20 Hollywood Dogs With Actual Bank Accounts

Would you set up a bank account or trust fund for your dog? That’s what some celebrities are doing and they aren’t about to apologize for it. For some people, their pets aren’t just animals that walk around their home, but instead, they are beloved family members. These celebrities want to make sure their pets are well taken care of if anything should happen to them.

Not only that, but these animals are just spoiled rotten. Some of them are a living far better life than some humans are. These celebrities want to make sure their animals are living the high life even when they are no longer around. Some would call this ludicrous while other people think it’s the very least they can do. Regardless of where you sit on the fence, these animals are living some pretty sweet lives and why not. If you have the money to set up a trust fund for your dog, then why not do it? You won’t catch Chef Gordan Ramsay doing it for his pets, however, because even his kids don’t get that kind of treatment. Check out these 20 Hollywood dogs with actual bank accounts and trust funds.

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20 The Queen of Mean Leona Helmsley

via time

She may have been hailed the Queen of Mean, but that did not include her pets. She died in 2008 and people were shocked when they found out that she left $12 million behind to her dog Trouble. Joel Gavriele-Gold, an analyst, told The New York Times that it’s normal for people to do this. “Humans tend to be very disappointing — notice our divorce rate. Dogs are not hurtful and humans are.

People are inconsistent and dogs are fairly consistent.”

She isn’t the only celebrity that took it upon herself to take care of her animals.

19 Voiceover Actress Caryn Rosenthal

Via NY Daily News

Caryn Rosenthal is the proud owner of a paralyzed dog named Jax and when she goes on vacation, she has worried about what would happen to her dog if she wasn’t there. “There was something about flying, it started to concern me,” Rosenthal tells PEOPLEPets.com. “I plan on outliving this dog, but what if something happened?” That’s when she decided to set up a pet trust for Jax to make sure that he was taken care of if something happened to her.

“It is important for people to start thinking about a plan for their animals,”

says Carlisle, who herself has a trust fund set up for her four cats. “I have had clients pass away, and usually it works out very well.”

18 Countess Karlotta Liebenstein Left All Her Money to the Dog

There is a sure way to tick off your entire family and that’s to leave your massive fortune to the family dog. The Countess died in 1991 and when she passed, she left her entire $80 million fortune to her German Shepard named Gunther III. The trustees of the dog's estates have done so well with it that it has grown to $375 million since her death. The dog's fortune now resides with Gunther IV.

This dog gets to ride on private jets and he owns his own villa in Italy and the Bahamas.

If that wasn’t enough, this wealthy German Shepard also purchased Madonna’s home for $7.5 million.

17 Karl Lagerfeld and His Cat Choupette

Via US Weekly

Choupette is living the high life with the fashion icon and she even has her own iPad. Karl Lagerfeld goes everywhere with this cat and spoils her rotten.

“She is like a kept woman. She has a strong personality. She has lunch and dinner with me on the table, with her own food.

She doesn’t touch my food. She doesn’t want to eat on the floor. She sleeps under a pillow and she even knows how to use an iPad. She has two personal maids, for both night and day. She is beyond spoiled.” She likely has a trust fund as well.

16 Britney Spears Spoils Her Dogs

Via GotCeleb

Britney Spears is well known for spending a lot of money on her dogs. In 2016, her financial record was released, and it showed that the singer spent $29, 852 on her dogs according to TMZ. You might think that $30,000 is a lot of money to spend on a dog, but that’s obviously nothing compared to the $80 million the Countess left to her dog. She’s not even one of the highest spenders when it comes to pets. We’re not sure whether she has bank accounts for her dogs, but she definitely does treat them well.

15 Lisa Vanderpump and Her Dog Giggy

Via US Weekly

The reality star Lisa Vanderpump from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills rarely goes anywhere without her Pomeranian and that includes the red carpet. If you have ever watched the show, you may have seen Giggy sip his water from Baccarat crystal. Seriously, sometimes we wonder if these stars go overboard, but they certainly have no problem with spoiling their pets. Vanderpump said,

"I worship the ground he never walks on."

She added, “He's been with me since the inception [of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills franchise]."

14 Blake Lively Takes Penny Everywhere

Blake Lively is another actress that truly pampers her dog. Little Penny has often been seen on set with the actress. She would often go to the set of Gossip Girl and cuddle with Lively in between takes. She is one of the most pampered pets in Hollywood. We have often seen her taking Penny for a walk with her husband, Ryan Reynolds. Ryan also brought a rescue mutt named Baxter into the fold when they got married, so he likely is being spoiled just as much.

13 Jennifer Aniston’s Dog Has A Masseuse

Via Daily Mail UK

Jennifer Aniston doesn’t have children of her own, so it’s likely that when she passes away, she may leave part of her fortune to her dog Norman. Unfortunately, her dog passed away in 2011. But before he died, he used to have a special organic diet food plan that must have cost a fortune. Not only that, but Norman had his own masseuse as well. It’s obvious that she took very good care of her dog before he passed and when she married Justin Theroux, they acquired four dogs together. Now they are going through custody arrangements of those dogs since they are no longer together.

12 The Dog With the Longest Name

We’re not sure what Beth Ostrosky Stern was thinking when she named her dog, but she gave it a bold and rather long name. She and her husband, Howard Stern, have a dog that they named Bianca Romijn-Stamos-O'Connell-Ostrosky-Stern. What on Earth? Not only does she spoil the dog rotten, but she made it the subject of her book that she wrote. Beth rarely leaves home without her dog, so we can just imagine that she is going to make sure her dog is well taken care of no matter what. Beth is a huge animal lover and makes sure that she does what she can as an animal activist.

11 Mariah Carey Actually Pays Attention to Her Dogs

Via Live Journal

When it comes to spending money, Mariah Carey is the queen of it and her dogs really benefit from it. She spends a ton of money on her two Jack Russell’s. Page Six reported that she spent a whopping $45,000 a year on just spa treatments for her dogs. Talk about star treatment. That doesn’t even include toys, food, or anything else. Carey flies first class and so do her dogs. That's roughly an extra $2,000 for first class for each pooch. It’s likely these dogs also have trust funds because this singer is spending a lot of money on them.

10 Socialite Gail Posner and Conchita

Via Time.com

When Gail Posner got her Chihuahua named Conchita, she told everyone that he was the “most pampered dog in the world.” Posner was a Miami socialite and when she passed away in 2010, she left her entire fortune to that little dog. She left Conchita an $8.3 million mansion on Miami Beach as well as a trust fund that had $3 million in it.

The little dog is known as “The Boss” and sometimes, she is seen in designer bathing suit, pearl necklaces, Cartier necklaces, and Louis Vuitton bags.

This dog also has a custom-made pink racing car bed and is a regular at Miami nightclubs. Seriously, we need to have this dog’s life.

9 Miles Blackwell Left His Money to A Hen

Via Celebrity Pet Worth

British publishing giant Miles Blackwell made a ton of money when he was in the industry. When he decided to retire, he sold his interest in the family business and decided to head to the country. At the time, he wanted to focus his time on raising hens and sheep. He died in 2001 and he gave a ton of his fortune to charity. But that wasn’t all he did with his money.

He also left roughly $15 million in trust to his favorite hen Gigoo.

She’s got to be the richest hen in the world and she never has to be worried about being eaten.

8 It’s All Designer Brands For Paris Hilton’s Dogs

Via Paris Hilton Instagram

Paris Hilton is one girl who spends a fortune on her dogs, so she likely has a trust fund set up for them as well. After all, she spent $325, 000 on a little mansion for her dogs. Oh, by the way, it’s estimated that she has over 30 dogs, according to US Weekly! No wonder they need a mansion. This mansion is 300 square feet and has two floors. It’s Italian style and is actually a close replica to her own mansion. Wow, these kids are truly unique. Architectural Digest stated that the mansion is filled with designer furniture.

7 Oprah Has A Trust Set Up

via Huffington Post

Oprah is another celebrity that doesn’t have any kids of her own. Her children are her beloved dogs and she takes very good care of herself.

She does quite a bit to make sure that her dogs are provided for in every way possible. That includes a huge trust fund in the amount of $30 million.

She has four dogs altogether and the trust ensures that they will be taken care of if anything happens to her. When it comes to traveling, it’s a private plane for them as well because she spares no expense when it comes to her dogs.

6 Michael Jackson and His Chimp

Via google.ca

When Michael Jackson was still alive, he owned a chimp called Bubbles. At the time, he set up a trust fun in the amount of $2 million to make sure that the chimp was taken care of if he died. Unfortunately, Jackson became worried that the chimp’s increasing aggression would affect the children, so he was forced to relocate Bubbles to an animal sanctuary. He still lives there to this day, but he’s likely well taken care of now that he has the trust. It’s also probably the best place for a wild animal anyways instead of Neverland Ranch.

5 Society Figure Cindy Adams

via page six

When it comes to Cindy Adams, she is a legendary New York society figure and she loved her dog Jazzy a lot. She used to spoil the dog by taking him out for dinner. Adams used to take her dog everywhere including Le Cirque, which also just so happens to be the dog’s favorite restaurant. That’s apparently the only place that Jazzy would eat dinner. Unfortunately, as well as he was treated, the dog died a few years ago. Since then, Adams has become a huge animal activist.

4 Jessica Simpson Loves to Spoil Her Dog

Via Jessica Simpson Instagram

Jessica Simpson tragically lost her dog Daisy which was traumatic for the singer. Prior to the disappearance, Simpson used to treat her dog like a Queen. Daisy used to have her own Louis Vuitton bag, too. It took a while for her to get another dog, but she finally convinced her husband Eric to get a dog for their kids and we are betting that they are spoiling it just as much.

“If my daughter asks for a dog, she gets one,”

Simpson noted. “And then Eric finds a way to make the dog not end up in the house.”

3 Ella Wendel and Her Poodle

via time

Ella Wendel, in her heyday, accumulated wealth that was phenomenal in the Gilded Age. That meant that she had more than enough money to spoil her poodle, Toby, rotten. They lived in a Fifth Avenue apartment and the poodle got to sleep in a small four-poster bed perfect for her size. Every night, they dined together at a brass table that had velvet tablecloths and napkins. Talk about dining in style! Wendell had $40 million in her estate when she passed away in 1931, but none of the 2, 300 heirs in the family got any of the money. All the money was passed along to her poodle Toby.

2 Alexander McQueen and His Terriers

Via google.ca

Designer Alexander McQueen was not only talented, but he also loved his three English Bull Terriers very much. Unfortunately, in 2010, McQueen died. He ended up leaving his dogs some of his money. His dogs, Juice, Callum, and Minter each received $50,000 for their care. As an animal lover, he also wanted to leave money to his favorite charities. He left Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, and the Blue Cross Animal Welfare Charity around $165,000. He definitely loved his dogs and they probably benefited a lot by his generosity while he was alive and after.

1 Obama’s Dog Bo is living the ultimate life

You don’t get more spoiled than this, and Bo must be loving life. This dog had access to the rooms of the White House for the period of time that Barack Obama was President. He received some pretty cool exclusive access, probably more than most pets in Hollywood. Obama chose the dog when he first took the Oval Office in the White House. He also has a dog named Sunny. “Some of my fondest memories of the White House are just being with the girls on a summer night and walking the dogs around the South Lawn, talking and listening to them, trying to get Bo to move because sometimes it’s hot,” he told Essence magazine.

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