20 Female Celebs Who Only Date Men Who Meet Strict Requirements

All girls have very specific ideas about what kind of men they want, and celebrities are no different. Because these famous females are often some of the most desired and sought after women in the entire world, you can imagine that they get a lot of propositions from guys – both normal dudes and other celebrities. But don't expect to get a date with these lovely ladies just because you're famous. These women have some very strict rules about dating, and they're not just going fall for the first guy who smiles at them.

Of course, not every celebrity female is the same, either. They all have different ideas about how guys should act in a relationship. Some like confident, dominant men who take charge. Others fall in love with those shy, nerdy types. Some value personality, others admit to being attracted to certain physical features... All of this just reveals how normal celebrity women are. They're not these goddesses that will reject every guy who isn't on their level of fame. They're looking for things that are beyond money and power, which is pretty encouraging to all us normal dudes! Enough talk – let's hear about some of the strictest dating rules these female celebs have!

20 Jennifer Lawrence Doesn't Want A Dominant Guy

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Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most popular actresses alive today, and she's also one of the most successful. This A-lister is definitely one of the most eligible bachelorettes, but as it turns out, she has some pretty strict rules when it comes to dating.

People quoted Jennifer Lawrence as admitting, “No one ever asks me out. I am lonely every Saturday night. Guys are so mean to me. I know where it’s coming from, I know they’re trying to establish dominance, but it hurts my feelings. I’m just a girl who wants you to be nice to me.”

Who knew she was so picky?

19 Constance Jablonski Is Very Picky


Constance Jablonski gets an honorable mention in this article, and she's one of the most well-known models alive today. She's a picture perfect example of why French women have such a well-known reputation for beautiful, and she's definitely taking the modeling industry by storm. But when it comes to dating, Constance Jablonski is definitely not someone who accepts just any guy who asks her out on a date...

Allure once quoted Constance Jablonski as saying: "I don't accept dates with just any kind of guy. I'm very picky. I'm French."

And judging by her Instagram page, we're guessing that a lot of guys ask her out every day.

18 Taylor Swift Wants A Man Who Takes Control

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Taylor Swift is a celebrity that needs no introduction, and it goes without saying that both men and women seem to love her. Her music career has been incredibly successful, and she now has a major foothold on the industry. But what does she demand from her male suitors?

Taylor Swift was quoted by Daily Mail as saying: "It needs to be equal. If I feel too much like I’m wearing the pants, I start to feel uncomfortable and then we break up. Relationships are the ultimate collaboration but It’s wonderful to hand over the reins to your boyfriend when you control so much of these big, high-pressure decisions, you know? That is a huge defining factor in who you choose to be with."

17 Kendall Jenner Wants A Guy With A Sense Of Humor


Kendall Jenner is another name that everyone has heard before, and we all know the family that she comes from. But nowadays, Kendall Jenner is definitely making a name for herself in the best possible way, carving a real stake in the fashion industry. She's undeniably beautiful, but as it turns out, she has some strict rules for her partners.

Just Jared quoted Kendall Jenner as saying: “A good sense of humor. Especially in my industry, any guy that takes himself too seriously is not for me. We have to be able to laugh together. I don’t really care what a guy is wearing as long as he knows how to put it together. It’s so attractive when a guy knows how to dress himself.”

16 Selena Gomez Wants Someone Who Is Low-Key

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Selena Gomez is a massive name in the world of music, and she's definitely someone who we love to talk about. She's had quite a few romances in her life, but you just get the sense that she's still waiting to meet that special someone. Well, according to her, she has quite a few rules for guys when they date her.

Selena Gomez was quoted by J-14 as saying: "The guys that do have the confidence to hit on me are not necessarily my type, but they think they are because I’m a pop star, I sing songs, do movies, I like to feel [...] confident on stage. I’d be so stoked with a writer or producer or actor who is low-key, but those kind of guys are terrified of me!"

15 Ariana Grande Likes Guys With Tattoos

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Ariana Grande is another huge musical talent who has become massively popular and successful in the industry, and she's also one of the names that we hear again and again in the headlines. Her romances aren't as well-publicized as some of the other pop stars, but she's just ended a romance and started a new one. If you've ever wondered what Ariana Grande looks for in a guy, she's already shared some interesting information on the subject...

Ariana Grande was quoted by Tiger Beat as stating that in order to date her, a guy must have “lots of tattoos! I do love guys with tattoos. I love a bad boy."

14 Margot Robbie Loves Guys With Ponytails And Beards

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Margot Robbie is undeniably one of the biggest names in acting these days, and she's seen an incredible rise to fame over the last few years. Making a name for herself in movies like Suicide Squad and Wolf of Wall Street, she is now truly a household name in Hollywood. And she's also the object of desire for many guys, both celebrities and normal dudes. But according to her, you have to have certain qualities if you want to date her...

Margot Robbie was quoted by Female First as admitting, "I kind of like ponytails, beards, maybe a tattoo. My massive obsession – I'm really targeting a niche market here – a harelip."

13 Emily Ratajkoswki Wants An Intelligent Guy


Emily Ratajkowski has come a long way from being an incredibly popular Instagram model to a genuine celebrity and star. She's one of those models that really just blows you away, leaving you completely speechless. We're sure many of our male readers feel the same way, and some might even have dreams of dating her. But you might want to keep in mind what she's said about dating...

Emily Ratajkowski was quoted by Elle as saying: "I don't know if it is something that I look for, but it's definitely something that I like to enjoy with someone. I really like people who are creative in some way too. I have noticed that in my dating history, I tend to get along with people who like to make things or are creatively inclined."

12 Vanessa Hudgens Wants An Equal Mix Of Both Looks And Personality


Vanessa Hudgens is another name that needs no introduction, and this star has been a huge name ever since the days of High School Musical. She's evolved a lot as an artist since then, and she's also done a lot of growing up. She's now no stranger to romance, and she has some interesting rules when it comes to dating:

When asked if she valued looks or personality, Vanessa Hudgens was quoted by E! News as saying, "It's a little bit of both. Somebody could be extremely good-looking, but if they don't have a personality to match, it doesn't matter. It truly is what's on the inside."

11 Jessica Alba Goes For The Shy, Nerdy Guys


Jessica Alba ranks up there as one of the most attractive women ever to get in front of a camera, and it's a shame we don't see too much of her anymore. But when she was the most talked about celebrity, she explained some of the things she looks for in a guy.

Daily Mail quoted Jessica Alba as saying: "I definitely go for the shy, nerdy type of guy. I'm pretty wary of really good-looking guys – and as an actress you work with so many gorgeous men you become completely immune. Deep down, it's probably because they were always the ones who ignored me when I was younger."

10 Scarlett Johansson Only Wants Confident Men


Scarlett Johansson is often described as the most beautiful woman in the world, and it's hard to argue with that assessment. Of course, she's also incredibly talented, and you might be surprised at some of the things she's said about dating, and the rules she has for her boyfriends.

Glamour quoted Scarlett Johansson as saying: "One thing I look for that isn't physical is a healthy confidence. If somebody is confident in a way that you admire – being strong and funny – that can make someone you might not initially be attracted to more attractive."

Maybe it really is true what they say – confidence is everything!

9 Olivia Munn Refuses To Date "Egomaniacs"


Olivia Munn is another hugely popular actress, model and cosplayer who pretty much everyone has a crush on. She's played superheroes in X-Men movies, and tons of people loved seeing her as Psylocke. But if you want to date her, you might want to listen to her "rules."

E! News quoted Olivia Munn as saying: "I'm looking for somebody that's not an egomaniac. Somebody who's secure but is secure enough to admit their own insecurities... who allows me to be funny without having to one-up me all the time. Somebody that's loyal and honest and trustworthy and that you feel protected with."

8 Natalie Portman's Ideal Relationship Is Basically A Friend With Something More 

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Natalie Portman might just be one of the most talented women in the film industry. She's been at it for quite some time, acting since a young age as a child actress. Nowadays, she extremely wise and mature, and she's learned a lot about dating. You might be surprised at what she has to say about dating...

People quoted Natalie Portman as saying: “I look for all the same things I would in a friend. Obviously, you need the [physical] attraction too, so it’s like your best friend who you are also really attracted to.”

Maybe she's right – friends with a little something more might just be the way to go!

7 Nina Dobrev Doesn't Want Guys Who Are Too Vain


Nina Dobrev is another rising star in Hollywood, although to be honest, this star has pretty much already made it to the very top. She starred in some incredible shows and projects so far in her life, most notably the hit series Vampire Diaries. There's no doubt that her beauty helped her get to where she is today. But she has some strict rules for guys that want to date her...

The Celebrity Cafe quoted Nina Dobrev as saying: “I like it when guys hold the door open and are sweet and thoughtful. If a guy spends more time looking in the mirror than I do, that's problem!”

6 Ana Kendrick Wants A Dorky, Sweet Guy

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Ana Kendrick is another huge name that really needs no introduction, and she's been involved in some massive projects over the course of her career. She is known for her work on the Twilight series, as well as acting in movies such as Pitch Perfect. This actress has tons of fans, and people really love her quirky personality. This extends to both men and women, but Anna herself has some strict rules for guys who might want a relationship...

Anna Kendrick was once quoted by Access Online as saying: “I kind of like, just a sweet guy. Just a kind of dorky, sweet guy. In the best way.”

5 Emilia Clarke Only Wants A Guy Who Is Super Smart


Emilia Clarke is probably one of the most popular actresses today, and the show Game of Thrones definitely helped her get to the very top of the industry. Emilia is also one of the most desired women in the world, and more than a few guys out there have probably wondered what it would be like to date her. But according to the star herself, she has some very specific ideas about dating.

When asked about her ideal man, Glamour quoted Emilia Clarke as saying: "Genuinely, my ideal man is someone who, I know every woman says this but I mean this from the bottom of my heart, someone whose brain is as big as their funny bone. Someone who is super smart, can make me laugh, has, like, a dad bod. I don't need no six-pack. Like, I ain't kicking it out of bed for sure, but every character I've been with has been too perfect."

4 Rihanna Only Wants Guys Who Are Cultured

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Rihanna is obviously a massive influence on today's music industry, and she's been proving her talent since day one. The pop star does everything right, and it seems like she has this bottomless well of confidence within her from which to draw on. Guys love her, but what does she say about the rules she has for dating?

Obsev quoted Rihanna as saying: “I’m [into] guys who are cultured. That’ll keep me intrigued. They don’t have to have a single degree, but they should speak other languages or know things about other parts of the world or history or certain artists or musicians. I like to be taught.”

3 Emma Watson Wants A Guy With Manners


Emma Watson is one of those actresses who need no introduction, and we all remember growing up with her as she played the iconic role of Hermione in the Harry Potter series. But now that she's grown up, she's entered the world of dating, and she already has some strict rules planned out...

Hollywood Life quoted Emma Watson as saying, “You won’t believe me but it’s really very much to do with their personalities. If someone’s nice to look at, it gets boring after about 10 minutes. Kindness, good manners, intelligence, confidence… and someone who can make me laugh. Manners are important. The way I was brought up, my dad is very strict and very focused on that, so if I see anyone be rude to anyone else, it’s an immediate turnoff. I can’t bear it… I think being polite is quite key for me. Being kind and being aware of people around you is definitely a big one.”

2 Hannah Davis Wants A Guy Who Brings Out The Best In Her


Another model who we're sure gets a lot of male attention is Hannah Davis. This model has posed for publications such as Sports Illustrated and many others. She's well known in the modeling and fashion industry, and she's also someone who often finds herself in the headlines. But what kind of rules does she have for guys who want to date her?

Health quoted Hannah Davis as saying: “I think finding someone you truly don’t have to change for — not even a single part of you — makes you rise to the occasion. You want to find someone who is way better than you, or you think so. You’re like, 'This person is gonna bring out the best in me, and I’m gonna be a way better person this year.'”

1 Ashley Benson Only Wants Guys Who Make Her Laugh

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Ashley Benson is another model who is incredibly good looking, but this one has managed to make the leap over into television, working as an actor. You might recognize her from shows like Pretty Little Liars, in which she plays a pretty major part. A girl like her gets a lot of attention, especially now that she's trying her hand in acting. But what kind of rules does she have for guys that want to date her?

Ashley Benson was quoted by Health as saying: “He has to make me laugh, 100 percent. Be respectful. Personality is key. Likes to travel, and…I don’t really like guys who work out.”

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