20 Oscar-Winners Who Clearly Cannot Afford A Private Yacht Like Leo

Hollywood is the only place where losers win and winners win twice. Regardless of who takes home the Academy Award, all nominees for Best Actor and Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Actress, as well as nominees for Best Director receive a $160,000 gift bag. From luxury vacations and car rentals to cosmetic treatments with LED technology, these stars will receive the products on their doorstep the day after the Oscars, courtesy of the marketing company, Distinctive Assets. Although it should be noted that the gift bags are not linked to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the organizers of the awards.

These gift bags may not represent much for many actors and directors, but for others, it might have some value. In Hollywood, despite the fact that actors' high salaries are almost a standard, comparing the bank accounts of stars like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Tom Hanks (despite their divorces), Matt Damon, Will Smith, Robert Downey Jr., Ben Affleck, and Leonardo DiCaprio with some of their colleagues is an odious task. While being a Hollywood actor is a lucrative activity, the wage gap between a salary of a star starring in a $200 million production is very different from the one that does not exceed the seven digits. It is very different to go from starring in a mega project like The Avengers to acting as the protagonist in a film like Manchester by the Sea. The second one may get you to an Oscar, but the first one will allow you to buy a private yacht.

20 Casey Affleck

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Casey Affleck won the Best Actor in 2017 for his role in Manchester by the Sea and is a clear example of what we mentioned above. His participation in large productions with stratospheric budgets has been null, so his bank account is not as thick as his older brother, Ben Affleck. In addition, the recent scandal surrounding Casey during the filming of I'm Still Here, has not exactly been the best publicity. Magdalena Gorka, director of photography, said Affleck had crawled into her bed while she slept and hugged her, while Amanda White, the producer, said the actor had grabbed her tightly after she rejected his insinuations. Affleck attended George Washington University and then Columbia University in New York, where he studied physics, astronomy and western philosophy, but due to a lack of time, he did not graduate.

19 Mahershala Ali

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His real name is Mahershalalalhashbaz Ali. This Oakland-born actor won the coveted Best Supporting Actor award for his work on Moonlight, an LGBT-themed film with a cast entirely made up of black actors and actresses. This film has the second-lowest budget of the films in the Best Film category. Joi McMillon, who was in charge of editing the film, became the first black woman nominated in her category. The actor, Mahershala Ali, for his part, became the first Muslim to win an Oscar for his performance. Other recognized works for which Ali is recognized, not so much by the critics, but by the public, have been for his participation in the series House of Cards (as Remy Danton) and Luke Cage (as Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes, the owner of a nightclub dealing with certain illegal operations), both on Netflix.

18 Daniel Day-Lewis

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Paradoxically, Daniel Day-Lewis is considered to be the best actor of this generation, as he has won the Best Actor award in 1989, 2007, and 2012, but he has not actually made a lot of money. Living a life of which very little is known, the Irish actor believes that the less we know about his personal business, the easier it will be for people to believe the characters he plays. Day-Lewis is a classic method actor and is one of the most selective actors in the film industry, having starred in just eight films since 1997. Nevertheless, he has managed to find time for his another great passion: speed. He is a fan of Valentino Rossi, owns several big bikes, and used to ride long distances with nothing but a small backpack on his person for months.

17 Jeff Bridges

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Jeff Bridges won the Best Actor award in 2009 for his leading role in the film, Crazy Heart, and is one of the most recognized figures in the industry. Jeff has continued to expand the magic of the Bridges family in films throughout his career and few actors are able to enjoy so much public popularity while still being able to maintain critical respect. Bridges has been nominated for seven Academy Awards, winning only in 2009 for his performance as Otis "Bad" Blake in Crazy Heart, although he is best known for his role in The Big Lebowski, which is now considered a cult phenomenon, famous for its idiosyncratic characters, surrealistic dream sequences, unconventional dialogues and eclectic music. Faithful fans organize the Lebowski Fest, an annual festival that began in Louisville, Kentucky, in 2002 and has expanded into several other cities. It was also named "the first cult film of the Internet era."

16 Cuba Gooding Jr.

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Cuba Gooding Jr. was an Oscar-winning actor in 1997 for his role in Jerry Maguire and has starred in numerous films such as Radio, Men of Honor, and Pearl Harbor, among others. At the age of 16, he debuted as a breakdancer in a performance with Lionel Richie at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. And as for television, good old Cuba played O.J. Simpson in the series, American Crime Story, an anthological series based on real crimes; and he also played Dominic Banks in American Horror Story: Roanoke. Gooding Jr. will always be remembered for his frantic celebration in 1997 when he won the Oscar, since his happiness was uncontrollable, being this one of the most unforgettable moments in the history of the award. Cuba Gooding Jr. is the son of Cuba Gooding Sr., an American singer and actor.

15 Forest Whitaker

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The Last King of Scotland put Forest Whitaker in the spotlight in 2006. Forest was born in Texas while his mother was still in college, who surprisingly earned two master's degrees while raising her children. His family moved to the Los Angeles area when Whitaker was only a child, and it was just as soon as he arrived in the city of angels that Forest began to carve out his future in the world of the arts. The actor attended California State Polytechnic University in Pomona on a football scholarship but had to leave because of an injury. However, he was accepted at the University of Southern California to study opera as a tenor at the Drama Conservatory, which would eventually lead him to act. He is only the fifth African-American to win the Oscar for Best Actor after Sidney Poitier, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman and Jamie Foxx.

14 Christopher Waltz

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This Austrian nationalized German actor has won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor on two occasions for his performances in Inglourious Basterds (2009) and Django Unchained (2012), both directed by Quentin Tarantino. Among other awards, Christolph Waltz has been awarded the Golden Globe, BAFTA, and Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival. Waltz is fluent in German, English, and French, as well as a little Italian, which was demonstrated for his character Hans Landa in the film, Inglourious Basterds. Easily, Waltz is one of the most-recognized figures in international cinema, besides being one of the masters in interpreting the antagonists in a crude way, but with a certain genius and intellectualism, as we saw it in his roles of the macabre Nazi Colonel Hans Landa and Dr. King Schultz, a dentist turned bounty hunter.

13 Adrien Brody

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The slim actor won his moment of glory in 2002 for his role in The Pianist. It is possible that Adrien Brody played the role of his life too early since his involvement in solid projects has been rather small since then. At just 29, he became the youngest performer ever to win an Oscar for Best Actor; in other words, he set the bar too high so nothing he has done after has been up to par. People tend to think that all actors have lots of succulent offers every day and that they live a life full of luxuries but even those who make a living with this profession constantly fear that every new film will be the last one.

12 Benicio del Toro

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Benicio Monserrate Rafael del Toro Sanchez, better known as Benicio del Toro, is a Puerto Rican actor and producer. He has won an Oscar, Golden Globe, SAG,  and BAFTA. He is known for roles such as Fred Fenster in The Usual Suspects, Javier Rodriguez in Traffic (for which he won the Oscar), Jackie Boy Rafferty in Sin City, and Franky Four Fingers in Snatch, among others. In 2017, we remember him for his small, but funny, role in bringing DJ to life in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. In 2015, his participation in the film Sicario left a good impression, as well as for appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe playing The Collector (Taneleer Tivan), a role he will reinterpret in Avengers: Infinity War.

11 Kevin Spacey

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On the 30th of October 2017, in the context of the abuse scandal of producer Harvey Weinstein, the actor, Anthony Rapp, declared that in 1986, while still a minor, he had been harassed by Kevin Spacey at a party held at the actor's residence. In response to these accusations, Spacey claimed that he did not remember behaving improperly and apologized if he did. In the same statement, Kevin Spacey publicly declared that he was gay. From Rapp's statements came similar accusations, such as that of Mexican actor, Roberto Cavazos, who denounced that he and other young actors had been harassed by Spacey while he was artistic director of the Old Vic Theater in London. Undoubtedly, the actor's reputation has been tarnished.

10 Mark Rylance

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David Mark Rylance Waters is an English actor, theatre director, and playwright. A graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Rylance worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company and was director of London's Shakespeare's Globe from 1995 to 2005. He has participated in films such as Intimacy, Blitz, The Gunman, Dunkirk, and Bridge of Spies. It was for this latest film that the British actor won his Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. The film was directed by Steven Spielberg, written by Matt Charman and the Coen brothers, and starred Tom Hanks. The film was based on the arrest of the Russian spy, Rudolf Abel (played by Mark Rylance), in 1957 and the so-called U-2 incident occurred on May 1960, during the Cold War, in which an American plane was shot down in the Soviet Union.

9 Roberto Benigni

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The Italian actor, Roberto Benigni, got some fame in show business in the mid-1970s with his monologues in Cioni Mario fu Gaspare di Giulia, a show co-written with the famous Italian filmmaker, Giuseppe Bertolucci. In 1977, he debuted as an actor in Berlinguer, I Love You, directed by his friend, Giuseppe Bertolucci. However, international recognition came in 1997 with his version of the Nazi Holocaust in Life is Beautiful (1997). He won three Oscars (Best Actor, Best Soundtrack, and Best Foreign Film) in addition to the Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival. In 2012, he had a role in To Rome With Love, a film directed by Woody Allen, recalling the great Roberto Benigni's best years in international cinema, especially the ones in Hollywood.

8 Javier Bardem

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Javier Bardem is a Spanish actor and the husband of the Spanish actress, Penélope Cruz. Bardem has won five Goyas (major film prizes in Spain), a Golden Globe, a BAFTA, the Cannes Film Festival award for Best Actor, and an Actors' Union Award, as well as an Oscar. He is the first Spanish actor to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor, as well as the first Spanish actor to win it. He was awarded for his interesting role as a villain in No Country For Old Men. Bardem received his third Oscar nomination and a second Best Actor nomination for the Mexican filmmaker Alejandro G. Iñárritu's, Biutiful. Although Javier is easily one of the reference points of European cinema, his bank account cannot compare to that of Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio.

7 Eddie Redmayne

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His characterization of the scientist, Stephen Hawking, earned him the Best Actor award in the film, The Theory of Everything. Eddie Redmayne dared to do this and more, as he did not hesitate to transform into a woman for his role in The Danish Girl alongside Alicia Vikander. At the young age of 36, Redmayne has everything ahead of him. He may not be able to afford such luxuries as private jets or luxury yachts for now, but it's likely only a matter of time. He gained more notoriety after starring as the protagonist in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a sequel and spin-off of the Harry Potter saga. Not surprisingly, this great actor will be nominated several times more for Academy Awards, and his bank account will grow irremediably.

6 Tim Robbins

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Tim Robbins is an Oscar-winning American actor and director, who won the Best Supporting Actor award for his participation in the film Mystic River, directed by the legend Clint Eastwood. This movie was widely acclaimed by critics and was nominated for six Oscar awards, two of which were awarded to the Best Actor (Sean Penn) and the Best Supporting Actor (Tim Robbins). The film is based on the novel of the same name, written by Dennis Lehane. It tells the story of three men who grew up together in Boston— Dave Boyle, Sean Devine and Jimmy Marcus— but everything gets out of control when Dave is kidnapped by two offenders while he was playing with Sean and Jimmy. Tim Robbins is also remembered for his role in The Shawshank Redemption, one of the best movies in history.

5 Colin Firth

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Colin Firth is just under 60 years old, is happily married, and well-established in a world as everchanging as cinema. Firth does not like to think about the future but is not moved by the idea of residing in the past. He believes that it is not good for an actor to concentrate on what he has already done and that it is equally unbeneficial to focus on what still needs to be done. The tremendous British actor won an Oscar for his terrific role in The King's Speech, where he played King George VI. The monarch of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth suffered from stuttering and problems speaking in public, so he turned to the phonoaudiologist, Lionel Logue, to help him deal with his annoying problem.

4 J.K. Simmons

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Jonathan Kimble Simmons, better known as J. K. Simmons, is an Oscar-winning American actor, Golden Globe, BAFTA, Actor Union Award, among others. He is known for his role as the neo-Nazi, Vernon Schillinger, in HBO's Oz series, for his role as J. Jonah Jameson in the Spider-Man films, as well as for his roles in two of the Coen brothers' films, The Ladykillers and Burn After Reading. He won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Terence Fletcher in the 2014 film, Whiplash, where he played a perfectionist jazz teacher. In addition, this film catapulted its director, Damien Chazelle, as the winner of the Oscar for Best Director for the musical movie, La La Land, in 2017. In March 2016, it was confirmed that he will be James Gordon in the extended DC Comics Universe, appearing for the first time in Justice League, released in November 2017.

3 Geoffrey Rush

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Geoffrey Rush is well-known today for playing Captain Hector Barbossa in the Pirates of The Caribbean film series. This Australian actor has participated in films that have earned him the character of a legend in the dramatic arts. He is the first of his nationality to win an Oscar, and he is notable for being the first actor to win a BAFTA, Golden Globe, Actors' Union Award, and Criticism Award for a single performance, which was Shine in 1996. Rush recently announced that he sued the Daily Telegraph newspaper for defamation, which published an accusation of harassment against the actor, which allegedly occurred while he was working in a Sydney play. Following the publication, Rush resigned as the president of the Australian Academy of Film and Television Arts.

2 Michael Caine

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Sir Maurice Joseph Micklewhite, better known as Michael Caine, is a British actor and one of the legends in film history. Famous for his unique East End accent, Caine has appeared in more than 120 films throughout his career and is considered an icon of the British film industry. Michael Caine is one of only two actors to have won an Oscar in each of the decades from 1960 to 2000. Caine's films have earned nearly $8 billion over the years, making him the 11th highest-raising actor in history. By 1998, he won a Golden Globe, and in 1999, he won his second Oscar for The Cider House Rules of 1999. He also played Nigel Powers in Austin Powers in Goldmember and Alfred Pennyworth in the director, Christopher Nolan's, The Dark Knight trilogy.

1 Jean Dujardin

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The actor, Jean Dujardin, made France proud when he won the Best Actor award in 2011 for his participation in The Artist. Dujardin began his career as an actor performing in several bars and cabarets in Paris. Since 2003, he entered the world of cinema and little by little, he has worked his way to an Oscar award. Although Dujardin is not well known outside of France, his roles in his native country have earned him great recognition, especially at independent film festivals and in Europe. However, his life has not been the same since he starred in The Artist, a silent, black-and-white film acclaimed by specialized critics, both by the foreign press and Hollywood. In 2013 and 2014, he played medium-sized roles in films such as The Wolf of Wall Street and The Monuments Men.

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