes you just want to grab a coffee or a bite to eat in peace! That is all mega heartthrob Ryan Gosling was trying to do when this photo was snapped by the paparazzi. The Canadian hottie was minding his own business, having lunch with his loyal doggie companion on the ground beside him, when he noticed that he was being watched. Ryan knew that he was caught and because he had a plate full of food, there was nothing he could really do. Besides take his food inside the restaurant to eat rather than sitting on the patio, there was no escape! To show his anger and discomfort with being constantly stalked by paparazzi, Ryan let his inner kid out and stuck out his tongue at them!

In the grand scheme of things, this reaction was not that bad. Many celebs (I'm looking at you, early 00s shaved head Britney) do a lot worse to the paparazzi that follow them around, so making mean faces at them is probably just part of a typical day on the job. Even though he has been acting since he was a kid, I am sure that never having a moment alone does not get any easier for Ryan. Especially now that he is such a lauded actor and considered one of the best looking men in Hollywood!

17 Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

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While a lot of celebrities get angry at the photographers who follow them everywhere, others try to make the best of an annoying situation. Power couple Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner do just that. The couple, who are now engaged, have tons of enquiring fans. Because they are both so famous and so beautiful, it is natural that the paparazzi get big bucks for photos of the pair out together. But instead of yelling at or fighting with them, the stars took a different approach in June of 2017. When they were being photographed out and about, Joe and Sophie literally fought back by breaking out some martial arts moves that were both funny and fierce. This was probably tons of fun and also put the power of the situation back into the hands of the actress and the musician.

First of all, this was probably tons of fun. If people are taking pics of you, you might as well enjoy it! The kicking and punching probably also helped to keep the paps at a further physical distance so there were no unflattering zoomed in photos. The constant movement probably made it really hard to get any photos that were not blurry or weird, so the photographers likely gave up and left the couple alone long before they normally would have. Good for you, Joe and Sophie, for being kind and fun while still allowing yourselves to have a private moment out on the town!

16 Dan Radcliffe

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Breaking onto the show business scene as a child must make being an adult actor even harder. Daniel Radcliffe, who the entire world knows as Harry Potter from his work in the mega hit film franchise, is constantly trying to prove that he can do more than just be a kid wizard. From plays featuring nudity on his part to scary films, Dan has really branched out with the type of work he does just to show that he is a grown up now. One thing that adults do is go out to eat on their own. That is just what the British actor was doing when the paparazzi snapped this unflattering photo. All the poor guy was trying to do was enjoy some lunch and read a book in New York City's the West Village, but of course photographers were taking photos of him.

To show his disapproval, Dan went the Ryan Gosling route and started pulling goofy faces for the cameras. Didn't your mom ever teach you that no one wants to see your chewed up food, Daniel? When people are harassing you with cameras, what can you really do but stick out your tongue at them? This is when having a lunch companion whose head you can hide behind would really pay off. Dan's behavior was an immature reaction to the paparazzi's equally immature actions. I know we love them, but can't we give the celebrities some peace now and again? Dang!

15 Camila Cabello

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Camila Cabello has had a ton of success in the past year. Her hit "Havana" sent her racing up the charts and now the Cuban-American singer, who used to be part of super girl group Fifth Harmony, is now an opening act for Taylor Swift's much anticipated "Reputation" tour. Not to mention her own tour coming soon! So while she is not totally new to fame and attention, she certainly has a lot of photographers focusing on her all of a sudden and following her every move. Being a hot celeb means not even being able to go to the airport with your mom without people snapping away with their cameras.

Well Camila clearly takes it in stride and decided to give the paparazzi a show. Rather than try to hide the fact that she was in her scrubbiest sweats (which, let's be honest, is what all of us wear to the airport), she posed like she was on the red carpet. Blowing kisses, hugging her mom, and popping her booty were all on the pose menu for Camila while she was in the security line. The paparazzi probably wanted pictures of her looking terrible so they could craft a story about her looking like a slob, but instead they got this singer acting glam as ever! Camila has done this stunt before and we love her for it. She has such a great sense of humor to go with her good looks and tremendous talent!

14 Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

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Back in 2012 when Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were one of most adorable on again off again couples in Hollywood, they were getting sick and tired of the paparazzi always being in their business. The two actors had tons of fans both as a pair and individually, so catching a glimpse of them out on the town together was a major score for photographers. Despite them trying time and again to keep their dates private, the paparazzi swarmed any place that Emma and Andrew were rumored to be spotted. Rather than lashing out at the paps, the duo decided to use their fame for good. Both actors like to use their platform and money for good causes and they decided to promote that behavior to other people, too.

When the pair found out that paparazzi were waiting to pounce on them outside the restaurant where they were enjoying a meal, the two quickly grabbed some brown paper takeout bags and scrawled some handwritten notes. The notes read: "We just found out that there are paparazzi outside the restaurant we were eating in. So .. why not take this opportunity to bring attention to organizations that need and deserve it? Have great day!" They also include the web addresses for the charities. This is such a great way to raise awareness for great causes because so many people will look at these photos when they are on the hunt for a shot of their favorite stars. Emma and Andrew are such nice people!

13 Grant Gustin

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In case you don't recognize him (I definitely didn't at first look), Grant Gustin is an actor best known for playing the superhero The Flash on the TV series of the same name. He played the same role on the show Arrow and you also might know him from playing Sebastian on Glee. This guy might have flown under my radar, but he definitely did not escape the paparazzi's cameras. Just like any star of the moment, photographers could not resist capturing pictures of Grant when he was out and about. These photos were actually taken in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on the set of The Flash in between takes. I can't imagine not being able to even work without people spying on me!

Despite how annoying the paparazzi are, the actor clearly has a good sense of humor. Grant flashed a smile and did some funny poses for the cameras. Between the finger guns, looking over the sunglasses, and pursed lips, I don't know which is my favorite! He later tweeted about the photos saying " “impromptu photo shoot. hahaha these are so funny. Gotta have some fun in the mornin”. When you are stressed, acting silly really is a great remedy it seems. This is a great example of a star trolling the paparazzi without anyone being hurt. He and his costars got a good laugh, the paps got their pictures, and everyone was happy. Grant seems like such a nice guy and fun to be around for sure!

12 Misha Collins

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The sci-fi TV series Supernatural has one of the most loyal fanbases around. Members of the fandom take to the internet to discuss plot points, create memes, and, of course, drool over the show's two good-looking male main characters. Misha Collins is one half of that duo. This actor is not only handsome and talented, but he is also a big goof. His good sense of humor is one of the things that makes him so charming. Because he loves to play around and have fun, Misha's interactions with the paparazzi are always unpredictable, in the silliest of ways. This photo from 2015 is a great example of that.

When he was caught in the airport in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Misha was instantly swarmed by photographers seeking the perfect candid shot of him. Though he is having fun, his poses clearly reveal that he has had enough of people snapping pics of him in public. The way he frames his face with his fingers looks like he is taking photos of the paparazzi right back and his hilarious open-mouth gape pokes fun at the ludicrous way members of the media stalk celebrities. This is an awesome way to get his point of "leave me alone" across to the paps without getting nasty or violent. The actor has also apparently been seen sticking his tongue out at photographers who follow him when he is out and about. A childish reaction to equally childish behavior, just like Ryan Gosling!

11 Jennifer Lawrence

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Like many people, especially women, I love Jennifer Lawrence because she is so darn relatable. She tells off-color jokes, doesn't act too proper, and enjoys junk food, just like the rest of us! Since her breakout role in Winter's Bone, the Oscar-winning actress has had tons of success in Hollywood. From playing Katniss in The Hunger Games series to portraying dramatic roles in American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook, she's everywhere! With that, of course, comes lots of media attention, both good and bad. Poor Jennifer can hardly step outside her home without a swarm of photographers hounding her. Just like many of us, she has sometimes gotten frustrated with the paps always following her, responding occasionally by "flipping the bird" to the cameras or yelling at the photographers. But these photos show the goofier side of Jennifer that America fell in love with.

In 2015, Jennifer was out to dinner with friends at the swanky New York City Asian restaurant Nobu. Taking an extra pair of chopsticks, she stuck them in her mouth like a walrus to give both her companions and the paparazzi a show. She was later seen dancing on the sidewalk and laughing, having a grand old time. These antics show Jennifer's silly personality but at the same time didn't give photographers the glamorous photos they expected. The actress probably figured that if the paps were taking photos of her anyway, she might as well have a good time! I am sure that a few drinks with dinner helped her loosen up, too.

10 Cara Delevinge and St. Vincent

via: Marie Claire

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you know that Cara Delevinge is one of today's hottest female celebrities. The model turned actress and member of Taylor Swift's squad is known for her unique beauty and lush eyebrows. Whether she's doing a makeup campaign or appearing as the villain in a superhero film, she always looks amazing! That is the main reason that the paparazzi is so obsessed with her. She is both famous and extremely beautiful, so media outlets will pay big bucks for shots of her. Photographers will do almost anything to score a photo of Cara! Back in 2015, she decided that enough was enough. When one photographer attempted to take a photo up her skirt, the model finally put her foot down. Humiliated and angry, Cara tweeted “Some disgusting so-called ‘human’ with a camera tried to take a picture up my skirt. Welcome home. Any suggestions? Eggs." But it seems that she came up with the perfect idea on her own.

A few days later when Cara and her girlfriend St. Vincent were heading out on the town, the two surprised the paparazzi eagerly waiting outside their door with a water gun attack! They sprayed the photographers with water, which made for bad photos and an easier escape. Plus it looked like tons of fun! The model posted a photo on her Instagram page of the event with the caption "Pay back." Though she seems demure, I guess no one messes with Cara!

9 Paris Hilton

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Though she is not in the public eye as much today (save for when she recently got engaged with an enormous ring in early 2018), Paris Hilton is still a household name. She pretty much invented the 00s party girl personality that many celebs adopted back then, including her one-time BFF Nicole Richie. The heiress had money to burn and time to kill, which meant that she was photographed doing everything from grabbing coffee to shopping at cute boutiques to rolling up to dance clubs in style. Despite how much she seems to have loved (and maybe even forced) the media attention, everyone has their breaking point. Because Paris loves fashion, she had to come up with a way to troll the paparazzi while still looking good. That's where this magic scarf came in.

Called the Ishu scarf, it was invented by Saif Siffiqui when he noticed a photo of him riding a bike was ruined by the cycle's reflector. The scarf's monochrome pattern has the same effect, rendering any image taken of the wearer with a flash camera or phone useless. Basically, only the scarf shows up and the celeb looks like a silhouette, leading this to be nicknamed the anti-paparazzi scarf. Though it retails at over 300 USD and over 500 CAD, that is no trouble for its many celebrity fans. In addition to Paris, other famous people who love this product include Cameron Diaz, Nick Jonas, and Darren Criss. Creative troll, Paris!

8 Gerard Butler

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Gerard Butler was everywhere for awhile. From his insanely epic role in 300 to his softer appearances in rom-coms like The Ugly Truth and Playing For Keeps, men and women alike are obsessed with this Scottish heartthrob. With his rugged beard and tousled hair, photographers are always trying to catch a glimpse of this manly man of Hollywood. But Gerard does not always like to be bothered. Like any other person, he just wants to be able to go out to dinner in peace! He seems like a guy with a bit of a temper (or maybe that's just a Scottish stereotype in my mind) so it's honestly surprising that he usually acts so unphased in paparazzi photos. But in this series of pictures, the actor had had enough.

Gerard is just trying to eat a nice meal with friends when his companions inform him that there are photographers stalking them. He turns around to look and is super annoyed. Rather than yelling or picking a fight, he decides to fight fire with fire. Gerard grabs his cell phone and starts snapping pics of the paparazzi as they do the same to him! While this probably didn't deter the photographers at all, it is a pretty funny gesture. It shows just how ridiculous taking photos of celebs everywhere really is. We would never just snap photos of a "normal" person who was out at a restaurant! Good job, Gerard, for keeping your cool and still having a sense of humor while teaching the photogs a lesson.

7 Leonardo Dicaprio

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Nobody does trolling the paparazzi quite like Leonardo Dicaprio. This hunky actor has been in the spotlight since he was a little boy so it makes sense that he is getting tired of all the negative parts of fame. You can only be followed everywhere you go for so long before it starts to get frustrating instead of fun. And poor Leo probably reached that point years ago! The Oscar-winning actor and subject of many memes has perfected hiding from photographers. To ensure that no photog gets a good shot of his face to sell to media outlets, Leo uses hats, sunglasses, and whatever he is carrying to obscure his identity. It's pretty impressive if you ask me! As you can see in this series, the actor was just trying to walk down the street or go shopping, but he can't even do that in peace. The paparazzi are everywhere!

I don't know which of these trolls is my favorite. The weird mask seems classic artistic Leo and feels like the most genuine troll of them all. The others feel more like happy accidents. Turtling down into his giant puffy coat with a hat on looks just plain hilarious and is surprisingly effective. Hiding behind the umbrella shows true commitment to not being photographed, as he probably got rained on in the process! Finally, throwing the shopping bag in front of his face works well to hide from photos but I wonder if it's really a troll. Maybe the bag was just super heavy!

6 Simon Cowell

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Simon Cowell is not the first person I think of when I hear the word goofy. This serious, stark music producer and former judge on American Idol pretty much made a name for himself as the mean guy personality. He's sassy, snarky, and brutally honest, which in my mind is a far cry from playful. But in this series of photos, Simon proves that he has a silly side, too. Here he is pictured enjoying a sunny day on a luxurious balcony with his girlfriend at the time Sinitta, an American-British singer. The two were just trying to relax and spend some time together, but of course the paparazzi showed up. You can't go outside without being hounded by photographers if you're a celebrity, it seems! So while we would all expect Simon to hurl insults at the paps or even just ignore them and go inside, he did neither. Instead, he let his funny side show.

Simon and Sinitta utilized their fruit bowl to give the photographers a show. They used various fruits to simulate a telephone, earrings, and big clown noses. Plus Simon had an orange in his mouth in an act of pure silliness. Whether this was to make each other laugh or to troll the paparazzi, we will never know. It surely threw them for a loop, though, because the paps probably came there expecting to get photos of the pair snuggling and kissing. Too bad for them!

5 Dustin Hoffman

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Depending on your age, you probably known actor Dustin Hoffman from different things. If you're older, you might remember his breakout role in The Graduate or his drag appearance in Tootsie. A bit younger and you probably recognize him in Meet the Fockers or Hook. His career has spanned 50 years and the paparazzi have never let up during that time. They still love to follow Dustin's every move! But this seasoned thespian has come up with a plan to troll the photographers who are always stalking him. While some celebs hide their faces behind sunglasses or hats, this guy has another approach. He literally hides his whole body behind things on the street! Whether it's a street lamp post, a newspaper box, or a tree, Dustin will duck behind just about anything to obscure himself in photos.

Though the actor has a pretty long history of this behavior, it doesn't seem to have deterred the paparazzi. In fact, this habit has become a bit of a running joke on the internet! Like, what will Dustin hide behind next? He has already tried to use his gate as a hiding place, what could be funnier? It is hard to tell if he actually thinks he is hiding well or if he is just joking around with the photogs, but I guess only he knows the true answer. Suffice it to say this is by far and away the cutest trolling tactic used on the paparazzi and I encourage all stars to use it from now on.

4 Pete Wentz

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Way back in 2008 (wow, can you believe that it has been a decade already?!), pop punk power couple Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz were still together. They lived in skinny jean clad harmony for awhile but were not huge fans of the media attention their union brought about. Not long after their wedding and honeymoon, the pair returned home and decided to play some tricks on the photographers. As the duo left a friend's Memorial Day party, Pete emerged with a paper plate on his face. As if a homemade mask made from disposable dinnerware wasn't funny enough, he had scrawled "Your Ad Could Be Here" on the front.

While it was tongue in cheek and gave his new wife Ashlee a laugh, the rocker was trying to get a lesson across here. Celebs are treated like pure marketing tools sometimes, with photos of them going for millions of dollars and companies using them as spokes models in order to sell more products. In fact, the couple apparently cashed in on the fact that pictures of them were coveted by the media, as they received $1.4 million for selling their wedding photos to media outlets. They clearly are not too happy about being used by the paparazzi to make money, so the pair tried to take matters into their own hands. Plus Pete covered his face, giving these pictures less value. This is a similar approach to Emma and Andrew's troll above, but with less of a helpful message.

3 Bruce Willis

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Action star Bruce Willis knows his way around Hollywood. From a decades-long career to being the former husband of Demi Moore, this guy is no stranger to the paparazzi. Unfortunately for the photographers, Bruce does not take kindly to being stalked, harassed, and bombarded with cameras. In fact, he is known for his conflicts with paparazzi and even with pushy fans. There have been multiple instances of the actor yelling at and splashing photogs with drinks. The photo above is just one example of Bruce's signature trolling style. I have to say I don't blame him! When people keep asking you the same questions and taking your photo when you are just trying to do everyday errands, you get to a point of frustration pretty darn quickly.

Whether it is tossing his drink directly at the cameras or splashing it into a paparazzo's car, this actor has been spotted using water as a weapon towards annoying photographers. In the photo above, he seems to be in a jolly mood, but maybe that is just because he got back at the people who were bothering him. Though this is one of the more aggressive forms of trolling on this list, I still think Bruce could do a lot worse, especially if he was angry. No one gets hurt, just wet! I just hope that Bruce keeps a spare bottle of water on hand at all times. After he has thrown it on the photographers, he has nothing to drink anymore!

2 Katy Perry

via: coolspotters.com

Pop diva Katy Perry is known for her outlandish outfits. From crazy colored wigs to sparkly underwear to a bra that sprays whipped cream, she has had more noteworthy clothing and accessory choices than I can count. The new judge of American Idol is super famous around the world, so many photographers follow her every move. Whether they want to see who she is dating, what she is buying, or are being just plain nosy, Katy can never really go anywhere for a private moment. Back in 2009, when she was newly famous, the singer was spotted in the Miami airport in a typical travel uniform. Flip-flops, baggy sweatpants and a t-shirt are a far cry from her usually glam look, making the paparazzi work extra hard to get a photo. As fans and photogs surrounded her, Katy tried to hide her face with any means possible, including a giant stuffed donut.

Using sunglasses, a hat, and this adorable donut cushion, the singer tried to conceal her identity but to no avail. Maybe it's because her face stuck out through the donut's hole! I don't know if she was trying to use the donut's eyes to distract from her face or if this was just a sheer desperate attempt at hiding from the photographers, but it will definitely go down in history as Katy's weirdest fashion choice to date. This attempt at trolling the paparazzi didn't quite work out the way Katy planned, but at least it was pretty funny!

1 Ashley Tisdale

via: Just Jared Jr.

Singer and actress Ashley Tisdale isn't as famous today as she once was, but don't count her out. One of the stars of the High School Musical franchise, she now focuses on recording albums and producing TV shows. In 2010 (when she was a little more of a household name), Ashley was getting sick and tired of being constantly watched by photographers everywhere she went. She had just gotten a fluffy little puppy named Maui and needed to take him out for his daily walk. It's a thing all dog owners need to do, no matter how famous you are! One sunny Sunday afternoon, the star was spotted taking a stroll around her neighborhood in Toluca Lake, CA. Rumor had it that she was sick at the time, which is why she is dressed in a purely comfy outfit: Ugg boots, a hoodie, and sweatpants.

When photographers caught wind that a starlet would be out and about looking (and feeling) less than her best, they took the opportunity to pounce. Lots of people want to see good photos of celebs, but everyone loves a picture where they look terrible! It gives us validation that they aren't any better than us. In order to keep a shred of dignity intact, Ashley quickly picked up Maui and held him in front of her face. I would never have thought to use my dog as a shield . . . quick thinking, Ashley! This was the perfect way to troll the paparazzi without putting in too much effort.

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