20 Men Jennifer Garner Can Date Now That She's Single

Everyone loves Jennifer Garner. From her sweet smile, to her amazing acting skills, and her all around happy and positive persona, Jen truly is a lovable person. So it is shocking that this starlet can’t seem to find love. This American sweetheart deserves a fairytale relationship, but still hasn’t met her prince charming. Her first marriage with Felicity co-star Scott Foley was apparently doomed from the beginning. Her relationship with ex-boyfriend Michael Vartan didn’t even last a year. And Jen and Ben Affleck’s modern day Hollywood romance ended up becoming a high-profile divorce. Now that the paperwork has been finalized and Ben seems to have already moved onto a new girl, it is time for Jen to find herself a new boo.

It has been a while since Jennifer’s split from Ben and she still hasn’t dated anyone since. Getting back into the dating field after a 10-year marriage is obviously difficult. During an Interview with news.com.au, Jennifer admitted, “I would not have chosen this life for myself or for my kids. I would not choose to be single or be in this position.” Poor Jen! We all feel for her. Jen’s next relationship should be long-term and loving. She deserves a boyfriend/husband who will always stay committed and devoted to her. After being Ben Affleck’s rock for so many years, she needs a man who will be hers. Here are 20 men we believe Jennifer Garner should move onto now that she is single.

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20 He Needs A Wonder Woman - Chris Pine


Right off the bat, everyone loves The Chrises of Hollywood. Chris Pine, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Pratt are some of the most beautiful and talented men to currently walk our planet. Then there are some of Hollywood’s secondary Chrises like Chris Noth (Mr. Big), Chris Martin, and Chris Harrison. We are indeed living in a strange moment where every guy named Chris in Hollywood is hot, successful, and talented. Chris Pine, best known for his role as Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek and more recently as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman has captivated the eyes and hearts of fans all around the world. This unmarried, Hollywood hottie has really has become the captain of our hearts.

We would love to see Jennifer Garner fall in love with Chris Pine just as much as we all have. Unfortunately, everyone’s fake boyfriend Chris Pine is apparently off the market. He is said to be dating the beautiful, blonde, British actress Annabelle Wallis. There is always uncertainty when it comes to establishing a timeline for celebrity couples. Maybe Chris and Annabelle will last, and maybe they won’t. If the latter happens, we would love to see Captain Chris and American sweetheart Jen together.

19 Just Call Him Captain - Chris Evans

Rolling Stone

Attention everyone! This is not a drill. As of 2 months ago, Chris Evans was officially single. The Avengers actor and his on-again, off-again, comedian girlfriend Jenny Slate called it quits in March of this year. That means Chris Evans is officially on the market and is probably looking for a new boo. We think good girl Jennifer Garner would be a perfect match for him. Just like Captain America, Chris is a real life superhero in all the right ways. He is good looking, an amazing and talented actor, does his own stunts, is open about his anxiety issues, has a wonderfully contagious laugh, loves his family, has a great sense of humor, and he even has a big heart. Okay so how exactly do we sign up to date Chris Evans?

Chris Evans actually sounds like the most perfect man. After two failed marriages, we think Jennifer Garner finally deserves a perfect relationship. Based solely on their good looks and successful careers, Chris and Jen would totally be the next “it” couple in Hollywood. Jen should snag this emerging Hollywood A-Lister before it is too late. The Chrises in Hollywood never stay single for long.

18 Bringing The Magic - Channing Tatum

Entertainment Tonight

Upon first glance, Channing Tatum and Jennifer Garner may seem like an odd pairing. On one side you have this steamy hunk who plays the role of an erotic dancer in films and on the other you have a sweet, innocent woman that is usually cast as the “good girl” in all of the rom-coms she is featured in. So how exactly would this pairing work? Well, this duo surprisingly has a lot in common.

To start off their endless amount of similarities, both Channing and Jennifer recently separated from long-term partners. Channing and his ex Jenna Dewan just separated a month ago. Both Channing and Jennifer met their ex-partners on movie sets. Channing and Jenna fell in love on the set of Step Up, while Jennifer and Ben met on the set of Pearl Harbor. Can we also just quickly note that Jennifer and Jenna are both “Jens.” That would make Channing’s life easier if he ever did date Jennifer. Channing and Jennifer also have major love for their furry friends. These actors are obsessed with their dogs and constantly post pictures and videos of their little fur-balls. Even though this couple isn’t expected, everyone would probably be thrilled if they started dating based on all of their similarities.

17 Dude Where's My Gar(ner)? - Seann William Scott


In the mid to late-1990s Jennifer Garner’s acting career was limited to a few TV cameos and low-budget TV movies. In 2000, Jen starred alongside Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott in the hit comedy Dude Where’s My Car. This movie really helped Jen get the exposure she needed to land larger roles in Hollywood and eventually become a household name. In the movie, Jen and Ashton’s characters are a couple, but since Mila Kunis and Ashton are real life #goals, we decided to twist the plot a little bit. Instead of dating Ashton, Jen should go for her other co-star, Seann.

Jen and Seann both ruled Hollywood in the early 2000s. Seann is best known for his hilarious character Steve Stifler in the American Pie franchise, while Jen had some major, leading roles in movies like Elektra and Daredevil. Since both actors have been taking fewer and more minor roles in current films, they have extra time to focus on other things, like their relationships. It doesn't seem like this pair have stayed in contact over the years, but their “relationship” can start by reminiscing about their shared time on the set of Dude Where’s My Car. Remember, anything can happen in Hollywood.

16 13 Going On Married - Mark Ruffalo


The early 2000s were a golden age for romantic comedies. Many of us grew up watching films like Love Actually, The Notebook, Miss Congeniality, and 10 Things I Hate About You. Our younger, teenaged selves would fantasize about one day having the on-screen chemistry we saw in our favorite rom-coms. Like many of our other favorite rom-coms, 13 Going on 30 left us yearning to be 30, flirty, and thriving. Jenna Rink (Jennifer Garner) and Matt Flamhaff (Mark Ruffalo) were cute, geeky #couplegoals. Although the co-stars played soulmates on screen, Jennifer and Mark never dated in real life.

If Jennifer and Mark ever dated, they would give 13 Going on 30 fans major nostalgia and happiness. We want Jennifer and Mark to fall in love with each other the same way their characters do in the movie. Unfortunately for fans of the duo, Mark has been married to his wife, Sunrise Coigney, since 2000, which is quite the accomplishment for Hollywood couples. As for Jennifer and Mark, the pair only recently rekindled their friendship. Apparently, Ben Affleck wouldn’t let them be friends during their marriage. While these friends revive their friendship, maybe there is a chance it will lead to something more (Sorry Sunrise).

15 Wholesome Celebrities Should Stick Together - Tom Hiddleston

The Verge

Throughout the years, some of Hollywood’s leading ladies have been dubbed as America’s Sweethearts. Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, and Jennifer Garner have all held the title. Instead of going for another wholesome celebrity, these sweet Hollywood women always seem to go for the notorious bad boys. Ben Affleck is a well-known bad boy in Hollywood. Maybe it is time for Jen to shift her attention away from celebrity bad boys and date a fellow Hollywood sweetheart.

Tom Hiddleston is an English actor, known for his roles in superhero films like Thor and The Avengers. Tom is said to be recognized for his humbleness and modesty around his fans, media outlets, and other celebrities. But, he might actually be best known for dating superstar Taylor Swift two years ago. Their relationship only lasted three months, but we will blame this short-lived love affair on Taylor – She is known for her Hollywood man-eater ways. However, their relationship was actually said to be staged in order to elevate Tom’s star power. So many controversies surrounded their relationship. It is time for new controversies to emerge around Tom’s dating life – This time, they should be with American sweetheart Jennifer Garner.

14  Strategic Career Choice - Henry Cavill

Men's Journal

After two failed marriages – one with Ben Affleck and the other with Scott Foley - maybe it’s time for Jennifer to date for exposure instead of for love. Before you get riled up, let us explain. Have you ever looked at a celebrity couple and asked, “How and why are they together?” Some celebrity couples seem incompatible and frankly, so out of love. That is probably because their marriage was the result of a strategic career choice. These couples usually get married as part of a mutually beneficial agreement that would promote both of their careers. Sometimes these couples actually end up falling in love and sometimes their relationship remains strictly business.

After taking a backseat in Hollywood lately, it’s time for Jennifer Garner to refocus on her career. What better way to gain some exposure than to date (and possibly marry) an actor who is currently ruling Hollywood. Henry Cavill is good looking, successful, and slaying the movie industry. Clark Kent himself needs a good, girl-next-door type. Jennifer would be the perfect candidate. While Henry would bring Jennifer all the exposure she needs to revamp her career and image. Now that’s a mutually beneficial relationship. Plus, these super attractive celebrities would make a very attractive couple.

13 The Boy Toy - Harry Styles

Rolling Stone

As cliché as it sounds, age is nothing but a number. Many of our favorite celebrities have created some of the most memorable Hollywood relationships because of a large age gap between the partners. Jay-Z and Beyoncé have 12 years between them, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are 11 years apart, and Matt Bomer and Simon Halls have a 13-year age gap. Maybe it is time for Jennifer to find herself a younger, boy toy. We think Harry Styles would be perfect for this role.

Although he is only 24 years old, Harry has been linked to some of the world’s prettiest, richest, and most successful women. This former boy bander never openly admits to any of his relationships, but he has been connected to stars’ like Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, and most recently, Victoria’s Secret model Camille Rowe. This young singer and actor has even dabbed into the world of Hollywood cougars. Some of the older ladies Harry has gone after have been: Kimberly Stewart, Caroline Flack, and Lucy Horobin. These women were all 14-years-older than him. Good girl Jennifer Garner deserves some fun and excitement in her post-divorce life. Cougar-lover Harry Styles would bring Jennifer all the enjoyment she needs.

12 The Silver Fox - Clint Eastwood

The Playlist

Maybe what Jennifer Garner needs is a relationship that will actually last “till death do us part.” Neither of her past marriages were able to last that long. Well, marrying a much older man will probably give her that. Unlike being a cougar and dating younger celebrities like Harry Styles, Jen might actually need a mature man in her life. Hollywood’s favorite silver fox has always been Clint Eastwood and this 88-year-old is totally single.

Before all the rage begins surrounding this setup, please be reassured that this is not a gold-digger type of situation – Jennifer makes her own money. But, if it were, who cares? To each their own. The fact that Clint has been active in Hollywood since the 1950s is incredible. His breakthrough moments came from films like The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and The Beguiled. In addition to being a cultural icon through his films, Clint is also a director, producer, composer, musician, businessman, and politician. Wow! If Jennifer doesn’t get on that, someone else should. Even though their age gap might seem a little absurd, dating this much older and super successful man can really bring inspiration and creativity into Jennifer’s life.

11 Reel To Real Couple - Josh Duhamel

The Daily Beast

Many of our favorite Hollywood couples started dating in real life after playing love-interests in movies together. The tension (both good and bad) on movie sets can really make or break Hollywood relationships. In the case of celebrity couples, like Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, and Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, their on-set love truly blossomed into a real relationship. Jennifer Garner has found love on set before as well. Jen and now ex-husband Ben Affleck first met on the set of Pearl Harbor back in 2001. In 2003 the pair starred in the superhero movie Daredevil together – It was on this set where the duo became close. A few years later, Ben and Jen were married. If Jen could find love once on set, she can definitely find love again with another co-star.

In Love, Simon, Jen and Josh Duhamel play the parents of a teenaged son named Simon (Nick Robinson). Even though the movie doesn’t focus around their relationship, these co-stars still had time to get connected on set. In an interview with E! News, Josh went out of his way to call Jennifer “an amazing woman.” Both Jennifer and Josh have already denied dating rumors surrounding their relationship. But Jen and Josh are both newly single, so anything can happen.

10 Personal Trainer To The Stars - Gunnar Peterson

Gunnar Peterson

Jennifer Garner is truly a supermom. She manages to stayed toned, fit, and active while working as an actress and raising three children. At 46-years-old Jen has one of the most fit and healthiest looking bodies in Hollywood. Her muscular arms seem to be getting all the attention nowadays. With her personal trainer, Simone De La Rue, Jen has been exercising through a combination of dance, cardio, and strength training. Throughout the past few years, Jen has been feeling stronger, happier, and more energized than ever because of her newly found love for fitness. Jen should find a new boyfriend that shares the same clean, healthy, and fit lifestyle as she does.

Celebrity personal trainer Gunnar Peterson is best known for helping Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez sculpt their famous behinds, through his exercise invention called “The Bottom Line.” Even though Jennifer Garner already has a personal trainer, dating Gunnar would help Jen keep up with her fitness routines and healthy habits. The pair can work out together, try new fitness trends and activities, and even do some meal prep. As Jen continues to change her lifestyle, she should change her dating habits as well. Instead of only dating actors, it might be time for Jen to play around in the personal trainer field.

9 Recipe For Love - Anthony Bourdain


Jennifer Garner’s lifestyle change isn’t limited to extensive workouts and training. This fit and healthy celebrity loves sharing videos of herself hosting nutritious pretend coking shows. If she ever wants to change her career path, being a celebrity chef might be in her books. This mom of three really does enjoy cooking and baking at home with her children. What better way to continue this new hobby (or career) than to share it with a partner? We totally think it is time for Jen to date a celebrity chef.

If Jen turns on the cooking channel, she can probably find herself a new, potential partner in a matter of minutes. Even if she merely scrolls through social media feeds, she can find a partner who has a love and interest for cooking and food just as much as she does. We think famous chef and TV personality Anthony Bourdain would be a perfect match for Jen. Just like Jen, Anthony has interests that extend far beyond the kitchen. Anthony also enjoys travelling and writing books. Their vast amount of skills and interests would make Jen and Anthony a complete package in Hollywood. They would definitely be labeled a #powercouple.

8 The Hollywood Producer - Michael Bay

Booms Beat

In the past, Jennifer has only been with fellow actors. Each of her relationships with actors have ended in heartbreak. Maybe she should stop dabbling in the pool of movie stars and search for her love interest somewhere else. All she has to do is look behind the screen to find her next boyfriend. We think a producer, director, camera man, or even a miscellaneous crew member would be a better fit for Jennifer than another actor. Producer and director Michael Bay would bring action, excitement, and creativity into Jennifer’s life. We think she should take a chance on this famous and successful producer/director.

Michael Bay is best known for producing and directing big-budget, high-concept action and horror films. He has produced: Transformers (All of the movies), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Amityville Horror, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Purge (All of the movies). He even produced Pearl Harbor, which both Ben Affleck and Jennifer starred in. Even though Jen doesn’t quite seem like the horror or action movie enthusiast, she should definitely expand her dating horizon. Clearly Jen’s rom-com and low-action actor ex-husbands haven’t worked out for her. It is time for her to try something (or someone) new.

7 The Ex-Fling - Michael Vartan


Jennifer Garner is the definition of a good girl. She literally has angelic energy radiating from her body. That image is definitely visible in her dating history as well. Jen only had three public relationships her whole life and two of them were marriages. These relationships don’t account for any short flings or hook ups the starlet might have had. But, realistically Jen doesn’t seem like the short fling type of girl. She is totally in it for the long run. In fact, her shortest relationship was with ex-boyfriend Michael Vartan, but even that lasted a solid 8 months.

In the period between both of her marriages, Jen dated her Alias co-star Michael. The pair were actually a couple both on and off set. How cute is that? After Jen’s split from Ben, fans started speculating about a possible reunion and rekindling between her and ex-boyfriend Michael. Unfortunately, Michael isn’t keen on reconciling with his ex. In an interview with Entertainment Times, Michael even stated, “if it didn’t work once, there’s a reason it didn’t work.” Ouch! Never say never though. Maybe Michael will change his mind and decide to reunite with his old lover.

6 The Dancer - Derek Hough

Getty Images

If you have ever scrolled through Jennifer Garner’s Instagram, you would know that she has a passion for dance. It seems like every other post of hers showcases some form of dance. She even partakes in dancing lessons as one of her favorite forms of exercise. If Jennifer can find herself a dance partner, who is also her life partner, she would be living a complete Dirty Dancing fairytale. Who better to give Jennifer the time of her life than professional Latin and Ballroom dancer and choreographer, Derek Hough.

Derek Hough gained most of his fame from appearing on Dancing with the Stars. With his celebrity partners, Derek has won 6 Dancing with the Stars competitions. That is more than any other professional dancer on the show. Jennifer really does deserve the best of the best and Derek is truly exceptional. Derek is now a judge on Jennifer Lopez’s show World of Dance and even appeared in Hairspray Live! This dancer sure does have the dancing moves, but does he have the moves to win Jennifer Garner’s heart? We think so. This is a couple we would love to see dancing with and dating each other.

5 The Fellow Humanitarian - Sean Penn

CBS News

Just like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were a Hollywood couple known for all of their Humanitarian relief efforts and work. Jen’s next relationship should be with another well-known Humanitarian. Celebrity Humanitarian couples really are impactful with their efforts, especially with increasing exposure on certain issues, endeavors, and charities. Some of the charities and foundations Jen supports are: Alzheimer’s Association, I Have a Dream Foundation, (RED), Save the Children, and Stand Up To Cancer. Jen’s next boyfriend doesn’t necessarily have to be involved with these same foundations, but he should be passionate about his own causes.

We think actor, filmmaker, and political activist Sean Penn’s passion, motivation, and activism suites Jen’s Humanitarian efforts perfectly. When he isn’t starring as the lead character in big blockbuster movies like Milk, I Am Sam, and The Tree of Life, Sean is spending his time actively donating and participating in Humanitarian work. Some of the foundations he supports includes: Amazon Watch, Clinton Foundation, Elton John Foundation, UNICEF, and Urban Zen Foundation. In 2002, Sean also placed a US $56,000 advertisement in the Washington Post asking George W. Bush to end a cycle of violence. Wow, Jen really needs this much passion in her life.

4 The Most Deserving - Keanu Reeves

US Weekly

If there was an actor who deserved to be in a happy and loving relationship the most, it would be Keanu Reeves. This Canadian actor, director, producer, and musician had quite a bit of heartache earlier in his life. His longest and most serious relationship was with his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Syme. In 1999, the couple gave birth to a stillborn baby. Their grief caused a strain in their relationship and eventually lead to their breakup. A few years later, Jennifer Syme passed in a car accident. Ever since this heartache and misfortune, Keanu never entered another serious or long-term relationship. Most of his encounters with other women have just been short-term flings.

Jennifer Garner can give Keanu the family and loving relationship that he needs and deserves. Even though Keanu has never really experienced an intimate, familial life of his own (with a wife and children), we think he would be a great husband and father. Since both Jen and Keanu have experienced different types of hardships in past relationships, we think they would be fully committed and devoted to each other if they were to ever date – and we really hope that they do.

3 Washed Up Celebrities - Nicolas Cage


We hate to say it, but maybe Jennifer’s time in Hollywood is up. She had an amazing career peak in the early-mid 2000s, but her work has become secondary to her family this past decade. Is this Ben’s fault? Maybe. Or maybe it is just time for Jen to retire from Hollywood altogether. What better way to exit the movie scene than to date a fellow washed-up celebrity? In recent years, Nicolas Cage’s acting career has been a little stationary as well. After his recent separation with long-term wife Alice Kim, it is safe to say that his love-life is a little inactive also. If Jennifer and Nicolas date, they can say “bye-bye” to Hollywood and live like a real (non-famous) couple.

Just like Jennifer, Nicolas had an incredible career peak in the late 1990s and early-mid 2000s. He has continued to star in movies over the years, but fans are starting to deem him as a “has been actor.” Since Jen and Nicolas still have plenty or fans and supporters, they should leave the limelight while they are still appreciated. We don’t want to see either actor leave their fame (especially Jen), but it might be time for both of them to go and start new lives (together).

2 The Look-A-Like - Edward Burns

Today Show

There are a ton of celebrities that look-a-like. Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel are basically twins, Bella Hadid and Jennifer Lawrence share a lot of similar facial features, and Matt Bomer and Henry Cavill are really difficult to tell apart. Even Jennifer Garner’s ex-husband, Ben Affleck has a celebrity twin. Ben Affleck and Edward Burns look a lot alike. Both actors share similar face shapes, have smoldering eyes, thinner lips, dark hair, and larger foreheads. Upon first glance, the pair can actually pass as biological brothers.

So it does seem a little obsessive if Jen dates another actor that looks identical to her ex-husband, but having a type is no big deal. Edward Burns just happens to look extremely similar to Ben. Even though Edward is married to model Christy Turlington, we can’t help but imagine a world where Jen dates a Ben look-a-like. How would Ben react? Would he be angry that Jen dated his celebrity twin? How would the public react? Will Jen even notice the similarities between both men? There are so many questions that will only be answered if Jen dates Edward Burns. This celebrity relationship would undoubtedly be very interesting and entertaining to witness.

1 Second Times The Charm - Ben Affleck

Vanity Fair

Fans just can’t seem to give up on Jennifer and Ben’s relationship. They were married for 10 years, that is like an eternity for Hollywood couples. As Jen continues to be Ben Affleck’s rock, many of us are wondering why they just can’t get back together. The ex-couple still attend church services together and spend holidays with one another. Either they are the world’s best co-parents or there is still a little spark that exists between them.

When the couple first announced their split in 2015, they supposedly attempted to make their relationship work. There are photos of the pair even leaving couple’s therapy together. However, their efforts must have strayed because their divorce was officially finalized in 2017. Ben is currently dating Saturday Night Live producer Lindsay Shookus, but there are rumors that he still wants Jennifer back. Since Jen hasn’t dated anyone since her split from Ben, there is a possibility that the couple might actually get back together. Maybe Jen is just waiting for Ben to clean up his act before she takes him back. Until Jennifer is caught dating someone else, fans will continue speculating about a possible romantic reunion between the pair.

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