20 Female Celebs Who Think They're Much Smarter Than They Actually Are

There are many different characters in the celeb world. Some remain humble and go about their work in the right way. But the vast majority of people get suckered into that celebrity lifestyle. To us outsiders looking in, a lot of these celebs are sitting on top of some kind of pedestal. Some love nothing more than to knock them off, bring them down a peg or two. A lot of celebrities do this themselves.

Nowadays, we can’t seem to turn on the TV without hearing about some celebrity or other who’s put their foot in their mouth. They’re held in high regard by so many, so they often feel like they’ve got to weigh in with their two cents on all manner of things. Of course, being celebrities in the limelight, people are always going to find fault with what they do. But some celebs really do have themselves to blame. A lot of these celebs haven’t done their gender any favors either. It’s all about their looks, not about their skills. Some of the things these celebs come out with certainly doesn’t help that perception.

There are some celebs who are seriously smart, and what they do and say generally backs that up. But there are a whole load of celebs who act like something they’re not, who try and act smart, think they’re smart, but what they do and say only serves to highlight how untrue that is.. Actually, saying that these 20 individuals aren’t smart may be a bit harsh – they’re smart in certain aspects, in their own ways. They’re not dumb, just not as smart as they perceive themselves to be. Here are 20 female celebs who think they’re much smarter than they actually are.

20 Chrissy Teigen Always Voices Her Opinions

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Now we certainly are not saying that Chrissy Teigen shouldn’t voice her opinions. Nobody wants to silence Chrissy – not a lot of people, anyway. But the thing with Chrissy is that she weighs in on everything. The way she speaks and writes, you get the impression she’s fully serious too, which tickles a lot of people because a lot of what she comes out with just isn’t smart. Chrissy has criticized the press for making her look bad and for making her seem stupid, but a lot of that is her own doing. She thinks she’s being smart but a lot of smarter people just wouldn’t bother getting involved. Chrissy isn’t stupid, not by any means. She’s balanced different things and has enjoyed a very successful career. But when she gets involved in certain topics, certain worldly matters, it’d be best if she’d have left it to the experts. It doesn’t paint her in the best light.

19 Megan Fox Has Said Too Much

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It’s actually rather comical how the press treat celebs as authority figures on subjects that they’re not expected to know much about. Everyone hounds them, looking for their two cents on an array of different topics, just so that they can criticize them when they come up short. People have been doing this to Megan Fox pretty much her whole life, or at least ever since she first stepped into the limelight and got the reputation of being the bombshell of tinsel town. Get that label, and of course the generally perceived stereotype is that you’re chasing attention. A whole lot of people would agree that there isn't much more to her than that. Megan’s not exactly the brightest tool in the box. She doesn’t exactly come across as one of the most intelligent women around. But she certainly thinks she is. She’s said that she looks back at interviews she’s done, what she’s said, and imagines people being shocked because she doesn’t come across as your stereotypical ditzy model. Well, you’ve got a lot more people to convince, Megan.

18 Jennifer Lawrence Is Making Up For Lost Time

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Jennifer Lawrence is an actress that pretty much everyone adores. She’s beautiful, she can act, has a down-to-earth personality, and is someone a lot of people can relate to. She does her own thing and is only worried about how she can better herself.

Jennifer always wanted to become an actress. When she was a teenager and still in school, she decided to drop out to pursue acting full time. That was one of the reasons she dropped out at 14. But she’s said that another was because she just didn’t feel very smart. We think her views have certainly changed of herself as she’s gotten older. Today, she’s not just your average actor. Jen speaks out on a number of issues and writes articles on important matters, such as the gender pay gap in the industry. Due to her salty sense of humor, and somewhat confrontational writing style, it’s fair to assume that Jen thinks she’s a pretty smart cookie. We’re not arguing with that, but she must think she’s smarter than she is. All the success she’s tasted must have gotten to her head a tad.

17 Katy Perry’s Attempts To Rebuild Herself Haven’t Paid Off

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Katy Perry is someone that people either love or hate. Quite a few people love to hate her too. But no one can deny that she’s one of the most successful pop stars of her generation. She knows what works, knows what’ll get people into her music. She’s yet another star who tries to portray herself as the ditzy airhead. Her music videos are often seriously silly, because she knows that sort of thing sells. But in 2017, she tried do something a little bit different from the norm. She released her album and it proved to be a major success. But she decided to rebuild herself as a purposeful pop star and an activist. It had been coming, because over the years Katy Perry’s gotten involved in politics and has voiced her opinion on a number of important issues. Why is she branching off into a direction? She thinks she can be smart and that her voice will be heard and will make a difference. It has certainly made a difference to what people think about Katy.

16 Selena Gomez Thinks She’s Smart But Has Been Found Out

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With some celebs, all you need to do is look at a pattern of behavior to realize how smart they think they are. Some celebs think the world of themselves and get rather cocky. Selena Gomez is one of those people. Growing up as the sweet, cute innocent girl everyone knew and loved on the Disney Channel, people were hoping she wouldn’t go down that route. People were hoping she wouldn’t go wild and start doing stupid things like other child stars who then grow up to be major A-list celebs. Selena may not be wild, but certain personality traits of hers have shone through, and not very nice ones. She thinks she’s being smart with her actions and what she posts on social media. But over the years, she’s been found out, and people have come to the realization that she’s not smart at all, nor is she cute or innocent. She’s actually pretty vindictive, spiteful, is a real diva, and some may also say she’s a bully.

15 Some Of Madonna’s Statements Are Cringeworthy

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Some celebs are well educated, highly knowledgeable about worldly matters, speak eloquently, and want to use their voices to make a difference. They know they’re smart and are able to back it up. When such individuals open their mouths, everyone else realizes they’re smart too. But some think they’re smart, open their mouths, and it’s just downright cringeworthy – celebs like Madonna, for example. She’s been around for years. Even though the press is constantly hounding her for a statement on this issue and that, she should know by now that the best thing for her to do is stay quiet. She’s been ridiculed many times over the years when she’s decided to weigh in on matters, but hasn’t learned. She thinks she’s being clever with some of her statements, but ends up being jaw-dropping in her ignorance.

14 Gwyneth Paltrow Is Sincere But With No Substance

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Some stars speak out with such sincerity, they must think that they’re experts on such matters. It truly is amazing what some stars come out with. Major A-listers, who you’d think would be smart enough to keep quiet, feel the need to speak out. They think they’re being smart – their level of intelligence certainly shines through. Gwyneth Paltrow is one of these A-listers who seems to think she’s an expert, a leading authority on all kinds of worldly matters. She’s someone who thinks she’s being really smart in the process. But a lot of what she says is pretentious rubbish, and her advice, some of which is actually hilariously crazy and rather dangerous, has been disproven and rubbished by the true experts. She dishes medical advice out like she’s a doctor and has said ludicrous things, like how she thinks water has feelings. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s actually rather scary because she is being sincere.

13 January Jones Rubs Plenty Of People Up The Wrong Way

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There are some celebs who really don’t endear themselves to the fans. They say certain things and act a certain way so no matter what they do in their line of work, they’re never going to win public opinion. There are quite a few actually who are hated by the masses. But there aren’t many who are hated by those in the industry themselves, who are outcasts, social pariahs. January Jones is one of those people. She thinks she’s smart, does and says certain things that makes people think she’s a cut above the rest. Most people just call it arrogance, and simply not being very nice. That attitude isn’t going to get you far in tinsel town. Her directors and costars have basically said as much. She thinks she’s so smart and better than a lot of other actresses, and because of that, she thinks she has the right to treat people differently, as if they’re below her. She’s been the victim of many slurs, and a lot of people have similar stories to tell. They can’t all be wrong.

12 Sheryl Crow Is Testimony To The Fact That First Impressions Can Be Deceiving

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We tend to judge a lot of people just based on their looks, how they carry themselves, and their general demeanor. It’s just human nature. Celebs are judged too. A lot of them are frequently judged nine ways to Sunday. Look at Sheryl and what do you think of? A beautiful, strong and successful woman, someone who’s smart, sophisticated, and holds herself very well. That’s exactly what she wants people to think. Sure, she’s beautiful, and successful, but smart? She’s proven she thinks she’s smart, but we know differently. She comes out with what she thinks are clever comments, but in actual fact some of her statements are just mind-numbingly ridiculous. She once claimed that everyone who eats gluten frequently gets colds, which is why she keeps her kids off gluten, despite them not having gluten intolerance. That’s one of many truly ridiculous things she’s come out with, as if she’s the leading authority on these medical issues.

11 People Have Turned On Anne Hathaway For A Reason

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Anne Hathaway was once one of the world’s highest paid actresses. She was ruling the roost in tinsel town in 2015. But the once golden girl of Hollywood has slumped down the popularity scale. She hasn’t done anything drastically wrong, but even so, it’s all been her own doing. It’s just the way she comes across, especially the things she’s said in interviews. They make her seem like she thinks she’s smarter than she is. Somehow, she’s managed to alienate everyone with that attitude. They can’t all be wrong. Again, she’s smart – or thinks she is – so doesn’t do anything major; it’s just little comments, little things here and there that have made people turn off Anne. She does a lot of humble bragging, complains a lot about things she has to do in movies, and contradicts herself an awful lot. Then there are her speeches, which have rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way. One feels she does all of this on purpose, because she thinks she’s smart and gets a kick out of creating such controversy.

10 Miley Cyrus Thought Her Antics Would Work

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When people saw Miley Cyrus grow up on the Disney Channel, not many people could have envisaged what she’d become. She blossomed from that cute, innocent Disney girl to a wacky singing superstar. It was a drastic change, one that caught a lot of people by surprise and that a lot of people weren’t too happy with. Some have been able to see past her transgressions, but to others, it appears that she’s heading down a dark path. It’s as if a switch was flipped. That’s led a lot of people to believe that Miley changed on purpose. She thinks she’s being smart and that that’s what people want to see from her. Miley thinks that’s the only way to make it in the pop world. But if she thinks she’s being smart, she may want to dumb it down a bit. A lot of people think she’s gone over-the-top, and she’s gotten in plenty of hot water due to her antics over the years. Creating controversy isn’t the only way to achieve fame.

9 Emma Watson Is Smart, But It Must Have Gotten To Her Head

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Emma Watson achieved worldwide fame playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies. She will and always will be known for that role. But unlike the other cast members of that movie, she’s gone on to star in some major roles since then and has continued to blossom as an actress. She’s grown, developed, and has become one of the top actresses around.

Hermione and Emma have a lot in common. They’re both highly intelligent, some may say snotty and arrogant. Yes, no one’s disputing the fact that Emma is a very intelligent woman. She’s studied at the world-renowned Oxford University, has a strong voice, a sharp mind, and plays strong women in her movies. You can tell she’s clever just from listening to her speeches. But one can’t help but feel that it’s all going to her head. It must be. She wouldn’t be human if it didn’t affect her a tad.

8 Paris Hilton Played The Ditzy Blonde Stereotype

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A lot of people, mostly her fans, would say that Paris Hilton is a very business savvy woman. In that respect, she could be considered to be smart. She’s always had millions in the banks, has never had to worry about her finances, but has made her fortune work for her. The vast majority of people would say that she’s famous for being famous. After the socialite earned her reputation as New York’s premier “it” girl, she went on to try her hand at reality TV. The Simple Life was essentially about two simpletons, Paris Hilton and her partner in crime Nicole Richie, and their antics as they went about trying to live normal lives. The reason why we’re saying Paris thinks she’s smarter than she is traces back to her comments about how she acted dumb for the cameras. She’s said she did that on purpose and that’s not her actual character. She did it for the show to get ratings. She says she’s smarter and doesn’t play to that stereotype. We can appreciate that, but being who she is, she’s probably got an elevated opinion of herself. She’s not like the character she portrayed in her reality TV series, but she’s definitely not as smart as she thinks she is either.

7 Alicia Silverstone Released What She Thought Was A Literary Masterpiece

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Nowadays it seems as if everyone’s a published author, everyone in the celeb world anyway. Celebs taste the tiniest bit of fame, and then suddenly they’ve released an autobiography. They may like to spend some time in the kitchen, may cook the odd dish or two, and then before you know it they’ve released their very own cookbook. Some celebs must do this just to take advantage of their level of same, sell some copies and get some extra dosh. But where Alicia Silverstone is concerned, when she released her parenting book, she did so because she considers herself to be really smart. It didn’t long for that to come across. She thinks she’s super smart, but she’s certainly not the world’s first faultless parent. Her book proved that not everybody should be allowed to become a published author. Some of the statements she made are just ridiculous, such as her claim that using tampons can lead to infertility. The opposite has been proven to be true. She has said numerous other silly things.

6 Nicki Minaj Is Controversial To The Core

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You get the impression that some celebs think they’re being smart by stirring up controversy. Some celebs think that’s the way to go to get themselves out there, rather than letting their singing or acting do the talking. Sure, Nicki Minaj is a rapper, controversy seems to follow rappers around. It’s part of what they do and part of the whole persona of a rapper. But her outspoken nature has led many people to believe that she thinks she’s way too big for her boots. Her actions have riled a lot of people up the wrong way too. For example, in 2012, she must have thought she was being smart, trying to be clever bringing a fake Pope to the Grammys. But then she decided to perform an exorcism. Understandably that angered a whole lot of people. That’s just one example. We could go on and on. She thinks she’s being smart by being controversial. The only effect some of her antics have had is alienating a whole bunch of people.

5 Iggy Azalea Is The World’s Most Hated Rap Star

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At the age of 27, Australian born Iggy Azalea has already become the world’s most hated rap star. In her relatively short career she’s managed to create quite a rep for herself. A lot of this has been down to the things she’s done and says. She’s another rap star who wants to fight the world. Iggy’s another one who probably thinks being controversial is being smart. She feels she has to do so because she’s in the rap game. Either that or she’s just not a very nice person. Iggy’s been caught saying racist and homophobic things. That’s by far  the worst she’s done. But another thing is that she has a lot of beef with others in the industry. Older, wiser individuals who critique her performances receive a barrage of abuse from Iggy. She really doesn’t handle any form of criticism well. She thinks she’s better than everyone else, and she’s certainly not.

4 Kourtney Kardashian: Old Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Gold

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Now, we could have added many members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan to this list. We’ve gone with a couple. Out of the Kardashian girls, we have gone with the oldest sister, Kourtney. We’ve seen the family basically grow up on our TV screens over the years, and we therefore know a whole lot about their personalities. Although they get a lot of criticism, get accused of being famous for being famous, we have to give credit where credit’s due because they’re each business-savvy women in their own right. Kourtney’s included in that list. But she lets herself down when it comes to other things. Because she’s the eldest of the bunch, we get the impression that she thinks she’s smarter than everyone else. She has this mature, yet silly persona; a lot of people find it endearing, others can’t stand her because of it. Kourtney thinks she’s smart and wants to give her two cents on pretty much everything. She may be the eldest, but she isn’t as wise as she thinks.

3 Sharon Osbourne Is Strong But Not Smart

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Sharon Osbourne has had a really rocky career. She’s had plenty of ups and down – an awful lot of downs – but she’s remained strong. Kudos to her for that. She’s a music manager, a promoter, businesswoman, media personality, and we could just go on and on. She holds positions of authority, and one feels that over the years, her status and level of fame has gotten to her head. She thinks she’s smart, and she is in some ways. But she’s certainly not as smart as she thinks she is. If she was, she wouldn’t have done a whole lot of things throughout her career. Firstly, a lot of people don’t think she’s very smart for staying with Ozzy. If a lot of women’s husbands cheated on them six times, they’d run a mile. But she’s also done other things like criticizing celebrities, having beef with the likes of Kim Kardashian. There are certain things we’ve learned that just make us want to hold our heads in our hands in utter despair, an example being she’s never owned a microwave because she thinks they cause diseases. That just about says it all.

2 Jessica Simpson Isn’t Fooling Anybody

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Here’s a bit of an interesting one. Jessica Simpson adopted that whole dumb blonde persona in the early 2000s. One feels she did so on purpose. If she did, she must have felt like that was the way to go. It’s like Paris Hilton did in The Simple Life – they thought that’s what people wanted to see. But Jessica wasn’t making the right decision by adopting that persona. That’s because it’s stuck with her and she hasn’t been able to shake it off. Either that or she just really isn’t smart; maybe the ditzy blonde persona is actually her real-life character. There are a number of things that have caused people to have their mouths agape in bewilderment. She thinks chicken and tuna are the same thing, only brushes her teeth a few times a week, and once upon a time she was shooting a movie and didn’t even know it. All of this is great for media exposure, but doesn’t make Jessica look like the smart cookie she thinks she is.

1 Caitlyn Jenner’s Character Has Been Exposed

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Caitlyn Jenner has led one heck of a life. As Bruce, she was an Olympic hero, one of the greatest, most revered athletes America’s ever seen. Then came the second stage of her career as a spokesperson, motivational speaker, and of course, TV personality. She’s into the third stage at the moment, having transitioned into a woman. We know a whole lot about Caitlyn due to her time in reality TV. A lot of people felt sorry for her, and then on the flip side, there are plenty of people who couldn’t stand her. Being a motivational speaker and having done all she’s done, Caitlyn is of course pretty smart, or she thinks she is. Being the man of the house, as she was at the time, she thought she knew everything about everything, and was often put in her place by the strong women in the household. Since transitioning, Caitlyn thinks she’s been smart about how she’s gone about things. But she’s just ended up hurting a lot of people. Sure, she’s done plenty for the trans community, no one’s disputing that. But she’s also dished plenty of dirt on her family, has burned them in the process. If she was as smart as she thinks she is, she wouldn’t feel the need to do that.

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