20 Celebs Whose Kids Look More Put Together Than They Do

The public loves to keep up with celebrities and their personal lives. Some celebrities are more private about their family lives and you may not have known much about their children, while other celebs are fairly open about their personal lives and share photos of their families frequently online. Regardless, people love comparing celebrities to their children in terms of appearance. We can't help but to want to see if the children inherited their good or bad features and whether they look most like mom or dad. We can't help but be fascinated with celebrity kids because they will most likely end up (or already are) becoming celebrities in their own rights.

People love judging celebrities' appearances on a daily basis so it makes sense that we also love to see what their kids look like, are wearing, and doing. These kids were born with a silver spoon in their mouth and they were lucky enough to inherit the good genes along with it.

It's always intriguing to see when a celebrity, who is not necessarily known for their attractiveness, has a super gorgeous child. Or when someone who is already so good looking has a child that is even more breathtakingly beautiful than you could imagine? Here are 20 celeb kids who are better looking than their parents.

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arnold Schwarzenegger
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20 Arnold Schwarzenegger

arnold Schwarzenegger
via: Wikipedia/Taddlr

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a well-known actor, who is famous for starring in films like The Terminator, Predator, Commando, and Total Recall. While he may have had some good looks back in the day, he is definitely weathering with age. However, he and Maria Shriver's son, Patrick, definitely got all of the good genes from his parents.

Patrick made it into the tabloids for the first time when he started dating Miley Cyrus while she was taking a break from her now-fiancé, Liam Hemsworth. He is also very charitable, having co-founded Project 360, a modern apparel company that donates some of their proceeds to charity. Patrick is following in his father's acting footsteps, having had roles in Midnight Sun, Scream Queens, Grown Ups 2, and The Benchwarmers.

19 Madonna

via: Mashable/InStyle

Lourdes Leon is basically a more conventionally attractive version of Madonna. Her father, Carlos Leon, is a pretty handsome dude and Madonna is by no means an ugly woman, but she definitely has a more unique type of look. Believe it or not, Madonna is going to be 60 this summer and she is still performing and putting herself out there as much as ever.

Madonna's daughter is already 21 years old and a grown woman! She has a trendy sense of style and is photographed with her mother frequently. Lourdes is known for her laid-back, cool girl vibe and often flaunts her armpit hair on Instagram. She even has the words "mom" and "dad" tattooed on her knuckles! Well, she can thank her parents for her extremely good looks, that's for sure.

18 Jon Voight

jon voight angelina jolie
via: Wikipedia/AOL

Jon Voight and Angelina Jolie are probably one of the most infamous fathers and daughters in Hollywood. They have both had wildly successful acting careers but they have not had such a successful relationship with one another. When Angelina was a young girl, her father and her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, got a divorce. Voight basically disappeared from her life until the two somewhat reconciled later in life.

Jon and Angelina still have a trying relationship but seem to make it work for the most part. The good news is that Angelina inherited the best features from both her mother and father, making her one of the most beautiful women in the world. She has passed those good looks onto her biological children, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox.

17 Alec Baldwin

alec baldwin
via: Hollywood Reporter/Allure

Alec Baldwin is a well-known actor and is a part of the famous Baldwin brothers, who are all in the entertainment business, and includes Stephen, William, and Daniel. Currently, he is most famous for impersonating the American president on Saturday Night Live.

Alec had a daughter with the beautiful actress, Kim Basinger, while he was married to her. Ireland is 22 years old now and strikingly beautiful. She has a career as a successful actress and model. She is lucky she mostly just inherited her mother's good looks. The attractiveness must run somewhat in the Baldwin family though, because her cousin, Stephen Baldwin's daughter, Hailey Baldwin, is also a gorgeous model.

16 Clint Eastwood

clint eastwood
via: Esquire

Clint Eastwood is a world-famous film star and director, not to mention, political figure. He may have been decent looking back in the day but he got most of the beautiful women he was with because of his fame and charm. Clint has had his fair share of children, seven to be exact, but his son, Scott, definitely inherited the best looks from his father and his mother, Jacelyn Reeves.

Scott is taking after his successful father, having appeared in films like The Longest Ride, Suicide Squad, The Fate of the Furious, and Gran Torino. Sure, having a father in the business helps you get there faster, but Scott has displayed some pure talent that must truly run in the family.

15 Kevin Bacon

kevin bacon
via: Just Jared/Zimbio

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick have one of the most successful and longest-lasting marriages in Hollywood, having tied the knot all the way back in 1988. Their daughter, Sosie, was born in 1992 and is 26 now. Although Kevin Bacon has been a star in countless movies and television shows over the years, he has never been cast as the handsome, leading man. We're not saying he is bad looking, he just does not possess the typical qualities that a Hollywood hunk usually does.

Bacon's daughter, Sosie, is absolutely beautiful. She is very smart, having attended Brown University and already has an acting career of her own. She has appeared in the hit Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, a well as other films and television shows like Story of a Girl, The Lost Boy, Here and Now, and Loverboy.

14 Kelsey Grammer

kelsey grammer
via: Herald/Articlebio

Kelsey Grammer has always managed to land beautiful ladies throughout his lifetime, despite the fact that he is not exactly the most attractive man in Hollywood.  He has been married a whopping four times and has seven children. All of his children are surprisingly attractive, with his daughter, Mason, being featured modelling on recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which his ex-wife, Camille Grammer, appears on.

Kelsey's daughter, Spencer, is probably the most notably successful and attractive of his children. She is the product of Kelsey's first marriage to Doreen Alderman, which lasted from 1982 until 1990. Spencer is 34 years old and has appeared in a number of recognizable television shows and movies over the years including The Outdoorsman, Graves, Rick and Morty, and Greek.

13 Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon
via: PopSugar/Refinery29

Susan Sarandon has starred in some epic classics like Thelma & Louise, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Stepmom, and recent hits like the dramatic series, Feud. She may be an A-list actress, but she was never known for being the stunning leading lady. She is by no means unattractive but she certainly had a unique look, with those big eyes and red hair.

She was married to Chris Sarandon from 1967 until 1979 but it was not until 1985 that she welcomed a daughter, named Eva, with Franco Amurri, an Italian screen director and producer. Eva Amurri is currently 33 years old and has had a remarkably successful career on her own, not to mention, she's gorgeous. She has even appeared in some films with her mother including The Banger Sisters and Middle of Nowhere. 

12 Jack Nicholson

jack nicholson
via: Digital Spy

Jack Nicholson is an actor and filmmaker who has been in the entertainment industry for over 60  years. He has starred in major films like The Shining, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, As Good As It Gets, and The Departed. However, he was never cast as the handsome hero but is more well-known for his satirical comedy and dark portrayals of antiheroes and unlikeable characters.

Most people do not even know that Jack Nicholson has children because he rarely speaks about them and, in fact, he not seen much himself these days, except for when he is on camera, of course. The actor actually has six children! His daughter, Lorraine, is 27 years old and not only is she surprisingly beautiful, she is a successful actress and director, too!

11 Steven Tyler

steven tyler
via: Closer Weekly/Popcorn News

Everyone knows that Steven Tyler is the lead singer of Aerosmith and just about as much of a rock and roller as you can get. Because the lead singer of any famous band has no trouble finding adoring female fans that are willing to throw themselves at them, Tyler was never short of women.  However, he is not exactly the best-looking rock star and currently, he is starting to look more and more like my grandmother with all of the jewelry and wacky scarves.

In 1977, Steven became a father when Bebe Buell, a singer and former model, gave birth to their daughter, Liv Tyler. Liv is currently 40 years old and looks as stunning as ever. She undoubtedly got the best genes from both of her parents and has had a successful career as a model and actress, having appeared in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Armageddon, The Incredible Hulk, and The Strangers. 

10 David Cassidy

david cassidy
via: Vulture/Hawt Celebs

David Cassidy was a famous actor, singer, songwriter, and guitarist, who grew up being known as Keith Partridge, from the 1970's musical sitcom, The Partridge Family. He actually just recently passed away in November as a result of liver failure. David was married three times throughout the course of his life and has had two kids, although only one was born through marriage. His daughter, Katie, was a result of a fling he had with a singer named Sherry Williams.

Katie Cassidy scored a number of small television roles for years before finally making her film debut in When A Stranger Calls. She has been on the hit CW show Arrow since 2012, had a role in the iconic series Gossip Girl. She has also had roles in big movies like Taken and Click. Needless to say, Katie most definitely inherited the best possible qualities from her father, David.

9 Melanie Griffith

melanie griffith
via: Hollywood/Vogue

Melanie Griffith has been in the entertainment industry for decades, with some of her biggest films including Working Girl, Roar, Something Wild, and Lolita. However, her daughter, Dakota Johnson, just may have a bigger career than her mother. Her father is Don Johnson, an actor, producer, director, and singer/songwriter.

Dakota, who is currently 28, has been acting for years now, appearing in films like How To Be Single, 21 Jump Street, Beastly, and The Five-Year Engagement but when she landed the role of Anastasia Steel in Fifty Shades of Grey, her career would never be the same. The hit franchise shot her into superstardom.

8 Eddie Murphy

eddie murphy
via: She Knows/Industry Session

Eddie Murphy is a well-known actor who has starred in countless films, including Coming To America, Norbit, Shrek, and Beverly Hills Cop. Murphy actually has a total of nine children, which is a lot, and while his children are all pretty attractive, his daughter, Bria, really steals the show. Bria Murphy is his oldest daughter, currently 28, who he had with his now-ex-wife, Nicole Mitchell Murphy.

Although Eddie Murphy is certainly not unattractive, he is mostly known for his comedic roles and loud personality, not for his looks. His daughter, Bria, is absolutely stunning and it seems that her looks are all that anyone can talk about. Bria has already had a bit of acting experience as well, appearing in Amateur Night, The Perfect Match, and Conflict of Interest. 

7 Pamela Anderson

pamela anderson
via: WhoDatedWho

Pamela Anderson is a model and actress who is known for her curves, blonde hair, and role in Baywatch. She is a beautiful woman but has not aged very gracefully. Plus, we're not sure how much of her attractiveness is natural or enhanced, but it turns out, she must have some good genes to give because her son, Brandon Thomas Lee, whom she had with her ex-husband, Tommy Lee, is extremely good looking.

Brandon is 21 now and has quite the following on social media, with over 115,ooo followers. He has been dating a singer named Pyper America and seems to just be enjoying life as a celebrity child, traveling the world, and enjoying being handsome—and we don't blame him!

6 Quincy Jones

quincy jones
via: Paste Magazine/Pinterest

These days, Rashida Jones is probably a more recognizable face to younger generations than her father! But Quincy Jones definitely laid the groundwork for his daughter's success, being one of the most notable record producers ever. However, Quincy, a.k.a. "Q," wasn't exactly known for his good looks but more so for his talent. His ex-wife, Peggy Lipton, gave birth to their daughter, Rashida in 1976, which now makes her 42 years old.

Rashida absolutely inherited the best traits from her parents, with a gorgeous complexion and hazel green eyes. She has had a very successful acting career, having starred in the hit show Parks and Recreation from 2009 until 2015 and landing big roles in movies like I Love You, Man. She's not only absolutely gorgeous but hilariously funny and down to earth, which is why people love her so much.

5 Bono

via: Star2/Celebs Net Worth Today

Bono is, of course, the infamous lead singer of the band, U2. Bono is certainly not unattractive but he's not the best-looking rock star out there. Believe it or not, Bono has been married to the same woman since 1982! The couple has four children but their eldest daughter, Eve, is the one we're talking about today. Eve was actually born Memphis Eve Sunny Day Hewson, but she is known professionally as Eve Hewson.

She is an Irish actress who has appeared in Bridge of Spies, The Knick,  Enough Said, and Blood Ties. She is absolutely stunning and probably inherited most of her good looks from her mother, although we can see some of her father's more prominent features peeking through.

4 Brian Williams

brian williams
via: Taddlr/InStyle

Brian Williams is a well-known journalist and newscaster, who was caught up in a scandal back in 2015 for telling a false story. His daughter, Allison Williams, is an extremely beautiful and successful actress whose career thankfully did not suffer, while her father's was wavering for some time. Brian has been married to Allison's mother, Jane Stoddard, since 1986.

Allison's career really got a boost when she was cast in the hit HBO series Girls. She has also starred in Get Out, which was nominated for a number of Oscars this year, as well as Peter Pan Live! Williams' daughter is only 29 and while his career is on the decline, his daughter's fame is just beginning.

3 Jerry Hall

jerry hall
via: The Closet Feminist/Pinterest

Jerry Hall was a famous supermodel and actress back in the day, who was known for her relationship with the rock star, Mick Jagger. She is currently married to the billionaire Rupert Murdoch, but she had four children with the Rolling Stones frontman. Her kids all inherited her good looks but her eldest daughter, Georgia May Jagger, is one who can most definitely rival her mother in the looks department.

Georgia May is 26 years old and a working fashion model, known for her signature gap tooth. She is absolutely stunning in every way, with symmetrical features, piercing eyes, and a perfect pout. She has recently been in the tabloids for dating an ex-con turned rapper named Norman Theuerkom.

2 Robin Williams

robin williams
via: The Guardian/NY Daily News

Robin Williams, of course, tragically passed away too soon at the age of 63 in 2014. The hilarious stand-up comedian and successful television and film actor was known for his improvisational skills. We're not saying that he was an unattractive man by any means but his daughter, Zelda, has definitely been catching people's eyes as of late.

The 28-year-old may have been photographed in some awkward stages throughout her life but hey, who hasn't gone through one? It's not her fault she was brought up in the spotlight. Zelda has really blossomed into a beautiful, young woman today and has procured a successful acting career for herself. She has appeared in several films, including Were The World Mine, The Legend of Korra, Never, and House of D.  She has also appeared in well-known shows like Criminal Minds and Teen Wolf.

1 Steven Spielberg

steven spielberg
via: Yahoo/Hollywood Reporter

Steven Spielberg is the genius filmmaker behind box office hits like E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Jaws, Schindler's List, and Jurassic Park. He is the highest-grossing director in the world. His movies have had such an astronomical impact on our society and the entertainment industry as a whole. Spielberg is known to be the man behind the scenes and would have it no other way but his daughter, Destry Allyn, is a beautiful model who shines in the spotlight.

Spielberg has six children in total and has been married twice, to Amy Irving in 1965 until 1989 and to Kate Capshaw in 1991. His daughter, Destry Allen, is 21 now and made her debut on the Dolce & Gabbana runway in the winter of 2016. She is signed to DT Model Management and while she loves modeling, her ultimate goal is to be a comedic actress.

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