20 Celebs Who Took Their Partner Back After Breaking Up

Nowadays we can’t turn on the TV without hearing about the relationship status of some A-list celebrity. They’ve either gotten together, or their partnership is on the fritz. Flick through the pages of a glossy gossip mag, and you’re going to find double page spreads awash with the latest celebrity relationship scandals and speculation. There are media channels, websites, and magazines dedicated to such topics for a reason. It’s what people love to read. Celebrity fans lap that kind of thing up. Who’s dating who, who’s been unfaithful, what is the latest scandal that’s rocking tinsel town? Fans of the celebrity world find those topics fascinating. You can’t help but feel that some celebs love the attention too. They get a kick out of the paparazzi taking their photo, baying for a story. Others hate it and deem it to be an invasion of their privacy. But let’s face it, when you become a major A-list celeb, in a way, your life can’t play out peacefully behind closed doors.

Some celebs are naïve in that respect. They do certain things, and don’t think they’re going to be caught. Inevitably, they get found out. Then it’s a case of getting down on two knees and begging for their partners to forgive them, and for the industry to not hold their indiscretions against them. Some celebs who’ve been found out have had their lives ruined because of it. They only have themselves to blame. Good riddance – we think most would agree that they deserve everything they get. But on occasions, betraying their partners hasn’t resulted in their relationships ending. They somehow manage to work through things and either stay together or get back together after everything’s revealed. To each their own, but most would probably agree that taking an unfaithful partner back isn’t a wise decision. But the heart wants what the heart wants. These are 20 celebs who – some may say stupidly – took their partners back after being betrayed.

20 Ozzy Betrayed Sharon Osbourne Six Times

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The life of the Osbournes – where do we start? Wow, what tumultuous lives they’ve led. When we say “they,” we are referring to the whole family: Ozzy, Sharon, and the kids too. But let’s face it, all of their problems stem from one man and that’s Ozzy Osbourne. The guy’s a rockstar to the core and has led a truly insane life. Some of his antics are shocking, and it’s actually a miracle he’s still standing. What’s even more remarkable is that Sharon’s put up with everything for decades, even though it’s probably drained the life out of her. Just one scandal to rock the Osbournes was the adultery scandal that came to light in 2016. Sharon revealed that Ozzy was unfaithful with six women – six that she knew about anyway. She found out when he accidentally sent her a text intended for someone else. You can fill in the rest. Understandably there was talk of divorce being on the cards, but she actually forgave him, and they celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary shortly after. Amazingly, they let bygones be bygones. Sharon just can’t give her Ozzy up.

19 It Hasn’t Been Smooth Sailing For Super Couple Jay-Z And Beyoncé

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For a long time, it seemed as if nothing would rock Beyoncé’s and Jay-Z’s relationship. While celebs seem to be getting divorced left right and center, their romance remains strong and they seem indestructible. That’s why everyone was shocked when rumors of Jay-Z’s infidelity began to surface. At the time they were just that: rumors. But it was evident that something was going on. We later discovered the rumors to be true. The rumors arose in 2013. Incidents such as “elevatorgate,” where Beyoncé’s sister attacked him, led us to believe that things were serious. Beyoncé, though, remained silent on the matter.

Jay-Z eventually admitted he strayed in an interview with The New York Times Style Magazine. He also apologized for his actions in one of his songs. They used music as their therapy and managed to pull through. They’ve now been together for ten years and have three beautiful kids. Some may say it all worked out. Others still feel that Beyoncé should have ditched him and that she could do so much better. Whatever your opinions, the fact remains that they’re still the superstar celebrity couple of the celeb world.

18 Snoop Dogg Blamed It On The Rap Game

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Snoop Dogg is one of the biggest rap artists on the planet. He’s achieved fame the world over, and is still going strong to this day. A lot of people might be surprised to learn that he is actually married. People would be even more surprised to learn that he’s been married to his high school sweetheart since 1997. It just doesn’t fit his image.

A lot of those in the industry try to adopt that rap star persona. For Snoop, though, it wasn’t just a persona. He actually engaged in those activities for a couple of years in the mid-2000s. Being involved in that seedy world, he didn’t really need to come out and admit he was unfaithful – it was pretty obvious. But he held his hands up and admitted to betraying Shante a number of times. He blamed it on hip hop culture.

While many claim that Snoop and Shante have been together since 1997, that’s not entirely true. They actually split up and divorced in 2004. It staggers many people that they didn’t stay divorced and that Shante didn’t run a mile. But four years later they renewed their vows, and they’ve been together ever since.

17 Jackie Chan Isn’t The Upstanding Gentleman Everyone Perceives Him To Be

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Jackie Chan has led one heck of a life. To us outsiders looking in, it may seem as if he’s got it all. He’s one of the world’s most revered and most influential celebrity figures. In public, he’s always seen smiling, is always a gentleman and seems to be in good spirits. But in his personal life, Jackie’s faced many moments of turmoil, has put those close to him through the ringer too, and a lot of that’s down to his own doing.

Jackie has been married to Joan Lin since 1982. She was once a massive name in the Taiwanese film industry but sacrificed that career for the sake of her family life. She’s stood by Jackie’s side through all the tough moments and has sacrificed a whole lot for him and his career. Jackie, though, hasn’t always stood by Joan’s side. He’s said he’s “numb to beautiful women,” and when he embarked on a career in America, he filled his boots, so to speak. He had many girlfriends while in the U.S., and one he even got pregnant. It was a massive scandal and made explosive headlines at the time. Jackie came clean, and his wife – some may say stupidly – chose to forgive him. They’re still together to this day.

16 Rosetta Millington Forgave Balthazar Getty

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American actor and musician Balthazar Getty is someone who’s fallen prey to Sienna Miller’s feminine wiles. Sienna’s gained quite a reputation for herself, as you’ll discover. But we’re not putting all the blame on Sienna. Even if she is a tempting woman, it takes two to tango.

Balthazar married fashionista Rosetta Millington in 2000. They quickly added four kids to their family. That’s part of the reason why many people find it inconceivable that Rosetta took him back after he’d betrayed her. She was at home with four kids, and in the meantime, Balthazar was swanning off, hopping on boats and kissing Sienna Miller. He got found out in 2008, and actually ran away to be with her for some time. Amazingly – a lot of people would say stupidly – Rosetta accepted him back. Balthazar said. "I loved and missed my family too much not to make it work. Rosetta is understanding enough and spiritual enough to let us try."

15 Madonna And Sean Penn Had A Rocky Relationship 

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Madonna and Sean Penn had one of the most tumultuous marriages in celebrity history. A lot of people said they shouldn’t have gotten married, that they just didn’t fit, and in the end, they were proven right. The two got married in 1985, and it was a rocky marriage from the get go. There are things that we know about, then there are explosive rumors that we hope, for Madonna’s sake, aren’t true. There were many rumors that Penn was cruel to her, and both physically and mentally abusive. That’s one of the biggest rumors to have rocked the celebrity world over the years. There’s plenty of evidence to make people believe it’s true.

We also know about Sean Penn’s violent tendencies. However, nothing’s been definitively proven. Sean Penn betrayed Madonna in a number of ways. It’s even thought he was unfaithful to her. Despite that, she tried to make it work before eventually filing for divorce after four tumultuous years of marriage. But amazingly, they remain extremely close to this day. Madonna has even expressed her continued love for Penn, and there’ve been rumors over the years that they’ve reconciled. Most would probably agree that Madonna should steer well clear of Sean Penn.

14 Khloe Kardashian And Lamar Odom Were A Couple That Split Public Opinion

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It’s fair to say that when Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom got together, everyone was fearing the worst. They got hitched after knowing each other for just a month. If you know it’s right, you know it’s right… right? Well, they certainly thought so. But judging them based on what we know about the Kardashian-Jenner family, and the celebrity world in general, people thought it was going to fizzle out as quickly as it started. These same people soon changed their minds. Lamar became a much-loved member of the family’s reality TV show, and the Khloe-Lamar partnership seemed indestructible. When they were together, they were everyone’s favorite couple. But then Lamar went off the rails. He’d always suffered from issues, but things finally came to a head. He was using illegal substances, was in a downwards spiral, and almost lost his life after being found unconscious in Nevada. Khloe had already filed for divorce by this point but withdrew her request. She was by his side while he was in recovery. However, things were too far gone by this point, and she filed for divorce again, this time ending things for good.

13 Iggy Azalea Tried To Make It Work With Nick Young But To No Avail

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Australian rapper Iggy Azalea has created quite an impression since bursting onto the world music scene. Some love her, whereas others can’t stand her. She’s regarded to be the world’s most hated female rap star for a reason. She can’t really blame it on the industry she’s in either. It’s just the way she is. But even so, it’s fair to assume that no one – except for her worst enemies – wished this on her. She was with basketball player, Nick Young, and for two years everything appeared to be going swimmingly. They got engaged in 2015, but then everything fell apart. A video surfaced of Young bragging about being unfaithful to Azalea. The rumors swirled, and it was discovered that Young had gotten his ex pregnant. For a few weeks after finding out about the betrayal, Iggy stuck with him, tried to make it work. She said, “Unfortunately although I love Nick and have tried and tried to rebuild my trust in him – It's become apparent in the last few weeks I am unable to.” They broke off their engagement and went their separate ways.

12 Fergie And Josh Duhamel’s Rollercoaster Of A Marriage Is Now Over

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After meeting actor Josh Duhamel while filming for an episode of his show, Fergie and Josh got together and embarked on a relationship. Things took off steadily, and then three years later, they got engaged, and a couple of years after that they got hitched. Everything appeared to be great in Fergie and Josh’s world. But news started surfacing that their relationship was in turmoil, rocked by a series of scandals. None was bigger than the fact that Josh had betrayed Fergie with a dancer. Many would think he’d shown his true colors, and that a headstrong woman like Fergie would want to be shot of him. She had an opportunity to walk away because they weren’t even married at that point. But they went through with the marriage and had a kid together too. Fergie said that his indiscretions made them “stronger as a unit.” But things eventually fizzled out and they divorced in 2017. Sources close to the couple say that them separating was due to a number of issues, including Fergie’s substance abuse problems. They were just too different, like chalk and cheese, and add all those problems into the mix, and they just couldn’t stay together.

11 Bill And Hilary Clinton Are In It For The Long Haul

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Some may say that Hilary’s stupid for staying with Bill, others would say that she’s a very savvy woman. Although Bill’s antics have certainly harmed her career and aspirations in some ways, them staying strong, staying together, has certainly benefitted the couple in others. They’ve been married since 1975 and have been through a lot – it seems nothing can break them up.

During Bill’s presidency, he had to face many shocking allegations. Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky filed lawsuits against him, and although at first, he denied anything untoward had happened, he later came clean. Some would say that Hilary should have split with him as soon as everything came to light, but politics is a funny business – who knows what goes on behind closed doors? Either Hilary wanted to or felt she had to stay the course. But they’ve been together for 43 years, and that’s quite an achievement in anyone’s book.

10 Earlitha Kelly Found Out Magic Johnson Was Straying In The Worst Possible Way

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Magic Johnson is undoubtedly one of the greatest basketball players to have ever played the game. He’s still alive and kicking has taken up a position as head of basketball operations at the LA Lakers, and he’s still married. Those are two things people didn’t think they’d be saying in 2018. Magic married Earlitha Kelly, a.k.a. Cookie Johnson, way back in 1991. That year was certainly a memorable year for Cookie, and not necessarily for the right reasons. They got married, but there was a shock revelation that was to rock the newlywed’s days of bliss. Magic came home to his wife and announced that he was HIV positive. For those of you who haven’t worked it out, that meant he’d contracted the virus from someone else, since Cookie didn’t have HIV.

Imagine the thoughts that must have been going through Cookie’s head. Firstly, the admission that Magic had been unfaithful  must have shaken her to the core. Then, the fact he had contracted HIV. Had he given it to her? Add into the mix that she was pregnant. Would the baby be affected? Then she had to watch Magic call all the women he’d gotten with to let them know. How on earth did Cookie take him back after that almighty mess? Most would probably say she was stupid to do so.

9 Gabrielle Union And Dwyane Wade – They Were On A Break!

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Have you ever heard the saying, “We were on a break” before? Of course, you have. If it doesn’t ring any bells, go and binge watch some Friends to refresh your memory. Anyway, Dwyane Wade must have been screaming that outside Gabrielle Union’s door in 2013.

Basketball pro Dwyane Wade and actress Gabrielle Union got together in 2009. They immediately hit it off, and romance blossomed. You can appreciate how hard it must have been for the duo to maintain regular contact with each other. Dwyane, being a basketball pro, is on the road for the majority of the year, and Gabrielle’s all over the place on location shooting her next project. This all got too much for them and they briefly split up. During this time, Dwyane decided to get with his longtime friend. He got her pregnant. Understandably, Gabrielle still saw this as a betrayal, although Dwyane would argue otherwise. A lot of people wouldn’t attempt to make things work after something like that occurring. But that very year, they got engaged, and got hitched the following year.

8 Liz Hurley Was Struggling To Make Sense Of It All

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Both Liz Hurley and Hugh Grant have been around in the industry for decades. The British duo have starred in many hit films, and they’re still going strong to this day, albeit not together. The two met back when Liz was just starting out in the industry. She was a struggling actress, taking any work that came her way, when she met the suave and sophisticated English gent, Hugh Grant. They never got married but ended up being together for an awfully long time – 13 years in fact. To this day, they’re still close. Grant is even godfather to one of Liz’s kids. But their relationship wasn’t without its fair share of drama. Some would say that Liz was stupid to stay with him for that long. That’s because in 1995, Hugh gained his bad boy image. He was caught soliciting the services of a working girl. After a public apology and a lot of excuses too, Liz took Grant back.

7 Sienna Miller Has Burnt And Has Gotten Burnt

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Some may say that Sienna Miller got what was coming to her. She seems really sweet. But she certainly likes to play the field. There’s nothing wrong with that, except that a few people have gotten burned and betrayed in the process. She ranks highly when it comes to celebs who’ve gotten with the most people in the industry. It has been mentioned that Sienna had an illicit relationship Balthazar Getty when he was still married with kids. It’s rumored she betrayed Tom Sturridge with Brad Pitt. She’s actually admitted to having a secret relationship with Daniel Craig while she was with Jude Law. We could just go on and on. Let’s get back onto her relationship with Jude Law, if you can call it a relationship. Many think it was stupid that they stayed together as long as they did. They were actually engaged at one point, despite Sienna being unfaithful to him, and despite Jude doing the same to Sienna with the nanny. She forgave him and they got back together – again, because of their track records, they shouldn’t even have been together in the first place. It was a relationship doomed from the start. They eventually split and moved on to the next unsuspecting celeb.

6 Woody Harrelson Was Forgiven After Plenty Of Groveling

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Woody Harrelson is one of the industry’s biggest actors. He’s been around for a really long time and is still going strong. Over the past decade, Woody’s had a constant presence in his life in the form of his wife, Laura Louie. She was his assistant at one point, they took a shine to each other, and their romance blossomed from there. He’s now "happily" married with three daughters. The two got married in 2008, but they’d been together for many years before hand. It all very nearly didn’t happen, though, because Woody messed up badly. In 2002, he was in London and he ended up getting with four women. According to him, he was set up, because one of the women was a member of the press and another was a photographer. Inevitably the news broke out, and Laura wasn’t pleased. But after a while, she came back to him and – some may say stupidly – was rather blasé about the matter, saying “That must be really hard for you, to have this exposed.” Woody had to do tons of grovelling too, and eventually his girlfriend at the time forgave him.

5 Justin Timberlake Was Reportedly A Big Fat Liar

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Now, this is just speculation, and nothing’s known for sure. But as the saying goes, there’s no smoke without fire. There have been plenty of sources that have come forward to the media and revealed that Justin Timberlake was being unfaithful to Jessica Biel. The biggest allegation of infidelity arose in 2010. Jessica and Justin had been dating for a few years at that point. She thought things were going swimmingly. Justin, though, apparently wasn’t satisfied. Sources close to Justin have revealed that he had a little side relationship with Olivia Munn. She reportedly rejected his advances, but he said that he and Jessica weren’t anything serious, so Olivia gave in and they got together. It’s rumored that his infidelity was the reason for Jessica and Justin breaking up in 2011. They split in March 2011, but a matter of months later, Jessica decided to give love another chance and they reconciled and actually got engaged later that year.

4 A Recommitment Ceremony Was All It Took For Kobe Bryant

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Athletes have a pretty bad reputation of being not very intelligent guys who have too much money, which they use to get whatever they want. Now retired basketball star Kobe Bryant is someone who didn’t help that stereotype. He was one of the best players in the world, one of the wealthiest sports stars around, and had a loving wife and family by his side, but he messed it all up – or at least he very nearly did. Kobe was caught betraying his wife Vanessa and actually came out and admitted everything. Vanessa was eager to break up, get shot of the man she thought she loved. Divorce proceedings were in place, but Kobe wriggled his way out of it. He spent $4 million on an apology ring and went all out to organize a recommitment ceremony. Vanessa was swayed and decided to take Kobe back. They’re still together to this day.

3 One Of The Biggest Scandals To Hit The Celeb World

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade or so, it’s fair to assume that you’ve heard a little something about the goings on between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. What Kristen did resulted in one of the biggest scandals to hit Hollywood. Robert got a ton of sympathy, although there would still be a lot of people who didn’t agree with the way he handled things. The minute the footage emerged of Kristen being unfaithful, he should have walked. Instead, he tried to make it work and gave her another chance before they split. It’s rumored that they have reconciled and have gotten together since then too. They’ve certainly been spotted getting friendly with each other. The scandal we are referring to is of course Kristen's betrayal of Robert with director Rupert Sanders. Incidentally, he could have featured on this list along with his wife, because she took him back after everything surfaced – for a brief period, anyway.

2 Everyone Wanted Rihanna To Ditch Bad Boy Chris Brown

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Rihanna and Chris Brown have had a tumultuous relationship. In fact, that would be an understatement. They met when teenagers, soon became sweethearts, and over the years they’ve had breakups and makeups. It’s actually pretty amazing that Rihanna didn’t get rid of him sooner, but she just couldn’t let go, despite all the vicious things he’d done to her.

In 2009, Brown was arrested for making criminal threats towards Rihanna and was charged with assaulting her too. At that moment, even before that moment, but definitely at that point, most women would’ve cut the guy out of their lives. Brown received probation and was issued with a restraining order. But despite everything that had gone on, four years later the world was shocked to learn they’d rekindled their romance. Eventually they split up again, but everyone was flabbergasted as to why Rihanna would go there again. We came to learn that she likes those bad boy types. Brown was the ultimate bad boy, but to top it all off, he was dating a model at the same time as he was dating Rihanna.

1 Teddy Campbell’s Infidelity Broke Tina’s heart

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Teddy and Tina Campbell may not necessarily be part of the “current” crop of stars. But they’re A-list celebrities in their own right. Teddy’s a gospel drummer and singer, and Tina’s an urban contemporary gospel, Christian R&B and contemporary R&B singer-songwriter and musician. They’ve both tasted plenty of success and have enjoyed the majority of it together. The two got hitched in 2000, and together they have four kids. But it hasn’t been plain sailing for the highly acclaimed gospel duo. In 2015, Tina announced on The Steve Harvey Show that she discovered Teddy had been betraying her. One of her friends had been doing some digging for months, had found stuff out and had warned Tina. Tina didn’t want to believe it but eventually confronted Teddy about it. She found out the woman Teddy had been seeing secretly was like a godmother figure to her kids and regularly came to the house to cook. She called her, asked her the question, and the woman instantly hung up the phone. Her silence said a thousand words.

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