19 Pregnant Celebs Who Were Caught Eating A Lot (Even For Two)

When a celebrity announces that she is pregnant, the public becomes instantly fascinated. We want to know what types of foods they are craving, how they are preparing their home to welcome a new child, and even what names they are considering. While most celebrities try to keep their pregnancies fairly private, most are usually willing to at least share what kinds of wacky foods they had been craving during that time.

Pregnant women will often crave foods that are not necessarily so great for you. Many celebs just let their diets and healthy lifestyles fall by the wayside during their pregnancies because they are so used to having to follow strict diets. Women often treat pregnancy as a green light signal to eat whatever they want, whenever they want.

Most women will often find that if they allow themselves to pig out and indulge in cravings once and while, that is good enough, but some women just cannot help but to give in to their desires! The majority of pregnant women will crave something savory or salty, like pickles, pizza, and ice cream, but sometimes, expectant mothers will have some bizarre ones! Here are 20 pregnant celebrities who had no shame and stuffed their faces, indulging in whatever cravings they had.

19 Jessica Simpson

jessica simpson pregnant
via: Daily Mail

Jessica Simpson notoriously ate a lot during her pregnancies, gaining a lot of weight as a result. During her first pregnancy, she admitted to totally vegging out and going a bit crazy with the foods she allowed herself to eat. She actually would not even disclose the exact amount of weight she gained.

Simpson gained an estimated 70 pound while she was pregnant with her daughter, Maxwell. She joked that her snack of choice was Tums antacid with Ellen DeGeneres on her show but in all seriousness, her appetite was "big" and she was "constantly hungry." The second time around, when she was pregnant with her son, Ace, she tried to be healthier and more active, admittedly, she was able to lose the baby weight faster.

18 Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian pregnant eating
via: Daily Mail

During a Mobio Insider Q&A interview, Kim Kardashian West revealed that while pregnant with her first daughter, North, she could not resist eating cheese, specifically "chili cheese fries," but literally just "anything with cheese." The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star did gain a lot of weight during both of her pregnancies—52 pounds with North and 60 pounds with Saint.

Kanye West's wife has also admitted to loving junk food while pregnant, more so sweet than savory. She could not resist a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Unfortunately, after her second pregnancy, doctors told her that it would no longer be safe or healthy for her to carry a baby to term. So the couple welcomed their third child, a daughter, Chicago, with the help of a surrogate. Despite this, Kim admitted that she still had sympathy pregnancy cravings and would pig out with her surrogate!

17 Kate Hudson

kate hudson pregnant eating
via: Daily Mail/Pop Sugar

The beautiful actress, Kate Hudson, had her first child with The Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson back in 2004 and named her baby Ryder Robinson. You could say that she gained a bit more pregnancy weight than usual, especially in the face, so naturally, people were critical of it. She did not talk about it much at the time but looking back, she spoke with Chelsea Handler about it on an episode of her Netflix show saying it was a wakeup call to her when she actually had her baby and then she had to lose 70 pounds.

Her doctor even warned her not to eat so much during her pregnancy but she did not listen. That is why the second time around, when Kate got pregnant with her son, Bingham Hawn Bellamy, she chose to go the healthier route and only allowed herself to pig out on fruit, which does not sound nearly as fun.

16 Jessa Duggar

jessa duggar eating pregnant
via: E! Online/Radar Online

Jessa Duggar grew up on the show 19 and Counting, and now that she is older, she and her siblings' lives as parents are being chronicled in the series spin-off, Counting On.  During her first pregnancy, Jessa was not shy about sharing her pregnancy cravings with the world on social media.

She often craved junk food and posted a photo of her and her husband at the fast food joint, Arby's and used the caption, "Because 'the baby' was craving Arby's! I love being able to use that excuse. #BabySeewald #RoastBeef #ArbysSauce #JamochaShake" She also admitted to craving tacos, frozen yogurt, and chicken nuggets.

15 Leah Remini

leah remini pregnant eating
via: NY Post/Daily Mail

The King of Queens actress Leah Remini gained around 80 pounds during her pregnancy with her daughter, which depending on her weight before became pregnant, could be a normal amount. Her weight gain was highlighted in the press and she has shamed the press for body shaming her since then. She also believes that the public's obsession with celebrities' post-baby bodies is ridiculous.

Despite the fact that Remini claims that her weight gain was an average amount to gain while carrying a child to term, she has definitely admitted to pigging out and abandoning her diet. She has said to have eaten three mac and cheese boxes in one sitting, along with french fries and hamburgers... That probably had something to do with the weight gain, right?

14 Ellie Kemper

ellie kemper pregnant eating
via: YouTube/Flash Of The Stars

When The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star, Ellie Kemper, was pregnant with her first child, she did not hold back on satisfying any of her intense cravings. She told Conan O'Brien that she had been eating an excessive amount of ice cream saying, "It's gotten to the point where... I feel like an [addict] but it's for Ben & Jerry's."

She'd pretend to peruse the fruit and produce aisle but she knows she is not kidding herself and will eventually find herself in the freezer section. She joked that her husband, Michael Koman, was supportive because he knew she needed to pig out. She just couldn’t help but to indulge in the cold, sweet, creamy deliciousness and who was she to deny her unborn baby of such a treat?

13 Hayden Panettiere

via: dailymail.co.uk/eonline.com

Hayden Panettiere is one of the smallest women in Hollywood. In 2014, she gave birth to a baby girl with one of the tallest professional boxers in history. The Nashville star only gained 40 pounds during her pregnancy but it really showed on her small figure. She mostly tried to keep to a vegan diet at first but it did not work well for her and so she just tried to make healthy choices throughout her pregnancy.

She loved eating chicken noodle soup and yogurt, mostly. She allowed herself to cheat once a day, usually with fried chips, and it is a good thing she did not allow herself to pig out more often because who knows how much more weight her tiny, little frame could take?!

12 Laura Prepon

laura prepon pregnant eating
via: Radar Online/Daily Mail

The Orange Is The New Black star Laura Prepon and her fiancé Ben Foster, welcomed a child last year. She said that her pregnancy cravings totally snuck up on her, as did her due date! The That '70s Show actress admitted that while she was pregnant, she totally pigged out on old-school cravings for her favorite childhood foods like pastrami sandwiches on rye bread and cherry soda.

She had memories of her father taking her for these foods but all of a sudden, those memories and cravings came rushing to her with pregnancy. She said on Live! with Kelly and Ryan, "Since I've been pregnant, I've been craving kind of like this Jewish deli food, with like the pickles and the sauerkraut and mustard."

11 Kate Middleton

kate middleton pregnant eating
via: AOL/Pinterest

After enduring another severe case of hyperemesis gravidarum, Kate Middleton was reportedly craving anything and everything sweet while she was pregnant with her daughter, Charlotte. A palace insider revealed to Woman's Day that desserts like cupcakes, biscuits, and raspberry ripple ice cream.

Someone even said, "she's like a kid in a candy store; it's hilarious!" Kate's mother apparently had similar sweet cravings while she was pregnant with Pippa and Kate, so like mother like daughter. With both of her first two pregnancies, Kate was also very fond of eating pizza. With her third pregnancy, Kate has reportedly been craving spicy foods like hot Indian curry dishes but, of course, she still has a sweet tooth and has been eating lots of Haribo gummies.

10 Blake Lively

blake lively pregnant eating
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The Gossip Girl star had some serious pregnancy cravings and they were pretty much the stereotypical pregnancy cravings— pickles and ice cream. However, the actress did not just want any ordinary pickles and ice cream. An insider told Heat magazine that she had her husband, the Deadpool actor, Ryan Reynolds, go "out in the middle of the night for organic hand-churned pumpkin-flavored ice cream and small-batch pickles."

Thankfully, Lively had a loving man who was willing to help her satisfy any and all of her cravings. She also had an amazing baby shower with all of the decadent sweets and savory foods she could ever want. She was snapped indulging in a beautiful, floral, three-tier cake.

9 Jenny McCarthy

jenny mccarthy pregnancy eating
via: Radar Online

Jenny McCarthy rose to fame in the '90s after being featured in Hugh Hefner's magazine. When she became pregnant with her son in 2004, one could say that she most definitely did not watch her weight or her diet. Jenny got so much criticism from the public for the amount of weight that she gained during her pregnancy that she even wrote a piece titled, I’m Not Fat, I’m Pregnant. OK Fine, I’m Fat And Pregnant!

The actress admitted that she took her pregnancy as a green light signal to eat whatever she wanted whenever she wanted—and boy, did it show. She gained almost 100 pounds during her pregnancy but Jenny says that there are two kinds of pregnant women—those who gain 30 pounds and those who gain 80 and more!

8 Molly Sims

molly sims pregnant eating
via: Celeb Baby Laundry

The actress Molly Sims had some major sweet cravings during her pregnancy with her second daughter, who was born in March 2015. Sims told Parents.com that she would frequently indulge in two cups of hot chocolate, one after another, "Literally two packs, two sets of marshmallows in two different cups."

Her cravings were just as intense the first time around, where she admitted to eating confetti birthday cake in her car! She disclosed that she gained 85 pounds with her first pregnancy. However, it was after this that she had also discovered that she had a thyroid issue. Once she received the proper medicine, she was able to lose the excess weight.

7 Carrie Underwood

carrie underwood pregnant eating
via: Twitter

Carrie Underwood is a country music powerhouse and has produced hit records since she won the competition series, American Idol, back in the day. When she became pregnant with her first baby, she admitted to craving the junk food she used to eat before she became famous and accustomed to healthier, more worldly food.

She told Rachael Ray on The Rachael Ray Show that her biggest pregnancy craving was Pop-Tarts, which is something she hasn't eaten "since college." She also admitted to "giving [herself] license to have things that [she] may not normally have," including frequent midnight snacks.

6 Mel B.

via: alicehart.wordpress.com

The former member of the girl group, The Spice Girls, Mel B. had a very active and healthy lifestyle before she became pregnant with her second child. When she became pregnant with her then-husband, Stephen Belafonte's baby, she let her diet and healthy lifestyle fall by the wayside.

The paparazzi had a field day, attempting to catch her in many unflattering bikini shots. She did not deny herself any of the foods that she wanted for the entirety of her pregnancy. As a result, she gained around 64 pounds but she worked extremely hard to lose the weight after giving birth.

5 Kourtney Kardashian

kourtney kardashian pregnant eating
E! Online/Daily Mail

Kourtney Kardashian is practically a professional at being pregnant— the woman loves it! While she is known for being super into health and wellness, Kourtney definitely allowed herself to indulge in her pregnancy cravings. While pregnant with her third child, Reign Aston Disick, she would crave bagels absolutely every night. Her go-to meal was a blueberry bagel with cream cheese and jelly.

We're pretty sure eating bagels all the time cannot be that great for you nutrition-wise but the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star obviously had no trouble getting right back to her healthy diet after she delivered her son because her body is looking as good as ever at 38 years old.

4 Zoe Saldana

zoe saldana pregnant eating
via: E! Online

The beautiful actress, Zoe Saldana, had some strange cravings during her pregnancy with her twin boys, Cy Aridio and Bowie Ezio, and she totally indulged! The weirdest food combination has to be eating baked goods and preserved meats together, which she revealed on E!'s Untold With Maria Menounos.

On The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, Zoe said that she tried to trick herself into not wanting the foods that she would want in order to stay thin before getting pregnant but once she had found out that she was expecting, she let herself eat whatever saying, "I can eat all this together, at the same time. Like, I can have the pickle with the donut, and it would probably be life-changing."

3 Kelly Rowland

kelly rowland pregnant eating
via: Fit Pregnancy/Daily Mail

The former Destiny's Child band member, Kelly Rowland, had a lot of pregnancy cravings while she was pregnant with her son, Titan Jewell Witherspoon, who was born in November 2015. She told Elle magazine that she would constantly crave decadent desserts like "cherry pie and chocolate ice cream with peanut butter mixed in it."

When she was craving something salty, she admitted that she was "obsessed" with pigging out on "nachos." She also said that her husband, Tim Witherspoon, was very good to her, getting her snacks whenever she felt a craving coming on. Those snacks sound pretty tasty but high in calories!

2 Mila Kunis

mila kunis pregnant eating
via: Daily Entertainment/Just Jared

Mila Kunis definitely had some serious pregnancy cravings. This pint-sized actress packed on the pounds during her first pregnancy, stuffing her face with smelly foods like sauerkraut, anchovies, and pickles! And unfortunately, since she is so tiny, the extra weight was pretty apparent. However, desiring salty and smelly foods during pregnancy is pretty normal because a woman's hormones can alter her sense of taste and smell, creating different food cravings than usual.

Mila craved such smelly food that her husband, Ashton Kutcher, had to get a separate fridge for her to keep it in! She has also had a serious craving for Mexican food and had been indulging non-stop! Her favorites include guacamole, a fajita salad, and fish tacos, according to E! Online.

1 Mariah Carey

mariah carey pregnant eating
via: Daily Mail

While Mariah Carey was pregnant with her twins with her then-husband, Nick Cannon, she definitely took "eating for three" quite literally. The pop star's appetite was huge and her cravings were out of control. The diva reportedly stuffed her face with comfort foods like smothered pork chops and pecan pie with homemade whipped cream.

Nick told People that after a few bites, her cravings would usually subside but that did not mean she necessarily stopped eating! Mariah gained over 70 pounds throughout her pregnancy. She claimed that the tabloids were ragging on her for "looking like a huge boat" but that it "wasn't [her] fault" and that she "couldn't help it."

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