20 Celebs Who Tried Too Hard To Hold Onto Their Looks

Celeb land is bursting with beautiful people, and boy are we seeing it. Talent goes a long way in Hollywood, but more often than not, you need the looks to match. From Mila Kunis to Angelina Jolie, Kendall Jenner to Johnny Depp, a fine face can earn you big bucks. If you thought youth was a deal-breaker, think again. Celebs are aging more gracefully than ever, and some are even outshining stars who are half their age. Approaching 50 hasn't been a problem for the likes of Jennifer Aniston or Halle Berry, but not every star has been so lucky.

With millions in the bank, celebrities will often go to any lengths to keep their youthful looks. Unfortunately, not all of them always make the right decisions. Whether it's getting a little "extra help" from a doctor or layering on the fake tanner like there's no tomorrow, these 20 celebs aren't showcasing their former good looks too well. In fact, they're doing the exact opposite. Trying to hold onto a great face needs to be done carefully. Although this lot had their looks on their minds, they clearly had their heads on another planet while trying to do something about it. If you happen to be vaguely cute and want tips on how to royally screw it up, help yourself to the likes of these failures. Seriously, you're welcome.

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20 Tara Reid

via: femina

You know when someone looks so bad, you almost feel sorry for them? Yeah,  that kind of bad. Tara Reid's sweetheart smile and blonde hair made her perfect for roles in hit movie franchise, American Pie. She really was the ultimate American dream girl. When that girl got rich, famous, and a little bit irresponsible though, things turned out to be a little less dreamy. Tara's party lifestyle took her into a downward spiral, and she hasn't made the best decisions when it came to "fixing" it. Embarrassing photos of her scarred body were quickly splattered all over the internet, and Tara went from hero to zero. Of course, she then made it a thousand times worse by layering on fake tanner. Even we know that a spray tan doesn't cover up a long night out. For Tara, those nights have turned into years, and her face is showing it. You've got a long climb back up, Tara.

19 Heidi Montag

via: pinterest.com/dlisted.com

Something about the name "Heidi" suggests a girl who's sweet and innocent. For Heidi Montag, a pretty face and a cute smile were a big help as her reality career on the TV show, The Hills, gained her fame. Despite still being young, Heidi didn't seem satisfied with her body, and fans were left a bit lost as her body's proportions turned from perfect to extreme. "We all want to feel attractive, so who is anyone to judge me?" she's said. Perhaps that judgment came from her mom, who's called her own daughter a "Barbie." Looking at Heidi though, can we blame her? Poor Heidi later opened up about her regrets. She even went as far as trying to get her body back to normal. The result hasn't been great, though. If only she'd just stuck to what she had— good looks and a great body. If you've got it, keep it!

18 Paris Hilton

via: youtube

Speaking of party girls... Paris Hilton was somewhat cute many moons ago. This Californian socialite may have been born into money, but she made plenty of her own, thanks to a reality TV career, fragrances, and endorsements. While her sister, Nicky, and co-star on The Simple Life, Nicole Richie, have both moved onto marriage and kids, Paris is still trailing behind. She is currently engaged, but she's now known for her partying and exorbitant spending more than anything else. Her twenties and most of her thirties flew by in a whirlwind of fun, and at 37, little Miss Hilton is looking her age. We're not quite sure what she's done to her face, but it's looking weird. The girl who coined the phrase "that's hot" is looking anything but. This is not a list you want to be on, Paris, but you're on it, and you're ranking high.

17 Madonna

via: pinterest, eveningstandard

This music mogul has reinvented herself more times than we can count. "Unconventional" has been Madonna's motto from the get-go, and yes, once upon a time, she was good looking. Her captivating gaze and provocative poses defined the '80s, and Madonna's been going strong ever since. While her earnings remain solid, her looks are way less steady—in fact, they're bordering on creepy. As Madonna entered her 40's, she embraced her fitness with grueling workouts and nutrition regimes. Her bulging biceps and taut abs were initially the objects of envy, but it looks like someone forgot to teach her the words "muscle maintenance." This pic and tons of others have shown her looking scrawny and sinewy. A few images have surfaced suggesting she's found something to fill those gaunt lines with, but they don't look too natural...

16 Macaulay Culkin

via: fiveprime

Was there ever a cuter kid than Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone? No. This child actor and musician melted our hearts back in the early '90s, and his name was a regular in lists such as E!'s 50 Greatest Child Stars. While those early pictures made us go "aww," that comparison picture is making us go "ouch." Child stars have a habit of losing their way as they get older, and many wind up in a bad way. This was the case for Macaulay, who's landed himself in all kinds of trouble. In a 2004 Larry King Live interview, he said that he tends to hold back when it comes to opening up about his personal life. The pictures speak for themselves, though. Despite a relationship with actress, Mila Kunis, this actor doesn't look like he's gotten much love of late. In fact, he looks really worrying. We're not throwing you any hate, Macaulay. Just take care of yourself, okay?

15 Donatella Versace

via: brightstories.me

Single-handedly running a fashion empire is hard work. Donatella Versace took over the Versace brand following the tragic death of her brother and she's earned millions. The brand has gotten especially popular in recent years, thanks to high-profile fans like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Lady Gaga. Although Donatella's bank balance is more than healthy, her appearance is not. The older she gets, the worse she looks. Poker-straight blonde hair has been her signature look for years, as have ritzy, glittering gowns. While they're perfectly acceptable, it's her face that's making us go, "woah."  We're not quite sure how a perfectly attractive, confident woman went from looking camera-ready to alien invasion, but it's making us squirm. Leather handbags are an accessory, Donatella. Not a #facegoal.

14 Janice Dickinson

via: buzzworthy

We all know models can have a bit of an ego, but that takes on a whole new level with Janice Dickinson. She's referred to herself as "the first supermodel." Given how she looks now though, we doubt "the longest-lasting supermodel" would be her go-to phrase. Janice's beauty landed her fame, fortune, plus four husbands. Now aged 63, she's still making headlines, but not for the best reasons. A suspiciously puffy face and weird proportions aren't the Janice we knew back in her prime, so it's not surprising rumors are rife that she's gotten a little enhancement along the way. The "helping hand" is no stranger in celeb-land. For Janice though, it's gone a bit far. This time 20 years ago, we'd have cast her in Beauty And The Beast- as the beauty. Now, we're not so sure...

13 Lindsay Lohan

via: sliptalk

Be it for good (or not so good) reasons, Lindsay Lohan is a girl who knows how to make headlines. Hollywood's fame and big bucks come easily when you're cute as a button, and this child actress was just that for quite a while. Her adorable freckles and cheeky grin made her the perfect choice to star in the movie, The Parent Trap, although she remains best known for the coming-of-age blockbuster, Mean Girls. Lindsay hasn't always managed responsibility too well, and the press has made sure that we know it. Her late nights and party personality have left their mark on what was an adorable face, and now it's just scary. Fake tanner has done Lindsay no favors, and the actress now looks way older than her 31 years. She may have been signed to the world-class modeling agency, Ford Models, as a child but we sure wouldn't be calling her back to casting calls looking like this.

12 Pamela Anderson

via: EMGN

The original "blonde bombshell," Pamela Anderson is best known for her California beach image on the TV show, Baywatch. There's no denying she's had a fair bit of enhancement along the way, but in her earlier years, she was unarguably beautiful. She's been in relationships with high-profile stars like the drummer, Tommy Lee, and the singer, Kid Rock, but she's not the 10/10 she used to be. Despite being vegan, there's a look to her that is anything but natural. How it is that Jennifer Aniston is one year younger than 50 year-old Pamela and yet, Pam looks ten years older? Does anyone else just want to wipe off all the makeup, undo all those clinic bookings, and get back the fresh-faced Pamela we fell in love with?

11 Angelina Jolie

via: artcrimeillustrated.com/youtube.com

Many still consider Angelina Jolie to be one of the most beautiful women on the planet. The face of an angel, with a first name to match plus, her last name means "beautiful" in French— this is an actress who was destined for fame. As fans fell for her looks, and starring in hit movies earned her a fortune, Angelina has been dominating our screens and magazine covers for over two decades. Her 12-year marriage to Brad Pitt made her one half of Hollywood's ultimate power couple, although sadly the relationship didn't last. But for Angelina, it isn't just relationships that have gone downhill. The strain has left this formerly fresh-faced beauty looking pale, tired-looking, and sometimes worryingly thin. Formerly soft features have taken on harsh angles, and at 42 years old, Angie looks straight-up scary. There's a bit of a Cruella De Ville look to the actress now, and given the rumors about her nightmare marital demands, we're wondering if there's a link. The more you fade, Angie, the more Jennifer shines. Just saying...

10 Cameron Diaz

via: plasticperson.com

Surfer-girl looks and a dazzling smile made it easy for Cameron Diaz to win our hearts over. Modeling agencies spotted her potential long before the movie industry did, although she was perfectly cast in the movie, There's Something About Mary. Like the rest of Hollywood, Cameron has become a fitness fanatic, and that's great. Her ripped physique has been noticed, but sadly, so has her freaky face. Take these two pics, for instance. The first shows a natural beauty with a great smile, steel-blue eyes, and a few natural lines that are perfectly acceptable if you're not 25 anymore. We don't know if it's the tan, shiny makeup, or something more in the second pic, but the look is all kinds of wrong. The poster child for American beauty is starting to look like something we'd use as a Halloween costume. What happened to you, Cam?

9 Lil' Kim

via: keyaunchantel

Lil' Kim is a female rapper with a small name and a big personality. She's made millions as a songwriter, musician, model, and record producer, but she's not the fresh-faced girl we once knew. She's had her legal battles (and faced the consequences), but she's also made headlines for other reasons. These comparison pics pretty much say it all. A suspiciously different-looking face and altered features suggest there's more than contouring at play here, and social media fans have echoed those thoughts. One dismayed fan tweeted: "I don't know who this woman is anymore." Nor do we, and we're kind of sad. Lil' Kim used to be really pretty. Now she's just scary.

8 Megan Fox

via: youtube

Megan Fox's good looks have been turning heads since she hit our TV screens in 2001. She's also earned a fortune with roles in the Transformers franchise. Given how she looks now though, it seems like she's taken that word a bit too seriously. The formerly natural-looking brunette is now anything but that, and it's a bit extreme. Megan is no stranger to adjusting her looks. She's got some statement tattoos, but it's not the ink that's caught our eye here. Her lips, brows, and nose look like they belong to someone else. She had a brief "make-under" in 2009, but it wasn't long before the scary face was back. Though her face has been compared to Angelina Jolie, both actresses have found their way onto this list. Dear Hollywood, find us a new beauty who doesn't look frightening?

7 Mischa Barton

via: thesun.co.uk

Her boho chic style and a lovely face made Mischa Barton a veritable fashion icon in her earlier years. She's best known for her role on the TV show, The O.C., although she's equally enjoyed a lucrative modeling career as well. Chanel's designer, Karl Lagerfeld was right in 2008, when he said "so many girls want to look like Mischa Barton," but that statement doesn't seem applicable anymore. Her face has changed a lot as she's grown older. At one point, the actress' plummeting weight was of major concern, although she's since found her health. Her face hasn't aged well though, and despite being only 32, she looks closer to 40. Come on, Mischa. You starred in a series called The Beautiful Life, and this is how you look now? Make an effort and get it right, already!

6 Renee Zellweger

via: therichest

Renee Zellweger may be best known for her role as a stressed, British woman in the Bridget Jones franchise, but this American actress doesn't have much to be stressed about. Her roles have earned her millions, but her looks have raised a few eyebrows as of late. The picture on the left is clearly one of natural beauty. Slide your eye over to the right though, and that face has clearly had something done to it. Critics have slammed the actress for turning her back on her original (and attractive) features, and we can't help but agree. It all gets a bit coincidental when you look at the title of her 2004 movie, Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason. That's exactly where you are, Renee. Any chance you want to come back to reality?

5 Courteney Cox

via: therichest

As the '90s TV show, Friends makes its giant comeback, so does its star actress, Courteney Cox. She landed some decent movie and TV roles after the show ended in 2004, but the raven-haired beauty has done more than evolve her career. Yup, this mom of one joins the endless list of "weird-faced" Hollywood starlets. Despite trying to hang onto her good looks, she's done a bad job. Those gorgeous blue eyes and million dollar smile are barely noticeable now. In fact, her entire face looks different. Considering her character on Friends, Monica Geller, was such a control freak, we're wondering: Did Courteney lose all control and basically turn into a freak? The pictures suggest that's a yes. Her Friends co-star, Jennifer Aniston, has more than owned it. How did Courteney get it so wrong?

4 Matthew Perry

via: buzzbeagle

Although Matthew Perry was initially known for his humor as Chandler Bing on the hit sitcom, Friends, it wasn't long before his boyish good looks had earned him a solid fanbase. Alongside his co-stars Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, and the rest of the Friends cast, he was earning $1 million per episode towards later seasons of the show. His good looks have taken a serious tumble since though, as he's been spotted looking like this both on and off-screen. Now aged 48, he's looking like he's had more than a few rough nights, and the unflattering clothes aren't helping. The world had a hilariously witty, cute TV star. Now? He may still be funny, but he's looking like an old man— and not a healthy one. Matthew has opened up about his troubles. In fact, he's even gotten help for them. If you're willing to get help to face your demons, Matthew, how about getting a little helping hand in how you look? We miss the old Matt. Really, we do.

3 Edward Furlong

via: youtube

Wow. Just wow. Edward Furlong is an actor who hit our screens with both good looks and talent back in the day. He's best known for his critically acclaimed roles in Terminator 2: Judgment Day and American History X, but his career has taken a downward spiral alongside a troubling personal life. The youthful guy in the photo on the right quickly morphed into the worryingly gaunt adult that you see in the photo on the left. In recent years though, it seems to have gone the other way, as he's clearly been battling his weight. Every headline about him basically opens with "whatever happened to Edward Furlong?" Looking at this picture (and others), we're just as stumped. Here's hoping he can find his feet and (with a touch of luck), get his good looks back.

2 Eminem

via: DayAz

Eminem was the biggest-selling music artist of the 2000's. His skills outshone every other rapper alive, and he's earned a fortune from making records and producing. Although he's mostly worshipped for his rhymes, Eminem's good looks haven't gone unnoticed. Or should we say, former good looks? Eminem grew up in hard times, but his wealth has been well-earned, and fans were overjoyed to see him fulfill his dream of giving his daughter, Hailey, the life "he never had." As his age though, Eminem has taken on a harsher look. Now, it's just borderline scary. The rapper has a stressed schedule, considering he's still making music, but the wear and tear are showing. Eminem has publicly spoken about the various issues he's battled, but it doesn't look like he's fully taken care of himself. The babyface has become a creepy, pale alter ego. Will the Real Slim Shady please come back?

1 Lisa Rinna

via: starcrush

Last, but not least, is Lisa Rinna. Although she's 54 years old, she's made sure she stays front-page news thanks to the reality TV show, The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. Her earlier fame was largely thanks to her looks and she earned big bucks from modeling and her role on the TV show, Days Of Our Lives. How "real" a housewife she is... well, that's up for debate. She's spoken about various enhancements she's had, but were they worth the money? Her face just looks artificial now. While her Instagram showcases her fitness routines (and there's no denying her body looks great for her age), everything from the neck up is a bit wrong. Considering she was the star of a TV show called 8 Simple Rules, we're wondering: has she forgotten the simple rules of looking good? For us, that's staying natural. Clearly, she doesn't agree.

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