20 Features In Oprah's Home Her (Poor) Younger Self Could Not Afford

She is a self-made person that took full advantage of every opportunity that her tenacity and intelligence were able to earn for her.

One of the most respected figures in all of the entertainment world, Oprah Winfrey was not born into a family of great wealth by any measure. As such, she is a totally self-made person that took full advantage of every opportunity that her tenacity and intelligence were able to earn for her. Most famous as a television host, she did not rest on those laurels. Instead, she created a business empire that a lot of people could only dream of controlling by selling high-quality products to the millions of fans who wisely had grown to trust her taste. Not at all shy about using her money to enjoy the high life while also giving back to the less fortunate in a big way, she owns a long list of homes that have incredible features in them. Realizing this is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty amazing things about Oprah Winfrey’s homes you’ll totally be blown away by.

In order for something to be for consideration for possible inclusion on this list, it first and foremost must have been owned by Oprah Winfrey at some point. Next, it needs to be linked to one of her many homes or, in some cases, be the property itself. On top of that, it must be something that is impressive enough that regular folks would only be able to dream about having the same thing in their life. As such, you won’t be finding an everyday kitchen item or piece of furniture included here. With all of that in mind, let’s get to the list.

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20 Incognito Home Theater


There is one that most of us know to be true about living in a home—you end up spending a huge amount of your time in the room where your TV of choice is. Whether you opt to watch shows, movies, sports or play video games, the end result is the same—you plop yourself down and chill out in a (hopefully) comfortable and inviting space. Of course, we’re sure the same often holds true for Oprah, especially since she has a whole network of things she likes. So, we’re not surprised that her media room is extraordinary. When it comes to her Telluride home,

she has an impressive incognito home theater that has a screen that drops down on the one side of the room and a projector on the other.

The cool thing, if you ask us, is that you can’t see the projector until she chooses to, as it is obscured by a rock that moves out of the way for your viewing pleasure. Seems like something out of a spy movie, if you ask me.

19 Water Tower Condo


No longer a part of Oprah’s holdings as she sold off this condo in 2015, we’re still including this living space here in a single entry because it is a great example of the lifestyle she leads. A part of the building known as Water Tower Place that is situated in a city that was hugely influential in her life (Chicago, of course), this isn’t your average apartment you or I would get to live in. Much larger as

it contained more than nine-and-a-half thousand square feet between its walls, she put it together by buying four units and then combining them all.

Sold for an astonishing four million and six hundred thousand dollars, she managed to make a small amount of profit off of the transaction. Well, not like she needed to add to her already massive fortune.

18 Equestrian Estate Seamair Farm

via Variety

Somebody who is known for her love of nature and having a desire to get back to the simpler things in life, from what we can tell, Oprah doesn’t allow the hustle of modern life to get to her. One way in which she seems to go about this is by relaxing in the gorgeous locales she owns and visits, which allows her to respect the natural beauty of this planet. Also someone who appears to appreciate wildlife,

in 2016, she bought a property known as Seamair Farm in California where she already spent a great deal of her time.

An equestrian estate that houses several horses she owns, the publicly available photos of her farm are absolutely gorgeous, and the property also features a home of its own.

17 Insanely Beautiful Views


Someone who owns a seemingly endless array of properties in various areas of the world, when it comes to this entry, we’re looking at her house in the Telluride Mountains, specifically. A home that is really cool, it has a classic look to it but also features an impressive amount of modern amenities, and one of its standout elements is far from fancy but incredible nonetheless.

Featuring a glassed-in observation tower on the one side of the building, it allows its owner to sit back and take in the sights without having to worry about current weather trends.

Providing a view of the forested area that surrounds her home and the massive mountains in the distance behind the trees, we can only imagine watching a sunset from there.

16 Oceanfront Hawaiian Home

via Business Insider

One of the most sought-after vacation destinations in the entirety of North America, Hawaii is such an alluring place to visit that millions of people travel there each and every year. Quite expensive as a result, when renting out a hotel room, you can expect to plunk down a great deal of cash. But when you’re Oprah, that is far from a concern. In this case, that is due to the oceanfront home that she bought there and visits frequently. Convinced to invest in the area by her personal trainer Bob Greene, he saw it as the perfect spot and didn’t want to see its natural grandeur developed and stripped away. Since then changing much of the house to a hefty price tag, she employed people to alter the floor plan, raise ceilings, and added a veranda around the whole thing.

15 Hot Tub Room With Glass Walls That Open


Heading back to Oprah’s home in the Telluride Mountains, this time around, we’re looking at another area of the building that she uses as a spot to take it easy and enjoy nature at the same time. Someone who appears to enjoy chilling out in the water,

she has one of the largest indoor hot tubs we’ve ever heard of, let alone seen in person.

Said to be big enough to hold seven people, judging by photographs of it, that seems like a rather timid estimation. Still, the size of the tub impresses us a great deal less than the fact that it’s housed in a room with glass walls that almost entirely open up. Allowing Oprah and her guest to take in the sounds, sights, and smells of the forest as a result, it seems simply lovely.

14 Ten Fireplaces In A Single Home


Several entries into this list already, as of yet, we haven’t touched on the most important house in Oprah’s portfolio—the mansion she affectionately calls The Promised Land. Named after a line in the final speech Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave the day before his life was taken from him, he would have been overjoyed to see someone like her find so much love from the masses. A massive property and home that features some truly incredible features, we will be touching on some of those later on this list, but here we’re looking at something a little simpler. You may live in a home with a fireplace today and know how fantastic it can be to warm up in front of one. That said, none of us would likely imagine owning a mansion big enough to contain ten of them.

13 Private Library

via Curbed

Someone who will always be best known for her longstanding gig as the host of The Oprah Winfrey Show, this legend spent far too many hours talking to her audience from their TVs to count. A truly impressive feat as she entertained and informed millions of people over many hours, we still think it would be quite unfortunate if her other contributions to society were forgotten. For instance, she has inspired many people to pick up books and spend part of their lives appreciating the literary world, something that sadly seems to be on the decline. Of course, she did this because she loves to read herself,

which is why her homes possessing private and quite large libraries

makes all the sense in the world.

12 21,345-Square-Foot Italian-Style Mansion


Back again to Oprah’s most impressive real estate holding, The Promised Land, this time around, we’re looking at the over-sized nature of her massive Montecito, California mansion.

Situated on a 9-acre estate, which was made even larger when she bought the nearby equestrian estate we already looked at on this list,

that allows it to house her mansion. Simply mammoth in size, her home is said to contain more than twenty-one thousand square feet within its walls. Large enough that we’re blown away to think about how many people could comfortably live there, we’d have guessed there are areas of her mansion that she doesn’t even use. However, that seems unlikely since we know she wanted to make sure it was that big. We say that because she put an addition onto it, which is part of the reason why it is so big.

11 A Private Tennis Court


Another reason why we’ve concluded that Oprah enjoys spending time outside of her many homes, when it comes to The Promised Land, some of its coolest features aren’t contained indoors. For instance, if she decides she wants to have some fun in the sun while also getting a little bit of a sweat on, she can play tennis at a moment’s notice without worrying about strangers bugging her. We say that because

as long as she has a playing partner present she can make her way to the private tennis court that is situated in a part of her Montecito estate.

We have to say, there is something about imagining Oprah and the likes of Dr. Phil or Gayle hitting a tennis ball back and forth that makes us smile and wonder how competitive they may be.

10 Bedroom With An Ocean View

via the home issue

Earlier on this list, we looked at the Hawaiian home that Oprah owns, and while we offhandedly mentioned that that is an oceanfront property, we didn’t go into that very much. If you were left wondering why that was the case, we could totally understand that but this entry is the reason why we opted to leave that alone at the time. Something that seems like it is straight out of a film fantasy sequence,

when Oprah stays in that home, she wakes up to a view of the Pacific Ocean that is beyond compare in its beauty.

Something she paid a pretty penny for, when she bought the house, the master bedroom did not look out on the water but she had her house rebuilt to make this exceptional morning view possible.

9 Tree-Top Deck


Speaking of aspects of a home that give the owner the opportunity to enjoy incredible vantage points of mother nature, Oprah’s Telluride home has them in spades. For instance, earlier on this list, we looked at the glassed-in observation tower it possesses, but whoever designed the house decided not to quit there and actually outdid themselves. In fact, as long as the weather holds out, we think her tree-top deck is the superior place to go if you want to enjoy the night view at the very least.

Situated at the end of a walkway attached to the home, making your way to it was made more exciting because it is rigged to sway a little bit as you walk to the seating area.

On top of that, the deck itself also features a black lava rock adorned fire pit to keep people warm as well.

8 Glass Bridge That Changes Colors

via Alfa

Yet again a look at the fact that even practical pieces of Oprah’s homes aren’t boring or typical, the bridge inside her Telluride home may not sway but it is awesome nonetheless. The walkway you take if you want to go in-between her master bedroom and home office, people that are particularly afraid of heights may have their heart rate speed up while making their way.

That is because they will be walking on glass that allows them to see the ground floor beneath them, which may be freaky for the especially height-sensitive.

However, they may be put a little bit at ease because of the parts of the bridge that are not entirely see-through and regularly change colors in a fashion that seems relaxing in our imagination.

7 Bathtub That Keeps Water Warm


A mainstay of many homes that are owned by the incredibly wealthy, when looking at the properties of the rich and famous, typically, their pools tends to stand out. A property that lacks one, we already touched on the impressive hot tub set up at Oprah’s Telluride home features, but we think that a much smaller tub is actually a lot more interesting. This time around looking at the bathtub her master bathroom includes,

we like the look of it since it seems like it was crafted out of something natural and also comes across as polished.

That said, we think it is much more rad that it has a feature that allows it to keep the water within it warm. After all, taking a leisurely bath that is ruined by the constant need to drain cold water and replace it in order to stay warm is always disappointing.

6 Mine Shaft Style Massive Cellar


Without a doubt one of the telltale signs of a home that is expensive beyond belief, having a room that is a dedicated wine cellar is something you usually find in houses almost all of us can’t afford. That said, this is Oprah we’re talking about so one of her homes has one that takes things up a notch in a fascinating way we’ve never heard of before.

Made up to look like a mine shaft of old, its walls look like they were dug out of rock and gravel is seen on the ground,

but those are the more pedestrian aspects of its design. Instead, we are far more blown away by the antique steel ore mine cart that takes up space in part of it and is pretty neat, even though it serves absolutely no practical purpose.

5 Irrigation System For Inside Plants


If you are anything like us, then you’ve probably found yourself going through the same mental gymnastics over and over again in your life. At a store doing some shopping for your home, you see a potted plant that you think will really bring a room together which, on the face of things, makes it an easy purchase. However, you remember the last time you brought a plant into your home and how bad you did watering it, which led to its far too early demise or giving it away to someone that will do better. Of course, this not a concern that Oprah has to address as we’re sure she has people that can take care of that for her, but even if that weren’t the case, one of her homes eliminates that need.

Built with an irrigation system inside of it that automatically waters her plants for her,

we can’t even afford the outdoor version of that.

4 Man-Made Lake Stocked With Fish

via Donna Nanopress

Something that we’re sure is a problem that many people who like to fish deal with on a regular basis, if you love to spend time with a rod in the water but don’t live near any, that would probably suck. Well, if they lived in Oprah’s Montecito home, that would never be a concern again because of a man-made lake that is a part of her estate. Fully stocked with fish according to reports, we’re far from certain that she uses it to go fishing or would be okay with anyone else doing so, but the option is definitely there. Either way, no matter what she uses her lake for, the fact that she has enough money to afford to bring the water to her instead of going to it is pretty outrageous, to say the least, in our view.

3 Loads Of Hawaiian Property And Homes


Something that some people may be surprised to see so high on our list, this time around, we’re not looking at a flashy element of a home that Oprah owns. Instead, we’re looking at the insane amount of buying power she has and proof positive of the fact that she is not shy in the slightest about putting it to use. If you’ve read up to this point, then you already know about the Hawaiian home that Oprah owns and enjoys, but you probably are unaware of that being far from her only piece of land on the island. In fact, according to public records that were available in 2012,

she purchased thirty-one different parcels over a space that is barely less than eight hundred acres in size.

In the intertwining years, we could easily imagine that she expanded her holdings in the area, and we have no idea if she has any grandiose plans. But no matter what, this is still astounding.

2 Private Teahouse

via Elegant Residences

A building that looks like it should be charging for admission and if it did, so could be a thriving business, here we see an image of the “teahouse” that Oprah owns and enjoys. Said to be

“surrounded by hundreds of rosebushes, thousands of hydrangeas, and a sea of dahlias,”

no expense was spared in making the walk to it gorgeous. That is to say nothing about its idyllic insides that Oprah is said to use in order to relax, enjoy a cup of tea, read, meditate, and even listen to music at the touch of a button. That said, she takes its environment very seriously, which means that she has a hard rule that she is totally unwilling to do any kind of business within its walls. After all, she doesn’t want to be reminded of a stressful negotiation while spending time inside of such a tranquil space.

1 Tram That Takes Her To The Slopes


Sometimes, you just have to sit back and say wow at the kind of things that being as filthy rich as someone like Oprah allows you to experience. Throughout this list, we’ve touched on how magnificent her home in the Telluride Mountains is and in doing so, have featured several photos of it. That said, those that are familiar with the area may have been interested to note that all of the images lacked any kind of snow on the ground when the area is known for skiing and snowboarding. Well, Oprah is set up to take advantage of that time of year as well

as she can easily travel to the slopes whenever she feels like it without getting in a car.

That is because there is a built-in “old-timey tram” that she and her guests can enter and pull a lever in order to travel to the mountains in a fun and unique way.

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