20 Dubai Rich Kids Who Think They Are Humble (But Aren't Really)

The rich kids of Dubai may think they are being humble, posting snapshots into their glamorous lives, but the reality behind the pictures points to a much different motivating factor.

With all the cash at their disposal that they might possibly want, there is only one reason for posting pictures of their million-dollar shoe collections, lavish days spent traveling and the latest string of jewelry that they have acquired. What’s that? To show off of course.

When the latest Louboutins, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Chanels, Louis Vuittons, Guccis, Manolo Blahnik, and all the other most expensive brands become too commonplace, they turn instead to custom gold-plated cars, iPhones and everything else that can be turned to gold. Money is no issue after all.

According to Gulf News "for the first time broken into the world’s top 20 list of countries with the highest concentration of ultra-rich residents, with the country’s billionaire population rising by more than 30 per cent."

As such, there are even more rich kids in Dubai now and with all the pictures that they post of their crazy lifestyles, it’s hard not to wonder how they even find time to go to school in-between all the partying and shopping.

20 Just Some Light Shopping

Via: Elanthemag

With the biggest shopping mall in the world being in Dubai, it’s not that surprising to see countless pics of the Rich Kids of Dubai walking out with numerous bags from designer stores such as Luis Vuitton, Chanel, Ralph Lauren and many others. According to the Dubai Mall’s official website, there are over 1,200 stores spread out over 5.9 million square feet! Naturally for the unlimited spenders, assistants are needed to help carry the bags, especially if the shopping is done in not-so-comfortable high heels. Wouldn’t it be easier to just shop online?

This Dubai rich kid undoubtedly thought that she was just being modest taking a casual picture, but the many bags held up by the porter points to a much darker desire to show off her expensive lifestyle.

19 A Walking Advertisement

Via: YouTube

Not too long ago, one of Dubai’s richest and most famous kids made headlines for a very interesting reason. Not too long ago, the Daily Mail reported that 15-year-old Rashid Belhasa had been given a £200,000 Ferrari wrapped in Louis Vuitton print. In US currency, that equates to about $285,000 currently.

Turns out that it was actually a combination of a Louis Vuitton and Supreme print, but this gift particularly stands out because Belhasa wouldn’t have actually been able to drive the car yet. The legal driving age in Dubai is 18. At the time, the Dubai rich kid had posted a video of himself showing off the car, saying: “It’s all about the detail.” He may think that he is humble by not overtly saying that he’s better than those with less money than his daddy, but this is still a clear case of a rich kid showing off.

In reference to Lionel Messi, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan being family friends, he reportedly told EconomicTimes.com: "They all want to spend time on our family farm and see our tigers. Sometimes I have to say no. I don’t have the time and it is tiring.”

18 Good Morning Peasants

Via: Instagram

Although he is 35 years old, the Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is still considered a Dubai Rich Kid by most. The unmarried prince, commonly known as Fazza, is also seen by many as the King of Instagram with 6.2 million followers. According to Business Insider, “Skydiving, horseback riding, cycling, ziplining, and diving are just a few pastimes he excels in. If that's not enough, he is also a talented photographer, world traveller, and published poet.”

With most of his picture consisting of his travels as well as of his nephews and nieces, there are still a couple of his pics that stand out. He may think that he is merely posting regular selfies, but let’s get real here: how many of us actually have a professional photographer following us around, taking pictures of us as we snap selfies of each other?

17 Trained From A Young Age

Via: Imperiya.by

In the realm of rich kids all over the world, but especially in Dubai, everything designed for adults is minified into a kids’ toy. Granted, us average citizen have our own versions of cheaper ride ons, but since billionaire parents spare no expense, the gifts that they get are all along the lines of being some of the best and most expensive that anyone can get their hands on. The rarer the better! From a young age, they are trained to buy, buy, buy.

And when they grow up, it’s even worse. After selling his custom wrapped Supreme Louis Vuitton Ferrari that he couldn’t even drive yet, Rashed Belhasa, also now known as Money Kicks, moved onto bigger and better things. The billionaire boy just can’t stop the cycle of purchasing expensive items and showing them off. According to The Sun, his shoe collection is now actually worth over $1 million!

16 May Need Backup

Via: Instagram

Judging by the “Rich Kids of Dubai” Instagram, all they do is frolick around, spending mommy’s and daddy’s fortune, walking exotic pets and partying all day. Does anyone even go to school? Talking to Friday Magazine, one private tutor to the rich talked about the struggles of working around the schedule of rich kids “when a child might be spending two months in Dubai and then two months on a yacht.”

She answered: “It’s dependant on what they are studying. A lot of my students will be going to UK or US schools, so it’s very strategic. Whatever it is that they need to be learning, I have to know what the goalposts are.

The freedom that these rich kids have really stands out. By the looks of it, their parents would much rather have them learn by traveling the world than sitting in a classroom for hours on end. Fair enough, but just where exactly is this rich kid headed if he needs tough back-up in the form of those scary-looking security agents?

15 Gold Is No Big Deal

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Gold is the number one preferred “color” by the Dubai rich kids. If you can get anything you own gold-plated or entirely in gold (even better), then you have officially outdone your friends. With how commonplace gold is though, it’s actually turning into being not such a big deal anymore. According to The Telegraph, Gold to Go ATM machines allow anyone to simply walk up to any of these machine in any Dubai mall and “buy anything from a “2.5-gram, 24-karat gold coin to a one-ounce gold bar”.

Can you imagine casually walking away with a couple of gold bars in your hands, the same as you would walk away with a couple of dollar bills from a regular ATM? The prices at the Gold to Go ATM are also competitive as they update every 10 minutes to keep up with the “fluctuations in the market.”

14 ...It's Everywhere

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Gold shoes, gold iPhones, gold cars and of course gold jewelry… there isn’t much that can’t be gold-plated in Dubai. As a result of their parents’ obsession with the metal, the rich kids of Dubai have in turn inherited the gold-seeking attitude, pushing it to new limits. Whereas their parents were merely satisfied with gold décor items and gold jewelry, the rich kids of Dubai have now embarked on a trend of gold-plated teeth, also known as grillz. The question of where to buy gold teeth grillz in Dubai, UAE is often asked on the web, but those who truly want to get the authentic look, consult with a dentist instead.

Gold may be all the rage in Dubai, but the city wasn’t always so gold-centric. According to The Telegraph, Dubai used to be a “fishing, farming and pearl diving” city in the early 20th century.

13 Just Walking Her Pet Tiger

Via: Instagram

As reported by CNN, “ownership of exotic pets has long been considered a status symbol across the Gulf country”, but cheetahs, tigers and lions have been banned in the UAE from being owned as pets since early 2017. As you can see from this picture of a young girl walking a pet cheetah (and there are more on the web), it hasn't stopped the rich kids from showing off their cute pets off anyways.

Despite the ban, the rich parents are wealthy enough to be able to smuggle anything they want into the country and would be able to provide a private area large enough to suit their needs without authorities catching them. Even if they were to get caught, they can just as easily pay the right people to turn look the other way.

12 No Drive-Thru At This One

Via: Instagram

McDonald’s is the only restaurant in the world that can bring people together. Rich, poor and everyone in between, this fast food restaurant is preferred by the vast majority of the population looking for a quick bite to eat. While Dubai’s rich kids wouldn’t care for the dollar menu, they still wouldn’t hesitate to hit up the drive-thru for a cheeseburger and fries.

What to do when you have you are driving the Lamborghini Huracan though and especially, when it sits too low for the drive-thru? Obviously, you park it and actually walk inside the restaurant to order. In this case however, there simply wasn’t a drive-thru available, as reported by AutoEvolution.com. As evidenced by the gawkers by the car taking pictures of the swanky car, all of this would really just be for show and not for a midnight snack.

11 There's Plenty More In The Bank

Via: Instagram

These pictures aren’t necessarily a case of the rich kids from Dubai showing off. It might seem that way given that in the first picture, a rich kid is showing off a bunch of bills, while in the second, a bunch of rich girls are stepping on American bills, but it’s just a matter of them having so much cash that they simply don’t know what to do with it anymore. They would obviously be better off donating the cash instead of stepping on it, but as reported by The Telegraph, “the locals are rich, but occasionally forgetful.”

Back in 2015, a wealthy female passenger actually forgot £35,000, which is the equivalent of US $50,000 in a Dubai airport toilet cubicle. Believe or not, it was actually returned to her, but that probably has more to do with Dubai’s extremely strict laws on theft.

10 100% Would Not Advise

Via: Instagram

No big deal, this Rich Kid of Dubai is just "humbly" riding a lion! Given how CNN has reported about such exotic animals being banned from being used as pets, then posting pictures like these on the web wouldn’t exactly be the best idea. The worst part is that looking around the picture, it’s clear that they aren’t in any special cages for the lion and are instead in the parking area as there are two cars between them.

Although the context of the picture is lacking, it’s safe to assume that these billionaire rich kids just don’t care about the poor animals, as long as they can get a good picture to show off to their friends and to the world. The rich kid in question is also clearly smizing, just like Tyra Banks would.

9 Enjoying The View

Via: Daily Mail

Although Dubai doesn't have nearly as many high-rise building as New York or Hong Kong, the city is nonetheless on its way to take over the title one day. According to The Mysterious World, Hong Kong has 303 skyscrapers, New York City has 237 and Dubai is coming in at 148, with ongoing new constructions all the time. Dubai is also home to the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, which stretches to a whopping 2,717 feet high. For comparison, the second tallest building in the world, the Shanghai Tower is just 2,073 feet tall!

For the rich kid in the picture, it would be no big deal to just take a picture on the side of the balcony. We would like to assume that there was a pool below her, but what if there wasn’t? A casual picture such as this one could easily prove disastrous.

8 Not Made For Walking

Via: Instagram

In Dubai, the rich kids run the city. According to The Telegraph, “58 per cent of the population is aged 25 to 44, with the majority of people aged 30 to 34.” Meanwhile, just 15% of the population is over 45 years old! Anyone looking for a millionaire to marry would be better off flying over to Dubai instead of Patti Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker in California. Not only that, but there are also more men than women – by a LOT. Out of the 2.5 million population, a whopping 70% are male and 30% are female. That’s a rather shocking statistic, but would it perhaps explain the countless shoes in this picture?

Either way, the rich kids of Dubai hardly need to walk anywhere as they travel in chauffeured cars whenever they need to go anywhere.

7 Never Enough

Via: Instagram

Rather than focusing on just one quality piece, the Rich Kids of Dubai are instead taught that quantity is quality in quite the literal sense. While average folk may dutifully take care of one expensive watch for 20 years, Dubai parents instead teach their young that they should have every expensive thing that they can possibly get their grubby little fingers on. That’s not all though because as reported by Khaleejtimes.com, Dubai has a “reputation for custom tailoring [jewelry and] is one of the most enticing aspects of the city for those who wish to shun the ‘off-the-rack experience.”

For the Rich Kids of Dubai, it then becomes less about shopping at the largest Dubai mall or buying the latest Yeezy shoes and more about securing one-of-a-kind jewelry that no one else could possibly ever get their hands on. None of it is ever enough though.

6 Everybody Does It

Via: Instagram

They better be careful driving those cars though because police in Dubai is nowhere like it is in the rest of the world. To keep up with the ultra fast cars that billionaires drive up fast and furiously through the streets, the Dubai police added a Lamborghini McLaren to their fleet in December 2013, as reported by The Telegraph. They also went on to add a Bugatti Veyron in 2014

Apparently the addition of superfast cars to their fleet had nothing to do with catching criminals though. As the Sultan told CNN: "We're not looking to just show off with the car, we're looking to show tourists how friendly the police is here in Dubai. We are looking for ways to connect with people all the time." Somehow, we find that hard to believe given such of Dubai's extremely outdated laws.

5 Pets - Big And Small

Via: Instagram & BoredBug

While a photograph of a little baby tiger on the dash of an expensive car might seem shocking to us, it wouldn’t be to them. Most of Dubai’s rich kids would have grown up used to flashy cars, exotic pets and everything else on this list. As reported by ABC News, many of the exotic pets that the wealthy owned were actually declawed, but that still wouldn’t make them any safer in a small environment such as a home, even if it’s a mansion!

Taking a baby tiger for a ride in the car would be on the milder spectrum for them. Still there are others who have tamer pets, such as little dogs, but if they think that carrying them around in a purse is acceptable, then it’s definitely another case of these rich kids living in their own bubbles.

4 Going Away For A Day

Via: Instagram

Try as they might, the Rich Kids of Dubai just aren’t as humble as they may think. Then again, can anyone be considered humble when sharing pics of their luxurious lives, complete with private planes such as the one in the picture? It’s 100% sure that these rich kids aren’t afraid of losing their Louis Vuitton luggage or someone stealing their cash at the airport. Everything is easily replaceable when you’re that rich anyways.

Talking about the growing demand for private planes in Dubai, the managing director of Saudia Private Aviation said: “Yes the people who fly our planes are demanding, and they have a right to be. You're talking about the businessmen who very much invented the rules of the game."

It’s not very reassuring to think that this sort of logic would also be taught to their rich kids, isn’t it? If they demand something, then they can get anything they want.

3 Just A Regular Day

Via: Instagram

Did you know that camel is a popular dish in Dubai? According to Epicure and Culture, stuffed camel is all the rage there and is actually quite cheap. While the rich girl above doesn’t seem to be eating camel for breakfast, it wouldn’t be a surprise for there to be black caviar on the tray somewhere. As it’s an incredibly delicate product, black caviar can easily run quite expensive, especially for the freshest kind.

But even caviar and camel aside, a breakfast tray such as the one in the picture would still cost a pretty penny. The rich girl in question appears to be merely enjoying her coffee and the views, but there is still the fact that someone else is “casually” taking her picture. This may seem like a simple picture, but it’s really just a case of yet another rich kid showing off.

2 Traveling In Style

Via: Emirates Woman

As Emirates Woman has aptly pointed out: "In the land of sun, sea, sand and money, why not? This guy though takes it up a notch with the classic drone selfie. A drone itself costs around Dhs5,000, but a boat like that, with a hot tub…?"

Like many of the other Rich Kids of Dubai, this one undoubtedly thought he was being humble too. It’s kind of hard to appear humble while showing off a yacht that can cost as much as an average mortgage with a few added digits, with a hot tub in the middle and the help of a drone to take a pic of it all. Given that the rich kid clearly isn’t steering the yacht, then it’s also safe to say that someone has been hired to do so.

1 A 'Small' Birthday Present

Via: Daily Mail

As the Daily Mail reported, one rich kid of Dubai posted a picture of a Lamborghini with the caption: "If anyone is wondering what I want for my bday?"

Usually, teenagers will ask for cars for their 18th birthday from their parents. Most wouldn’t even get a car and will instead get told to get a job and buy the car themselves. For the Rich Kids of Dubai, life is a little different. With all their friends having enough spending money to be able to buy nearly any car that they want, they can easily give each other cars the same way that regular teenagers might exchange video games.

It might be easy to interpret the caption of this one as having been asked in a joke, but it 100% was not a joke and was most definitely a serious request.

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