19Her Family Owns A Huge Amount Of Land In Zimbabwe

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Chelsy Davy's father, Charles Davy, is a Zimbabwean safari farmer and a millionaire who is said to own about 800,000 acres of land in the African country. Chelsy's father made his first fortunes from land and cattle, and in the early 2000's, he gained publicity with his company, HHK Safaris,

the country's largest hunting and safari concession. There was plenty of controversy with Charles after he maintained business ties with controversial politician, Webster Shamu, however, he cut ties with him and sold whatever shares he had in the business.

According to She Knows, Prince Harry and Prince William's projects actually counter Davy's father's big game hunting business. "Prince William and Prince Harry have both thrown their time and energy behind conservation in Africa, including curbing big game hunting. Harry spent the summer in Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Botswana working to protect rhinos and elephants from poachers. Along with Will and Kate, he started the United For Wildlife organization, whose mission is to curb the illegal wildlife trade." We feel like things might have been a bit awkward for Prince Harry when he met Chelsy's father.

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