20 "Nice" Celebs Who Are Actually Not That Nice

Have you ever dreamed of meeting your favorite celebrity? There are so many women in Hollywood doing fabulous things. Maybe there is an actress or singer who you really look up to and would love to talk to in person one day. Wouldn’t that be cool? It’s easy to idolize these celebs from afar — after all, we don’t really know them, we only know their work! But are the celebrities that we have put up on pedestals actually as nice as they appear? Unfortunately, not always. Some of them put on a good act but they can’t hide their true personalities forever.

There are some women in Hollywood who might seem cool to hang out with, but in reality, they are catty and ruthless. Let’s face it, when you have millions of dollars, spend all of your time surrounded by other wealthy famous people, and have tons of fans watching your every move, it’s easy to get a big head. Is every woman in Hollywood super stuck-up? Absolutely not, but many of them have let fame get the better of them. Here are 20 “nice” celebrities who are actually mean girls.

20 Jennifer Lopez Is A Notorious Mean Girl

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Jennifer Lopez has enjoyed enormous success acting and making a ton of hit songs over the years. There is no denying her talent! However, it seems that all of her success has given her a superiority complex. There are countless stories all over the internet about “Jenny from the block” acting like a huge diva. Many fans have reported asking her for an autograph only to be brushed off and ignored. It’s understandable that even celebrities have bad days and do not always want to be approached but they should show some gratitude towards their fans when possible — after all, it’s their fans who made them famous! Furthermore, she does tend to act like she is better than everyone around her. For example, J.Lo once rented out an entire dog grooming business so that her dogs could be groomed in private! This seems pretty excessive, even for a celebrity.

19 Mariah Carey Is Hollywood’s Biggest Diva

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It probably comes as no surprise that Mariah Carey is a huge diva both on and off stage. After all, no one can sing like Mariah. However, no matter how talented a celebrity is, it does not give them a license to be rude to other people. Mariah has a long track record of being downright mean towards the people she works with, as well as her fans. And don’t even get us started on the way she has treated her family! Mariah has a sister named Allison who was diagnosed with HIV and even though Mariah has millions of dollars at her disposal, she never helped her with any of her medical bills. This goes way beyond typical celebrity entitlement. This incident reveals that Mariah truly does not care about anyone besides herself, not even her family.

18 Rachael Ray Is Only Nice On Camera

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If you like watching The Food Network, you definitely know who Rachael Ray is. Rachael became popular while hosting a series on The Food Network called 30 Minute Meals. She was known for her easy, convenient, and tasty recipes. If you’ve ever seen her on TV, you know that she puts on a cheery face for the camera — but what happens when the cameras aren’t rolling? Well, that’s when things get a little dicey. Apparently, Rachael is a tyrannical boss and her employees walk on eggshells around her. In fact, one of her employees even referred to her as “Cruella de Vil” and said that her TV personality was all an act. Furthermore, she makes her employees do everything for her. It’s one thing to ask your intern to grab you a coffee but Rachael will have lower level employees pick up her dry cleaning for her! Talk about demanding.

17 Katherine Heigl Is A Nightmare To Work With

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Many women love romantic comedies and if you’re a fan of this genre, you definitely know who Katherine Heigl is. Romantic comedies were totally her niche for a few years but have you noticed that you rarely see her name in big movies anymore? Did she decide to take some time off acting? Did she retire? Nope. It is because directors do not want to work with her anymore because of her awful behavior on set. Apparently, she was so rude to her costars in Knocked Up that word quickly spread around Hollywood that she was a nightmare on set. Even before she was a big name, she was making ridiculous salary demands for more than her talent was worth. It seems that no matter what she does, she can’t fix her image — she has hired and fired several publicists over the last few years, but the damage is done.

16 Demi Lovato Was A Bully Before Fame

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You might be wondering how on earth a celeb like Demi Lovato ended up on this list. Hasn’t she stood up against bullying? In fact, didn’t she say that she was bullied very badly before becoming famous? And didn’t she even admit that years of being teased and mocked led to her developing an eating disorder? Well, if you ask some of the people who Demi went to school with, it seems that she was not the one being bullied. Actually, lots of her former classmates have said that Demi was the real bully all along. Demi got a small taste of success at a young age when she was on the TV show, Barney. Because she was on TV, she thought she was better than some of the other kids, and she would pick on kids who weren’t as popular as she was. Demi has even been accused of mocking her fans!

15 Taylor Swift Fakes Her Sweet Side

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At this point, we all know that Taylor Swift has been hiding a nasty side for a long time. We can thank Kim Kardashian for exposing that — remember when Taylor tried to say that Kanye West slandered her in a song but Kim had all the receipts to prove that Taylor had actually agreed to it and was lying for attention? Sure, she pretended to be an innocent, naïve, country sweetheart who just happened to get her heart broken by a string of famous guys. But let’s be real here, if she's been through that many breakups in such a short amount of time, the problem is likely her. Just like Demi Lovato, Taylor has said that she used to be bullied before she became famous but people who attended school with her said that Taylor usually acted stuck-up because her parents were wealthy. Turns out, Taylor was never really the nice girl that she claimed to be.

14 Alexis Bledel Has An Attitude On Set

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Alexis Bledel probably isn’t the nastiest celebrity to appear on this list but she’s no angel, either. She has admitted to giving the directors a bit of attitude during her early days on Gilmore Girls. She says that she thinks this actually helped her land the role but she knows that she was impatient and inexperienced, so she put her foot in her mouth a lot. When Gilmore Girls came back for a revival, she even threw a little shade at the new season. She said she wasn’t sure that the new season really represented what the previous director would have wanted, which definitely disappointed the millions of fans who were super pumped for the revival. Every once in a while, a celebrity will talk negatively about a project that they’re taking part in and it always hurts the fans to hear that their heart wasn’t really in it.

13 Zooey Deschanel Isn’t Really “Adorkable”

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Zooey Deschanel often plays cute, quirky characters in movies like 500 Days of Summer or TV shows like New Girl. You would expect her to have a similar personality in real life, right? Wrong. Zooey actually has a pretty bad reputation in Hollywood. Like some of the other celebs on this list, she consistently displays rude behavior towards her fans and dismisses them if they try to approach her. But the real reason that many of her coworkers dislike her is her tendency to delay the shooting schedule on set. She has a habit of being late but here’s the really annoying part — apparently, she flips out if anyone else has to delay a shoot. Talk about being hypocritical! Overall, actors who have worked with her say that she is just generally unpleasant to be around on set, citing that she seems stuck up and has a huge ego.

12 Jamie Lee Curtis Is Self-Absorbed

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Fans have reported some mixed reactions from Jamie Lee Curtis. You probably remember her from playing Lindsay Lohan's mom in Freaky Friday. By the end of the film, she seemed like she would make a pretty cool mom, right? Well, she might not be so much fun in real life. Apparently, some people who have spent time with her say that she will be super nice to you if you have any influence on how she might be portrayed. For example, people who have done interviews with her say that she was pretty friendly but those who were lowly assistants on set say that she totally ignored them. Some have said that it’s like flipping a switch — she can go from being smiley and happy one second, to totally brushing you off the next second. Hmmm, sounds like she has a bit of an attitude towards people she thinks are “beneath her.”

11 Julia Roberts Is Super Stuck-Up

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Let’s just cut to the chase — Julia Roberts has a serious dark side. A quick Google search will populate story after story, revealing her horrible behavior. In the 1990s, Julia quickly rose to fame with the release of the blockbuster film, Pretty Woman, and for a little while, everyone thought of her as America’s new sweetheart. She must have a heart of gold, right? Totally wrong. Julia has proven herself to be one of the meanest women in Hollywood, time after time. Julia’s family members have even spoken up and said that she was a bully her whole life, putting tons of stress on her siblings. She has earned nasty nicknames from her costars on different films. She was supposed to marry Kiefer Sutherland, but ran away to Ireland with his best friend three days before the wedding! Julia had a rough upbringing before becoming famous, so this could account for some of her behavior.

10 Emma Roberts Treats Her Boyfriend Badly

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You’ve probably seen Emma Roberts in a few TV shows, starting with Unfabulous when she was young and moving on to American Horror Story and Scream Queens in recent years. Emma is a super talented actress who has taken on a wide variety of roles but did you know that she’s also been accused of some pretty nasty behavior? If you’re a fan of Emma, you probably know that she has been dating her AHS co-star, Evan Peters, for a few years now. However, their relationship is definitely not rock solid — in fact, it’s very unstable. They have been known to fight and break up fairly often and one night, their dispute got so bad that a neighbor called the police. Emma was actually arrested for hitting Evan and leaving bruises! Yup, turns out girls can be just as abusive as guys. They are still dating but honestly, Evan deserves better.

9 Carrie Underwood Is Not A Country Sweetheart

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Carrie Underwood has definitely taken on the role of the sweet girl next door who will always remember her country roots. The American Idol winner has become one of the most successful contestants to ever appear on the show and is one of the most popular country artists around today. However, it seems that she actually has forgotten her humble roots. Fans have said that she is disrespectful in person and even Carrie has admitted that she can be very selfish and closed-off towards other people. Furthermore, she was also caught making nasty comments towards Leighton Meester at the Country Music Awards back in 2010. When she was encouraged to apologize, Carrie said that Leighton should just “get over it.” Ouch! It seems that some of these “country sweethearts” like Carrie and Taylor Swift aren’t so sweet after all — in fact, both of them need an attitude adjustment.

8 Christina Aguilera Is So Demanding

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Millions of people tune into The Voice every week. The infamous Christina Aguilera has been one of the judges for a few seasons. Her job is to choose promising singers for her team and coach them to win the competition. However, some people have said that her behavior on the show is far from ideal. In fact, for someone who is supposed to be encouraging, she can actually be very discouraging at times! Rumor has it that she is very demanding on set. Sometimes, when contestants are fans of hers try to compliment her, she responds dismissively and tells them, “Yeah, whatever.” This is a pretty nasty attitude for someone who is supposed to be helping rising stars learn and grow. And honestly, why be rude to someone who is giving you a compliment? It just makes you seem very ungrateful and unappreciative. A celeb’s fans got them to the top!

7 Ariana Grande Isn’t So Nice Off Stage

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Ariana Grande has millions of fans who are absolutely obsessed with her every move. There’s no doubt that her music is super catchy and her career has skyrocketed since her days on the Nickelodeon show, Victorious. However, many people have said that Ariana used to be a total diva. Once, she was even caught on camera in a bakery licking a donut, putting it back in the display, and saying, “I hate Americans.” Um, who does that? In addition to this weird behavior, her Victorious co-star, Victoria Justice, has said that she and Ariana never got along and even hinted that Ariana bullied her on set. However, after the terrorist attack that occurred at Ariana’s concert in Manchester last summer, she seems to have turned over a new leaf. She displayed maturity and compassion in the face of tragedy, so perhaps she has left some of those diva habits behind.

6 Lea Michele Causes Drama On Set

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Apparently, Lea Michele shares many traits with her character, Rachel Berry, from the TV show, Glee. Rachel was a perfectionist who always needed to be in the spotlight — she just had to be the star of the show. According to some of Lea’s costars, the actress is the same way in real life and it can be very frustrating to work with her. Lea loves the spotlight more than anything, meaning she does not like to share that space with anyone else. She has to be the center of attention whenever she is performing. Furthermore, she often assumed that her costars were gossiping about her behind her back. Instead of simply asking them if they had an issue with her, she would straight-up ignore them for weeks at a time unless they had a scene together! That’s pretty immature behavior for the lead actress on a popular show.

5 Mischa Barton Can’t Find Work

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If you were a big fan of The O.C., you definitely remember Mischa Barton, who played the character, Marissa Cooper. Way back in 2003, Entertainment Weekly named her Hollywood’s newest “it girl” because of her work on the show. She must have had it made at the time but it wasn’t meant to last. Mischa’s life went downhill after a series of bad mistakes. She got a DUI, was sued for refusing to pay rent, and eventually, her loved ones encouraged her to seek help for mental health issues. However, this all led to her getting into a physical fight with a nurse. Mischa definitely had a lot of demons that she needed to deal with. She says that she used to act out because the pressures of being a child star affected the rest of her life. She has not landed a major acting role in years.

4 Naya Rivera Was Kicked Off Glee

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You may remember Naya Rivera from Glee. Her character on the show, Santana, was always pretty sassy, but she had a good heart. Unfortunately, that is not what Naya is like in real life. Glee was the show that made her famous but she did not appreciate the opportunity that this platform gave her. Naya was notoriously awful to work with. She was often responsible for delaying shoots and making completely unreasonable demands. Basically, her costars have said that she expected to be treated like a queen. In fact, she would even go as far as to pick fights with her fellow actors! Her behavior became so awful that eventually, the directors and the rest of the cast decided that they could not put up with her any longer. She ended up being kicked off the set while filming the season 5 finale. It’s shame because her character was entertaining but she was too nasty in real life.

3 Rihanna Gets Petty Online

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Everyone loves Rihanna — her pop hits have ruled the radio since the early 2000s. This girl is not a one-hit wonder. Every time she releases a song, it shoots to the top of the charts and stays there. She clearly has a ton of star power but apparently, she also has a bit of an attitude! Rihanna is known for clapping back at people and we don’t see an issue with that — if the person deserves it! However, she sometimes strikes out at people just to be petty, which is not cool. For example, one of Rihanna’s fan wore an outfit to her prom that Rihanna had previously been photographed wearing. Rihanna took things way too far and started posting mean things about this fan on Instagram for her millions of followers to see! Come on, Rihanna — if you’ve been famous for years, you should understand why people want to look like you!

2 Beyonce Let Success Get To Her Head

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We can all admit to loving Beyonce's music but it’s no secret that she can be high maintenance and super demanding. Queen Bey has to have high standards, right? She is one of the most successful women in the world. But some fans have shared stories from concerts gone wrong that make us look at Beyonce in a whole new light. In fact, during one concert in Tokyo, Japan, Beyonce actually left the stage after performing only a couple songs because the crowd was not cheering loudly enough for her! She ended up coming back out later, doing only a few more songs and then ending the concert early. This is pretty crazy behavior because not every single crowd is going to go wild for an artist, some are just more subdued. But a professional like Beyonce should be used to that — the show must go on!

1 Gwyneth Paltrow Is Out Of Touch

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Gwyneth Paltrow seems to live with her head in the clouds. Seriously, this woman is off in her own world. She is not down to earth at all and she seems to have no idea how “normal people” live. Maybe she’s not even trying to be mean, she might just be a bit clueless. She often promotes dangerous health advice in her newsletter, Goop, and she also holds many pseudoscientific beliefs. For example, at one point she was promoting “wearable stickers” that she said would “balance the body’s energies.” Um, what is that supposed to mean? She has compared reading mean things about her online to witnessing the horrors of war. Gwyneth, we’re not trying to go to war with you here! These two things are not comparable in any way. She has also said that being a movie star is harder than being a mom but we would bet there are lots of mothers out there who would disagree.

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